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Scripps Park Project
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The Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Park is a 5.6-acre park bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the village of La Jolla. Gently sloping toward bluffs, tide pools, and beaches, the Park is environment heavily used by local residents and visitors from around the world. From its beginning in 1887, the Park has been the centerpiece of La Jolla, undergoing, along the way, changes and transformations. But its significance extends further. The spectacular dynamic shoreline, including world-famous La Jolla Cove, and its offshore waters, are a recreational, environmental and ecological resource of worldwide importance.
The Scripps Park Project (SPP), a group of interested local citizens, adopted as its mission “develop and implement a long-term comprehensive plan to preserve, restore, and enhance Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Park, incorporating extensive community involvement.” As part of this effort, the Scripps Park Project conducted significant research related to the Park’s history, development and usage. The findings of this research are the content of Scripps Park Then and Now – A Cultural Landscape and Usage Patterns Report. It has served as a foundation for planning and public processes as well as the Plan itself.

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