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2012 STIHL Tour des Trees to benefit the TREE Fund
Healthy trees are rooted in research
Urban trees are up against it.

Insects, disease, pollution, development and inexpert tree care practices pose a constant threat to the canopies that shade our lives. The money raised by the STIHL Tour des Trees underwrites the antidote: research into how to keep urban trees healthy and the tree care workforce safe, and education for our children to inspire them to stewardship of the urban forests of the future.

The Tour des Trees, begun in 1992, is the signature fundraiser of the Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund). To date the Tour has raised more then $5 million for the TREE Fund while championing the cause of responsible public stewardship and expert professional care for the world's urban forests.

Please be generous. The trees in your community are counting on your support.

*If you experience any issues with donating, please call Customer Support at 877-228-4881 or email support@active.com.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $614,584

Goal: $550,000

$0 112% $550,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Scott Prophett $250.00 "Cant think of a better way to contribute to the Arborist Safe Techniques fund than to sponsor Hallie!"
jill sanford $100.00 "Ride on brother! jill"
Ryan Molleur $3,500.00 "Best wishes from New England Tree Experts."
Neil Bremner $100.00 "Looks like a great ride...."
Elizabeth LaRosa $50.00 "Best of luck Joe, enjoy every mile!"
Daniel Krassenstein $50.00 "Training for Turkey II - Go Joe Go!!"
John O Smith $50.00 "Enjoy the ride Joe!"
Michael Fleming $100.00 "Go Joe go!"
Marillyn Eisenhard $100.00 "We'll be in OR in August, maybe we can cheer you on! Good luck Joe"
David Fulford $50.00 "Best of Luck to you, Joe!"
Guy Owen $50.00 "We will be cheering you on but we know you can do it! "
Ellen Tremblay $25.00 "Wishing you the best"
Jim Bartee $50.00 "Good luck with the ride!"
jennifer heath $100.00 " joe - enjoy the beauty of my home town & state, where "christmas trees" are everywhere! "
Jess Gwinn $50.00 "Good luck Doe!"
Nancy Hightower $10.00 "Wish it could be more! Have a great ride, Doe :)"
Gail Leopold $10.00 "Go Pete! Live to Ride!"
Aaron Lehnert $50.00 "We all hope you make it to #1 this year. After all the years of hard work, you sure deserve it. Have a great ride! I hope to see you at the finish line again this year."
michael rushmer $50.00 "Ride strong"
Glenn Cooper $25.00 "Here's hoping the rains will be light and the winds will all be tailwinds."
Lisa Young $100.00 "Mike, such a great goal and wonderful accomplishment when it is completed. Mike and I are happy to support you."
John Hughes $250.00 " We appreciate your effort and love to support Tree Funds !!"
Ron Yaple $100.00 "Hey, Aaron, regardless of whether or not I do the ride I gotta help you and the trees -- such a great cause!!! "
Stephen Genua $100.00 "My friend for many years and fellow utility arborists, but retired. Ha!! Remember from our boating trip., you can't change the wind but you can adjust your sails. Mike continue doing your great job for the organization. "
Rick Johnstone $100.00 "Mike - to one of the greatest foresters to ever work the utility business. It has been a distinct pleasure to have you as a friend and peer. This will get you in shape for our hikes up the Chuskas!"
Richard Hauer $200.00 "Thanks Dick. Every spin of the tire gets closer to getting the Bob Skirea Fund to the inital funding goal. Rich"
Gene Hayden $25.00 "Good luck with ride Joe. Enjoy and keep safe!"
Krista Rose $50.00 "What a wonderful idea, Mike. I am proud of you. In case you do not have Sven's email, I'll send it to you in a regular email, so you can send this directly to him. Go Mike go!! Love, Aunt Krista"
Pete Smith $50.00 "Salvador, can I tether my bike to yours on those TDT days in the mountains? :-)"
Jennifer Arkett $50.00 "Ride on Steve and way to get Mike Neal involved, good work! Here's to a safe and enjoyable tour. Best wishes...Jenny"
Jennifer Arkett $50.00 "Ride on Phil! Glad to see you're riding yet again, fantastic! Here's to a safe ride that hopefully challenges you on the hills, if you can be challenged with a climb! Best wishes...Jenny"
Jennifer Arkett $50.00 "Never expect a hammerhead to sit idle, thanks for riding Mike! To a safe tour. Want to hear the tales of the climbs between you and Phil. Best wishes...Jenny"
Donna Chin $15.00 "hope you reach your goal!"
Nancy Sakamoto $50.00 "Aloha Gary! Always supportive of great causes- for great people! Mahalo for caring for the `Aina!"
Katherine Hoover $25.00 "Go Julia!"
Susan Day $150.00 "Ride like the wind! Susan and Roger"
Matthew Bokach $25.00 "Oh sure, ride 40 more miles than me Miss Competitive. ;-) You better start getting out for some LONG rides with me! "
Greg Pryor $585.00 "Sara: Here's a dollar a mile to get you started. This is a great cause and great adventure. May every spin feel like there is no chain! All the best, Greg Pryor 3428 Oliver St. DC 20015"
Judith Dollenmayer $100.00 "Go, Sara! What a wonderful adventure. I can help you with 20 miles of it. . .about what I myself could finish. Warm wishes, Judy"
Beatrice Harris $25.00 "Salvador, Michael and I admire your committment to forestry as we wish you good health, great weather and a strong finish in the tour des trees."
Marinoelle Hernandez $15.00 "Happy to support this cause. Go Sara! (Shawn forgot to leave a note- so this is from him:) You want my two cents? Well ya got it (per mile). If my calculations are correct, that means i'm supporting 1.17% of this bad boy, or 6.8 miles. So if I can, I'd like to request ownership of the hilliest emmer effin miles there are- like maybe the cascades. You can think of me. "
Johanna Murphy $50.00 "Best of luck to you on your 6 day ride!"
Michael Dosmann $500.00 "Jeff, This TDT, may the wind be at your back, may it not be your own, or if it is, may nobody be behind you!"
maike pitts $25.00 "Viel Spass/Glueck und happy birthday!!!"
Emily King $25.00 "Buena suerte!"
Leah Lemoine $25.00 "Good luck, Sara! "
Kelly King $50.00 "Ride on Gary!!!"
Mauricia Baca $50.00 "Happy to support you in your Tour Des Trees!"
Brian Iles $250.00 "Good luck and keep the shorts dry."
Tiffany Meyer $50.00 "from Tiffany and Mary"
Luana Vargas $35.00 "Viel Glück!!"
Eric Wiseman $50.00 "Good luck, Julia"
Thomas Pramann $15.00 "Good luck! I'm proud of you!"
Sam Francis $50.00 "Enjoy this ride and all it stands for! We so appreciated your help as we had to terminate the life of an elderly Bradford Pear (non-clone) and rejuvenate the yard with three others. Setting up the watering bags again tomorrow!"
Cynthia Hamilton $25.00 "Have a safe and fun trip, Sara. Love our round leaf sweetgum. Cynthia"
Chad Riding $25.00 "Good luck und Viel Glueck!"
Elizabeth Kingsley $100.00 "Hi, Sara. I'm really enjoying the saplings you helped me plant and nurture, and look forward to seeing them grow up. Am sending what I can to help you in this effort -- have a great ride! "
Michael Nelson $50.00 "Pedal like the devil... or the whistling kettle... Anyway Good Luck!! wish I could do more... You're an inspiration!"
robin mcgrew $25.00 "Have fun, Sara. Thanks for your work with Casey trees and Riversmart Homes"
Nina Craig $30.00 "Good luck Julia!! "
Henry Janning $50.00 "John, Henry and I are so happy you continue to ride the Tour de Trees. We wish we could be standing at the finish line to congratulate you. Henry & Carole"
Franziska Hinkelmann $25.00 "Go Julia!!!"
Eric Wiseman $125.00 "Virginia Tech Urban Forestry Club is yelling "pedal faster" to Julia!"
Rosemary Owen $200.00 "Good luck Dad!!"
Claudia Lubaski $50.00 "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb "
Gregg Serenbetz $50.00 "Good luck Sara!"
Dan Nuckols $25.00 "Have fun! "
Peggy Brown $25.00 "Gary, Please listen to your body and take care of it! For yourself, your family and friends. I'm very impressed by all your achievements, I hope you know that. But also, you scare me. I don't want to see you on the list of Memorial Funds OK? Love, Peggy"
Alexis Alvey $15.00 "You go girl!!!"
gemma sou $25.00 "Do it!"
Zhanfeng Liu $25.00 "I still can't remember the cat joke I was thinking about... but, Go Julia!!"
Bill Ross $50.00 "Thanks for all you do for the city and the trees. Sounds like an amazing ride!"
Sean Riehl $100.00 "Happy Birthday!"
Nancy kent Hidden "Have a great ride!! Nancy"
John Kim Madison Makayla Warner $50.00 "Pete - best of luck on completing your goal. The Warner Family will be cheering you on from Texas. Maybe one of use will be there in person to see you cross the finish LINE! :-) The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn. - Ralph Waldo Emerson GO! Pete GO! - John, Kim , Makayla & Madison"
Matthias Pietsch $25.00 "A very good idea - go Michael go .... :-)"
Courtney Blevins $100.00 "Good luck Pete. If you need someone to ride along in a van I'm your man!"
Juliette Akao August $250.00 "James 1:4..Let endurance have it's perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. Gary, Prayers on your route! Feel our HUGS~?~ Sweetie & Augie"
Kathleen Garrison $200.00 "Awesome!! I am envious and wish I were in the kind of riding shape that would allow me to participate. For this year, I will have to settle for living vicariously through your accomplishments! Remember to have fun in the middle of your crisis. Oh and about mile 500 too. :-)"
Dave & Judy Scharfenberger $600.00 "Thanks for your commitment Dick, our industry is so much richer because of the dedication of people like you!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Sara! Thanks for all you do!"
Jennifer Cleland $25.00 "Good luck, Mike!"
Tuan Pham $137.00 "No need for long sleeves jersey, just ride."
Devon Smith Hidden "For the trees (try not to embarrass your family)."
Andrew Todd $25.00 "Draft often, look for sprint points, and don't linger at the food stops. "
Guy & Marilyn Erickson $100.00 "Good for you , Gary! We would ride with you, but we're planning to have some reason we can't. Thanks for doing this - our trees need love too!"
ADAN SIMENTAL Hidden "If I were a medical man, I should prescribe a holiday to any patient who considered his work important."
Bill Reese $200.00 "Good Luck and have fun"
Anonymous $25.00 "For the trees "
Kersti Muul $100.00 "Hey Chuck, thanks for doing this!! I am happy to support you and the trees we love (and have a job for) and I wish I was riding with you!! Enjoy and hopefully we shall see you soon :) BE SAFE OUT THERE"
Connie&Jack Strauss $50.00 "Sara: What a challenge for an outstanding cause. Love, Connie&Jack "
Yujuan Chen $25.00 "Go Urban Forestry! Good luck, Julia!"
Scott Shultz $100.00 "Keep it going Andy, Scott Shultz"
Larissa Graham $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Julia! We'll be thinking of you during your trek. Hugs, Larissa and Robert"
Walt & Marge Parsons $25.00 "Go for it Gary. Walt & Marge Parsons "
Arthur Batson $100.00 "Good Luck Pete!"
James Downie $100.00 "Thanks for the opportunity! Get a good pair of bike shorts Mike!"
Jorge Monroy $25.00 "Lets do this!"
Oscar Mestas $25.00 "Some hints: Don't spit into the wind, coast downhill, wear padded pants, learn to draft, and most of all have fun. Good luck Pedro."
David Lefcourt $25.00 "Paul - Good Luck and Have Fun!"
George Mellick $50.00 "Full guns Paul! Have fun! Best from all of us at Shelter Tree!"
Ryder Wyatt $50.00 "Good luck and thanks again for taking on this event."
Jeannette Hoffman $30.00 "Hey Julia, Good to see you are riding this year! You will meet some cool folks and the ride will be a great experience-- you'll probably be hooked. :) Happy training! All the best to you from Joe and me! "
Paul Fletcher $50.00 "Thanks for riding Paul. It is a great cause and, as I remember it from riding in 2000 and 2001, a great experience. Best Regards, Paul"
Janelle Overhouse $50.00 "Keep up with your training -- I know you will succeed this summer!"
David Kane $250.00 "STUD!!!!"
Robyn & Jeff Thompson $50.00 "You go girl.........ride like the wind and save those trees, they're counting on you! Be safe!"
Mark Duff $100.00 "Good luck with the ride - Buena suerte Salvador"
Amanda Plakosh-Angeles $20.12 "$20.12 for the 2012 ride! "
John Moran $100.00 "Good Luck Paul, Happy Riding !"
stephen gibson $25.00 "Hello Rob Williams.Steady On! from Steve"
Ellyn Shea $25.00 "May the wind be at your back and see you in Portland this year!"
Joe Graviss $250.00 "Good Luck John! Thanks for all you do!"
Guy, Kati, Maggie, Dori Owen $100.00 "Happy Birthday!"
Ron Didyk $75.00 "Make sure you shave your arms so you have less wind resistance! Good luck man! "
Frank Carretta $50.00 "Gary, Wishing you all the best. Frank Carretta"
Steve Sylvester $100.00 "Good luck rookie..."
Will Maley $100.00 "Good luck Scott- you used to be on the board didn't you?"
Shari O'Connor $200.00 "Thank you Peter. You make my father proud!"
Howard Condrey Hidden "Ride safe girl and have fun"
Janet Appel $50.00 "Good Luck, Gary--I admire your commitment to the cause and to your fitness!"
Bill Booth $251.00 "Pete, have a great ride!"
Jackie Cole Hidden "Every donation gets you an entry for a free dinner- so my whole family will donate- enjoy your ride- wish I was there. "
Grace Dog Hidden "woof woof"
James Bush $30.00 "Best of luck in Portland John. Say hello to the chamaecyparis for us. - j"
Phoenix Henderson $5.00 "Go, Rob, Go!!"
Elizabeth Mortenson $25.00 "Good luck John!"
Harry Banker $100.00 "in memory of NJ Arborist, Ken Gregory"
Harry Banker $100.00 "in memory of NJ Arborist, Jack Kopas"
Eric Beckers $25.00 "Go Pete, GO!"
Peter Holt Hidden "Good Luck!"
Brian O'Sullivan $100.00 "Happy to contribute to the ups and overs Rob will make on this year's TdT. Ride smart and safe. -Brian"
Lynette Santoro-Au $25.00 "Good luck Staats! "
Vern & Helen Myers $50.00 "I know you have been looking forward to this. Have a safe trip. See you soon."
Doug Huneke $600.00 "Good luck in your 9th year on TDT:) Ride Ride Ride for the Trees. Very proud of you and your commitment "
Utah Community Forest Council $1,500.00 "Max, Shirl and Phil, Thanks for being Team Utah! We support you and this cause 100%. We hope you meet your goal. We will be cheering for you! "
Susan Granbery Hidden "Have a great ride, Pete!"
Mark Rice Hidden "Have fun, be safe, and remember to take the good riding shorts !"
Angela White Hidden "Goodluck "Dad" Staats!!"
Sara Turner $400.00 "Thanks to Grandma Jean, Aunt Eileen, Aunt Phyllis, Ms. Suzie Q, and my tax return."
Carolyn Serfass $50.00 "For healthy trees, ride on Sara!"
Aimee Dickinson $25.00 ""Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ? Margaret Mead "
Donna Brown $25.00 "Sara, Steve and I wish you the best of luck! We are loving our Yellow wood! Expecting some blooms this year.....maybe."
Grace and Abe Oonnoonny $25.00 "Hooray for the trees! Have a great ride, Sara. We still remember your visit to our home when you picked the perfect spots for our Southern Magnolia and our Serviceberry trees! "
Ramon Hermida $35.00 "Diviertete bastante, y luego nos cuentas como te fue en el recorrido. Create an awesome ride!"
Evelyn Wrin $50.00 "Go, Sara!! Our Riversmart Homes tree is doing well. "
Jean Asher $25.00 "Sara I'm so proud of you. Thanks for doing what I cannot do, but should be doing. Ride strong!"
eliza hill $25.00 "You're awesome! Hope you have a wonderful experience and a great ride!"
Darrell Snyder $25.00 "Enjoy the tour! Darrell Snyder"
Tanya Braumiller $25.00 "Thanks to Alyce Traverso's Facebook post, I found out about you, Gary. Yes to trees and to bicycles! We need way more of both in this world. . ."
Mark Fromm $50.00 "Have a great ride Joe!!"
Bhavna Lee $10.00 "Good luck, Sara! Thank you for the trees at our home. We love them. "
Chris Brown $25.00 "Good Luck Pete!"
john bailey $25.00 "Have you hugged your tree today? "
VALERIE DEJONGH $100.00 "Derrick, I hope you reach your $3500 goal!!! GOOD LUCK!"
Christine Wells $500.00 "You are my hero, baby brother. Enjoy the ride! Love, Chris"
Rich Winslow $50.00 "Keep your head up and enjoy the ride. Rich and Deb"
Anonymous $50.00 "Hope you have a fantastic trip. Love, Mom and aaron"
Anne & Gordon Faubel $50.00 "Have a great ride!!"
Almo Carter $25.00 "What a tremendous undertaking--good luck!"
Amanda & Kye Caban $50.00 "Have a good ride and enjoy the scenery. We are all very proud of you accomplishments and finish strong!!! Love you "
George Dykes $50.00 "Good luck son. Have a good time."
Vance Liebman $100.00 "Good luck Scott."
Justin Crabtree $25.00 "Ride like the wind, Chuck!"
Brian Staats $250.00 "Compliments of Suzi-Cue Pool Hall, Colin O'Bannon, & Brian"
Rob Rogers $100.00 "Scott - Ride fast and safe! Happy to support safe arborist techniques since I rely on their good work to keep my trees healthy and looking great."
John Williams $250.00 "Happy birthday our kid....!!"
Steven Cothrel $50.00 "Go Team Ohio!"
Lori Morris-Hughes $500.00 "Phil is my Brother-in Law and despite that, I still LOVE him! Last year yall where in MY backyard in Virginia Beach, VA but how awesome Oregon will be for the group!! I don't ride bikes, so Phil (and VICKI) live vicariously for me when they ride. Ride like the wind and breathe it all in!! Ride Phil, Ride!! Love Lori"
Mary Beth Riley $15.00 "Best of luck to you, Susan. I admire your dedication (and stamina!)"
Daniel Beckman $25.00 "I'm slightly jealous about your ride -- enjoy!"
Dan Vaeth $100.00 "Good luck, Court! Great cause. Have fun."
Edwin Gray $250.00 "Michael, another example of your leadership. Good Luck and God Speed."
Todd Hughes $19.53 "(As always) - You go girl... May a crazed sasquatch with a kidney condition ride in your sidecar."
Rolf Briggs $175.00 "Good Luck, Aaron!"
MCFC 50/50 Raffle Behounek $350.00 "Thanks for the help MCFC!"
Joshua Behounek $150.00 "Let's go TEAM DAVEY!"
Maynard Hogberg $100.00 "Go for it Jeff. We are all behind you. Maynard"
Arizona Community Tree COuncil $250.00 "The Arizona Community Tree Council is proud to support Mike Neal on the Tour de Trees ride. Thank you for everything you do for trees! We appreciate you!"
jim carse $25.00 "go Pete go!!!"
Karen Wortley $25.00 "Here is a small contribution to your good works. "
Patricia Halliday $50.00 "You never cease to amaze me with your energy. All the best on your Pacific Northwest adventure!! ;)"
Phillip Rodbell $58.50 "Real proud of you, Pete! Be safe and have fun."
Jeff and Gale DeVee $100.00 "Have Fun !!!"
Pamela Gilmour $100.00 "Steve.. YOU ROCK!!!"
Joyce Plaza $50.00 "Good luck Scott!"
Ana Alemany $50.00 "From one of your proud sisters, Ana "
Lydia Cohen $250.00 "Bike riding in Oregon -- we're so jealous. Have fun! Lili & Bruno"
Theresa Heidrich $25.00 "Enjoy the ride!!"
Francie Allan Hill Rathje $50.00 "Good luck, Jeff. Proud to know you! Francie HIll and Allan Rathje"
Mark Hilliard $300.00 "2012 is a GREAT year to help the trees"
Priscilla Files $25.00 "YAY Pete!"
Eric Wiseman $25.00 "Good luck, Todd!"
VA Tech Urban Forestry Club $25.00 "Good luck from the VA Tech Urban Forestry Club!"
Ronnie Jordan $1,000.00 "Best of Luck and Ride On! "
Kory Beidler $50.00 "Jeff, may the tailwinds blow slightly from the right - the way you like it!!"
Steve Barg $100.00 "Scott, What a great cause! You have always foud wonderful ways to connect people's lives with trees. Good luck. Stay safe and may the wind be at your back! Steve"
Sara Beckelman $25.00 "Good Luck in the competition! "
Jim Mason $50.00 "How come you need all my contact information? You know where to find me. I'm never donating to this again. Good Luck Jeff! Mason"
Jessica Voss $10.00 "Get it done boy"
Sara Turner $30.00 "Thanks to Kristie Lalire. "
PETER AND TERRY HUSSEY $50.00 "good luck derek!"
Megan Johnston $100.00 "Sounds like an awesome event! So excited for you. Love the passion..."
Ted Lux $25.00 "Please apply to the Charles Owen team of Brecksville, Ohio"
Anonymous $200.00 "Ride on Ride out"
Karen and Mark Hughes $50.00 "Go GO Petey! Mark says you are like the Lorax except on a bike ( and from Texas). I say be careful to pad your butt cause that many miles is sure to leave you walking funny! We are proud of you and your Once-ler*-fighting ways! (*You probably already knew this, but the Once-ler is the bad-guy in the Lorax, the one who did all the bad stuff to the trees. :) ) Karen, Mark, Evan, Lucy and Zoe"
Jennifer Agnitsch $100.00 "Good luck Todd (aka "The Honey Badger") Have fun and plant lots of TREES! - jj"
Iris Magaly Zayas $50.00 "Go Salvador, go!"
Lori and Steve Morris $50.00 "Have fun Harry!!"
nelsen money $250.00 "Mike..Great job in collecting money for the UARF... Hope you have a great ride... Pam and Nelsen Money"
Jim and Dorothy Burk $100.00 "Jim, We wish you well on your ride, especially this year in light of your recent accident. We find it hard to believe that you are going to be fit enough to endure such an endeavor. God speed! Jim and Dorothy"
Suzanne Malec-McKenna $100.00 "Scott, wish you the best on your journey. Thanks for furthering the cause for our trees. But how about some green spandex? Go get 'em! Suzanne and Jonah"
Laurie Grimes $25.00 ""I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues." ~ Dr. Suess Good luck with your ride!"
Chris Coker $25.00 "Where can I make a bet that you win? Have fun!"
Chuck Anderson Hidden "Good Luck Mike! Chuck Anderson - GeoDigital International"
Martin Hauser $25.00 "Bike like the wind..."
Elizabeth Winslow $100.00 "Derrick, Have a great ride! Ed and Beth"
David Sontum $125.00 "Team Corky making it happen for the trees!!"
David Hitchcock $50.00 "I must admit I'm jealous, but wish you the best on your ride. We'll be doing the Tour de Woodlands this October, and you'll have to come over for that. "
Ken Steblein Hidden "“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.” ? Santosh Kalwar Pete you are awe-inspiring...enjoy every minute of it! later, ken"
Anonymous Hidden "This donation is to be credited to Jeff Picher. Go, Jeff!"
Bill Weber $100.00 "I'll double it if you legitimately beat Ben! Ride Safe Scott!"
Carrie Gallagher $50.00 "Go Scott! Looking forward to your story and pictures of the event. Carrie"
Mark Peterson $50.00 "Thanks Pete, I am completing my bucket list vicariously thru you!"
Katherine Armstrong $50.00 "Ride like the wind Jamieson!"
Andy Krispinsky $25.00 "May the wind be at your back and the road free of knuckleheads."
rebecca riley Hidden "Go Gary!!"
Gregory Levine $50.00 " Wish I could come with you!"
Jennifer Fyffe $75.00 "You're my inspiration, Corky! I'm so proud of your dedication. Happy trails!"
Robert OBrien $50.00 "Go Pete go! Best of luck and enjoy the trees along the way. Bob O'Brien"
Jack Guffey $250.00 "You are stylish in your bike attire. TJ Maxx is looking for a model for thier new line of bike clothing - you would be perfect!"
Kendra & Ron Tuazon Hidden "MJB so proud of you! Way to look yet another challenge in the face!"
Mike and LaDonna Fuller/Mike's Saw and Supply, LLC $100.00 "We are so proud to be part of your fan club. You work so hard for all of us. We hope we can work hard enough on our end to help you reach your goal. Thanks for allowing us to travel with you from the comfort of our computers. Happy Pedaling, Mike and LaDonna Fuller MIke's Saw and Supply, LLC"
Sean Cookman $100.00 "Good luck!!"
Jay Akridge $50.00 "Good luck Scott! Boiler up!"
Mundy Wilson $350.00 "From Cal at Chippers"
Ernest Kosa $50.00 "Good luck Jeff, we hope you reach your goal. Have a great ride!! Barbara & Ernie Kosa"
Ruth MacDonald $50.00 "Good luck Jeff! Ruth"
Sarah Gracey $25.00 "John - I'm so proud of you for representing Kentucky!!!"
Sam Noonan $100.00 "Glad to help out.. Have fun and be safe. Sam & Pam"
Sarah Gracey $25.00 "Congratulations on your first ride Jason!!!! Kentucky's urban forests thank you!"
Sam & Pam Noonan $100.00 "Go Doug...hope your getting in shape...see you in Portland. Sam & Pam Noonan"
Mitch Morrin $15.00 "Good luck Sara! May the winds of good fortune always be at your back!"
Keith Prange $50.00 "Good luck buddy - make sure to pack your Cyclone gear, and maybe have a daily TDT Fun Fact too!"
Karin Edwards $50.00 "Yay Jeremy! Good luck. Every place should have more trees. We love you!"
Mark Bird $50.00 "Vios con Dios Salvador. "
Rick Houcek $200.00 "Nice touch with the Oakleys, Scott. Keep those hungry autograph hounds at bay. Ride like the wind!"
Todd Nedorostek $100.00 "Look forward to ridding with you..."
Laurie Twitchell $10.00 "Jeff is a nice man."
Gabby Twitchell $5.00 "Hi Jeff. Thanks for helping Daddy with his landscaping. But please, no more naughty words. Bye. "
Mark and Sue Jamieson $100.00 "cheers from the CA cousins!"
Aiden Twitchell $5.00 "Hi Jeff, my Daddy still won't use the toilet in the basement. He says you were there once. Bye Bye."
Addison Twitchell $4.00 "Hi Jeff, I'm almost as tall as the Fine Line Buckthorn's you helped Daddy plant! Please save some pie for Daddy the next time you visit. OK. Bye."
Otey Family $100.00 "Ride Safe, Mr. George"
Geoff Deigan $100.00 "Can't tell what's more spectacular... your outfit or that redbud behind you. Good Luck Mi Fratello, May the Road Rise to Meet you... Geoff & Roz"
Salvador Alemany $50.00 "Pete, I will be thinking on my monthly report while riding... cheers!!! Salvador"
Keith Confere $50.00 "GOOD LUCK CHUCK !"
Gina Ratner $250.00 "Have a great ride! We will be thinking of you! Gina and Cliff"
BEN GREENAWAY $50.00 "You may curse the bike, you may wonder what you're doing,you may want to give up but you'll get back on and finish the ride.Best wishes !"
Michael Siegel $250.00 "Safe and enjoyable travels Frazer!"
Ellen & Dave Gerescher $100.00 "Way to go, Pete! "
Kristen Mertzlufft $25.00 "Go Julia!!"
Nicole Ji $50.00 "You always inspire me to pedal more. "
Ellis Allen $50.00 "Good luck Paul, have a fun ride. Ellis"
Sally Coulter $50.00 "Go Team Grimm! Thanks for putting your efforts towards such a great cause!"
Christine Esposito $100.00 "Don't forget the Tiger Balm! And have a great ride, Scott. Christine & Mark"
TEAM STIHL $625.00 "Thanks to the STIHL Inc. family! Great start to our fundraising efforts!"
Cherri Thompson $25.00 "GO GRIMMS!! Love you guys!!!"
Donnie Wylie $25.00 "I will pray for great weather that week. Go Grimms."
Diane Hopper $100.00 "I'm so proud of you! Good Luck!"
Stan Redwood $25.00 "Thanks for your efforts & good luck with this year's event!"
Joyce Bradley $50.00 "Good luck"
Debra Marsh $25.00 "Good luck, Dave!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Have a great ride, Frazier!"
Mark Heyde $100.00 "Hi Dick, thanks again for riding to support tree research and the Skiera fund. Hope you have another successful ride. Mark"
Bob Armstrong $50.00 "Christy, hopeful not on THAT bike! Who's that handsome race driver with you?"
Mick Boddy $100.00 "Wish I was riding with you! Hope all goes well. Best wishes Mick & Helen"
Paula Chope $50.00 "GO, Dave!!!"
James Gerst $500.00 "Call me if you end up in the ditch. I'll come get you."
John Foster $25.00 "Go TEAM STIHL!"
Ron Keith $100.00 "I wasn't going to sponsor you until I saw the picture! As we say in racing, "Lets get'er done" "
Deborah Jorgensen $100.00 "Christy, to paraphrase Martin Brody , you're gonna need a bigger bike! "
Tim Queary $25.00 "I challege all members of Tree Boards in Kentucky to pledge at least $25. "
Rich Thurau $50.00 "How many years now?"
Bruce Miles $50.00 "Congratulations for finding the most beauiful state in the union to do your riding .Stop and enjoy the roses along the way ."
Toni Grewing $25.00 "Good Luck Chuck!"
davidmarks Marks $100.00 "Good Luck Pete!"
Karen Embrey $50.00 "Go Pam !!! You are amazing - love you K"
Kelley Kiser-Smiley $15.00 "It's been a long time since we've seen eachother in Jacksonville , but you have come along way. Congrats on your success and following your dreams. At the end of the day.. It's not what you say you can do, but what you say you have done! Best wishes for following your dreams! "
Melinda Jones $50.00 "Your commitment to trees is admirable. Best of luck!"
Ken Nichols $25.00 "Hey Ms. Doe, good luck, and please ask Chuck if he ever needs a good drummer to give me a call"
Eugene Gehring $100.00 "Good luck Pete"
Jin ZHU $25.00 "GO Pete!"
Rob Ambeau $50.00 "Go for it John! We hope the wind is at your back...... when you encounter those hills - dig deep and know that we are all cheering for you! All the best Rob Storybook"
Janette Monear $50.00 "Go Pete - enjoy the ride! "
Annie Seay $25.00 "im glad you live in my world. "
Steve Saari $50.00 "Thanks for ridign for a great casue!"
Miguel Zuniga $200.00 "Enjoy a most beautiful ride. Muchas gracias."
Martha Ryan Hidden "Good luck, what a way to see the country!!"
Philip Bennett $25.00 "Dear Rob, Thank-you for all the years that you have worked with trees, and for doing this ride again. I look forward to riding with you. Kind regards, Phil Bennett"
Brad and Robin Jones Family $100.00 "Woody: The Jones Family is pulling for you and wishing you the best of luck on your journey!! See you in PA soon!! The Jones'"
Lisa Coll $49.00 "We love trees, bikes, and Grimms!"
Bryan Fusco $50.00 "Go Randy!!!"
Jose Mendez $25.00 "Good luck friend n have fun ....go Sports Federation of the Valley!!"
Grace Holt $50.00 "Happy Trails to You, Salvador!"
SUNY-ESF ALUMNI ASSOC. Culkowski $50.00 "Michael: Best of luck with this. I hope you and your daughter have a safe but challenging trip. It will no doubt feel really good to stop! See you in Syracuse at our next golf tournament or at the Career Fair. Justin"
Scott Pigford $100.00 "Make 2012 the 'Summer of Todd'. Hope life is treating you well and you're coming out of the weeds smelling like a rose. I bought you something about 2 years ago and it's still sitting in a drawer at home. Let me know where I should send it. It will go well with your MJ's jersey. Scott"
robert peterson $500.00 "Hey Christy - you ride that tricycle and it's knee replacements in 5 years tops Wow Michael - 585.3 miles. We're impressed! A. Issie 7 U. Pete"
Gerardo Rivera $50.00 "Good luck !!"
David Ryan $100.00 "Go Team Grimm!! Dave and Jeanne"
Chris Klimas $100.00 "Good Luck and Have a Safe Ride!"
Chris Klimas $100.00 "Keep the Shiny Side UP and the Rubber Side DOWN!"
Mike and Linda Crawford $50.00 "Randy, ride on!"
Frank Quinn $50.00 "Go for it Chuck!"
Jessica Briscoe $25.00 "Have fun on your ride, Jeremy! "
Jessica Briscoe $25.00 "Have a fun ride, Jeremy! Maybe next year I'll ride with you guys."
Jessica Briscoe $25.00 "Phil! Have lots of fun riding around Oregon. Wish I could be there, too. "
Jessica Briscoe $25.00 "Have a good ride, sir Maximus! "
Edward Kuprel $35.00 "Make sure to take your gatorade....."
Rita McKenzie $25.00 "Pedal hard and strong!! Go Boilers!!"
Rita McKenzie $25.00 "Go Team Indiana!!!"
David Nelson $100.00 "Scott: Go luck!! You Da Man!!"
Katie Houseknecht $50.00 "Good Luch Team Grimm! :-) "
Steward Gibboney $100.00 "Go Dave! I know you will do this with a smile on your face!"
Laura MacNeil $25.00 "Enjoy every rotation of the tires. Looking forward to the photos. "
Karen Miner $25.00 "We're all pulling for you on the Lexington Tree Board!"
Ron Swanson $100.00 "Mark, you are involved in a great cause....Thanks for putting such a huge effort in this program, good luck buddy...... Ron"
Tim and Lucy Smallsreed $100.00 "Have a fabulous ride! Tim wishes he could accompany you. It sounds like a beautiful route."
Bruce & Phoebe McKay $50.00 "For Michael and Christy and all the tree loving Grimms."
Ken Knight $100.00 "Ride strong!"
Lisa, Tommy & Emmasayge Thomas $25.00 "Go Michael & Christy! Love you guys!"
Kevin Bowman $100.00 "Dave, good luck on your ride and have fun. Oregon is a beautiful place and I suspect you will like it very much. "
Marynelle Gale $100.00 "Kathy, I'm so proud of you! May the weather be good and the ride be easy. Thank you for helping people learn how trees benefit the environment."
Helen Stone $25.00 "Wanted to be the first to wish you a great ride!"
Joseph Noble $100.00 "Go Robert! Great Ride for a Great Cause!! Thanks for giving back to Mother Earth!"
Rodney & Genia Behrends $25.00 "Hey Mark - such a great cause! Have a great ride, and stay safe, The Behrends Family"
Patrick Mahoney $500.00 "Have fun Ken - you're the BEST!"
Keith Wood $25.00 "Way to go Steve, 15 years and all that money raised for trees is quite the accomplishment!"
Jerry Bond $50.00 "Lots of luck on the ride, Pete--I'll see you in Portland!"
Dominic Misemer $50.00 "LOVE YOU !!!!! PAPA"
Wendy & Howard Kaplan $100.00 "As long time fans, we are behind and support you --- be safe and have fun! Our best wishes for your successful ride! Wendy and Howard Kaplan"
Margaret Martin $25.00 "Go, Patrick, Go!!!"
Carol Hagan $100.00 "You have trained so hard for this ride that can only be AWESOME. Have fun and be safe! I love you!"
Kelly McArdle Construction $25.00 "Good Luck Patrick"
Greg Monfette $250.00 "Doug, you are a great example of someone who gives so much...thank you for all you do..."
Brian Skinner $100.00 "Best of luck to you both...ride hard and safe for New York...and enjoy the view if you get the chance!"
Janice Beaver $100.00 "Wishing you the best of luck Patrick, don't ride your legs off!"
Kim & Robert Simms $25.00 "Good luck, Josh----have a great ride!"
Bill Whitmire $100.00 "Go Davey! have safe and fun ride everyone!"
marcia schultz $50.00 "Hooray for the trees - Hooray for Michael and Christy!"
Magaly Figueroa Hidden "Adelante Salvador. Que bueno que este año estás nuevamente en el Tour des Trees. Orgullo Boricua!!!!"
Ross Paterson $225.00 "Towards rider Randy Hopp"
Mark Sickel $40.00 "My wife, Kelly Turner, and I are big fans and supporters of you and your company. As owners of 3.5 acres we appreciate your philosophy regarding trees. WE LOVE TREES! Wish we could donate more, but this is all for now. Kind regards, Mark Sickel and Kelly Turner."
Javier Hernandez $50.00 "Good luck, hope you reach your goal and Have a safe trip!"
Ross and Wendy Gridley $50.00 "Good Luck on your adventure. Enjoy climbing the mountains! "
Crystal Davis $25.00 ""What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." - Zig Ziglar; I would wish you luck, but I think you already have that on your side. Have fun!"
Mary Jo Singleton $50.00 "Go Pete, ride with the wind! And enjoy your adventure!"
Joe Mally $30.00 "Good Luck Charles!"
Kenneth Finch $50.00 "Good luck Mike & Christy! What a great experience. So neat you get to do it together. Enjoy!!"
Charlene Rack $50.00 "Good luck from your little sister and your mom. (We just did mom's donation in with mine, since the web site doesn't take Discover - $25 from each of us.). Save the world, big brother! And have a great ride!"
Barb Rabicki $50.00 "Proud of you all!"
OUC Orlando Utilities Commission $1,000.00 "Orlando Utilities Commission Sponsoring: Team Florida Rider: Andrew Kittsley, City of Orlando Promoting Tree Education and Research"
Jeff Walton $25.00 "Good luck Jeremy!"
Steve Meriam $250.00 "Good luck guys. It will be hard work, but there is no doubt you will survive and enjoy the fun times!"
Mathew Nespeca $100.00 "Good Luck, Joe"
Marilou and Paul Murpphy $25.00 "We wish you gentle winds at your back!"
David Dockter $75.00 "I am stoked to contribute to the Team Western Chapter Tour de Trees research fund ---Dave Dockter"
Dannielle Carr $100.00 "good golly- two grinning Grimms! Go for the Gold! (or should I say...go for the green!)"
Nancy Roppolo $100.00 "Hope you have a safe and wonderful ride. We LOVE you, Mom & Dad"
Philip Hoefer $100.00 "Thank you, Steve, for your ambitious spirit in riding these tours. You have got to be one of the most consistent riders on the tour. "
Nancy Grimm $100.00 "go Grimms!"
Daniel Pskowski $75.00 "Good luck Doug, looks like a beautiful ride."
Carl Fries $50.00 "All the best of luck to you Dave and we look forward to the pix when you return."
Arvind Bhuta $25.00 "Good luck!"
Donajean Tierney $75.00 "Good luck Dave, Hope you make it the whole way!! Your other sibling!! Donajean & Rex"
Tim Frevert $25.00 "Josh---Good luck and have fun."
Annie Donner $500.00 "Go Kenny Go!! So proud of you!!! Safe riding - Annie and Mikel"
Mike, Kimberly & Kassadi Holloway $25.00 "Doug Anderson: Way to go! Always here to support a good friend and worthy cause!!!!"
john leffingwell $50.00 "Go ROCKSTAR - only wish I could join ya this year. It's should be a beautiful tour."
Jessica Archer $15.00 "Ok, Grimms - Sorry I can't do more, but I am sending tons of moral support, strong quads and deep breaths! You guys are awesome! Love Jessica"
Sally Upton $25.00 "Go Shirl, Go!"
Tara Trapani $50.00 "Hey Pete! This sounds great! Good luck & have fun!! Tara & Paul & Rose "
David Dembeck $30.00 "Okay Phil, this looks like an adventure. Have FUN and ride like the wind. Bring back lots of stories. Dave"
Kristin Campbell Hidden "I'm so impressed that you can ride that far. What a fun adventure!"
Jean Scott $25.00 "Have a great ride and good luck. "
Jean Scott $25.00 "Jeff: Have a great ride and good luck"
Michael McCoy $50.00 "Go get 'em Andy!"
patrick lorusso $25.00 "Keep up the good work."
Bernard wathen $25.00 "Good luck Joe. You should be ready for Turkey."
Christine Malinowski $50.00 "Cheering for you here in Sacramento, Doug! Good luck!"
Lily & Josie Canine $50.00 " HAVE A "TAIL WAGGING" GOOD TIME"
Brian Skinner $50.00 "Once again...I'm sure you'll make NYS chapter proud! Ride safe and strong..."
Lisa and Danny Ortega $100.00 "Mike, Thank you so much for riding for tree research"
Malissa and Chip Day Hidden "Have the ride of your life and be safe - enjoy beautiful Oregon and all the trees!! Chip & Malissa Day"
Julie Broughton $100.00 "You go Bill."
Kelly King $50.00 "Ride on Doug!!"
Eric Himelfarb Hidden "Ride like the wind. Be as safe as a 20 year old hemlock in full shade."
Stuart Herder $25.00 " Todd - Ride hard - have fun - stay safe - Stuart"
Gayle Beirau $25.00 "Way to go Pam! Good Luck!"
Susan Day $150.00 "I want to know if you've biked up that mountain we can see behind your head! Go Phil! -Susan"
William Spradley $100.00 "Good luck on your long journey. We are proud of you! Looking forward to toasting with some Portland microbrew in August! Bill Spradley and the Boys at Trees, Forests and Landscapes."
John Giedraitis Hidden "Hey Salvador, See you in Portland buddy! John"
Anonymous $25.00 "Ride safe & ride hard!! Have fun! Sincerely, Simon, Samantha, & Dylan "
Peter and Vicki Marion $100.00 "Go Pete Roy! You are our hero!! Best of luck and see you in the other Portland!! Peter and Vicki"
Roger Anderson $1,000.00 "Hey #1 Swede, have a great ride!!!"
douglas yates $100.00 "Courtney, I really appreciate your dedication, stamina, grace and strength. You are the best!!! Doug Yates"
Russell Carlson $100.00 "Pedal on, Ben."
Mike & Kathy Mahoney $500.00 "Have a GREAT ride, Kenny!"
Pat Miller $100.00 "Andy, just a personal thank you for your efforts as a rider and fund raiser in support of the tree fund. Well done! Patrick Miller"
Kathy Benoit $100.00 "My Dad, Bob Skiera, embraced and enjoyed trees. His passion for young and old people to understand, enjoy, and recognize the significance of developing and sustaining urban forests is alive today through his family, friends, organizations, and cities throughout the world. As someone who currently lives in southeast Arizona, I continue his legacy as I plant trees and other vegetation in my neighborhood, and can see his contributions at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base inTucson. He is missed, but not forgotten. Kathy Benoit and family"
Tony Rea $25.00 "Good luck, Derrick!"
Marilynn Grossman $75.00 "You are an inspiration, Pete. Wishing you a smooth, beautiful ride and no blisters!"
John Erwin $50.00 "Good luck Pete! Remember to bring some ice packs."
Jennifer McKee $25.00 "Good luck Julia! Have a great time :-)"
Vidal Millan $25.00 "You're already a winner! enoy the ride."
Emsud Horozovic $35.00 "Best of luck!"
Judy Allen $50.00 "Trees bring joy and refreshment!"
Gary Woods $25.00 "Pete, Good luck and have a safe trip. Gary"
maria dagostino $58.50 "hope to see you at the top of mt hood! go pete gp!"
maria dagostino $58.50 "safe arborists techniques it is! thanks for riding doug!"
maria dagostino $58.50 "my favorite bike friday rider in the tdt - huge hugs and hope to see you there al!"
Robert Holmes` $20.00 "Go Petey"
Marion McElwee $100.00 "Good Luck Steve Tabler !!"
Kristen Daley $75.00 "This donation is in support of Rider Jon Elliott"
James Blair $100.00 "Crank On!"
Kathleen and Scott Upton $100.00 "Good luck, Mr. George! We love Heartwood Tree Service, and your dedication to your company. Best, Scott and Kathleen Upton"
Laura Rodenbeck $50.00 "Good luck, Doe! You're an inspiration. Keep up the good work."
Kevin Sorby $25.00 "John, my wife and I are fortunate and proud to donate you and your ride for the TREE Fund. You will love it out in Oregon!"
TIFFANY & JASON JONES $100.00 "So proud of you, Dad! Enjoy yourself! "
Pam McEwen $25.00 "Safe travels friend. Glad you were able to ride again this year!"
Anita Gambill $50.00 "Ride! Ride! Ride!"
Anita Gambill $200.00 "Looking forward to having Team STIHL on the Tour this year!"
Connie Bennett $25.00 "So proud of you and can't wait for your 2012 Diary and Photo Journal! Now, repeat after me: No coasting! No coasting! No coasting! "
Christina Pfeiffer $100.00 "Here's to a safe, treemendous ride! Kudos for taking on the challenge for the trees. Cheers, Chris"
Mike Messina $50.00 "Say hello to everyone in Oregon for me."
Cliff & Phyllis Ruddle $500.00 "Go Bill!!!!!! A great cause!"
Sven Rose $500.00 "Go, Mike, go! We love that you're committing your time and energy to this worthy cause. We're proud of you, cuz! We love you lots!"
Ellen Spiegel $100.00 "Thank you for representing Nevada and for supporting tree research and scholarship funding for students. Your efforts are both important and appreciated."
Adam Borden $25.00 "Looks like a good time for a great cause. Enjoy it!"
Lisa Randle $25.00 "Train hard, train safe!"
David Bennett $30.00 "All the best mate - hope to see you soon - cheers"
MICHELLE GUTIERREZ $100.00 "Michael & Lisa: We are happy Nevada is being represented. Can't wait to hear how the ride goes. good luck! -Raymond & Michelle Gutierrez Pro Tree"
Steve & Sue Meriam $100.00 "We are proud to support Mark in his second Tour des Trees ride. Good luck."
Leonard Erdman $25.00 "Good luck."
Jeff Picher $50.00 "Looking forward to riding with you and your brother on this ride. see you in one month!"
Steven Thompson $400.00 "Jeff, Have a great time and a great ride! Steve T. "
Robin Hastings $250.00 "Thanks for your efforts Mark! Scrolling through the riders pages, looks like the Great State of Texas will have 16 participants this year - Hope you have a great ride, meet some new friends and return home to us safely! "
Troy Hedgepeth $25.00 "Good luck, Mark! I am rooting for you!"
Mike and LaDonna Fuller/ Mike's Saw and Supply, LLC $100.00 "Please have fun and stay safe. You mean a lot to all of us."
Phil Pashley $100.00 "Dave, In the SMAC, this is called "offering the wheel of comraderie". Phil"
JoAnne Black $50.00 "Mark, Thank you for representing us this year! Be careful! JoAnne"
Michael Prince $25.00 "Go Phil Go! To the trees. :)"
David Richmond $50.00 "Go Tree Man! Wish I could ride Oregon with you...Doc"
Melissa LeVangie $25.00 "Go Team New England, wish I could be riding with you!"
Marianne McKee $25.00 "Go team Grimm. Safe and happy pedaling"
Christina Antus $25.00 "If you were riding the red bike I would have contributed $100."
Kay Martin $25.00 "Way to go, Team Grimm!"
Lynn Hallene $15.00 "Have been enjoying my first Tour de France, so will be thinking of you guys! Good luck!!"
John and Stacey Klemenc $100.00 "Hey Robert, Ride like the wind and enjoy the Oregon countryside. We know you're gonna have a blast!"
Brandon Jones $200.00 "Thanks for the help a few weeks ago."
Christy Moller $500.00 "Four Seasons loves you!!!"
Randy Owen $100.00 "Ben, Thanks, for all you do for our industry and the future of arboriculture. Randy"
Randy Owen $100.00 "Scott, Thanks for all you do for our industry"
Hal Jensen $25.00 "good luck and ride safe"
John Smith $100.00 "Ben, Best wishes for a successful ride!"
Rick Bryan $50.00 "Have fun and enjoy. Hopefully, the buzzards will not be circling you on the uphill runs!"
Rick Bryan $50.00 "Have fun, stay safe and ride hard."
George Schulz $25.05 "Tree Hugger!"
Trees For Life, Inc xxx $250.00 "Thanks Rob for doing this once again, have a safe and enjoyable ride."
Trees Virginia $200.00 "Go Kristina, go! Good luck . . . From: Trees Virginia Board of Directors"
Scott Packard $250.00 "Good Luck, Scott"
Mike Vandecoevering $250.00 "This is for Nursery Connection."
Janet Baxter $50.00 "Enjoy the ride, Tom!"
Karen Pakula $50.00 "Have fun!!!!"
Steve Hallmark $100.00 "Wish I could be on the Tour myself. See you in Portland!"
Walt Liefeld $25.00 "Good Luck, Ben! Too bad the ride does't bring you through Newport, but we look forward to seeing you in Portland. Please note my change of email address."
Snoqualmie Ridge ROA $100.00 "The SR ROA appreciates all the work you have done to ensure our urban forest is healthy and viable. We support the care and oversight of trees in our community so we support you on this ride - good luck Phil! From the Association Staff on behalf of the Association - Kay, Stacy, Amber, Connie and Amy"
Amy Atchison $25.00 "Bravo Phil! Hope your travel is safe and your adventure grand! Can't wait to hear how it goes."
Gary and Jill Johnson $250.00 "Rideon Rideout! You continue to be an inspiration. Thank you and and your family for devoting so much to the cause. Although we won't get to see you at the finish line, know that we will be thinking about you every day of the ride. Wishing you SAFE!!!!!!! and beautiful travels. "
Helen Stone $25.00 "Thanks for riding for the great state of Nevada, Mike!"
John Davis $250.00 "Have a great ride!"
David Nowak Hidden "Good luck Pete"
kristie gerulski $50.00 "Ride Safely Kathy! "
Melinda Jones $50.00 "Have fun Kathy! Sounds like a beautiful ride! Melinda"
Anonymous $100.00 "John, Thanks for making the ride. Cindy and I wish you the best. Ride safe! - Bill Fountain"
Caroline & George Tirabassi $100.00 "Michael and Christy - thanks for your energy and enthusiasm! Enjoy the journey!"
Sue & George Aspinall $100.00 "Good Luck on your journey Michael and Christy!"
Tim Rowell $50.00 "Speak for the trees. Best of luck, I know those chicken legs will see you through!"
Jack and Toni Porter $50.00 "Have a good ride."
Colleen Gilmour $100.00 "Have a great ride!"
Meridith Perkins $25.00 "Go Team Utah!!!! At least you have an altitude advantage :)"
Helen Stone $25.00 "You will do great! Thanks for taking the plunge, Julia! "
Brian Hughes $500.00 "Hi Phil, I am happy to see you will ride again this year and take in the beauty of Oregon. Breathe in all that fresh air for Lori and make those lungs scream in pain! Godspeed. Your relatives in Virginia Beach, Lori & Brian"
Ann Reith $25.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Rachel Alder $25.00 "Wish I was riding with you all. Hopefully next year. "
Jerry Bellamy $50.00 "Bill - how great it is that you do this for all of us. Have a safe trip. The Bellamy/Nunez/kids/pugs hopes and wishes are with you. Jerry and Adrianne and Beatrice and Timo and JLO and Johnny Dep and Anabella"
Scott Baker Hidden "Have a GREAT ride. See you in Portland."
Scott Baker Hidden "Have a GREAT ride. See you in Portland."
Travis Jones $25.00 "Ride Hard Team Utah - Safe travels & bring us back some Oregon rain!"
Amanda Ross $50.00 "Go team Grimm!! Best of luck from Mandy, Jer, Kenzie, Zane, Augie, Hera, Lily, Daisy, Bear, Zelda, Bugs, Maximum Extreme 3, and Ruby Ross!"
Tommy Masters $25.00 "Give em' hell Pat! Get a helmet cam too!"
Amos & Charlene Stone $50.00 "Keep going - life is great with good air!!!"
RichieB Booth $25.00 "Thank you so much for the great efforts you are putting out there and helping to make this a greater place for us and our future generations!!"
James Oakes $25.00 "Go Jeff Pitcher Go !"
Carlos Vera $25.00 "Good luck Chuck!!!!!!"
Rita Blanford $20.00 "Go, susan!"
Janet Marino $100.00 "Kristinia, hope you have a great and safe ride. You inspire everyone you meet with your enthusiasm, kind heart, and that every present smile. I admire you so much for challenging yourself with this 500 mile bike trip for the trees! Best of Luck!! Keep the photos coming on Facebook so we can see how you are doing."
Stacey Meldrum $40.00 "Max, You are AMAZING and INSPIRING. Thanks for all you do! You are always helpful with my questions and consulting needs. Thanks again for your extra help last month! Stacey and Joseph Meldrum and family"
Michael Rae $50.00 "Best wishes for safety and a wonderful experience as you work to pedal to benefit the TREE fund. Someday, you'll have to ride with us.....GOBA has its 25th Anniversary next year....it'd be a good one to do!!! Sunshine to you....Mike and Marty"
Barbara White $25.00 "Good Luck Todd and have a great time!"
Anonymous Hidden "Bean Wise wishes you the very best on your big bike ride! Be safe."
Fred and Laurey Stalley $100.00 "have a safe trip and have fun--"
Kathy Browning $25.00 "Jason - Have a great trip and learn a lot at the conference. I put this in Wednesday's DCI. Kathy B."
Kolby OBrien $100.00 "GOOD LUCK!!"
Jeff Benda $150.00 "Jon, Thanks for your contributions to the Tree Care Industry and good luck in the STIHL Tour des Trees!! Sincerely, Jeff Benda Altec Industries, Inc."
Robin Wolthausen $25.00 "Yup...trees are great...and so are you Phil."
Jeff McKillop $100.00 "Hey Phil, Have A Awesome Trip! Jeff McKillop Tolt Tree Care"
Heather Pinkernell $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Wow! That is alot of pedaling - safe travels."
Thomas Wolf $100.00 "Go Hallie go. Thanks for riding for us!"
Anonymous Hidden "Ride like the wind, BS"
Katherine Wolfe $50.00 "Denise and I wish you happy pedaling!"
Peter Andreucci $50.00 "Hi Bill - All the best on your 7th TDT ride! - Regards, Peter"
Monica Jadlowski $15.00 "Wishing you safe travels along the way enjoying the beauty of God's gift. Monica J. :)"
colleen russell $25.00 "I'll be "rooting" for you!"
Susan Lakin $25.00 "Sounds like a great event! Can't believe our trip was just a warm up, lol. Good luck and safe pedaling!"
craig interian $100.00 "Love you Bill!!! Your an amazing man and a great mentor!"
Chris Miller $25.00 "Thanks for your continued support of the Tree Fund Kristin"
Ana Stark $100.00 "Good Luck Tio Junior!!"
Marian Makar $25.00 "Please take sure you continue to harass each and every one of my fellow Canadians on this year's tour. I'm so sorry that I'll miss you this year. Be safe and ride hard!!! xo"
Marian Makar $25.00 "I'm going to miss you this year Steve! Have a fun and safe ride. I'll be thinking about you as you climb Mt. Hood! xo"
Phyllis and Allan Bezanson $200.00 "You make us very proud with your dedication to trees and the environment. "
Christie Young $25.00 "Go, Jason, Go!!!!"
Diane Argenzio $25.00 "Have a great adventure,Jason. Ride like the wind. "
Justin Czekaj $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Patrick McBride $100.00 "Rob, Rhonda and I both wish you the best of luck on your ride through the forests of Oregon."
Paul F Fletcher Jr $100.00 "Thanks, and have a great ride Bill."
WesSpur Tree Equipment $100.00 "Good Luck and Have fun."
Jorge Aguilera $50.00 "Every time there is a difficult tree to prune I always ask myself " what would Bill do?" thank you Bill and have a good time. "
Judy C Berger $200.00 "Go Cousins, Go!"
Blaine and Cherise Elliott $50.00 "Awesome, Phil! Have a great time!"
Danielle Larson $25.00 "Go Shirl!!"
Savannah Wake $25.00 "Always an inspiration!"
Alison Gannett $25.00 "Jason - kick some ass, thanks for helping make the world a better place!"
Curtis Deuser $25.00 "Thanks for riding for this cause and representing Nevada. Enjoy and be safe!"
Susie, Tony and Maggie Tresselt $25.00 "Good luck, Ben! See you in Portland!"
Scott Jamieson $100.00 "Look forward to drafting off you friend! "
Lisa Hanussak $25.00 "Pedal, Pedal, Pedal and enjoy the ride!"
David Dolinar $100.00 "Kristina Bezanson's Fundraising Page Riding to Support Tree Research GO K GO!!!! send pix.."
Dieter & Carole Zoellner $25.00 "Enjoy the ride for a good cause.."
John Maurice $25.00 "Good Luck PG, do it for the TREES!"
Craig Errington $25.00 "Hope you have plenty of crown jewel soothing cream!! Proud of ya!"
Paul & Angela Pevey $100.00 "Go Team Collier! We're proud of you all!"
David and Aleka Scott $25.00 "Go Team Collier!!! What a terrific team!"
Pamela C Louks $100.00 "Good luck, Tom. Help Indiana speak for the Trees! Go! Stay safe! Enjoy!-- Bruce and Pam Louks"
Dennis Swartzell $50.00 "Best of Luck John Dennis Swartzell"
Dennis Swartzell $50.00 "Best of Luck Mark Dennis Swartzell"
Dennis Swartzell $50.00 "Best of Luck Michael. Go Team Nevada!"
Morgan Holen & Associates Morgan Holen $100.00 "Have fun Team Collier! Thanks for the opportunity to support this great cause. "
Brickman Group, Ltd $250.00 "We are happy to sponsor you with seed money for #10! Ride like the wind!"
Scott Packard $250.00 "Good Luck! Scott"
Scott Packard $250.00 "Good Luck! Scott "
David Wells $300.00 "Have fun with out me"
Jerry Morey $1,000.00 "What a great looking team."
Jim Jordan $25.00 "Have a great ride!"
Bill Lesar $25.00 "Enjoy the view and may the wind be at your back. "
Paul Reimers $50.00 "Best of Luck from Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care in Colorado. Ride Strong!!"
Rhonda Wood $25.00 "Enjoy your ride Randy! We'll be cheering you on at the end. :)"
Rhonda Wood $25.00 "Enjoy the road Doug!! We'll see you at the finish line!"
Rhonda Wood $25.00 "Go Dana, Go... Go Dana, Go!!! Woo Hoo!!! See ya there, we'll be rooting for ya!!!"
Rhonda Wood $25.00 "Have a great ride Jack!! See ya up there and we'll be cheering you on!!"
Sarah Hudson Hidden "Good luck Stink & Dad! "
Jorge Silva-Banuelos $10.00 "Good Luck Sara! - Jorge Silva"
John Hendricksen $500.00 "Go Team Davey, wish I could be there."
John Hendricksen $250.00 "Go Don, wish I were there"
Guy Hermann $25.00 "Go Lou!"
Gail Piccoli $25.00 "I wish I had half your energy. Bike safe and have an awesome time! "
lisa henderson $25.00 "Dear Phil You are a dedicated arborist and a lover of trees for sure; I am personally "rooting" for you! Thanks so much for joining in on this worthy event. All my best, Lisa"
Charles Martin Hidden "DLTW"
Thomas Mullarney $100.00 "Have a great time. Keep Going!"
Thomas Mullarney $100.00 "Wishing you a great ride. Keep going!"
Elizabeth Crain $250.00 "this donation is made in memory of Chris West"
Daniel Corcoran $50.00 "We hope the ride goes splendidly! Safe travels from Dan and Caroline"
Stacey Graybeal Kanner $25.00 "Go Mark, go! "
Peggy Layne $25.00 "Donation for Kristina Bezanson's ride! Way to go, Kris!"
Kay Sicheneder $25.00 "Wish I were with you on the Tour. If not in body, then in spirit!"
Mark Bays $25.00 "Go Dog Go!"
Bob Bell $50.00 "Ride like the wind Jack, see you in Portland."
Jeremy Walters $150.00 "Good luck and have fun Jon!"
Bob Bell $50.00 "Mike, WOW, congrats on the huge support you are getting! Looks like there is finally a good reason to have a high cost per mile:-) Have a safe ride, see you in Portland."
Scott Packard $250.00 "Good Luck and 3 Gold Stars! Scott"
Scott Cullen Hidden "Unfortunately, Andy, I won't be able to visit any of your waypoints, this time. But I know you'll be in top form!"
California Arborists Association $100.00 "Ride With The Wind! Go TEAM WESTERN CHAPTER!"
Lindsey Crifasi $25.00 "Happy Birthday! Thanks for the all the help on my bikes!"
Mike & Anne H. $100.00 "Have fun!!!"
Jessica Gasteazoro-Elizondo Hidden "You have done an outstanding job in helping raise consciousness for a tree-friendly environment in the Valley. We appreciate the hard work you have put into the bike rides in honor of Earth Day, you have truly succeeded in everything you have done, enjoy this very well deserved ride! Jessica Gasteazoro & David Ortiz"
Veronica Alemany $100.00 "I wish that the earth was populated with more people who perseveres in his ideals. People so is the one that achieves great changes for human well-being .... Long live the trees, long live living beings ....long live the respect for each other ..... Salvador ... thanks for being a living example of perseverance .... I love you!!!! ..... enjoy your route ...."
Bobbe Branch $100.00 "It is a pleasure to support you and trees that give constantly without fail. Blessings, Bobbe"
Rick Fleeter $100.00 "Jacques and Luise, you are both amazing. Turn the pedals a few times for me too. - Rick"
Robert Bundy $100.00 "This sounds like a wonderful way to see part of our great country. Enjoy the trip. "
Todd Johanson $25.00 "I'm not sure which is better... Trees or Donuts????"
Denise Dugal $25.00 "You got this Shirl!!! "
Geoff Cowan $100.00 "Good Luck Josh , Safe Travels"
Emily Filer $25.00 "Have a wonderful time, Kristina. So proud of you! Emily Filer (NEWS)"
jim barnhart $50.00 "Mike the hammerhead, good to see you are back. I am planning on jioning the ride in 2014 as a retiree. Do retirees get a discount on the required fund raising.?"
jim barnhart $50.00 "Tom, good to see you are continuing to ride. See you on the 2014 ride, but only at the strat of each day."
Janice Kramer $100.00 "Thank you, Don, for participating in this great fundraiser. We really appreciate your efforts to raise fund for this cause. -Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc."
Indiana Arborist $1,000.00 "Ride, TO, Ride! Thanks for being an "Oak" for our chapter and representing Indiana in the Tour!"
Indiana Arborist $1,000.00 "Ride, Doe, Ride! Thanks for continuing to support the Tour des Trees and being a part of Team Indiana!"
Karen and Tom Stevenson $250.00 "Go Kristin!"
Dane Holbrook $30.00 "Good Luck, Jeremy!! Keep a pale of Icy Hot nearby."
Darlaine Manning $100.00 "Here's hoping that you have a Tree-mendously successful Tour."
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck Neil! "
Jack McCabe $100.00 "Mike, Thanks for your leadership and service to our industry."
Gayle Kaiser $25.00 "GO TREENA!!"
Carolyn Bowen $25.00 "You are an Inspiration!"
Julie Cannata $25.00 "Good luck Mark!"
Jud Scott $250.00 "Go Tom!! Beat Steve Geist"
Jerry Bond Hidden "Have a good ride, Mark! See you in Portland."
Rita Salvanera $50.00 " Randy - You are such an inspiration!! Have a great ride and be safe. We will be thinking about you and know that Sandy will be with you in your heart!!! God Bless and Good luck big brother - We love you!!! Rita, Steve and the family "
Jody Klenk Hidden "Good Luck Frazer! Have a good time and enjoy beautiful Oregon!"
Jim & Deb Kusner $25.00 "Good luck Courtney! Trees are one of natures greatest gifts to us and we applaud you for all you do to protect them!"
Alex Brown $50.00 "Enjoy the ride and see you in Portland, Jack"
Tina McKeand $50.00 "Go Team Davey! Enjoy the ride :)"
Alex Brown $50.00 "Have a great ride, Kristin. See you in Portland!"
Lars Andersson $25.00 "Next year I'm riding as well. Count me in!"
Catherine Coates $100.00 "Please apply my donation to whichever fund is chosen by Hallie Dozier. Thx!"
Shannon Simpson $25.00 "Lisa Ortega I will be happy to support Michael since we are forever bonded as alumni interns of the Desert Demonstration Gardens and Landscape Architecture. Very cool event. Also, I am donating in support of my friend Curt Wildemann who will be making his 3rd trek across the U. S. in 2013 to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior program. Through Curt I have a better understanding of what a ride like this involves. Michael thanks for pedaling for tree awareness."
Matt Ritter $50.00 "Good luck Jack!"
Dan Kinter $250.00 "Lucky 13 it is!"
Chadwick Clink $25.00 "Good luck Josh!"
Connie Frecker $25.00 "Dave - thanks for your amazing dedication!"
Joe Gregory $25.00 "go get 'em, killer!"
Gloria Crank $50.00 "Ride Safe, Jason."
Bill Aitken $50.00 "Well done Jack! Have a great ride."
Shannon Raborn $50.00 "Thanks for taking care of our trees!"
Eve Dixon $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Diana & Mark ArborSoftWorx $100.00 "Be Safe Aaron!"
Mike Cook $50.00 "See if you can wear that Mexican Sombrero from Cabo one day for me!"
steve white $50.00 "Jack and Dana...wish I was there! Take it all in and tell me about it later. Hav4e a safe ride."
Carrie Gallagher Hidden "Go Dana!!!!!"
Ian Scott $25.00 "May the wind stay at your back. Have a great ride!"
David Zeitlin $50.00 "Looks pretty hilly up there, good luck!"
Mary Karcher $25.00 "Go Mommie Go! "
H. Spencer Knight $100.00 "Let's me think, you gotta push down on those little peddle thingies and hang on to the curvy tubing on top of the front round thingamajig, ya that's it......................... Enjoy and be safe!"
MArk Bluhm $250.00 "From your friends and co-workers at ISA. Enjoy the Ride! Cindy, Emily, Ethel, Mark, Rocky, Sam, Sonia, Stephanie, Wendy"
Greg & Karen Goodwin $75.00 "Go Team Collier. Looks like fun already!"
Ben Harris $50.00 "You guys are fantastic. Thank you."
Scott Wheaton $75.00 "Goodluck Jack...Go Team Davey! First and foremost...Have fun out there and enjoy the scenery."
Thomas hill $25.00 "Have fun bro! By the way, the security words to enter are extreme by security standards."
Judy Gruggen $25.00 "Louise, good luck on your ride!"
howard king $50.00 "go trees and go kristina bezanson"
Peggy Larson $10.00 "Pam you are accomplishing something I can imagine-You Go Girl. Aunt Peggy"
Mike and Molly Wolfe $100.00 "Ride like the Wind Kiteman. Good luck!!"
Justin Paulson $50.00 "Have a great ride!"
Larry Abernathy $100.00 "Have a great ride and make us proud!"
Karen Wise $100.00 "Best Wishes Team Davey! Ride strong!"
Becki Burlingham $25.00 "Good luck, Charles!"
suzanne rosen $50.00 "enjoy the ride..."
Ben Grossman $25.00 "Be sure to carb load, I hear beer works best!"
Michael Marett $50.00 "Good Luck, Max! Enjoy your ride."
Ben Brusie $25.00 "Go get'm Josh!"
Joe Samnik $100.00 "Andy "Hammer Head " Kittsley. Thanks for all you do for trees and representing the Florida chapter. Have a great ride..."
John Wright $25.00 "Have a great ride, Jack."
Heide Pickens Hidden "HI Kristin! Have a great time! Good luck on the hills! Dave and Heide"
thomas golon $250.00 "Go Colliers, Have fun!"
James Ingram $250.00 "Hey Team Collier, Have a great ride! Enjoy and be safe!! Barb and I will see you at the finish line.... All the best, Jim"
Scott and Cher Harris $25.00 "Ride like the wind, you tree huggers!"
Thomas Golon $100.00 "Go Team Dickinson!!!"
Thomas Golon $75.00 "Good Luck Ben!!!"
Thomas Golon $75.00 "Go Team Grimm!!!"
Frank Gifford $100.00 "Have a great ride gang. Be safe and have fun!"
Thomas Golon $250.00 "Good Luck Scott!!!"
Karl Parker $25.00 "Congratulations to all of you! I admire your spirit and determination to make a positive difference in this world. If it were possible, there'd be a couple more zeroes after my donation. But, we all know a lot of little things add up to a whole lot more... Godspeed, my friends!!"
Alan Finocchio $100.00 "Good luck to the Davey team!"
Nicholas Congelli $25.00 "Have a great trip and good luck! Maybe in the coming years we'll see the tour in Seattle."
Sue Luhman $50.00 "You're an insperation to a new rider like myself! Have a wonderful time and ride safe my friend."
Chris and Molly Fuller $200.00 "Good luck, Jack! Looking forward to your tour updates from Oregon."
Lauren Roth $50.00 "You rock Dana!"
Chris & Crystal Foster $150.00 "Jon - It's only 500 miles? Don't they have something harder for you?!? Good luck my friend and don't disappoint on the climbs! "
Mike Rook $100.00 "Go Team Collier!! Have fun and be safe. "
Kellee Magee O'Reilly $50.00 "Scott: I admire your dedication! Wishing you dry and slightly-overcast days for a fantastic Tour! - Kellee "
Wendy Schau $25.00 "Have a good ride Greg. All the best! Wendy"
Barbara White $50.00 "Have a Great Ride Kristina!!!"
Quentin Abramo $200.00 "wish you an awesome ride from your friends at Faciliteq!"
Mid Atlantic Chapter ISA $250.00 "Safe Travels"
Amanda Hernandez $25.00 "Best of Luck!"
Bruce Cabarle $100.00 "Go Salva, and mucha suerte con las montanas de Oregon!"
Dee Eng $25.00 "Have a fun ride- Dee, Brandi and Gary Rohrbach"
Mike Mackiewicz $100.00 "Way to go Andy. Be safe and we'll see you when you get back!"
Diana Heller $50.00 "What a great experience to add to your father & daughter memories. Good luck, happy & safe travels. GO GRIMM !!"
Doug Fix Hidden "I admire what you are doing Kristin! Ride on!!"
lori peterson $25.00 "Great Job Phil! I'd like to celebrate your ride by remembering a few of the beautiful trees that will come down on stossel creek to make room for our new house - Thank you TREES! "
Andy Logan $150.00 "No whining, Jon. It will be much easier than Leadville! "
Jeff Bugara $50.00 "Very impressive goal you are trying to accomplish! I know you will do great. Good luck and make it home safe. Enjoy!"
Samuel Colmery $25.00 "With that fancy bike you should have to go up hill the entire way!"
Jonathan Perkins $101.00 "Here we go again John Saylor. I can't wait until you get back and come over to the house to entertain the kids again. I think they would prefer you to climb some trees while they supervise!"
JAMES WOODWORTH $100.00 "Go, Sara! May you have few phlats and many great views. Stay off the sidewalk, and keep Neil in line! "
Maria Elena Mounce $35.00 "Salvador, mucha suerte. Gracias por usar su bicicleta para ayudarnos a entender y cuidar mejor de nuestros arboles y plantas. Diviertete mucho. Malena"
Stephanie Proffitt $25.00 "way to go Shirl"
William Thomas $25.00 "Good luck John and thanks for all you do for the trees! Your friends - Laurie and Billy"
David Leonard $100.00 "John- I'm glad you are riding instead of me! See you at the finish line!"
Glenda Foster $100.00 ""Go, Hallie, Go!!!""
Brent Repenning $100.00 "Hammer down"
Ken Palmer $100.00 "Have a great ride! See you in Portland!"
Jeff Martini $100.00 "Good luck Scott and be safe!"
Koeloe & Jackie Basson $50.00 "Good luck PG! Have a great ride!"
Jane Scott $50.00 "Love this latest adventure in your life and your commitment to education & the environment! The Scott Clan looks forward to following your progress. Enjoy the ride!"
Judith P. Hammel $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Tony Brugger $250.00 "Go Don Go!!!! God Speed! The Care of Trees"
Lucy Oaks $25.00 "Phil, go ride your legs off! Love you, Meema"
John Patterson $100.00 "Follow your path, Neil...!"
Darcy MacKenzie $25.00 "Good luck! We will miss you at work next week!!!"
Ryan Brockbank $100.00 "Fantastic fund raising for the UARF Mike! Have a safe ride and thank you for pushing our industry forward!"
Ryan Brockbank $25.00 "Have a safe ride Jack and thank you for your continued leadership in our industry! "
Kimberly Spiewak $25.00 "Go get 'em Dad! I am so proud of you and I wish you the best of luck (although I know you will do great)! Happy riding..."
Marisa Aguilar-East $25.00 "Robert, Way to go! Tx for riding for a great cause! I hope your ride is a safe & an enjoyable experience."
Anonymous $150.00 "Viel Glück Julia!"
FRANK MATUS $25.00 "Salvador: ababe all enjoy yourself !."
Anthony Whipple $25.00 "Go! JACK Go! Go! JACK Go! Good Luck And Stay Safe..."
Ken Knight $25.00 "Ride safe, see you in Portland"
Dorothy Abeyta $50.00 "Enjoy the ride, Jack! "
Nancy Hughes $25.00 "Go Jack - climb those mountains!!!"
Paul Rodriguez $250.00 "We support you on your journey. Keep up the good work. Ride hard stay dry. The Sunbelt Tree Service LLC."
Claudia Wultsch $20.00 "Viel Glueck!! :)"
Michael Bova $25.00 "Go Team Davey!"
Frank Ono $100.00 "Work hard on the uphill and enjoy the down hill wind!!!"
Juergen Kuhmann $25.00 "Viel Spass beim Radeln! Schaffen wirst du es auf jeden Fall."
Virginia Rosen $100.00 "Go Patrick!"
Robert Laverne $40.00 "Ride like the wind! Drink like a fish! Sweat like an arborist! Godspeed Josh!"
Robert Laverne $40.00 "Ride like the wind! Drink like a fish! Sweat like an arborist! Godspeed Don!"
John Henry King III $101.00 "Charles - we think it is great you are doing the whole TdT this year. I wish I had the time.l My 2000 TdT make a huge impact on my life. Please dont embarass yourself and be sure to pack plenty ointment for your chapped rear end. Cheers - Henry"
John Brewer $100.00 "Have a great ride Ben."
Susan Rowland $50.00 "Have a great ride - wish I was right behind you :)"
Amber Krebbers $25.00 "Ride on Jack!"
The Mob Shop The Mob Shop $25.00 "Ride like the wind, Mark!"
Brent Oblinger $50.00 "Better late than never for me here :) Actually it's clutch so glad to help. Best of luck up there Julia!!! "
James Blackwell $50.00 "Keep calm and ride on."
Valerie Saylor $105.00 "Pie LOVING!"
Matthew Kolodziej $25.00 "Ride like the wind"
Rose and Al Epperson $500.00 "So proud of the entire WCISA family! Have a great ride and say Hi to my sister Kate along the way. "
Rose and Al Epperson $100.00 "Jack, Dana and the entire team - have a ball and thanks what you do for trees! "
Rose and Al Epperson $100.00 "Have a great ride Dougy - sorry to miss the ride in this year. Cheers!"
richard daniels $100.00 "Good Luck Frazer!"
Steven and Belinda Booth $75.00 "Enjoy your ride along the Pacific Coast, Ben!"
Ken Spencer $25.00 ""And remember, let's be careful out there...""
Anonymous Hidden "Enjoy the view for all of us southern folk suffering in the heat;)"
Angela Hewitt Hidden "Go Don!!"
Mary Schmitz $100.00 "Go Jim! So proud of you for doing this every year. Take care! Mary"
Michael Roy $50.00 "Git 'er done Phil !! Good luck and we expect photos when you return."
Jon Paulding $30.00 "Ride safe!"
Ida Pointer-Gomez $50.00 "Mark, Godspeed Ida Pointer-Gomez"
Anthony McMayon $25.00 "I'm proud of you, Aunt Shirl!"
Jeni Makepeace $25.00 "Happy, safe, fun riding and planting to you Jason!"
Janelle Pierson $50.00 "Proud Neil supporter. "
Joey Hampton $50.00 "Let me know if you need a photog to document this adventure. "
Shannon Murphy $100.00 "Thanks for bringing more green to our world!"
Tom Prossser $250.00 "Go Hallie!! "
Fran Curry $25.00 "Go Davey Team - Go"
Priscilla Pelot $25.00 "Good luck spinning your wheels!! "
rosa simental $25.00 "good luck Chuck-D ;)"
jean Tarabek Hidden "Have a good ride, Randy Hopp!"
Catherine Martineau $50.00 "Thanks Jack for all you do! Have a wonderful ride."
Richard Askew $250.00 "Have a great ride."
Jeff and Sandy Jones $250.00 "Go Team Collier! We love you!"
melissa russell $25.00 "Most impressive, lady. Ride for the trees!"
Laura Gunion $25.00 "To the health of the trees and...to you as you ride "
Caycee Furulie $33.33 "My dear friend, The the Lorax of Snoqualmie Valley, Thank you for speaking for the trees my Brother. You save em and I'll climb em! It's always a pleasure working and sharing time with you. I appreciate and genuinely care about you Phil. Now always remember Grasshopper, "Patience is a tree who's root is bitter, but it's fruit is very sweet." Sincerely, Caycee "Squirrely" Furulie and all of the other squirrels, and all of our saber toothed squirrel ancestors. P.S. I can't wait to see how you walk after this bike trip... You're gonna be soooo sore!"
Tricia and Pat Heffernan $250.00 "Cheers to Team Collier! We love you all, you are the best!!!"
Lee Busby $25.00 "I do this in remembrance of that shoe that you and I nailed to an outdoors shower stall. "
Mark Johnson $25.00 "Make sure my donation goes toward white oak to offset the end tables I'm building :)"
Barbara Brumbaugh $25.00 "The trees love you and so do I....have a safe and wonderful ride!! Love, Barb "
Michelle Brunson $25.00 "Bravo Jason!"
Irma Singer $50.00 "Be safe...we love you, Irma & Jeff "
Pat Skiera $500.00 "I understand that quite a bit of the bike tour is "all up hill". Happy biking. "
Patricia Skiera $300.00 "Have a great ride!"
Jason Fallon $25.00 "Jason, Glad you're all doing this. Enjoy yourself out there! Jason"
Sara Wiest $100.00 "Godspeed, Bro. Love, Swa."
James Shafer $100.00 "Rock On, Kristin - Hope you have a great time! - All the Best! - Jim & Alda Shafer"
Josh & Kristen Macken $25.00 "Good luck!"
Deborah McPhedran $500.00 "Can't read the security word!"
John Lough $25.00 "Good Luck John!"
Torrey and Greg Baldi Hidden "Feel better! Love, Greg, Torrey, Tucker, and Taylor"
Kristina Johnson $25.00 "Go Go Go Jack! ~Kristina and David"
We B Trees $400.00 "Ben you know you always have our support and gratitude!! Good Luck and have fun come home safe!!"
Haydi Danielson $100.00 "Riding for Trees....I love it! Go, Jack, go!"
Bill Ames $50.00 "Ride hard, Rob! Bill Ames"
Marc Alexander $100.00 "Ride Hard my friend!!! Enjoy the family time!!"
Kevin Caldwell $100.00 "Cheers to Team Collier! Try to not spill your wine while riding!"
Paul Payne $100.00 "Stop dating invasive species"
Erin Parks $50.00 "pump it up hill! coast it down...enjoy your ride!"
Brian Jones $100.00 "Better late then never "
Julie and Jeff futch $50.00 "Trees rule and so do you! We are so proud of you."
Rob Kaiser $25.00 "Go Team Davey!"
Walt Fujii $25.00 "Looking forward to your blog and photos! Be safe, "
Diane Jamieson $30.00 "Go, Scott, Go! You make your family proud."
Donna Hawks $50.00 "Go Courtney!!!"
Julie Yost $25.00 "Hi Jason, Hope you are having a great time!. Still looking for those pics from the bike cam. Good luck! Julie Yost"
Karen Felts $50.00 "Ride like the wind Doreen!!"
Ben Canady Hidden "Ride on, Jason!"
Pete Prendergast $50.00 "Go West Red Ryder! May the miles fly beneath your tires."
Noreen George $100.00 "We are proud of our Tree Man!! Noreen and Jules ENJOY the RIDE!! "
Steve Saari $50.00 "Sorry it took me so long to donate to you. I kept forgetting to do it. Take your time and enjoy the ride!"
stephen Carr Hidden "Have a great ride my friend!!!!"
Jaspen Leslie $25.00 "Thank you for all your grueling efforts to strengthen this industry that supports us all."
Kristin Turner $25.00 "Have a safe journey. Thanks for all you do!"
mike cullen $25.00 "Nothing better than being able to enjoy Oregon on bicycle. Good Luck!"
Victoria Trace $50.00 "Tom, I hope you are having a great ride. Vicki Trace "
Ryan Aarstol $100.00 "Good Luck from The WesSpur Crew"
Nathan Mathews $50.00 "Tom take some time to drink a local Brew for me. "
Kathleen cunha $25.00 "Go Terrill!!"
Jim Patterson $50.00 "Good luck Jack. Enjoy the ride and I'll see you in Portland"
A and J Bergen $25.00 "Go, team Canada! :)"
Anonymous $50.00 "Get better soon, we miss you already."
George White $25.00 "Good luck----have fun Dr. Jones ......Buzz"
Barbara Rroop $50.00 "Cudos, Charles!!! Such an ambitious and charitable endeavor - Uncle Clayton would be so proud of you. Much love, Bobbie"
David Suarez $25.00 "Have a great ride. It sounds amazing!! David and Ellen Suarez, Global Landscape, Inc."
Erin McCall $50.00 "Way to go Jack! We're really proud of your achievements and feel honored to call you a good friend. "There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it."(Minnie Aumonier) Best, The McCall Family"
John Mills $100.00 "Jack, you did it! Congrats!!"
Richard and Barbara Roti $100.00 "Ride strong Patrick."
Sandra Clark $50.00 "Yikes, I forgot to donate and now I see the Tour is already over! Sorry! Hope this donation still helps you out. Hope it went well!"
Susan Haitsma $50.00 "WOW! We're some impressed. Saw some pics. Glad you had a great time. Susie and Jay"
Stephen SHURTZ $50.00 "Great job, Hallie. Sorry I'm late!!"
Sofia Montero Aguilar $50.00 "Wishing you an extraordinary experience for this wonderful cause!"
Alicia Ortega $100.00 "this 100.00 is from the Nevada Shade Tree Council. Thanks NSTC!"
Kevin Kaspzyk $25.00 "Nice job Kathy! A great cause too!"
Stanley Stosel $100.00 "on behalf of rider Chuck Dykes"
Faith Groves $33.00 "Rounding up your total to $2,500! Always happy to support you and your wonderful dedication to leaving mother earth in good shape for the next generation! Proud of you! Hoping to be able to donate more in the future! "
Jerry Zsoldos $25.00 "Hug-A-Tree and Survive - Plant a Tree and Save a Life!"
Kim Ammeter $50.00 "John, I hope you enjoyed Oregon! "
Carol Herwig $50.00 "Congratulations, Sara."
Michael Steinberg $50.00 "The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society congratulates you on your efforts and successful ride. Keep up the good work!!"
Louise Caldwell-Edmonds $10.00 "Great job John. "
Thomas Shotzbarger $100.00 "Yo! Fantastic feat, especially for the 'old man'. Shotz"
Monica Guidry $25.00 "Way to geaux, Shirl!"
ArborDocs LLC $250.00 "Thanks Shirl!"
Utah Community Forest Council $2,000.00 "Thank you for doing a great ride Team Utah!"
James Reynolds $25.00 "Good Cause - Good Girl - Good Luck!"
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