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Full of Hope
Every step is filled with hope.
Thank you for taking the time to help us as we walk for a cure. My children, Ashley (12 years old) and Matthew (10 years old), and I all have Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Our team, Full of Hope, is walking to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation which provides critical support services and funds research to find treatments and a cure for Neurofibromatosis (NF).

This is the second year for this event. Last year, the Children’s Tumor Foundation Staten Island Walk was an inspiring moment for me and my family. Though it was cool and the skies were grey with the threat of rain, our spirits were high. Each step renewed our hope that there will, one day, be a cure. Hundreds walking each step a step closer to a cure. Children racing to the finish line filled with pride knowing that they can help find a cure. Children and adults empowered and encouraged; filled with hope.

Last year as I watched my children walk and then at the end proudly display their medals I truly was filled with hope. As a mom of children who have NF, I know that there is uncertainty; tumors and other complications are a fact of life. Even though my children have so far had few complications I worry about their future. We have been lucky. I have seen the heartbreak experienced by the thousands of moms and dad whose children have experienced severe complications.

Every donation, no matter what size aids research and makes critical support services available to the thousands of children and adults affected by Neurofibromatosis. Every donation, every step means parents can find knowledgeable doctors for their children. Before getting the referrals provided by the Children’s Tumor Foundation it was hard finding doctors that knew more than me about NF. I will always remember having to spell and explain Neurofibromatosis to one of my children’s doctors. The Children’s Tumor Foundation means I can sleep a little better at night, knowing my children will always be able to find quality care.

Every dollar and every step brings us closer to a cure.

Thank you for helping and keeping us Full of Hope.

The Seery Family - Melanie, Pat, Ashley & Matthew

Total Donations Collected:$973.00
Goal: $2,000
$0 49% $2,000

The NF Walk is a national program that raises both awareness and critical funds to support the hundreds of thousands of adults, children and families who battle neurofibromatosis (NF) every day. NF causes tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body and can lead to blindness, loss of hearing, learning disabilities, skeletal defects and many other serious complications. Funds raised through the NF Walk program support the Children’s Tumor Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds world-class research into NF therapies to treat and eventually cure NF.

Many employers throughout the United States have programs to match the charitable contributions of their employees. These programs can double and sometimes even triple your Membership or gift. Generally all gifts to the Children’s Tumor Foundation are eligible to be matched depending on your employers specific program. It usually only requires a simple form that should be sent to the Foundation along with your Membership dues or contribution. Check with your human resources or benefits office to find out if your employer will match your generosity. These gifts are extremely beneficial in supporting the work of the Foundation and are simple and convenient. As always, the Foundation is appreciative of your support.

Contributor Amount Comment
Kim Salvino $50.00 "Go Team! "
Deborah Carney $50.00 "Your attitude helps others every day, and you are helping your children grow up strong in spite of difficulties. **hugs** I'm trying to give back a little of what all the people that helped me out with MDA over the years did for me and my boys."
Danelle Brink $75.00 "Sorry we couldn't join you on the walk! "

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