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South Glens Falls Marathon Dance
Dancing With a Purpose

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Total Donations: $18,425

Contributor Amount Comment
Susan Combs $50.00 "In Memory of Russell G. DeSorbe."
paul e raber $50.00 "Good luck. Have fun. "
Gloria & Abby Zarotny $25.00 "Amanda: You go for it girl!!!!!"
Sue Raber $50.00 "Have fun..."
Angeline Morris Hidden "Good Luck! What a great idea for a worthy cause."
Sharon Davidson $20.00 "Hi Brit, good luck, I hope you raise lots of money for such a worthy cause. Love, Aunt Sharon"
Sharon Davidson $20.00 "Tiff, good luck and raise lots of money. It's worth it. Love Aunt Sharon"
stephanie archambo $25.00 "Hope you make it to the dance good luck love aaunt stephie"
stephanie arcambo $25.00 "good luck Tiff hope you make the dance too. love aunt stephie"
Sandra Clear Hidden "Hi Danna. Glad we could help. We think you ROCK! Aunt Sandy"
Lisa Fish $20.00 "Have fun Joe! Im proud of you for helping the causes!! xo Lisa"
Valerie Meyers $20.00 "James says GOOD LUCK!!!!"
Thomas Haupt $100.00 "Good LUCK!"
Thomas Haupt $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Michael Nelson $20.00 "Hey Tiff, You go girl. This is a great thing to do. YOU ROCK. :) Mike"
Michael Nelson $20.00 "Yo Britnie, This is a great thing you are doing. This marathon dance started when I went to SGF. That's a long time ago. Have a great time, and be good. :) Mike "
Michael berman $50.00 "in honor of Thomas Haupt"
Kimberly Smith $50.00 "I am happy that you all have decided to help my nephew Keegan's cause!"
Melissa Dunbar $50.00 "In honor of Keegan Hendrick and the Hendrick Family who go above and beyond not only for their family, but for all families who face the diagnosis of deafness for their child. It is an honor to have them as neighbors and part of our community. "
Tara Buckley $25.00 "Dance cause you love it!!! It's your last one... enjoy cuz!!! Luv you!!!"
Tara Buckley $25.00 "You ROCK cuz! It's your last one... enjoy cuz! Luv you!!!"
Maria Elder $25.00 "Have a great time. "
valerie sherlock $15.00 "hey jack!! sorry i cant donate more, dance your booty off!!!"
Scott & Nicole Buckley $25.00 "Good luck, Nicky & I will be there most of the dance!"
Scott & Nicole Buckley $25.00 "Good luck! Nicky & I will be there for most of the dance. "
Ruth Driscoll $50.00 "Go John!!"
Janette Harden $25.00 "Go Johnny Aiken!!! Uncle Billy, Aunt Janette, Stacey Brian and Allison are cheering for You!!!"
Todd McLean Hidden "Hey Josh, I thought that was great, the pictures your dad sent of the whole dance "mob scene"! I remember a similar event when I went to Fredonia that some of my friends danced in. My friend Greg Bacon is about five foot two, maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet (if he's wearing chain mail)--all ENERGY and no mass, like a hummingbird or a chihuahua! At the end of the dance when everyone else was practically ready to be carried out on stretchers from exhaustion, Greg was still going!"
Robin Loatman $25.00 "Good Luck Megan!"
Carol Bevivino $50.00 "Great to see you giving back to your community! Sounds like a lot of fun. Good Luck!!!!"
velna ducey $10.00 "I wish it could be more but a fantastic thing your doing here, i hope you surpass your goal. great job and love you!! nana "
Christine Izzo $10.00 "Have a great time at the dance, Justin. Hope you raise lots of $$. Love you!!"
Laurie Cameron Hidden "Good Luck Joe Thayer! Love Aunt Laurie, Uncle Ed, Kylie and Issy"
Barbara Marshall $10.00 "Good Luck"
jeffrey corlew $25.00 "Dance hard and Dance often!!!!!"
Andrew Bevivino $100.00 "Justin, Keep up the good work, and have a great time at the dance! Love ya! Grampa"
My Dad $40.00 "I'm proud of you Em.."
my mom $50.00 "Go for it and have fun Em!!!!;)"
Mary Donohue $20.00 "Have fun Matt!!!"
Anne Donald $25.00 "Love you!"
Ann McCarthy $50.00 "I get tears in my eyes whenever I think about the Marathon Dance. Am so proud of you for participating. Wish I could be there. Love you. Grandma"
Lisa Locatelli $10.00 "Have fun Joe!!! I loved the marathon for SO many years, it brings back memories. Make many happy memories Joe!!!!!!!! xoLisa"
John Donohue $25.00 "Have Fun Matt !!!"
Ray & Chris Leonard $25.00 "We KNOW you can dance. You go Girl and have fun!!! Love ya, Nana & Papa"
Sherry and Megan Pronto $10.00 "Good Luck and Have Fun!"
Greg Barrett $50.00 "Dance, Dance, Dance"
Carol M. Davis $25.00 "Dear Amy, Good luck dancing in the marathon. We are rooting for you. love, grandma and Dr. Alex"
Daniel Collins $10.00 "Every little bit helps!"
Nancy Pilate $50.00 "Hi Brittany, Good luck! Love you! ~ Nancy"
Sherian Nolan $100.00 " Saint Gobain would like to sponsor Mathew Blair for the South Glens Falls Marathon Dance ..."
Judy Caimano $25.00 "Good Luck Kelsey!! Have fun!!"
Mary Beth Hansen $50.00 "Hope you reach your goal...Good Luck Collin."
James G Collins $25.00 "Chelsea, I hope the Dance is a huge success. Love, Gomp"
Erin LeFevre $25.00 "Have a great time, Kelsey!!! Love you!!!"
paul e. raber $50.00 "Have a great time. Don't dance your shoes off. "
michael moseman $25.00 "have fun aimee. i know you look forward to this every year! love aunt tammy"
claire sullivan $10.00 "Good Luck, Jeannette! Dance on.....Love, Aunt Claire & Uncle Dan"
Meghan Marinello $25.00 "Good luck, Chelsea! Have fun!"
Monica Whitcher $18.00 "Remember - lots of socks and deodorant! You guys rock!"
Sara Bayliss $25.00 "Good luck Em- and everyone who participates in this dance! (in memory of Sydneys mom)"
Deanna Sivret $25.00 "Have a great time Emily! We will boogie down a little out here for you too!! XOXO The Sivret Clan"
Gisele Freed $25.00 "Have a great time, Alyssa! Such a nice way to bring the community together. All for good causes... Love, Aunt Gigi and Uncle Brian"
Ramona Bearor $100.00 "From a grad of 1967...Proud of "these kids today" and how caring they are!"
Mary Matusiewicz $50.00 "We're proud of you Matt! Love, Mary, Dan, Beth, Tim and Annie"
John, Tina and Nick Niles $25.00 "Good Luck Reaching Your Goal!!"
Judy & Jason Viger $50.00 "Reggie, Good Luck reaching your goal!! We Love You and We are sooo proud of you!! Love, Mom and Dad"
Haylee Williams $5.00 "Good Luck Cousin!"
Christine Gates $100.00 "DJ, We are so proud of you. Good luck at the dance. Drink lots of water and HAVE FUN!!!! Love, Mom, Dad and Andy..."
Suzanne Baxter $50.00 "DJ - Dance your heart out for me! Such a great cause!!! Love you, Aunt Suzy"
Lil Jade Viger $3.49 "Good Luck Big Reg !!"
LORI MILTON Hidden "Go, Kelsey, GO! So proud of you for being an active supporter! <3 ya, girl!!!"
helene verdile $25.00 "Carly, I am so proud of you and all that you do to help our family, as well as, all those less fortunate then you. You are truly a role model. WE LOVE YOU, The Verdile's"
Linda Hladun Hidden "Carly - I am proud to sponsor you for the marathon. I am so happy that the Brave Will Foundation will receive some of the proceeds from the event. Have a great time and keep on dancing!! Linda Hladun"
Diane Smythe Hidden "Nice job Kelsey! ( from your dad's secretary)"
Marcia Desorbe $75.00 "Good Luck Amanda, very proud of you!! Love Mom"
Carol & Biagio Crocco $25.00 "Good Luck from CC & Papa Crocco"
David Grilly $25.00 "Hello. I am Dr. David Lee Grilly and I am the long lost uncle of SGF H.S. student Christian Riddell. Christian called me here in Chicago the other day telling me about his school fundraiser called the South High Marathon Dance where they raise a bunch of money for their community for very worthy causes and this year they have just 25 recipients yet to to go in order to meet their goal. Well, now you only have 24 more people left to contribute. Happy to be a part of the wonderful endeavor, Uncle Dave Dr. David Lee Grilly Multi-Media, Enterprise Systems & Musical Arts http://buglebug.com 773-860-0069 The Grilly Brothers Jazz Americana http://grillybrothers.com 847-962-5999 "
Eugene Young $75.00 "go croc"
Madeline Connolly $25.00 "Good luck Carly! "
Isabella Diel $10.00 "Good luck Sissy! We hope you do very good!"
Gary Scrime Hidden "Kelsey Congratulations to you and all of the participants "
Joseph Billow $50.00 "Good luck with your fundraising. Enjoy the Dance."
Betsy Lombard $30.00 "Good Luck Katie - Love Betsy & Dean"
Eden Whitaker-Greenwood $100.00 "You're finally old enough to participate! Now its time to give back - Have fun and good luck!"
Paul and Gail Raber $50.00 "Have a great time. Enjoy"
John W. Vice $50.00 "Dance Dance Dance"
velna ducey $10.00 "good luck Justin!!! Hope you reach your goal and good luck to the school also!!!!!!!!!!"
Lara Beck $50.00 "Good luck, Molly! Hugs from Texas - we miss you down here!!! :-) Jeremy, Lara and Madelyn Beck"
Ann McCarthy $50.00 "The marathon is so great! I'll be thinking of you! Love you! Grandma"
Anonymous Hidden "I don't have much, but I guess every bit helps!"
Kelly Strong Hidden "Dance the night away!!"
Sarah Wentworth $25.00 "Have fun dancing the night away! :)"
Dom and Gayle Manero $100.00 "Good Luck DJ. Love Gamby and Poppy"
Carol Bevivino $50.00 "Have fun!! Uncle Tom and Aunt Carol"
Robert Williamson $100.00 "Keep on dancing, Jake!!!"
June & Dave Schmidt $50.00 "We think this fund raising that you students are doing is really commendable and is an example to people of all ages. Thank you all and also the adults who are giving so much of their time for others. We are very proud of you. "
Lynn and Phil Martinson Hidden "Hope you have a successful event. Will think of you dancing all night!"
Joel & Lauren VanDixhorn $100.00 "We expect a webcam shout out Luke. "
joseph vitale jr $50.00 "Only good can come from giving back to one's community, good luck and hang in there."
Nancy Wildes $20.00 "Go John...dance the night away !"
Steve & Kathleen Washburn $50.00 "Josh McLean you're awesome! Good luck to you and all of your classmates! We hope you meet your goal. How blessed the community is to have great kids like you making a difference! We'll be thinking of you! Dance on! "
Robert Williamson Sr $25.00 "Have Fun "
David & Linda Harrington $50.00 "Luke has danced fish onto the hooks, this should be a piece of cake."
sue and brian Carpenter $25.00 "Dance your heart out, Janna!"
MIKE LAROCHE $50.00 "Good luck Darren. Have a good time with a great cause."
Matt Laroche $50.00 "I hope you dance better than me! "
Kent and Debbie Ogden $25.00 "Hugs from all of us! We are so proud of you...good luck and dance your heart out."
Janette Harden $50.00 "Dance all night Johnny Aiken!! Love you! Stacey, Allison, Brian, Aunt Janette & Uncle Billy, "
Alison Moore $25.00 "Dance your butt off!!!!!!"
Laura Becker $50.00 "Have fun Janna!"
Linda Shea $25.00 "Have a great time Janna!"
Jean Jaroslawski $25.00 "Go John. Drink Mountain Dew to stay awake!"
Kent and Debbie Ogden $25.00 "Have a blast and dance your head off! Good luck to you and your school."
Susan Brunner $25.00 "Jana - Good luck dancing for a great cause!!"
Marina Wilson $40.00 "Hey, John - Luke says to bust out your moves and have a blast! Mrs. Wilson"
claire sullivan $20.00 "Have fun dancing your heart out, Jeannette! It's a great cause, and I am so glad you are part of it. Enjoy! Love, Aunt Claire"
John Rourke $50.00 "Jake, It sure is a great cause. Just so you'll know-my spies will let me know if you're dancing! :) Uncle John"
Deborah Sisum $50.00 "You go, girl!"
Tammy Hladun $30.00 "So proud of you Carly! The boys can't wait to dance with you Friday night."
Sandy Jarrosiak $25.00 "Good luck, hope you make your goal."
Judy Caimano $25.00 "Way to go Kelsey!! Have fun!!"
mark cozzens $50.00 "Dance Josh Colvin Dance, Goodluck from, Mark, Mom,Zack,Jen,Alexis,Nicole"
mark cozzens $50.00 "Dance Kyle Colvin Dance, Goodluck from Mark,Mom,Zack,Jen,Alexis,Nicole"
Karen Colvin $100.00 "We Are All So Proud Of You !!!!!!! DANCE....DANCE...DANCE... Love Mom, Mark, Zack, Jen, Niki, & Alexis"
Amjad Hammad $100.00 "Thanks for reminding me! :)"
Carol Kasold $10.00 "Good Luck"
Carol Kasold $10.00 "Good Luck"
Andrew Bevivino $100.00 "Can't wait to see you on "Dancing With The Stars"! Great job, Justin! Love ya! Grampa"
Kristina Howard $25.00 "GO ANGELA!! :)"
Josiah Wentworth $25.00 "Here's the dough. Don't get sick or nothin'."
Joe Dudley $25.00 "Angela, make sure all this money goes to your charity...your Dad does not get a commission or finders fee...Have a great time"
Bethany Wentworth $50.00 "Have sooooo much fun!!! and don't tell Bill I spent this much ;) hahaha"
Randolph Williamson $25.00 "Dont Stop! Make it pop! DJ Blow my Speakers up! Tonight, Imma fight Til we see the sunlight Tick Tock on the clock but the party don't stop, no o o o oh!! Have fun and dance your self silly!!"
Darcy Englert Shaw $25.00 "Go get 'em Carly! "
Anonymous $100.00 "In honor of Patrick Kelly....thinking and praying for you and your family. "
Anonymous $300.00 "Taylor, Thanks for being a part of such a great event! Have fun! Your Future Father-in-Law :) "
Melissa Parks $25.00 "Good luck! Love, Melissa, Simon, Virginia & Ruby"
Rosemary Mauriello $10.00 "Cate, have a great time, dance your heart out, and be proud of yourself for doing such a wonderful thing. love you Aunt Roe"
Rolly Merrill $25.00 "Enjoy the experience and be proud of your efforts this weekend!"
Deborah Massa $25.00 "Good Luck Janna! Happy Dancing!"
tabitha palmer $50.00 ""if you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another" Such a great event!! "
Lori Higley $25.00 "Have fun Luke!"
Tara Threw $25.00 "Have fun !! I hope u reach ur goal!"
Edward Fitzgerald $100.00 "We are very proud that you are involved in such a GREAT event! Have fun. Love, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Den, Noah & Zachary "
Elisabeth McDonald $25.00 "Hi ReneƩ, Thanks for inviting me to donate. Dance your heart out! Love, Grandma Liz"
margaret stadnicky $25.00 "Go Janna! Dance......."
Beth Parks $25.00 "Boogie, boogie, woogie till you just can't boogie no mo! Beth and Pete"
Joyce Gearty $10.00 "Go Janna!"
Dusty,Versace,Serena Gearty $10.00 "We are all dancing w/ you"
Ann Valastro $25.00 "Good luck, Sammy, and have a blast!!! :)"
Andrew McGuire $25.00 "Hi Renee! Good luck, keep moving. I did several dance marathons in college... so much fun and great causes. Love, Andy, Dee, Maggie and Abby"
Anne Zilch $25.00 "Go Kelsey! Have fun! This is such a cool event. It's great evidence of the awesome community spirit your school and town have."
Meghan Hardwick Hidden "You already met your goal, but I still wanted to help. Have fun this weekend!!!"
Lisa Shields $20.00 "Way to go, Sammi...great effort! Have fun!"
Erin LeFevre $25.00 "Congratulations on exceeding your goal, Kelsey! I love you and I'm so proud of you! Have a great time at the marathon dance ~ dance till you drop :-)"
Jaime L Foust $50.00 "Dance like no one is watching! Have a great & successful week-end! love - J'aime"
Sheila D'Avignon $100.00 "Keep up the GREAT work! Live, Love, Dance!! "
Donna and David Kreckman $50.00 "Good Luck DJ!!!! Drink lots of water!! We love you! Aunt Dee and Uncle Dave"
Lee Van Dixhorn $25.00 "Go Luke! Have fun--bet your feet are going to hurt."
Gary Pullen $25.00 "Way to go Chandler!!!"
Tammy Boire $100.00 "Great Kids making wonderful things happen to their community, GO SGF Dancers A Shout Out to another AWESOME kid Nick Heald LOVE YOU Aunt Tammy "
Wendy and Michael Harpp $25.00 "Kaylah- I forgot to give this to you while we were in Orange Lake! So proud of you and all the kids in SGF! Have a great time!! Love Wendy and Michael"
Anonymous $50.00 "So proud to see the students come together each year for such wonderful causes. I am very proud to live in this community. Go Bulldogs!!!"
Tom and Lauren Varney $100.00 "What a fantastic fundraiser. Keep up the good work."
Fawn & Vince Persuitti/Crowley $100.00 "Watching from Ft. Pierce Fla. It was cool to see our granson Dylan Harley 5th grader from Harrison Ave. as a presenter, KEEP-ON DANCIN'"
Atkins Family, CT $25.00 "Go, Jackie and Mister, how cool we can see this online! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE, BIG 1-8!! WE LOOOOVE YOU!!!!! "
Will and Arlene Ordway $50.00 "Bakers Mills, NY wishes all the SHMD the best of luck!"
Marguerite Williamson $25.00 "Way to Go Johnny and Monica Tarantino! You rock! Love, Aunt Marguerite"
Phyllis Monthony $25.00 "It is an honor and a privilege to give this small donation in honor of my daughter Sheila D'Avignon, a past recipient of your generosity. Although she continues her battle with cancer courageously and her life demonstrates the love, giving and support the SHMD is made of! To each of you I pray for your passion for others to continue in you life --- it is what life is all about! Phyllis & Steve Monthony"
Shirley Banker $25.00 "In memory of Harry Betar, Jr., Marion Betar, and Shirley Napolitano"
Frances Daly Daly $25.00 "Good Luck to All the boys and girs participating in this dance. I am so proud of the whole school."
Charlene "Bunny" Pugliese $50.00 "This is in Memory of Rachel O'Leary. I didn't know you, but I do know your Aunt Gigi. You were a beautiful young lady who sounds like you were an inspiration to so many people. May you Rest In Peace. "
Charlene "Bunny" Pugliese $50.00 "In Honor of my Best Friend Theresa Gauci who just recently battled breast cancer. You are an inspiration to me. I admire your strenght you showed during this tough time and I am so glad that you are now cancer free. I love you."
Matt and Noel Monahan $15.00 "Go Bulldogs!"
Cara Di Caprio Hidden "Good Luck South High! "
Scott Durkin $50.00 "In memory of Thomas Durkin, Sr."
Rosemary T Kennedy $50.00 "Have fun for a great cause! Dance all night Monica and Johnny!"
Cody McLaughlin $15.00 "You got this!! Love you Ali : )"
LISA TODD $25.00 "Hope you had a great time dancing and raising money. You made the Times Union website!"
Janet Daly $50.00 "Kevin, Congratulations to you and all of your friends for making a difference to so many wonderful people. Love, Uncle Jim and Aunt Janet"
Robert McGuire $25.00 "Renee, I hope you had a good time and it is certainly for a good cause. Love, Uncle Robert, Aunt Monica, Sean, Sarah, and Ryan"
Volkert Whiting $25.00 "Amber, Have a good time & enjoy yourself. We Love you, Grandpa & Nana Jill"
April Foster $25.00 "Dance your little heart out Val! Love Nick, April & Caitlin"
Eric Whiting $20.00 "Enjoy!!!"
Kelly Noll $100.00 "Good Luck, Taylor!"
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