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San Diego Renewable Energy Society
Help us increase the intelligent use of renewable energy in San Diego
Welcome to San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES) - chapter of American Solar Energy Society (ASES).

If we had a choice we would not generate electricity and power automobiles using materials that are in limited supply and one day will be exhausted, and which cause environmental pollution. We do have a choice: there are several RENEWABLE sources of energy like sun and wind that are never depleted and do not harm our environment.

While fossil energy costs are rising and becoming increasingly volatile, renewable energy costs are decreasing. Our mission is to promote commercialization of renewable energy in order to facilitate its use in your homes and commercial buildings.

San Diego Renewable Energy Society, Inc., a nonprofit membership organization, is the San Diego County regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society. The organization is dedicated to increasing the intelligent use of renewable and sustainable energy technologies in San Diego County.

* Educate the public about the near and long-term applications and benefits of renewable energy, conservation and energy efficiency.
* Provide expertise for public and government institutions regarding sustainable, renewable and non-polluting energy resources and projects
* Develop networking opportunities for solar educators, researchers, advocates and business people
* Support legislative initiatives for alternative energy technologies

Active SDRES members will be encouraged and supported to develop and create new technology and applications for alternate energy. If you can manage to raise ONLY $500 for SDRES before the San Diego Resolution Run - January 9th, 2011 - You will get A LOT of appreciation AND a free pair of shoes from Road Runner Sports.

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Total Donations: $86

Goal: $20,000

$0 0% $20,000

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