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The Southern Arizona Roadrunners has one simple mission in Tucson and Southern Arizona: to promote a healthy community through running and walking.

In 2013 we introduced a new initiative: FitKidz! The program started with the FitKidz Running Series and in 2017 we added the new FitKidz Running Club!

Targeting children not yet in middle school, the racing series and clubs are both completely free to participants, making it accessible to everyone in our community. It is designed to promote running, and more importantly, the love of running as part of a healthy lifestyle. We are excited to share this opportunity with you and invite you to consider joining us in this mission.

So far over 3,200 kids have crossed a FitKidz race finish line. The FitKidz Racing Series has been better than we could have imagined, with so many smiling, determined kids! Each child is given a free FitKidz racing shirt, a finisher ribbon, and an official time just like any official SAR event. We also provided trophies for top finishers, snacks, drinks, and entertainment as part of the full running experience.

FitKidz is 100% volunteer organized. The 2016 series cost around $7,000 to put on and we would be honored to have your support as we continue to grow the program!

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