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The 2011 Ride for Semper Fi
In Honor Of Our Heroes

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Welcome to the 2011 "Ride for Semper Fi" event page. The "Ride for Semper Fi" is a charity bicycle ride that will take place on October 12th through October the 15th. As a team we will ride from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California where we will present the donations from this event. The objective of our ride is to raise funds and awareness for the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund. The "IMSFF" has been successful in granting more than 43 million dollars to Marines and Sailors injured in combat, training, or with life threatening illnesses. When you pledge your gift you will be giving directly to those Marines who have made the ultimate commitment and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life and our freedom.

Thank you in advance for your gift.

John C. Greenway
Chairman of the "Ride For Semper Fi"
Website: www.therideforsemperfi.com

*The Ride for Semper Fi is promotoed and in partnership with The Free Wheel Foundation which is a non profit 501C3 organization.

Contributor Amount Comment
Bonnie O'Shell $25.00 "God Bless Our Troops!"
Molly Thomas $25.00 "Thank you for this brave act and for supporting our true heroes! We're all behind you on your journey!"
Mary Sim Curry $100.00 "Good Luck Mary!!"
Kelly Minahan $50.00 "Thanks for doing this Mary!"
Jill Moore $200.00 "WOW, Bike ON!!!!!!"
Meggin Hollister $50.00 "Go Linda! What a worthy cause!!"
Edward Edward $100.00 "Babe, The family is rooting for you..."
Lisa Evans $100.00 "In memory of Major Megan McClung, BE BOLD."
JoAnn Simpson $20.00 "My grandson was a Marine (two tours) and is now home safe and sound of mind and body - I'm thankful to God for this and I'm thankful to you for your efforts to help our wounded - bike on!"
Danny Webb $100.00 "God Bless the USMC and the dedication to their Brothers!"
Judith Brodie $30.00 "John, what a great thing you are doing! Hope you, Janelle and the girls are well. We miss you guys! -the Brodies"
Dan and Annie Dimicco $50.00 "Have Fun and Good Luck John - Dan, Annie, Abby and Alex"
Joe Ruiz $50.00 "Hope you reach that goal! Semper Fi!!!!!"
Jackie and Greg Phillips $100.00 "You GO girlfriend....so proud of you!!!"
Kevin Hanson $100.00 "“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” – Phil 4:19 May God continue to use you, as you help others! "
Bryan Danhires Hidden "Go get em."
Dennis Tucker $200.00 "Good Luck Phil!"
Anonymous $20.00 "God bless you, Kevin, and all our Marines and servicemen and women. Godspeed on the ride, Semper Fi!!"
Bryce Thornton $20.00 "Got your back, Kevin... now go ride! "
Mary Danhires $25.00 "Donation made by Mike Ratway, Thank you "
Mary Danhires $20.00 "Donation made by Lois Danhires, Thank you so much!"
Edwin Hofma $75.00 "Go Linda go! Your Dutch Marine is supporting this worthy cause."
Dean Lucente $500.00 "Best of luck to you."
Becky Foy $50.00 "John, we wish you the best as you ride that crazy long distance to support such a good cause. Post pictures. The Foys"
DiStefano Family $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Mary, and thanks for logging the miles to honor and assist our service members!"
Sara and Mike Swart $40.00 "Ride Bubba, Ride!"
Paul Vicha $100.00 "Go Dylan!"
Sarah Dunning $25.00 "Daddy I'm so proud of you and wish you and the other rides good weather during the ride xo Sarah"
Sam Tallerico Hidden "Great cause - keep up the good work and have fun (Tina & Tricia's dad)"
Rikki Hatfield $100.00 "Jason, As a wife of a US Marine, I appreciate all of your support! Aaron and I are happy to support you and pray for your safe ride! Rikki"
Darin Fila $200.00 "Thanks for supporting our troops! "
Mary Tucker Dobis $50.00 "Hey Linda- Good for you! What a great cause- hope your ride goes well. From, Mary and Ron Dobis"
Denise Milby $200.00 "Thank you Carlyle for riding for our Heros. Thank you to all who have served."
Jennifer Taul $100.00 "You are truly inspiring. I wish you the best of luck & will be in San Diego to cheer you on when you arrive! "
DeeDee Wheeler $430.00 "One dollar to support each mile my husband rides for such a GREAT cause! Love You!"
Jim Corder $25.00 "Good luck on your ride!"
Sharon Murawski $50.00 "Hey, Carlyle I was trying to be the first one to sponser you from your group of givers. Thanks for being willing to do this ride for such a wonderful cause!"
Sharon Murawski $50.00 "Gee, I thought I would probably be the first one to donate! Thanks for being willing to do this ride for such a great cause."
Spence Lovett $100.00 "Thanks for your service and sacrifice for our freedom and also your dedication for helping the wounded. Dublin Multi Sports"
Miguel Jimenez $100.00 "As a former Marine, I Thank You for your time and commitment in helping these men and women get back on their feet, you are a true inspiration! Semper Fi..."
Ken Neigbors $50.00 "Good luck Kevin"
mary patterson $100.00 "God bless you Joshua and keep your legs strong!"
John Burch $100.00 "Thank You Kevin!"
Joe & Laura Robinson $100.00 "We are counting on you Sarah to beat Andy's time from last year!! Thank you for your involvement with such a great cause. J & L"
Karen Rozeck $50.00 "Mary, Wishing you wellness always, And admiration for your energy and Amition. Love Always, Karen Rozeck"
Tyler Christian $100.00 "Way to go, Mom! I'm so proud of you! "
Coal Creek Conlusting Petersen Hidden "Mike. We at Coal Creek Consulting strongly support your cause. Thank you for doing this!! Jeff Petersen Randy Downing"
Brian Nelson Family $50.00 "Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~Albert Einstein ...nice to see you staying in balance! Best wishes for your good cause and a memorable time. "
Angela Knutson $25.00 "Good Luck!!!!"
Dorothy Lakovich $100.00 "Good luck, Linda. What a worthy cause. Aunt Dot"
Bambi Finney $100.00 "I am so PROUD of you. It will be a challenge but you will do great."
Phil Hickerson $100.00 "Sand Diego or bust make sure you wear an extra pair of chonies as you are going to need them after the first 200 miles!!!"
Mike OShea $50.00 "Linda, good luck on your ride --this Air Force guy is behind you and your cause."
Jeff Montano $500.00 "Go Michael go, We at TowerCom support you and your cause, thank you."
Jody Estes Hidden "Michael, Reliant supports your cause. Good luck & watch out for those cars."
Tina Tallerico $50.00 "J - good luck! And thank you for what you are doing to support the men and women of this counrty who have sacrificed so much. My grandpa is a WWII and Korean Marine, so on his behalf I thank you. "
Dean Van Matre $100.00 "Great Cause & and all the best in your fund raising and training for the event "
Jami Taylor $100.00 "You Rock!!!"
Kenneth Camp $750.00 "We at KDC support your cause and thank you for taking on the ride... Our injured Marines and their families need our support and admiration for their service"
stephen hetherington $300.00 "Have a safe and fun ride!!"
Scott Paulsel $200.00 "Good luck Amber! Drop the hammer on Don."
Chris Wener Hidden "Wonderful cause that Spectrum is pleased to support. Good luck!"
Matthew Ford Hidden "Good luck with your training & your ride, Michael. The team at Ambit Consulting is proud to support such a wonderful cause. "
Gator ONeal $20.00 "Good Luck Kevin! - Gator"
Maria Hronopoulos $25.00 "Go Michael! Love, Naomi, Bobby, and Zoe! We love you!"
Janis Petronio $50.00 "Thank you for training and participating in this event. What an amazing experience you will have and all for a great cause! We are proud of you!"
Angie Frollo $10.00 "Good Luck!!! "
Courtney Hegarty $100.00 "This is a great cause. Thank you! Good Luck, Have Fun, and Be Safe!"
Becky Denby $40.00 "Good luck, Jason! :)"
Jamie Marshall $20.00 "Good Luck Mike!"
Jessica Fedor $50.00 "Good luck Steph!"
Quade & Sophie Wheeler $100.00 "GO DADDY GO! WE LOVE YOU! Love, Quade & Sophie"
Paul Aguirre $200.00 "Contribution on behalf of my brother Corporal Beckett Aguirre who served in Desert Storm. Lucky for him and our family, he had no injuries. This is a great (and very cool) thing you are doing Jason! Good luck!!!"
Frank Miller $25.00 "You the MAN!! "
Gabriel Saia $200.00 "400 + miles in 4 days! That's a heroic effort in itself. "
Matt Adcock $25.00 "Go Get 'em Phil!!!"
William Bente $200.00 "Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!!"
Karen Thornley $50.00 "Great cause! Bicycling 430 miles in less than a week??? Makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it! :) Good Luck Michael! "
Byron Dixon $100.00 "Great Cause - Ride Hard!"
Ron Parsons $50.00 "Good luck on your journey Mike and safe travels. "
Jacqueline Larsen $100.00 "This is terriffic!"
Jeannie & George Bencho $100.00
RICHARD JAYROE $50.00 "John, what a wonderful cause and good on ya! S/F, Rick"
Vivian Alvarez $25.00 "Jason. As a mother of a Marine, I'd like to thank you for participating in such a worthy cause. Best of luck on meeting your goal and on your ride! - Vivian"
Bryan Kramer $100.00 "Proud to be a member of team Wheeler! Anything else I can do just let me know."
Michelle Young Hidden "YDC supports you!"
Roland Gonzalez Hidden "Good luck and have fun Jason!!"
Mark Sech $50.00 "You better finish the race!!!! Good Luck!!"
Josh Aylesworth $100.00 "Every great journey begins with one step."
Brian Bidelspach $200.00 "Gary we very much appreciate the efforts of you and your fellow riders. I hope to be waiting at the finish line!!!!"
Janis Rahman Hidden "Just another Vikings Van wishing you good luck!"
Patrick Vance $150.00 "You kept on insisting that I meet your parents….There going to LOVE my appearance!!!"
Cormac O'Hanlon $200.00 "Thank you Sarah for you great efforts. "
stu segall $1,000.00 "Sarah kick his butt!!"
Tyler Griffith $100.00 "Proud to support this ride. Semper Fi."
Stewart Campbell $100.00 "Semper Fi!"
Christy Wood $100.00 "Good Luck on your ride this year! This is such a great cause, I'm glad you're riding again"
Robert Lewis $500.00 "Don, I just read how you gave this great man a free bike. You really are a credit to the Scottsdale and cycling community. Business leaders like YOU make a difference. Thanks for your work. "
Larry Rogers $25.00 "Thank you for all that you do!"
Eric Kapitulik $100.00 "Attack!"
Carla Rodschat Hidden "Greg, hope you and the team have a very pleasant ride for this fun raiser that helps some very worthy recipients. "
Kevin DeWitte Hidden "You and your buddies are doing a great thing, I'm very proud of you dude"
charles padilla $100.00 "GREAT JOB, SARAH...SEMPER GET SOME!!!"
Cindie and Donn Friedman $50.00 "Good luck, Jeff and Angel, on your ride!"
Rachael Barclay-White $500.00 "Good Luck Jeff! Rachael & Jason Barclay-White"
Bryan & Debbi Maass $50.00 "Go, Sarah! :)"
Cindy Thompson $25.00 "Thanks so much for your support of our troops! I know you'll do well and have a great time helping out a wonderful cause!"
Patrick Vance $150.00 "You are a true inspiration to those who are lucky enough to know you!!! Remember to bring some leather to bite down on for days 3 and 4!!! Semper Fi!!!! "
Loretta Thomas Hidden "Wonderful cause, Greg! Thank You for sweating it out for the Marines! Good Luck!"
Sandra Tapper $100.00 "Greg: Thank you for again allowing me to be a part of this wonderful adventure. This ride is for such a great cause. I am proud of you for continuing to be a big part of this and proud to call you friend. May God bless you and all the other riders and keep you safe. Sandra Tapper"
Janice Brooksby $300.00 "Good luck Jeff!"
Greg Calhoun $100.00 "Heppy to support a great effort Dylan. Good for you. I have sent this to a few other friends too, hopefully they will support you also."
John Demetropoulos $200.00 "Be well. Stay safe. I am honored to help! "
Jeff Hollahan $50.00 "On behalf of Mike and Elise Stehling in Memory of Devon's 24th birthday..."
Laury-Mike-Bella Post $150.00 "So proud of you Sarah for taking Andy's place in the Semper Fi Ride. We know you will do great! "
Mindy Greene $75.00 "Good luck, Debbie! I know you'll have a great race, and I think it's great that you are supporting such a worthwhile cause. Go get em! Mindy"
Ralph Crisp $100.00 ""The real glory is being knocked to your knees and getting back up...." Vince Lombardi "
Roger & Suzanne Radcliff $500.00 "We are very proud to be associated with The Ride For Semper Fi!"
Nicole Miller $20.00 "You the MAN!!"
Evan Miller $20.00 "Ride hard - great cause!!"
Bretta Kelly $100.00 "Very proud of your dedication for such a wonderful cause!!"
Michelle Keck $50.00 "On behalf of my brother, cousin, and all of our brave troops overseas thank you for supporting this cause. Good luck!! Have a safe ride! "
Robert Brooks $200.00 "Good luck Mike! We admire the hard work you've put in to support this cause. Thank you! Brett and Kristin"
kevin roberg $100.00 "Hardcore determination photo. Thanks for taking up this challenge and donating your abilities!"
Carrie Batson $250.00 "Go Sarah! You are awesome. From Steve Fiscus too. "
Julie E. Meenan $100.00 ""Such a worthy cause" Julie Ewart Meenan"
Della Zwick $100.00 "Great cause-we are glad to support you!"
Tom Campbell FRA # 54 $1,200.00 "During the ride, listen carefully - You'll hear us cheering you on Sarah!"
Danielle LeMasters $50.00 "So great of you Sarah! Kick some butt!"
Ann Crawford $50.00 "This is really inspirational! Good luck on your ride. - Ann"
Charlie Bloomer $100.00 "Sarah, no matter how far or how fast you go, you're already a success story!"
MaLinda Wynn $43.71 "Good Luck John! We are proud to support you and your efforts! "
Richard A Prather $100.00 "My savings for a worthy cause. Thank you. Buddy Do not tell my parents...... "
Karen Stamper $50.00 "We are friends of Richard Prather's and parents of a former Marine. Best wishes to you, and God bless you for your efforts."
William and Betty Ottoson $20.00 "Go Remington!! Thanks Marines! Uncle Bill and Aunt BJ"
Scott & Kelli Walters $50.00 "Best of Luck!!"
Lynn Giunta $20.00 "We're rootin' for you even if we haven't met you Rem--you can ask your dad who I am. enjoy the ride :)"
Rawcliffe Melinda $50.00 ""Live and love with passion!" I love you David, what your are doing is wonderful! Once a Marine, always a Marine! Semper Fi my love."
Ian Latour $10.00 "Good Luck"
Nick & Lori Baldwin $50.00 "Lori's Dad was a hero of WW II having survived the sinking of two of her Magesty's carriers; my Dad was in the Army res. prior to WWII, and did physical exams for over 12,000 enlistees; I served as a Corpsman on the USS Consetllation CVA-64, during early days of Vietnam; and our son is a Navy Chief aboard the USS Nimitz CVN-68; so we really appreciate all you have done and are now doing to support our returning Serviceman and women."
Lisa Ramlow $20.00 "Good luck, Rem! Always proud or young people doing wonderful things! Way to go! "
Tom & Laura Arnez & Family $100.00 "Way to go Greg!!!!! May God bless you and the team with a safe ride, for a great cause!"
Rob Forrister $50.00 "Great cause! "
Matthew Perini $100.00 "Have fun and ride fast, Rem!"
Tim Dugaw Hidden "Go get 'em dude."
Rick Shaw $200.00 "Semper Fi Michael....and Thank You."
Brian & Rebecca Clayton $100.00 "Way to go Greg. We support the arm forces."
Sandra Galati $50.00 "Our best to all of you on your journey! Sandy and Steve"
Randall & Marianne McDaniel $200.00 "Godd luck, Dylan!"
Cindy Quirarte $100.00 "Good Luck Jeff! "
Richard Carbo $25.00 "Go get 'em, Jim. Sweat a lot. :) Rich"
Vince Grell Hidden "Great cause, Jon. Go get 'em!!"
Peter Tapscott $50.00 "Go Dylan! Wear a Varian jersey one day, OK?"
Nancy Cottle $50.00 "Ride Rem Ride! Semper Fi!!"
Preeti Kulkarni Hidden "Good luck JT!!"
SHarlah Reynolds $50.00 "Way to go Dan! "
Thomas, Judy Metts $300.00 "Good luck from your VERY PROUD neighbors!!!"
Micheal McNamara Hidden "From McNamara's. Good luck on your journey."
Carol Danhires $50.00 "Good luck Mary, I'll be praying for you."
Richard & Nancy Wesley $100.00 "As members of both Boeing and Troop 10. we are very proud to know, and to support Rem in his Ride for SemperFi!!"
Neha Saxena Hidden "Good luck JT!"
Stefanie Bermel $50.00 "Jeff- What an inspiration! Good luck on the ride. We will be thinking of you. Stefanie & Chris "
Jean Mircsev $100.00 "Good luck!"
Sandra Gilmore Hidden "Semper Fi"
dave kahn $100.00 "Stephanie's Grandfather was a Marine - Semper Fi"
Craig Eisler $25.00 "God bless our troops"
Alex and Dan Leis $200.00 "Good luck and keep it up!!"
Trisha Mandel $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Johnny Walters $250.00 "We're proud of you bro!!! Keep up the good work. Johnny, Rachel, Nate, Zach and Josh"
Johnny Walters $50.00 "...And Gracie!!!"
James Buchanan $100.00 "It is so nice to see old people so active. It is pathetic that Toad donated more."
Chandler Fire Department CFD $43.00 "CFD supporting Mike & Frank at $0.10 a mile - great cause."
Jim & Cheri Schack $50.00 "Awesome Jeff!!! May the wind be at your back. God bless all you guys & safe travels. "
Stacey Acosta $50.00 "You go girl!!"
Chris Dittmore $50.00 "Good luck with the ride!"
Michelle Ksidakis $100.00 "Go Gleg!"
Sherry Catlett $200.00 "You GO!!! So proud of you doing this again for such a great cause....."
Todd Renneckar $250.00 "Good Luck!"
Ed & Janet Lynch $100.00 "Good luck Sarah! We know you can do it!"
Robert Burghart $251.00 "Wanted to be your top donor so you got the extra dollar :) "
Chris Zich $252.00 "I had to go $1 more than Robert in hopes he will want to re up!"
Kim Erwin $100.00 "This is awesome, Dave!! Have a great ride!!"
Robert Burghart $2.00 "Darn you Chris Zich! Darn You! "
Fred Pushies $50.00 "oorah Sarah!"
Alejandra Roslyakova $100.00 "Go Joe!"
John Greenway $100.00 "This donation is in honor of all those friends who are depployed and continue to sacrifice for the freedoms and liberties of others....Semper Fi"
Tim Godel $50.00 "Ride like the wind!!!"
Ken Frandsen $1,250.00 "The physicians and staff at Tri-City Cardiology wish you and all the participants the best of luck on this long distance ride to support our troops. You are all truly inspirational. We want to thank those that serve our country and wish for their safety wherever they may be serving. "
Joshua Wright $200.00 "Go get 'em, Jon."
Lila & Bill Jolly $100.00 "Good for you, Joe"
Michael Campbell $100.00 "Good Luck Michael, It's all up hill!"
Melinda Rawcliffe $50.00 "Keep going baby! Your are doing great! Can't wait to see you ride your heart out!"
Tom Ferris $25.00 "Well Done Wargo! Watch out for Snakes along the way!"
Marcus Stevenson $25.00 "As a veteran, I appreciate what you are doing with this ride!"
John Chesbro $41.37 "Sounds easy enough."
Venessa Dietchman $25.00 "You're a good man Michael Wargo. Keep spinning those wheels!"
Tim Janssen $300.00 "You're getting close to $12k. Atta boy Steve!"
Troy Evans $300.00 "John, Thank you for putting together the dedicated riders for this special charity. You as well as our soilders are a blessing to all of us. Troy"
Elise Davis $100.00 "John, I am honored to be able to help your cause. Good luck! Elise"
Mark Creek $100.00 "Great job Jim honoring our finest. Thanks! Mark"
Liz Merritt $50.00 "Go get 'em, Gina! "
Dave & Judy Roedel $100.00 "Dear Sarah, Very proud of you and good luck!!!!!!"
Jerome Liner $50.00 "https://blueimp.net"
STANLEY FOSHA $300.00 "Hey Josh, It's so inspiring to see you in spandex. I've committed myself to never buying any after this!"
Devin and Christi Smiley $100.00 "Still trying to figure out a way to do it..."
Mont & Karen Wickham $43.00 "Mike & Frank - best of luck fundraising for a great cause - Semper Fi. From Team Chicago."
Tracy & Aaron Painter $50.00 "Happy to support our troops! "
Jessica Van Liew $10.00 "Good Luck!!! :)"
Robert Archuleta $50.00 "Gina, thank you for your dedication to such a great cause."
David Genovese $150.00 "Good luck, Guys! Wish I could join you this year."
David Genovese $50.00 "Good luck, Mike. Wish I was able to join."
Scott Creek Hidden "Thank you Jim for your effort on this. This is a GREAT cause. HOO HAH"
Shelly Valkinburg $25.00 "Go Phil!!"
Dorothy Dare $25.00 "David, Safe journey for you and your team, and thank you for your efforts from a fellow cyclist and Semper Fi girl. Dorothy Dare"
STEVEN POMEROY $100.00 "Oops! better late ...It's an honor to participate in a small way (and let someone else do the sweating) for this wonderful and important cause. "
Lou and & Bernice Weiss $500.00 "Good Luck Brett, we are very proud of you. Your family is very lucky"
Chase Ervin $100.00 "Go Papa!!!"
Max Nielsen $100.00 "I will be there to meet you, Papa!!"
Molly Nielsen $100.00 "Good job, Papa!!"
Devon/Patrick McGuirk $100.00 "Way to go Dad!!!"
Annie/Jameson McGuirk $50.00 "Good luck!"
Jane Weaver $50.00 "Pedal hard in my memory because I never gave up. Zack, from the Rainbow Bridge"
Lonna Brazeel $100.00 "Good luck David. Hope you reach your goal."
William Iverson $100.00 "If my niece Lonna Brazeel thinks he is OK. I'm certain that he is...."
Vicki Ku $62.29 "Zippy! You are my inspiration. I love you. Lylas, Buttercup"
Brian Ku $14.33 "Linda- You go girl! "
Shannon Metera $100.00 "Keep up the Good Work Brett!! Bill and Shannon"
G-Ma G-Ma $25.00 "I'm proud of you, Jim."
Harry McFate $25.00 "Good luck. Have a great ride! Harry and Peggy McFate "
Dan Collins $43.00 "Great cause Mike and Frank - good luck from Brighton MICH"
Jane Schulte $100.00 "Good luck, David!"
Joe Middendorf $100.00 "Good luck David, Chris and I will just be returning from Spain then so we won't be able to see you guy's. Wear sunblock !!"
pop&maimie highfield $100.00 "semper fi - go army"
Joseph Otero $200.00 "Go son-great cause. You rock!"
Carrie Ferran $100.00 "Awesome Challenge! Best of Luck to you Mary! Carrie & Carlos "
Jim Coronado Hidden "Wishing you the Best of Luck on this great cause! Jim Coronado"
Shannon Metera $200.00 "Way to go guys! We are very proud to support you in this great cause!! Shannon & Bill"
Shane Allen Hidden "Go Carlyle!!"
John McCarty $200.00 "Best of luck with the Ride. Thanks for your continued work. Hope Kaye & I can make it to cheer you on this year. Semper Fi, Cap'n Jack"
Andrew Kavlich $50.00 "Star-spangled spandex! – Ride on!!!"
Marianne Spray $100.00 "Jim, Thank you for riding for those that serve, have served and have paid the ultimate price for the freedom we all enjoy. Marianne and Russ Spray"
David Tourville $100.00 "Very good cause, good luck!"
Judy Bresser $20.00 "Stephenie is an awesome person and great beautician."
Steve Wheeler $100.00 "Rem, Glad to have you on board with us. You are a fine young man and wonderful symbol of patriotism. We need more like you. Semper Fi"
Mike & Nico Savastio $30.00 "Great Work, Josh - You are an animal!"
Deyo Johnson Hidden "This is great what you are doing. Good luck on your journey!"
Pioneer Classic Benefit Fund $500.00 "Terry, great cause - good luck"
Laura Becker $200.00 "What an inspiration! Best wishes, Laura and Jeff"
Jim Predmore $100.00 "So happy to contribute to a greate cause. Go get 'em Gina!"
Wildman Owen $10.00 "Climb the hills, ride Rem ride!"
Vicki Sweat $20.00 "Rem, our whole family is behind you on this ride! Go Pedaling Patriots & AZ Penguins!"
Carol & Al Haynes $20.00 "Supporting a nobel cause! We're proud of you Remington."
Kevin, Vicky & Wyatt Mette $30.00 "Keep the wind at your back and the rubber side down!"
Art Nunez $100.00 "Hats off to you Brett for taking on this cause."
Scott & Toni Lacy $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah! "
Karl & Karen Poulsen $200.00 "Jim, Thank you for honoring these service members. Karl & Karen"
BeeJay Hart $43.00 "Mike and Frank - way to go for our protectors!"
Duane Heinrichs $500.00 "Thank you for sacrificing your time and effort to help us honor those who have sacrificed much for us. May God bless you and those whose lives are touched by this endeavor."
Vicky & Mark Vigario $30.00 "What a great cause.......and who better to bike for all of us! You will do great! We will keep you and your team in prayer."
Paul and Lois Weaver $200.00 "This should be as easy as the STP ?? Good luck on the ride and treat the kids to DQ after. Lois says to take Jane shopping after you finish if stores are still open."
Stan Miller $100.00 "Thanks for your support to our brave and skilled protectors of our freedom. Stay hydrated and ride well !"
John Davenport $100.00 "Carlyle, I wish I could ride but I am no longer able. Please ride hard and ride through every hill for me. This is a worthy cause to support my fellow Marines and brothers in arms. Sember Fi."
Chris Amenson $100.00 "You are doing a very good thing, Linda. God Bless you."
Mike Fleming Hidden "Good luck with the ride, Greg!"
Bill Millidge Hidden "You're an absolute BEAST! Keep up the great work Greg!"
Ryan Romasko $50.00 "Happy Birthday Mom! Love, Ryan and Sheena"
Bev Haugen $100.00 "Good Luck Jimmy!! Ride safe and hard."
Joe @ Morsch Machine $100.00 "Great effort by a great rider for a great cause. "
Jonathan Troutman $25.00 "S/F!"
Derek Sroufe $300.00 "Ride like you stole something!"
Marten Ryerson $25.00 "Thanks for your efforts for our men and women in the armed forces."
Carie Bonillo $100.00 "It is a wonderful thing you are doing. Bless you!"
Alex Rosado $100.00 "Wepa Rick!!!!! Aqui va mi empujoncito para esa gran mision!!!"
Frederick Brown $100.00 "Great Cause"
Michael McCalden $100.00 "Good Luck Jim!"
Charmaine Martin $25.00 "Thanks for thinking of our heroes."
Chuck Bengochea $430.00 "Delighted to contribute. One of my son's is a Marine, Captain Bengochea, and I have a tremendous love and respect for the Marine Corp. I am also a committed triathlete who loves to ride his bike. Linda - best of luck to you. Ride strong! Blessings. Chuck"
Erettie Duncan $25.00 "I know you are going to do great!!!"
Burgess Hildreth $100.00 "Proud of you for doing this Jim and very proud of those for whom you are doing it!"
gary walk $25.00 "GO JIM!!!"
Tereasa Kastel Hidden "Jon, What a great work you are doing. Thanks for the invitation to help. Tereasa Kastel"
James Spray $200.00 "Semper Fi Jim! We want pictures!"
Jennifer/Jonathan Smith $50.00 "Hi Sarah! Sorry it's taken me so long to make a donation. Good luck on the ride! Jen"
Kelly Reif $25.00 "Thank you for doing this Dan! "
Tactical Concealment Mike & Dinora $100.00 "We will meet you in AZ to see you off on your journey to SD, Good Luck!"
Ryan Paglia $55.00 "It will be easier than our bus ride through Nicaragua! Blessings! All gave some, some gave all! Ryan"
Enrique Vazquez $25.00 "Semper Fi!"
Francisco A Santos Jr $25.00 "Good luck on your ride...great cause!"
Gaylene Somsen $100.00 "Hope you have a fabulous ride! What a great cause to do it for. Best of luck. Sincerely, Gaylene Somsen"
Wince Family $100.00 "Honored to sponsor both of you for riding to help those who have given so much to protect us and our country. Ride Safe! "
Glenn Dean $100.00 "Always willing to support a fellow cyclist, especially for such a worthwhile cause!"
Christopher Collins $100.00 "David, Good Luck from the crew at Wally's!"
LtGen & Mrs. Robert E Milstead, Jr. $100.00 "Thank you so much for supporting Semper Fi Fund!"
Mark Van Faussien f Hidden "I'm a friend of Meg Best and. Meg is the person who asked me to support you! Good luck!!!"
Scott Howat $100.00 "Carlyle - A great cause which I'm proud to support. I'd wish you well on the physicl aspects of the ride but that's not necessary. Stay tough mentally and do what you do best - positively impact the lives of everyone on the journey!"
Joseph Zebas $25.00 "Go Aunt Bernie!! You are AWESOME!!! We Love you!! Love, Mia, Caden & Reese"
Heather Hand Hidden "Hey Bernie! Kick butt all the way! Love, your brother Joe and your favorite sister-in-law, Heather"
Brady James Weaver $100.00 "Go Papa Jim Go... G O P A P A J I M GO"
McKenna best $100.00 "Thank you Bernie for supporting my brother Bud an his Marine BROTHERS....WHOORAH! THank you all for your generosity and hard work for these men and woman and ther families..who knows, but maybe one day my brother can ride with you....god bless you, love McKenna..Buds little sister"
Amber ledbetter $50.00 "Ride your ASS off BErnie..my little brother is on his way to afghanland.we love all of you..hooorah"
Lisa Patmor $100.00 "Great work for a great cause!"
John Shufeldt $200.00 "Strong work Jim!"
The Willis Family $500.00 "Great job Paul & Garret!"
Charles Medley $300.00 "From an Army Brat, thanks for looking out for our veterans"
andy bertke $100.00 "Good luck Dave! "
Ann Fritzsche $500.00 "It's easy to make a few clicks and pledge a few dollars - it's amazing for Gary to take the time and dedication to make it happen. Go Gary!"
Kevin Hinz $100.00 "Hope Year 2 is every bit as successful as Year 1, Jim. Nice work, man!"
Norma McDannel $100.00 "Best of Luck, Joe."
barbara meola $100.00 "I am so impressed that an old guy like you can ride that far!!!!!!! j/k We are all very proud of you!"
Shonaneeia Parsons $100.00 "Hoo-rah!"
Eric Whitfield $50.00 "Good luck Joe!"
Timothy Schranz $200.00 "I hope it cools off by then! Ride like the wind. Tae & Tim"
Christopher Moudy $100.00 "No less than 20 mph avg."
Thomas Logan $100.00 "Good Luck!!!"
kittie minick Hidden "In honor of all heroes with a special remembrance for Richard Clay Grissom who was a disabled veteran who fought in the Vietnam War."
Bob & Marian Aylesworth $333.00 "We wanted to "follow suit" with you office competitions with "odd" amounts!!! hahahaha! This is such a great event & we're so glad you're willing to do it again! God bless the team & those they ride for!"
Jerry & Nancy Elzey $100.00 "Thanks Chris, and GO ANGEL"
James Proudman $50.00 "I'm James Proudman. I served under Andy at Special Missions Branch MARSOC. Thank you for all that you do."
Jill Zimmerman $50.00 "Go Chris and team!"
Robert DeLeon $50.00 "Love to support our Oceanside troops and family. The De Leon's."
Dave Djavaherian $215.00 "Don't be last!"
Dave Djavaherian $215.00 "Gary says you're not as fast as you used to be...."
helen swanson $201.50 "Good luck, stay safe, get there first. "
Jan & Tommy Henry $25.00 "Go Josh!"
Dr. Todd H. Allain $100.00 "Semper Fi ---- Thank you for your service Rob. I will try to donate more before kickoff. "
Heather Haydu $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Michael Brenton $150.00 "Semper Fi"
Dan Goodenough $100.00 "Thanks for taking up such a worthy cause. Christi and I will keep you in our prayers. God Bless"
Sandeep Agarwal $100.00 "Good luck and Thanks for doing this...year after year."
Sandeep Agarwal $100.00 "Good luck. Thanks for doing this...year after year"
Dana Payne $100.00 "Best of luck & be safe!"
Maribel Oakes $50.00 "Love you Bernie!"
Armando Díaz $25.00 "Semper Fi !!"
chuck green $500.00 "Good luck, maybe next time I can do it with you."
Connie Simmons $50.00 "Keep them wheels rollin'. Great cause! Love ya, Aunt Connie"
Paul Guenther $100.00 "Go Dan Go Good luck"
Ben Silverman $500.00 "Have a great ride!! Thanks for your old wheels. Way to make a difference and help a great cause!!"
Jim and Karen Shira $75.00 "You go girl! You are an inspiration for all. Take care, be safe and God Bless you! "
Don Littlefield $500.00 "Great Cause Dave. You are impressive. Best regards, Don"
Tres and Sara Smith $250.00 "WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU and extremely thankful to Semper Fi for all they do for Marines and families. We thank God for your miraculous recovery."
Tim Horgan $50.00 "Wind at your back the whole way!"
Tim Niebling $20.00 "Have a great ride!"
Jeff Snydrr $50.00 "Thanks for stepping up! Have a great ride!"
Jamie Radick $100.00 "You're crazy and awesome! What a great cause! Good luck!"
Christopher Papke $30.00 "Go Kick Butt Steph!"
Jason Ausdemore $40.00 "Thanks for all that you are doing...good luck Team Thompson!"
Richard Graubard $100.00 "What a wonderful cause. You go girl!"
Lester Ortiz $50.00 "RUN Rick RUN... Semper Fi!"
Bethany Christian School Bobcats $43.00 "Mike and Frank - .10 a mile for a great cause. Godspeed from the boys and girls of BCS!! "
The Weidleys $50.00 "Such a great cause! Go John!"
rebecca vicha $100.00 "GO DYLAN GO DYLAN!!!"
Mike Cottam $100.00 "No more drafting me up the hill for you."
Wing Stop Riverview Mesa Jose, Danny, and Raul $23.00 "Wing Stop helping out for our Marines - Thank You"
Philip Rooney $50.00 "John: Got your mail a couple weeks ago, it said Bill Rooney! We dont have anyone here by the name of Bill. Perhaps you meant me? Hope all is well, understand you're aiming to get back to NOVA? Hugs to all PHIL and Jan"
Family Avey Hidden "Inspirational and motivational, Chris. Roll 'em! "
Stephanie Clemons $100.00 "Debbie, What an awesome endeavor! Best wishes for a safe and successful ride! Stephanie"
Erika Grady $30.00 "You never cease to amaze me! Go get em Cheewah!"
Mason Slade $25.00 "Burn Buns Bernie!"
Scott Cleary $100.00 "You are awesome Debbie!"
Laura and Bob Babbage $50.00 "Good luck! Ride well. "
Larry McGovern $20.00 "Good luck, Dave!"
Melissa Wolf $100.00 "You go girl! I'm so impressed by your heart and dedication. Ride On! "
Anonymous $200.00 "Delicious!"
Gavin Morrissey $250.00 "Good luck from Commonwealth Cares!"
Bessie Bernstein $25.00 "Thank you for dedicating your time to support the wounded Marines! Semper Fi "
Shannon Metera $100.00 "Keep up the Great Work Joe!! Shannon & Bill Metera"
Heidi Kimball $100.00 "As the proud mother of a newly minted Marine, I'm doubly grateful for your support, Josh! Semper Fi, indeed! "
Kepiloni Foliaki $100.00 "Good job and good luck with the ride, Dan! We are proud of your effort to help the men and women who put their lives at risk in order to protect our families!"
Samuel Villalba $10.00 "Good Luck!! "
Doug Hammond $100.00 "Jim, I am proud of you being dedicated to riding all that way for a wonderful cause. Especially losing all that weight!! I answer calls on the Seattle Crisis Line from vets looking for mental help, dealing with coming back into society. Some fall through the VA cracks. 18 veterans commit suicide every day!! That is 6,500 per year. www.vetsmeetvets.org Ride with pride. "
mark seip $100.00 "Dude, you better crush this ride ... good luck..."
Glen and Caroline McMurry $100.00 "Good luck my friend......Glen (aka Stumpy) and Caroline....."
Jay Kennedy $50.00 "I love you perspective, have a great time Be safe and God bless. You have always been a great inspiration to me out side of cycling!"
Samantha Fillerup $25.00 "Thanks for all you do!"
Vince Connolly $100.00 "You made a good impression on R.Keith. Ride hard!"
Jeffrey Veselovsky Hidden "Thanks for doing this again, DBD! Good Luck! Jeffro"
Brendan & Mary Ann Melody $75.00 "Best of luck, Linda!"
Sergio Borges $100.00 "I feel fortunate to be able to help and support the Marines. I'm also blessed to be able to help Wounded Marines to became great athletes ! "
Llorente Lacap $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Greg Guckes $25.00 "Jim, I am proud of what you are doing for our heroes! Good luck and safe travels!"
Angela Skelton $50.00 "I'm so proud to be your little sister! You Rock! Love you :)"
Brian Jeffries $50.00 "What's better than supporting a great cause and great people. Enjoy the ride Britt!"
ANYTHING BUT MONDAY (Music Group) $100.00 "ANYTHING BUT MONDAY (music group).... We appreciate having the freedom to chase after our dreams here in America, and are thankful for the troops who help to make it possible."
josh winston $100.00 "Ride like the wind brother!"
Troy and Melissa Williams $100.00 "Go Mary, Go! You are going to do great! Cheering for you all the way!"
Virginia Sanchez $100.00 "In honor of those we lost on my watch, on Sept. 9, 2008, Lt. Nicholas Aaron Madrazo, USMC, Capt. Jesse Melton, USMC, HM3 Eickmann Strickland USN, and an Afghan interpreter in the mountains of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan, supporting combat operations when thier humvee hit an improvised explosive device in Kapisa Province. "
John and Sherry Slattery $100.00 "John -- A most worthy cause! Have a safe and successful ride....We'd like to make this donation in memory of our treasured friend, Stan Pasqual. "
Halsey Green $100.00 "See you on the ride. Semper Fi Halsey"
Susan Hilton $300.00 "Rob, you are a strong dedicated determined man, and when you set you mind on tasks you complete them. This past year has been a roller coaster with training , and school. However, I can look back and remember when you said "This year you were going to make it to KONA." Honey, I just wanted to say I look to you for motivation because your philosophy is "NO EXCUSES" I'm sure it's the U.S. Marine in you. I treasure the time we get together, we've journeyed the world this side by side for triathlons and I honored to be a part of your life and you complete you dream in life. I Love You. ...Susan"
Marzy Troutman $50.00 "So proud of you!"
erik karanik $500.00 "Dave - Great effort to support. May the wind always be at your back."
Lisa Camp $10.00 "You are awesome Amber!"
frank goldberg $25.00 "Good luck, Britt! From Frank and Ricki"
Mike & Kelly Laber $50.00 "Great job, Dan! We support you and the cause 100%. - Mike & Kelly"
Ann Damiano $100.00 "Great cause! Best of luck with your training and the ride!"
Mario Mastromattei Hidden "This is a great cause. I commend you for it and I hope you reach your goal!"
victoria page $200.00 "Go, Amber! I'm really proud of you guys! I've sent this to all my contacts in hopes they will contribute!"
Carl Kuester $100.00 "Both my sons are USMC..."
John and Kathy Campbell $25.00 "Donated in honor of Michael Hiller, our brother, killed in Vietnam fighting for our country. Keep up the great work, Chris."
Kim Mayfield $100.00 "Go Greg, I know the coconut diet will help you finish the ride."
Jerry Jones $100.00 "Good Luck Cyndi and God Bless You for your effort to help Wounded Warriors!"
Donald Stacy $100.00 "Good luck Jim!!"
Harry and Mary Ellen Kocopi $100.00 "Rob, What an important and wonderful thing to do. "
Olaf Hofseth $50.00 "Thank you for what you are doing for our injured."
Chet Sohal $20.00 "Cheers! Ride well and watch out for seagulls. "
Regina and Justin D'Abadie $200.00 "We love you and are proud of what you Are doing! God bless you! Love Regina and Justin"
Paula Brewster $100.00 "Ride ON Greg!!!!!"
Todd Underwood $500.00 "Go Greg!"
judith young $100.00 "Dick and I are always happy to support this cause. Go Cyndi! Love, Judie and Dick"
ANYTHING BUT MONDAY (Musical Group) $300.00 "ANYTHING BUT MONDAY (musical group) - We are thankful to have the ability to chase after our dreams in America, and appreciate what the troops are doing to help make this possible."
Brad Conover $200.00 "Great Job Greg! God Bless America and our Troops!"
Larry McCreary $100.00 "Great Cause... So many have given so much, this is so little to show our appreciation. "
Douglas Greise $100.00 "Train hard and ride harder! Go Rob!"
Ann Zylstra $100.00 "Go Amber! You are awesome girl!"
Russ Jones Hidden "Greg, good for you, I give to other needs, but this looks like a good one."
James Rose $100.00 "Rob, This is great thing you are doing for a great cause. Keep it up, we need more like you.... Thanks for what you do!"
Gary and Joy Snapp $50.00 "Go Cyndi...we're behind you all the way!"
Matthew Roberts $100.00 "Great ride for a great cause, happy to contribute.S/F."
Luis Avila Hidden "Make sure to keep us up to date via FB. Good luck!"
Guy and Lois Wheeler $50.00 "We are so prowd of you and support you on this great journey. Go Steve!"
Eli Herron Hidden "Greg, what a great cause! Be Safe and Godspeed to SD!"
Ved Sharma $50.00 "Greg, great cause to raise money. We all appreciate yours and most of all those sacrificed their lives to serve our country. All the best. ved"
Randy Sooter $135.00 "Josh you are my HERO!"
Thomas Cole $100.00 "Good luck Hal, do well for this great cause."
Brady Weaver $200.00 "Go Papa!!! "
Stephen Dudash $100.00 "Thanks for all of your hard work. This is a great cause!"
Jennifer Reichlin $50.00 "Ride like the wind!"
Bonnie Oshell $100.00 "Love you Mary & Mike! Hope to see you in AZ! Sending warm hugs! "
Harold/Janice Cunningham $50.00 "Have a great trip. We will be following you."
Tom and Mary Lou McLaughlin $50.00 "Good Luck Mary and best to all our Armed Forces members both past and present. Luv U/T and A/ML"
Michelle Bravo $100.00 "Thank you for supporting our armed services."
Patrick Vance $75.00 "Fork EM DeNitto!!! Ride safe, ride hard, and help Greenway up the mountain!! Looking forward to you and I watching OUR mighty Devils roll a big fat beating on those pesky Cats this year!!!"
Jim Helfenbein $20.00 "How can you run with two left feet?"
Peggy Haraczy $25.00 "Awesome job! Can't wait to hear all about it!"
Carol Frasco $25.00 "Jake, YOU ROCK !!"
Gina Hilton $30.00 "I wish you all the very best!"
Carolyn Shaddy $75.00 "Go Team Wheeler!! We are sooo proud of you Steve!! Love the Shaddys"
Nancy Knuth $50.00 "Semper Paratus....USCGR - Ret 30 Yrs. Activated 9/11"
Kaitlyn Ritter $25.00 "Go Daddy"
Steve Jackson $25.00 "We are proud to have you as a friend John!"
Jake Ritter $50.00 "Are we there yet,,,,"
Brian Sweeney $100.00 "Thank you John for your efforts involving these brave and heroic Marines. May God bless you and all of our men and women in the Armed Services."
Kendra Befort $100.00 "Amber you have been training so hard and your dedication is much admired. I am proud of u girlfriend! Your heart is in a good place and the fire that drives you is real and that same dedication is in the heart of every soldier that sacrifices every day so we can live without fear. Thank you for your devotion to the amazing men and women who have given up so much. Keep that fire burning in your burning in your belly and the rubber to the road! Kendra "
Randy & Marcy Schott $50.00 "Mary, what a great adventure, we are so-so proud of you. Best of luck & God Bless our heroes."
Mike Fredebeil $25.00 "I think this is a great thing to do, Thanks John"
Gregory Cecchini $50.00 "Good Luck kid"
Shauna Nelson $100.00 "It is a great and honorable thing that all of you do each year...Needless to say, I am very pround of you. Your commitment and sacrifact does not go unnoticed. Please continue for the sake of those who gave and will give up so much for our freedom"
Ruth Kehoe $100.00 "Thank you Rob, you are a dedicated patriot and a true inspiration!"
Colleen Merk $25.00 "You are riding for a great cause and the Merks wish you the best of luck!"
John Schmidt $110.00 "Go get em, Josh. Thanks for doing the ride for a great cause."
Carol/Richard Wilson $100.00 "Love and good wishes to you and your support team: Kim, Brenden, and Matthew."
John Woodward $250.00 "Halsey, Thank you for your service"
Dan Howard $75.00 "Go Team Wheeler!! Love, The Howard's"
Chad Gaudin $500.00 "Proud of you! "
Anthony Loving $50.00 "Proud to sponsor such a great cause. Good luck and ride safe! "
Dulce Mooney $100.00 "Thank you, this is great what you are doing. God bless!"
Larry Musser $100.00 "Linda, Vicky & I are proud to help you with this. We only wish we could do more but can't right now. Larry & Vicky Musser"
Robert Baker $100.00 "Good luck David!"
david hornstein $300.00 "I'm not even an American, but I can't think of a more worthy cause. These are the guys that have given you so much , now it's time to just give a little back."
9/11 Ten Year Anniversary Matching Program $620.00 "We are happy to match the donations that came in this past week to "Team Wheeler" in Honor of all those personally effected by the attacks on 9/11 as well as all of those in the armed forces whom continue to fight for our freedoms each and every day. GOD BLESS AMERICA! "
Jim Schumacher $100.00 "Good luck with you ride! You'll do great!"
Brad Sikes $100.00 "John, thank you for supporting the men and woman who protect our freedom! "
Nichole Stohler Hidden "Best of luck Greg!"
Teresa Pacelli $50.00 "John, thank you so much for sharing this amazing program and for taking the time and dedication to participate. I look forward to postings of pictures and stories of your journey! Be safe - stay healthy! "
Kim and CB McConnell $50.00 "So proud of you! "
Linda Thomas $30.00 "a great cause and a great showing by one of the youth of America, we are behind you all of the way Remington!"
Bill & Joan Ritter $200.00 "We're proud of you for taking this on Rem! Grandma Jo & Grandpa"
Patrick Vance $150.00 "John- Thank you for shining a light on a great organization that supports heroes!!! Now, Go out there and represent the Sun Devil Nation like I know you can!!!"
Mark Easterbrook $75.00 "Ride hard Paul and Garret"
Webb Coates $100.00 "Good luck, Jim. All the best."
Jerry and Carol Powell $100.00 "Go,Josh!!!!"
Bruce Dennis $50.00 "You go Boy!"
Stephanie and Norman Lemus Hidden "God bless and good luck!!"
Jeff and Susan Dover Hidden "Jeff, be safe and have fun! You are truly an inspiration. - Jeff and Susan Dover"
Lori Escalante $250.00 "From: Escalante Concrete Construction, Inc."
KATHYRN MATT $25.00 "Good Luck Mary. Love You, The Matt Family"
Vendor Fund Raiser $400.00 "Open House Vendor Fund Raiser!!!! Thank you all for coming out and supporting the Ride for Semper Fi!"
Laurel Stoimenoff $100.00 "Go Jim! You are my hero!"
Bill Flaherty $100.00 "Awesome goal and best of luck"
Marc Burgraff $50.00 "You're making me proud man! Lead the group out for part of the voyage, I know you can! Can't wait to hear about the ride and see some pics. Have a safe journey. Marc"
JANENE HOFBAUER $25.00 "Good luck with your ride!"
Maria Elena Arner $35.00 "Good Luck!!! What a wonderful cause."
Scott Leemans $100.00 "Thanks for rasing money to take care of my Marines. Semper Fi"
Lori & Gregory Ewing $100.00 "Ride Mary Ride!"
Tracy Hamilton $100.00 "As a Marine Mom - I truly appreciate that you do this every year Dave. Thank you! Tracy Hamilton"
Joe Gazo $50.00 "Jon, Sorry I couldn't join my training buddy on this epic ride! May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, May the rains fall soft upon your fields, And, until we ride again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. God Speed, GAZO"
robert calder Hidden "Josh: Best of luck - ride safe. Your friends from Michigan Diane and Bob Calder"
Randy Boles $100.00 "John, good luck you will do fine have fun"
Anonymous $10.00 "Dave, Thank you for your service in support of those who support us, and to Tracy for sending the e-mail I am responding to. Don"
Lita Muhr $50.00 "Good luck, Gina . . . even though you don't need it!"
Lita Muhr $50.00 "Good luck, Bill!"
Thomas Doody Hidden "Great job Dave!"
Tia & Pat Marshall $50.00 "Ride those legs off!"
L and R Lachemann $1,000.00 "may the wind be at your back(s). god bless all of you. so very, very proud of all of you."
Elliot Brown $250.00 "Semper Fi!"
Howard Arntz $25.00 "David, Sorry I cannot attend--am attending a wedding that day.---Howard"
sara naegle $25.00 "Bernie - You ROCK!! "
Elizabeth Yarkosky $100.00 "GO JOHNNY GO!! "
Ben Hattenbach $500.00 "Best of luck on the ride!"
Ben Hattenbach $1,000.00 "This one is from your friends at Irell & Manella. We're proud of the work you're doing for this wonderful organization. Keep pedalling!"
Bless Dollander $150.00 "I am so proud of you for doing this! Stay strong. We love you! Bless, Chad & Hal"
Caddy Brothers All-Star Landscaping, LLC $25.00 "Sam says a big "thank you" for well...you know. "
Pedro J. Diaz $50.00 "Ride hard and be safe. Wish you well. God Bless Ya. P.J."
David Lewis $50.00 "We do not do enough for those who serve. Great job, John!!"
Chris Handorf $150.00 "Momma the Italians are coming!"
Daniel Dunning $20.88 "For all of Uncle Ahmed's friends that got hurt"
Kyle Norton $100.00 "SEMPER FI! Thank you for looking out for the Marines and their families."
Megan Zozos $25.00 "What a wonderful challenge you are taking on to honor those who give so selflessly to keep us safe! Best of luck & God bless!"
David Hughes $100.00 " Hey Bernie I and Andrea would like to wish you and all the riders a safe journey. God Bless you all for what you do for our soldiers. Thank you"
John Milhoan $100.00 "Not only do you support our nation with your own personal military contributions, but you go the extra mile to support other services. An excellent example for others to follow! Keep up the good work, best of luck with your ride, and thank you for your service!"
Noreen Nesbitt $100.00 "Way to go Cyndi!! LU, Nor"
Jan Decker $100.00 "Good luck John!!"
Dennis & Evelyn Haberer $50.00 "Good luck. A matching grant will be sent to John Burgraff's Ride for Semper Fi Page from Prudential."
Henry Irizarry $50.00 "Semper Fi Devil Dog!"
Elizabeth McCabe $100.00 "Good luck Christian – ride fast and be safe!"
John and Velva Vine $500.00 "We are so proud of you, Brian, for riding year after year for this most worthy cause."
Nathan Lowenstein $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jim Shepherd Hidden "I like it......."
Jack Webster $50.00 "" Ride like the wind" good luck, great cause"
AMANDA TAPLEY $50.00 "Thank you for protecting my children's freedom and future."
Steve and Marnie Green Hidden "Go Brian Go!"
Don Allen $100.00 "Hi Gary, From Don & Terri Hope you and Barb are doing fine. Terri says hi. Lee and I are doing the 65 mile Cotton Patch race tomorrow morning in Greenville and then a TT later in the day. Semper Fi Talk with you soon. Don & Terri"
Frank & Gay Miller $23.00 "Way to go Mike - let's keep pushing for the Marines who need our help."
Sandra Roberts $50.00 "You are amazing, your strength & dedication to this cause and your own dreams is admirable!!! As I always say, you are a machine!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Linda!"
Don Henderson $50.00 "We're very proud of you here, Rob. Glad to support this tremendous support for injured Marines! Don, Jane, Sara & Alex"
Glenn Lenox $50.00 "Good on ya mate! Ride hard."
Mike and Michelle O'Donnell $60.00 "Steve, once again, we are so proud of you. How is the training going? Hope to see you soon. Keep us posted on your progress. Love you! MMMR"
Bob Purcell $100.00 "Way to go Cyndi! - Purcells"
Bob Purcell $100.00 "Awesome cause! -Purcells"
Jill Purcell $100.00 "Way to go Amber! -Purcells"
Rebecca Abbott $75.00 "Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but the Marines don't have that problem. --Ronald Reagan"
Chris Bergeron $200.00 "Eat some Carbs!"
Roger & Judy Bieberdorf Bieberdorf $430.00 "We are very proud of you Brett and hope that you pedal safely. Our prayers are with you. Love, Mom & Dad"
Andrew Lissitz Hidden "Good stuff Greg, thanks for thinking of me to support this good cause. "
Cindi Taylor Hidden "Ride like the wind, Joe!"
William & Linda Langer $100.00 "What a wonderful cause!"
Debbie & Ric Martin $50.00 "Be safe and have fun! Ric & Debbie"
Brad Curtis $100.00 "Ride safe. Our prayers are with you and the soldiers you are supporting."
Kim Ballentyne $50.00 "What a great cause, good luck John. Very proud of you."
Lane Sanders $50.00 "Marine military police rule"
Rene Garcia $50.00 "Good luck!"
Stephen Pomraning $100.00 "Best wishes for a great ride for a good cause."
Stephen Gotschall $300.00 "Good Luck Phil "
Lisa Wiley $50.00 "RIDE ON!!! :) THE WILEY FAMILY"
Reba Shikany $100.00 "We are so proud of you Dave, and this is one of the greatest reasons. Reba & Morris"
GILBERT TANZER $100.00 "All the best for this worthy cause"
Paul Ruchlin $100.00 "Have a GREAT ride!"
Fernando Laracuente $50.00 "God bless you and the entire world - let's make it better for all. GO RICK!"
Jason Clement Hidden "Roll on......"
Steve Mahon $100.00 "Jimmy, Ride hard and be safe.. Thanks to all our veterans! "
William Klabo $20.00 "Good cause, Jim! Thanks!! Hopefully you won't get too saddle-sore."
John Guidorizzi $50.00 "Here's to a great ride!"
Mike Walterscheid $300.00 "Jim, I hope you live through this ride. "
Peter Rice $100.00 "Ride like the wind Brian! All the best!"
Steve and Jeanie Ferriot $100.00 "Jim-Jeanie and I are proud of your sacrifice and of the ones you honor by participating in this ride. We plan to be at the finish line to cheer you on!"
Kimberly Ross Hidden "Good luck Jon! I will be following you on twitter!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Donation From: Ed Leranth "Ooh-rah""
The Hoovers $25.00 "Go Mary!!! S/F The Hoovers"
Gary Hall $100.00 "Great cause Greg!"
Robyn Krumbach Hidden "Good luck, Dylan!!!"
Mary Corbisier Hidden "Have a great ride Jacob!"
Annette Graham $100.00 "Dave - Thank you for what you are doing! Our son is a Marine and I appreciate so much how people reach out to all Marines helping in whatever capacity they can. God Bless."
Renee Brown $100.00 "Have a great ride Brian!"
Mike & Theresa Cane $50.00 "You rock! We are praying for you."
carl bylander $50.00 "Ride like you stole it!"
Marcella Rierson $50.00 "Good luck on the ride Debbie, glad to support your cause!"
Jose Franco $40.00 "Pedal to tha metal, God Bless you all, "
Denise Renner Hidden "Thank You! Semper Fi"
Judy and Ray Suchocki $50.00 "Thank you so much for helping our wounded warriors. God bless and have a safe trip."
Drew Barringer $200.00 "Have a great ride John . . . for a great cause!"
Richard Moore $25.00 "Jacob, thanks for all you do for our Marines. OOO RAAH!"
Brendan Melody $350.00 "Linda, Let me put you over the top for my Marine Corps warriors and true heros! The Navy/Marine Corps team lives on. I wish you the best. Brendan from Afghanistan"
Kenneth Palmer $50.00 "Good Luck and stay safe. Ken Palmer"
Jim & Margaret Holmes $100.00 "THANKS to all the Radcliffs."
Anonymous Hidden "Dear David, Thank you so much for stepping up and doing the hard push in honor of our U.S. Marines and the Semper Fi Fund. My son, also a Ft. Mitchell resident, is an active duty Marine currently deployed to Afghanistan. If there is one thing that helps these Marines through their very difficult deployments, it is the citizens back home knowing fully the kind of work they do, why they do it, the added burdens they carry, the successes in their missions they are most proud of on our behalf and the harm they face 24/7. Every step they take can change their personal lives forever or take their lives once and for all. They are all volunteers, just like you. Much success to you and your fellow riders on behalf of The Semper Fi Fund, for the Marines & their families for whom it was founded. Safe journey, David, and stay strong. "Pain is weakness leaving the body," as our Marines say. You make me proud. Sincerely, A very proud Mom of a U.S. Recon Marine "
Mary Jane Wert $100.00 "Thank you for honoring and empowering those who have served and continue to serve our country."
"Doc" Phillips $10.00 "Marine Corps League WTMD #1246 Surprise AZ Still taking care of my Marines!"
Pauline Hechler $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Chris!"
Scott Jewler $100.00 "Good luck Brian!"
Joseph Picone $100.00 "Thanks for supporting our troops..God Bless America!"
Tim Schuster $25.00 "Thanks John and Semper Fi"
Joseph Yung $500.00 "Good luck Dave, it is a great cause. I wish you luck. Joe"
Rod Breland $100.00 "Great work John! We owe much debt to our brave servicemen and women and people doing work like this are also a special breed. "
John Hoffmann $50.00 "Semper Fi"
Pati Caldwell $25.00 "Thanks for doing this John. My son is a Marine and I appreciate the efforts of all who want to help those who keep us safe and sacrifice for it. "
Gregg Suerez $50.00 "Best of luck...maybe next year I can join you?"
Vic Krauze $200.00 "Even an old Navy guy can support a Semper Fi ride!"
james Hilger $100.00 "Hammer on Jake!"
Jacquelyn Davis $25.00 "Go, Jacob, Go!!! Jackee Davis Proud Mom of PFC Mariah Davis-USMC & MA Mackenzie Davis-US NAVY"
Kathy Kingen $100.00 "Rock it Jake!"
Pamela Keith Hidden "Best wishes on the ride!"
Gregory Brownell $50.00 "Good luck, Bob. Keep touring."
Hugh Pryor $250.00 "Go Chris! What a great cause! C & H"
Bryce Wynn $25.00 "Good Luck John and thanks for fixing my bike."
Lindy and Allan Cislini $100.00 "Thank you John and all the riders for standing up for a great cause and making a difference in our soldiers lives."
C. G. "Mike" Bender $50.00 "Good Luck - Great Cause !"
Jocelyn Skogebo $50.00 "Amber, we're so excited for you and will thinking and praying for you all on this amazing ride! Thank you for riding for such an amazing cause! Love, the Skogebos!"
Jocelyn Skogebo $50.00 "Steph, you continue to amaze us all with your strength and constant smile. Thank you for riding for such an important cause! Lots of Love, The Skogebos!"
Dan Suhr $100.00 "Good for you."
Candace Schwarz $200.00 "Good luck to you and Phil! "
christine werner $200.00 "Mike, What an awesome gesture for such a deserving group!! You are quite the man! All the best--take care of yourself. AC and UJ "
Michael & Sara Campbell $75.00 "Good Luck."
William Meek $100.00 "My father was a Marine in WWII in the battle of Okinawa. Always glad to support the Marines. Ride like the devil was behind you. Of course we know he can't catch you---ever. With you, Don and Jan Meek"
WILLIAM MEEK $100.00 "Proud of you. My dad was a Marine in the battle of Okinawa, he is watching every turn of your wheels. Be safe, Don and Jan Meek"
Belinda and Dan Binford $50.00 "Good Luck Dave!"
Janis & Rick Schott $50.00 "You Go Girl!"
Janice Huey $40.00 "Way to go Amber for such a great cause! We are so glad to support you. Janice and Mark"
Susan Pryor $50.00 "Way to go cuz, you're kicking tail on your goal! I missed the deadline to donate last year and I'm very happy to contribute this year. I challenge my brothers to match all or part of my donation!!! Good luck and be safe on the ride. Love, Susie"
Mark Beard $100.00 "Thanks for giving me the opportunity to support you and the greater effort. Ride Safe !"
Pam Briggs $50.00 "Terry, I am so proud of you. What an accomplishment and for such a good cause. Good Luck and lots of love, Pam"
Sam Rosado $10.00 "From your friends, USAF"
Brian Cole $50.00 "Semper Fi"
Glenn Armentor $100.00 "Way to go Brother. Great cause. I'll send the Bengay at the end!!!!"
Rob Kress $75.00 "I know you wanted to keep this a secret but I think it's awesome you're doing the ride this year on a unicycle! "
Amber Duran Hidden "Have an awesome ride!"
Amber Duran Hidden "Best of luck #1! You've trained hard for this. Have fun."
Jon Miller $250.00 "Jim; Thanks for your efforts to support our troops. Jon"
Kids Corner Preschool $50.00 "Good luck! Great cause!"
Walter and Storme Switzer $100.00 "Go Team Thompson !!"
Elena Fischer $100.00 "From Your Blue Crew, We Thank You!"
Allen Blackhurst $50.00 "Ride Hard! I'll enjoy a beer for you."
Larry Outlaw $200.00 "Semper Fi, Grinch."
Kimberly Gaither $100.00 "We are so proud of you. Ralph & Kimberly Gaither"
CYNTHIA REILLY $100.00 ""May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, May God hold you In the palm of his hand." "
Todd Montgomery $200.00 "Ride on!"
James Ashley $100.00 "Ride SAFE"
Steve Treinen $15.00 "Go Jim!"
Ed Muller $300.00 "Your mother would have been very proud. Great Cause!"
David Dodaro Hidden "On behalf of my Nephew who's a Marine going to Afghanistan - THANK YOU!"
Jon Romines $20.00 "Good Luck from Germantown Parkway Animal Hospital!"
Elmer Roman $50.00 "Go Marine! Semper Fi"
MICHELLE VILLANUEVA $200.00 "David, I think this is awesome that you are participating in this ride! Thank you for your support to the injured heroes and their families! Have a fun and safe ride! :)"
Richard Monks $200.00 "Good luck"
Beverly Laine $100.00 "We are proud of you for taking on such a challenge. Love, Mom & Dad"
Mark Hawkins $100.00 "Ride safe & get the guest room ready for a visit. "
Amy Williams $25.00 "Ride like the wind... be safe"
Theresa & Mike Crotty $500.00 "Thank you!"
J Corwin $50.00 "Ooh-rah!"
Matt Campisi $100.00 ""Lets Roll""
Doug Dimick $100.00 "Go Greg! Sounds like a great ride for a great cause."
Kim Palmquist $25.00 "Good luck Sarah! THANKS for supporting our HEROES! Semper Fi! "
Jim Knotts $50.00 "Best of luck Greg!!"
Robert Thompson $50.00 "Greg - great cause - count me in!"
Amy Hershman Hidden "Thanks for doing this....as a daughter of a veteran...thanks."
Glenn Quesenberry Hidden "Awesome Greg! As usual an unselfish sacrifice on your part! As a veteran myself, thank you so much for taking the time to raise awareness and cash for our National Heroes! Ride on!"
Curt Cornum $20.00 "We live in the land of the free because of the brave. Good luck!"
Rick Kowalski $40.00 "Way to go Me-Ho, Ride like the wind for the Wounded Warriors!"
Randy Nelson $50.00 "God bless the men and women that sacrifice their lives to defend our freedom."
Matt Wass de Czege $50.00 "OO-RAH!! Getter done!"
Joel Pogar $50.00 "Semper Fi"
Dan Finney $100.00 "Good luck Amber we're very proud of you!"
Tim Uzzanti $200.00 "The haircut is to be aerodynamic huh?"
Tanda & Jim Siragusa $100.00 "Greg - Good to hear from you. Yes - it has been a long time. Thanks for reaching out & for participating in this to help the Marines. They have sacrificed much for all of us. Wishing you a safe journey, great weather, and a comfortable seat! :) Tanda"
Ray Johnson $30.00 "Wishing you all the best Terry. Love. Uncle Ray and Melanie"
Harold Bliss $100.00 "Great cause Jason, good luck and make us proud!!!"
kathleen farnsworth $50.00 "Ride on!!! Glad I could help!!"
Robert Broughton $100.00 "Please credit Cindi!"
Robert Chiffelle $100.00 "Best of Luck on your ride, Debbie...Bob"
Joe Kurtzweil $100.02 "Go! Jim Go!!"
Sandra Laine $75.00 "Good luck! "
Mary Jo Burgess $50.00 "Ride like the wind Jim!!"
Tanyeka Buchanan $25.00 "Good Luck!!! Enjoy the ride...."
Anonymous $100.00 "John Dalton"
Anonymous $50.00 "Helen Dalton"
Rose Rawcliffe $100.00 "Dad and I have always been proud of everything you do, but this ride just adds a new dimension to what we feel. We know that once again you will do us proud. Love you son."
Geoff Hengerer $50.00 "Jim, Thank you for helping those who serve. Semper Fi"
Sabrina Crawford $100.00 "We are so proud of your committment to such an awesome organization. Through your efforts, I feel like my donation goes to a very worthy cause."
Joseph Taylor $200.00 "Thanks for your physical sacrafice Remington. Being a former Marine and long time supporter of the Boy Scouts - makes me proud to see the two joined together for a good cause. Safe and healthy riding. Semper Fi JT"
Charles Cramer $100.00 "What a great thing you and your team are doing!"
Stephanie Rohde $100.00 "What a great role model you will be for your daughter!"
Mike Karmo $100.00 "Great Cause -- it's great to see so many people supporting the true heroes of our country! God Bless You! The Gang at Karmo Landscaping"
sherman kasper $100.00 "Hav a great ride"
David Vine $200.00 "Good Luck Brian. In memory of Tom Driscoll."
Patrick Vance $250.00 "Some people talk the talk. Some walk the walk. And some Ride the Ride. You walk the walk and Ride the Ride!!! Thanks for all you do, and for helping encourage others to follow your example!!! p.s. Greenway sucks!!! ;)"
Sharon Bettinger $50.00 "You're my hero!"
LCpl Gregory S Ampey $500.00 "Oooooorahhh"
Douglas Hawkins $50.00 "Good luck Jason"
Jennifer Slade $60.00 "You are an amazing person with such a big heart! The "RIDE" is lucky to have you!!!"
Ron Turnage $100.00 "Keep peddling John! "
Brandon Isom $500.00 "Great cause Greg. Enjoy the trip!!!"
John Babel $25.00 "HooYah John from the Navy Diving Community, good luck on your ride! John BMC/DV (RET)"
Jon Gabrielson $300.00 "Thanks for the opportunity to support the supporters of these valiant warriors."
T Greg Sommerkamp $100.00 "good luck ! Greg and Abby"
Jon Gabrielson $100.00 "Thank you for your participation for this important cause."
Lori Malin $100.00 "Go Greg! Please let me know what time you are expected to arrive in San Diego. I would like to be there to cheer you across the line!"
Kent Rogers $25.00 "Good for you Greg! I'd like to hear how the ride went some time."
John Hibbard $150.00 "A great cause. Good luck with the ride!"
David M Gordon $1,000.00 "John, you set a great example. Wish I could join meet you at SeaWorld!"
Fernando Leon $30.00 "Good luck!"
Karen Banas $25.00 "I admire your spirit and thank you for the support"
Mike Pobieglo $25.00 "Good luck!"
Kevin Lyon $40.00 "Just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who gave so generously to the Semper Fi Fund, to support the Ride For Semper Fi 2011 and to join with me by donating to them through my fund raising campaign. God bless you all, and again, thank you, thank you so much. KGL Semper Fi"
Wm. Bryan & Joann Rivera $100.00 "Always loyal, always faithful. For those who gave more than I had the opportunity to give. May God bless you. Semper Fi!"
David Dickens $50.00 "Have a great ride and thanks for your dedication to excellence in all you do!"
Steve & Leah Hiller $100.00 "Have fun...Be safe...Be proud. This is a personal challenge for you for a very worthy cause. Send pictures. :>)))"
Christina Carmody Hidden "Way to go Chris. I am so proud of you for doing this! Love you.CC"
maggie lluy Hidden "You are Inspiring me to get off my rump! Great endeavor. "
Kristen Brown $25.00 "Good Luck! Go get 'em!"
Tawne Bachus $75.00 "Riiiide like the wiiiind... Ride like wind. And, good luck. "
BK Jackson $100.00 "Thank you Dylan for what you and your team does for our wounded! See you in San Diego!"
Scott Meyer $50.00 "Have a great ride! Semper Fi!!"
Barbara Kehoe $100.00 "Ruth, making me proud in everything you do! Ride safe, and remember how much I love you. Pamwe Chete! Mom"
Courtney Thomas Hidden "So proud of you, dear niece! Love you very, very much; Aunt Courtney (and Uncle Jim, too)"
Christine Gustafson Family Foundation $1,000.00 "Good luck John! Gustafson Foundation is pleased to support your efforts! "
Christina Brichacek $20.00 "good luck"
Richard Caplette $100.00 "Outstanding Dave! Great Cause!! Best of Luck to you and the rest of the Team!! Ride Safe!!"
Jeff and Joann Mock $100.00 "Thank You for you time and effort to such a good cause."
marianne and James mago $100.00 "Bob- We are so excited for you to take on this challenge again this year. Best of luck, be safe and we will be rooting for you! The Magos"
John Benza $300.00 "Good Luck on the ride. Thanks for supporting such a great cause. GO NAVY"
Rolando Figueroa $30.00 "We are so proud of you."
Bryan Casteel $25.00 "Great cause, Good luck!"
Kurt & Shanna Woyak $30.00 "Thank you Jason. We're proud of you!"
Catherine Stines $100.00 "Thank you for supporting our military! You are an amazing person for giving so much!"
Kevin Lentini $100.00 "Great job Josh...have a safe and terrific ride!"
Kevin Lentini $50.00 "You have a big heart John and it shows in the amount of effort you have put forward to help others. Have a safe ride!"
Barbara Kehoe Hidden "So very proud of you! Love you bunches. Grandmother Kehoe."
Dave Daly $100.00 "For Jay, Semper Fi."
Janis Merrill $500.00 "Cyndi and Darin: Good luck. We are so very proud of you both. Love Janis and Bruce"
Ben & S. Faye Patrick $100.00 "Be safe!"
Rick Eberline $100.00 "Good luck Stephanie!"
Jim Stabilito $50.00 "John - great cause, thank you. Good luck! Stab"
Keith and Sharon Bell $300.00 "Great cause... have a safe ride and see you in San Diego !!"
Debra MartellSo Hidden "So proud of you! You dedication is inspiring!"
Anonymous Hidden "Paul & Garret: Ride safe and hard this coming week! Thanks for your commitment to the cause and for helping those who have given so sacrificially to serve our country. Perry & Diane Wickens"
Michele McCarron $100.00 "Go Linda, Best of Luck. Michele & Ed McCarron"
Debbie Husar $50.00 "This donation is actually from Buddy, but he does not have a credit card, yet. GO REMINGTON!!!"
Edward Stawowczyk $100.00 "The Stawowczyk Family wishes you the very best. "
Wally Luciano $100.00 "Dave: Great cause, best of luck! "
John Nielsen $25.00 "Good luck, its a great thing you're doing. "
Joseph Susco $100.00 "Great job!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Thank you!!!"
William Persyn $50.00 "John, what a spectacular cause and an amazing feat that your team raises the amount of funds they do...and completes this ride to boot! Semper Fi and God Bless you, your team, and our Troops."
Brian Phillips $25.00 "John, Great cause! ride strong!"
Kathleen McClellan $500.00 "Linda, I'm thrilled to see you achieve such success in this important cause. Your compassion for our homeland protectors is beautiful and heartfelt. I wish you all the best on your journey to San Diego and I'd love to see you if at all possible. Love you, Kathy"
Scott Shoemaker $200.00 "On behalf of my son the Marine who enjoys good health. Thanks for your efforts, Greg!"
Patti and Joe Minicucci $50.00 "Way to go Linda! Have fun and ride hard! You look gorgeous in your photo!!! I admire your persistence and what a great cause for our fellow Marines! Semper Fi! Miss you. "
Wendy Reese $100.00 "On behalf of Peace in the City and it's incredible students. Thanks for what you're doing!"
Greg and Susan Goodman $100.00 "I could tell by your enthusiasm this afternoon you are all in on this ride. It is a great thing you are doing for our wounded Marine and Navy Vets. I can't think of a better cause. Ride safe and raise a ton of money!"
Theresa Braden $50.00 "We are so proud of you sister!! We will be there at the finish line cheering you on with love and admiration! Terri and Jim"
Phil Wehrman $100.00 "Good luck Dave. You are doing a noble deed to help those who protect our freedoms. "
Sue Foxwell $200.00 "Sempre Fi Ruth, love to all of you!"
Anthony Mello Hidden "Best of luck Joe, semper ubique, semper fi"
Carol Raym Hidden "Great initiative, thanks Greg."
Pete Brown $100.00 "This is a P1."
Marci Brawley Hidden " Best Wishes for a safe and successful journey!"
Tom McCausland $100.00 "This is a great cause. Thanks for all your hard work for these heros."
Vivian Embers $50.00 "Hope the wind is to your back! Gram, Tami & Dan"
Tom McCausland $50.00 "Thanks for taking care of our heroes."
John McDonald $150.00 "As a Vietnam vet, I am happy to support your ride."
Linda Wellette Hidden "Good Luck Jim.......this is great thing that you do every year!!!"
The Grandview Tavern Patrons $1,000.00 "A huge Thank You to all the Grandview patrons who participated in this fund raiser. God bless you and God bless America"
Carol Hilton $150.00 "Your Dad and I are very proud of you! Good luck, our prayers are with you!"
Marti Haugen $50.00 "Great job Jimmy, we are all so proud of you. You've been working hard & riding harder. Have a great 430 ! WE LOVE YOU Be safe..xoxo see you in San Diego! Mart, Shea & Ashlynn "
Jared Allen $3,000.00 "Dylan, Dominate this ride. You have done many great things in your LONG life, but this might be the best. "
Robert and Laura Edwards $200.00 "WOW! Great cause, Good Luck! Just wanted to THANK YOU for raising such an amazing daughter, Tracie, We love her. "
Kelly Baldecchi $25.00 "This is to help you, with this stride in your life... Be safe &"RIDE LIKE THE WIND!" "
Bruce & Beth Craig $100.00 "Greg - God is great, God is good and so are you my friend. Way to go. Thanks for helping lift up our troops. "
Tom Reynolds $50.00 "Good luck Dave and crush the hills!"
Anonymous $500.00 "Riding for a GREAT cause! I hope this will help for all the sacrifices the Marine's have made protecting our Country! "
Patricia & Thomas Brubaker $100.00 "I will be praying for safe travel as you and your fellow riders embark on your journey. Gregory remains in my daily prayers as he helps keep our country safe and Free.... God Bless"
Kimberly Hessler $100.00 "Hi Linda, Homeland Security Careers wishes you an amazing ride. Thank you for supporting our brave heroes through this amazing effort. All the best to you and your team mates! Semper Fi!"
Sarah King $100.00 "Halsey - you are a machine!!!! :) Enjoy the ride and I'll see you soon!"
Brian Durr $100.00 "Thanks for all your effort toward this great cause Jake! "
james stover Hidden "Josh, Thank you for taking on a challenge like this to assist our brothers and sisters in arms. Please accept this donation on behalf of the men and women of the Praemittias Group. "
Ken and Janet Bollinger $100.00 "We love you!! We are proud of you and grateful for your efforts. Thank you to the men and women that sacrifice daily to protect this nation. We pray for the Lord's protection, peace and wisdom."
Veronica Britsch $100.00 "Awesome cause David! Hope to see y'all during your visit!"
Ed and Jayne Danhires $100.00 "Goooooo Mary!!!!! Take care of yourself --be safe----we are proud of you!!!"
Reg Destree Hidden "Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina. "
Tamrya Pagliaro $10.00 "Good luck! "
Anonymous $300.00 "Pray that all of you have a safe and enjoyable ride!!!!! See you at the finish line."
Michelle Peterson $40.00 "Keep pedaling and don't forget to look around and enjoy the ride! Good luck!"
Tom Kolenic $50.00 "Great cause and I'm happy to donate for your committment! Make sure Frank doesn't crash into you during his driving "support". "
Barbara Murray-Strachan $30.00 "No Coasting, Coach Bill and Barb"
Lisa Shank $50.00 "Good Luck Mary!!! Ride On !!!!"
Sandy Fath $25.00 "This is an incredible thing you do for our HERO'S every year Jim. Be careful on the ride!!"
David Barragan $500.00 "Thanks for supporting the Marines - Semper Fidelis SgtMaj David F. Barragan"
Vaso and Terry Stojic $100.00 "we are so proud of your dedication to helping those who have helped us! Have a successful ride Team Thompson!"
Linda & Michael Smallman $100.00 "Go Team Wheeler! $30, Let's widen the gap. We love you and are behind you every mile of the way. Godspeed and safe riding."
Jon Nuckolls $200.00 "Good Luck!"
Robert Walker $55.00 "I'd like to give a shout out to Rafetto, Thompson and Love."
Valorie Staggs $50.00 "Thanks for the opportunity to support such a great cause, Ride SAFE!!"
Sharon Miles $50.00 "We'll be praying for you Greg! God bless your ride!"
Jonathon Finley $100.00 "I'm going to miss riding with you all this year. Maybe next year. Until then, Ride Safe and have another great ride again this year. Jon"
Shani Bellm $50.00 "Good Luck Debbie! You Rock!!!"
Tracy Hamilton $50.00 "Good luck, be safe and may God Bless you on your ride Bob. Thank you for doing this."
Anonymous $83.00 "Anonymous from Las Vegas taxi cab passenger - Thank you!"
Meghan Llanes $50.00 "Steve- this is incredible!! Good luck next week & we hope you will be wearing the yellow jersey! no matter what though your dedication to this cause rocks!! love meghan & violet"
Andrew & Barbara McNeil $300.00 "God bless you on this journey! Thank you!"
Jack (Grampa) Hilger $100.00 "Have a fun and safe ride"
Bob & Judy Zapolski $100.00 "Very proud of you! Good luck and happy riding.......Bob & Judy"
Trygve Stout $250.00 "Good luck son- Mom and I are very proud of you. Love Dad and mom"
Nancy Andert $50.00 "I'm proud to support a great cause!"
Cynthia Jessen $200.00 "Grandpa Mac & Granny wishing you luck on your ride! Great job!"
Lana Cracchiolo Hidden "Way to go Britt...happy to donate and best wishes on your ride. Stay Safe!"
Carroll & Priscilla Hooks $25.00 "Dear Greg, Thank you for taking on this monumental and very important task. Your are a warrior for Christ and mankind."
Mike and Nancy Vest $200.00 ""Great cause; have a good and safe ride" "
Garage Sale $220.00 "Thanks goes out to all of you that donated items to sold at the garage sale-because of you it was a success!!"
Jan and Larry McCarthy $100.00 "So proud of all that you are and what you are riding for. Thank you. "
Anonymous Hidden "God Bless you and yours! We pray that God gives you strength."
MARY DE NITTO Hidden "I am so proud of you! Have a safe ride."
Nancy and Bob Unferth $50.00 "Have a good ride!"
Allison Mehr $50.00 "Enjoy the ride with your family cheering you on !!! Congrats to you !!!"
Walt Flom $50.00 "Ride on!"
Eric and Chris Thompson $50.00 "Good luck on your ride!! "
Robert Starkston $100.00 "Have a great ride!"
Douglas Ritenour $50.00 "Ride strong!"
Dawn Waters $25.00 "Thank you for what you are doing for our troops. "
Kendra Befort $100.00 "Don - hope the ride goes great and I hope a little more helps get you all closer to your goal! We can't wait to watch Penny. She is an adorable little puppy and Abby is going to have a great time with her. "
Perry Buckman $100.00 "Congratulations on your dedication to the success of this project and your personal commitment to seeing the servicemen and woman reach their goals."
David Pagano $100.00 "Good luck this weekend!"
Anthony Valencia $50.00 "Bob, Good Luck!!! Huge sacrafice you are making for a great cause."
Chapman Family $43.00 "Way to go Mike."
Susan and David Armer $100.00 "Have a great and safe ride and we hope to see you when you get to San Diego. Thanks for what you are doing! David and Susan ( Proud Marine Corp Parents)"
Kathleen Ybarra $100.00 "Good luck Bob. Our thanks for the sacrifices the Marines and their families make for all of us."
Garage Sale $185.65 "Thanks to everyone who contributed to the "Cause" by way of your donated items!! The Craigs, Sevaaetasi's, Barnett's, and Will & Marci."
Murali Dharan $250.00 "Thanks for raising awareness for this important cause. Ride like the wind!"
Anne Marie Pacitto $25.00 "Linda -GOOD LUCK and YOU'RE AWESOME. If we hadn't moved into our new place and needed darn furniture, I would have donated a lot more! Thanks for doing this, and HAVE A BLAST!! Anne Marie"
David Funkhouser $50.00 "Bob, best of luck, and tip of the hat to you for participating in such a noble cause!"
Christopher Barker $270.00 "Jim, Congratulations, your sponsorship goal is now achieved! You can now focus on riding for the Marines who's served & sacrificed for our great country. Semper Fi! Chris Barker"
Richard A Morrell $10.00 "Best wishes. I am so PROUD of you and all of your great work. Safe travels . . . have FUN!"
Bob and Chris Yager $50.00 "Thank you for all your hard work in bringing attention and help to this very important cause! We all owe our thanks and prayers for servicemen and their families who give so much."
Simon Beltran $200.00 "Thanks for your commitment to a great cause. Be safe. Prisma Graphic"
Simon Beltran $200.00 "Good luck Uncle Britt! From the Lauren, Amanda, Victoria and Beckett"
Ross Mark $100.00 "U r the best"
Randy Wiesner $101.00 "love you...have fun"
Gwenda Cowley $25.00 "I wish I could do more! DO kick Don's butt anyway...love you! Thx for doing this! "
THomasina Metts Hidden "Go get 'em, Mary!!!!! :-)"
Bob & Dawn Brewster $200.00 "Good Luck David!!"
Tommy & Judy Metts $50.00 "Thank you Tommy & Judy for putting me over the top!!!! you are the Best!!!!! Love Mary XO"
David Fraser Hidden "Greg, I know a lot of people really apprecitae what you are doing."
Pam and David Kolbe $200.00 "Good luck!"
Angelo De Nitto $150.00 "Good luck on your ride and never give up."
Chris Broemmer $100.00 "Terry - Good Luck on the ride! This is a great event."
laura goldberg $100.00 "Inspire and enjoy!!"
Andrea Mayfield $100.00 "Thank you for supporting our troops! Good luck and God's speed!"
Heather Hermann $50.00 "So happy to be the one pushing you over your goal! Good luck out there."
Tracie Romasko $25.00 "We are so incredibly proud of you and love you dearly! Tracie and Max"
Anonymous $100.00 "With heartfelt gratitude!"
Greg Tornga $100.00 "Good luck! Thank you for donating your time & efforts to a great cause. Greg & Lorraine"
mary paolone $20.00 "I will be thinking about you and praying for you all the way, David Love you, Nana"
Carlos Mendoza $200.00 "great work for a great cause... Way to go Brit!"
Todd and Kristen Schulte $50.00 "You are the best and I've never know you to back down from a challenge....ride on for Semper Fi....ride on!"
Gaspar Matthew $50.00 "Tear it up Billy!! We know you'll make it. See you in SD! Keep your shorts clean ;)"
Flora Schule $100.00 "You GO, Bob!!"
Jon Musser Hidden "Spent a little time recovering in Germany myself, hope you got to tast the beer..."
Thomas Assalone $250.00 "For my purple heart winning Dad, and all the brave men and women who sacrifice so much for all of us. "Freedom is not free." "
Bob Williams $25.00 "Good Luck, Thanks for all your hard work. Lizbeth & Bob "
Deborah Eskenazi $25.00 "Such a great cause! Good Luck!!!!"
Mary Lou and Gothard Lane Hidden "You go kid. Love ya!"
Bridget Radcliff $20.00 "On behalf of Gail Brooks."
Jim Mago Hidden "Thank you for your support of these young men and women of the Corps. They are America's finest. Semper Fi!"
Suneil Jain $150.00 "Good luck Dave! "
Suneil Jain $150.00 "Good luck Josh!"
Darillyn & Bob Doss Family Trust $200.00 "Once again ... thank you."
Jared Wesley $100.00 "Go get it Rem!"
Barbara Kehoe Hidden "Some more cash for the dash. Be safe! Love, Grandmother Kehoe"
Julie Lindberg $150.00 "In remembrance of Darwin Lindberg who served in the Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton, the Coral Sea, the Ticonderoga, and Japan. Have a safe trip Gary! Julie"
Laura Nugent $50.00 "Good luck on your ride, David! I think it is great that you do this for such a good cause."
Barbara Kehoe $50.00 "Feel that? It's our hands on your back pushing you all the way to the finish line. You are amazing Ruth, and we are so proud of you! Carry on! mom"
Tyson Kelley $100.00 "Thanks for all you do Fuss!"
Kathleen Koch $25.00 "Hi Jake - I am very proud of you and perhaps I will make the trip to San Diego on October 15th to congratulate you in person. If not, I am behind you and with you in spirit! Love, Aunt Kathi"
Anne Fream $25.00 "Way to g Rem!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Great guy and great cause!"
Peter D. Reiniger $100.00 "Way to go David -- Semper Fi and Anchors Aweigh! Pete"
Christie Hall $60.00 "Ride safe and have a blast! Christie Hall"
Jonathan Levine Hidden "Have a good ride kiddo"
John Jones $50.00 "Good luck "
SCOTT BURROWS $50.00 "Way to go Burg!!! The commitment and follow thru, the training, the heat , the hills, the time off work, you are an inspiration to all of us. "
Tony & Muriel Bertuccini $30.00 "Terry, We cannot begin to tell you how proud we are of you. This is a fantastic thing you are doing for our brave men and women who give their all so that we are free to do the things we love. We love you and hope you have a good ride. Uncle Tony & Aunt Muriel"
Dan & Luann hilger $100.00 "Way to go Jake!!!"
George Mroczkiewicz $300.00 "David, Sorry about the late contribution. I was having PC problems and was just able to access my e-mail today. Hope the ride went well. George."
Jonathan Watson $500.00 "Thank you again for your service Rob and thanks for continuing to sweat it out for our wounded Marine brothers. -Spike"
Rex Nelson $50.00 "Thank you!"
John and Leslie Mufich $100.00 "Congratulations on another amazing ride!"
Leanne Dalton $50.00 "You Rock Linda, I am so proud of you!!!!"
Chuck Paul $50.00 "Bob, what a GREAT cause and tremendous effort by you and the rest who participated. I get chills just thinking about it! Thanks SO much! Chuck"
Aaron Greenough $25.00 "Greg Armstrong!!!"
Joe and Emily Manning $50.00 "Brian, Sorry so late in getting this sent. Hope you had a great ride."
mitch stillman $100.00 "Congratulations"
mitch stillman $200.00 "Great effort- take a little break and then start training for March Madness!!"
Linda A Griffin $100.00 "Congratulations on both a very successful ride and marathon. Semper fi, Sunshine"
Mark Cates $350.00 "Great job Brian for a worthy cause!"
Virginia Cruse $25.00 "This donation is made in honor of Carl Hitchens, a Vietnam Combat Veteran who served with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division: (Republic of Vietnam) April 1968 – May 1969. Mr. Hitchens writes about his experiences and is the author of Sitting with Warrior, a historical-mythical journey of war and redemption. His work can be found online this December at The Veterans' PTSD Project at www.veteransptsdproject.com/blog. Semper Fi!"
Aaron and Rikki Hatfield $100.00 "Good luck on the ride! Thank you for supporting the Wounded Marine Program!"
Amanda Tapley $50.00 "Awesome job Jorge! So proud of the awareness you have brought to this. Thanks for your service."
Anonymous $40.00 "Mat Thompson "
Kyle Matsubara $100.00 "Hey Jorge, Always got your back bro. Always. Matsu"
Helen Dalton $100.00 "We are here for you and support you in taking care of our own. May God bless you as you move forward and take care of you and others on your journey."
Anthony Troxel $20.00 "Have a great time!!"
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