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Rebuilding Together Boston
Preserve affordable housing and homeownership, and help stabilize Boston neighborhoods
Rebuilding Together Boston (RTB) preserves affordable housing and homeownership, and stabilizes Boston’s neighborhoods by repairing and renovating the houses of the City’s low-income home owners. Marshaling and organizing hundreds of skilled trades people and volunteers, RTB enables the elderly, physically-challenged, veterans and their families, families with children, and others in need to remain in their homes in safety, security, warmth and independence. RTB also makes much-needed repairs to nonprofit-owned facilities such as youth, community and worship centers and schools. All work is performed at no cost to recipients. The organization is funded through the generous financial support of foundations, corporations, and individual donors. Every dollar contributed to RTB generates approximately four times its worth in donated materials, equipment, labor, and other in-kind contributions. Now in its twentieth year, Rebuilding Together Boston has served over 280 homeowners and non-profit organizations and performed repairs and renovations worth more than $6 million. To learn more, to volunteer, to become a supporter or to apply for our services, visit: www.rtboston.org or call 617-971-0058.

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