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Please help me raise funds for Michelle's Place

"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he can only do a little"
Edmund Burke.

I played a Reality Game on TV and now I am raising funds for those who are fighting for their lives through Reality Rally.This is a 3 day weekend of "Fun for Funds" that donates 100% of the funds raised by the Stars and in addition 100% net proceeds to our charity of choice which provides low cost and no cost services to those afflicted with breast cancer and their families..Please donate any amount you can because even your little will amount to a lot and provide services for the clients at Michelle's Place who are not playing a game. I thank you,Reality Rally thanks you and Michelle's Place thanks you. People from all over the world even have an opportunity to donate to our charity though our fundraising

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Gillian Larson Hidden "In honor of Chris Dalton, my brother, Michelle and Jenn Lyon who all died to young due to misdiagnosed cancers "
Edwin Campbell $100.00 "Gill, you have become quite the celeb. good luck and give the family a kiss from us."

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