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Woof woof means I have joined the fight, will you ? Woof means thanks
www.surfdogricochet.com I am at it again for an exciting new fundraiser and have challenged Reality TV Stars to beat me in a fundraiser.Woof woof, no way can they beat me, woof woof lets watch this unfold as they try to catch me. My life purpose is helping others enhance their lives if they have been affected by a tragic circumstance so this is right up my alley. Please help. There are 110 Reality Stars from 37 different shows participating in Reality Rally in Temecula Valley April 15-17, 2011.AND there are 6 Reality Star dogs. I am proud to be one of the Reality Stars giving back to this charity! This is going to be a major Reality Star “Fun for Funds” fundraiser for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center in Murrieta, California. Michelle died of breast cancer at age 26 because of a missed diagnosis. Her dying wish was to have a place where others like her and their families could go for help and support. Her parents started Michelle’s Place 10 years ago to fulfill that wish and be a haven for those affected by breast cancer during the fight for their lives. Reality Rally is proud to support Michelle's Place. This event includes all that Temecula offers and it is “taking a village” to produce it. That village is Temecula, California, the Reality Star community, and the public who are donating and will also come and enjoy the weekend. There are many ways you can be involved in this major event. I am doing my part by going to Temecula to be a part of the entire event and also by raising funds for our cause. This is where I need your help. Please let me be your first tax deduction for 2011 and donate anything you can to my fund. I have my gloves on to fight breast cancer and support those in their fight. Will you put your gloves on too? Check out www.realityrally.com and www.michellesplace.org I truly appreciate anything you can do to help me help Michelle’s Place.
I "paw it forward" for the fight.

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