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RU SigEp Brothers by the Wayside Fund
A Race without a Finish line!
Dear Friends, The year 2014 offers new hope that our brotherly love will never be forgotten. We faced the tragic loss of a brother that was by the wayside. Kimble will be truly missed but never forgotten. We have faced adversity in the past and our strength to stay together as a brotherhood is what keeps these fallen men alive in our hearts. This year is also a year of celebration as we begin our sustainability efforts of BBW by brining Sig Ep back on campus at Radford University. When I kicked off Brothers By the Wayside I said this is a race without a finish line. Knowing that going in our Board Members first order of business was taking a look at the future and putting a plan in place to sustain this important initiative. The answer was getting new men into the pipeline so that when our time passes so does the running of BBW. I am proud to say that we were able to help our brother Kimble when he needed help the most by donating over $21K in a special fundraiser in 2013. Your generous contributions did make a difference as it showed our support of Kimble in his final days. I am excited for our future as we run our race. Phillip Vera President Brothers by the Wayside
Total Donations: $40,132

Goal: $50,000

$0 80% $50,000

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