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Raven Rock Ramble 2013
A celebration of cycling, a celebration of life

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Total Donations: $3,155

Goal: $3,000

$0 105% $3,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Dayn & Suzanne McBee $100.00 "David, Best wishes for a great RRR! Dayn"
jane baker Hidden "Patrick and Kate, blessings on you. love and prayer, Jane"
Laurie Pearlstein Hidden "wish I could skate it with you!"
John Bruner $25.00 "Yea Blockhead! That will be quite an adventure. Good luck to you and Tim!"
wanda davidson $20.00 "Way to go Linda and Tim!!!! Good luck on skating AND hopefully getting a boatload of financial support for this awesome cause!!!! Wanda D"
Anonymous $30.00 "If your enthusiasm starts to fade and your energy begins to wane on your way to the finish line remember people support this cause because you support it. Be well Kate and Patrick. Thank you Linda and Tim."
Megan Fazekas-King Hidden "Much love and hugs to you both. Have a safe and fun ride!"
Georgia Lindsay Hidden "Sounds like such a fun way to raise money for such a great cause. I'm sad I'm not there to skate with you!"
June Green Hidden "Love sent to Patrick & Kate!"
Camp Hidden Meadows Tom Bryant Hidden "Unless Patrick has changed I would recommend he wear a helmet! Best wishes from everyone at Camp Hidden Meadows"
Thomas Logan Hidden "I am really happy to support the difference you all are making in the world. Your sibling connection is truly inspirational and it is awesome that you are working to help other people when I know you all have so much coming up!"
Ana Patel $50.00 "Dear Kate and Patrick - You two are wonderful and inspiration siblings. You define the terms brother and sister. I wish you smooth riding! "
Stephanie Tabor $25.00 "Proud of you.... Love, S"
Randy Raskin $25.00 "Tailwind all the way. Best of luck to all skaters, donors and recipients."
Tim Powell $25.00 ";)"
Zink Kristi Hidden "I'm Rhiannon's friend. Heal well!!!"
wendy woerner $20.00 "bowing to your rollerblading feet for your care and support of this cause, linda and tim. sending good vibes your way for a smooth event in all ways."
Jane Laping $10.00 "31 miles on skates?! Go Linda Go! My legs hurt just thinking about it. I hope there is some nice scenery along the way. Jane"
Lewis Isaac $25.00 "Linda, skate like the wind!"
Aaron Callaghan Hidden "Wishing you all the very best."
Holly Baumgartner $10.00 "Tear it up, Linda! "
Marcia Schveibinz $100.00 "Good Luck on race day Linda!"
Jeff and Melanie Raskin $25.00 "Go Linda and Tim, and enjoy!"
Shannon Seymour $25.00 "Have a great skate, Linda, & thanks for bringing attention to a good cause."
Kimberly Boss $25.00 "Way to go Linda. Keep on rollin! Best of luck to your friends."
Kari Sickenberger $20.00 "Buena Suerte, Amiga!"
Patricia Johnstone $50.00 "We're sending healing thoughts and energy your way. Love, Chris and Patty"
Greg Grodem $10.00 "Hey, this is so you. "
Daniel Fowler $20.00 "I hope you find a warm fireplace and a hot beverage as soon as you get done. It's COLD out"
Janet Powell Hidden "Patty you are always in our thoughts. Janet Powell"
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