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Rhode Island Hawks Basketball Club
Thank You for your interest and support of the Rhode Island Hawks Boys AAU Basketball Program ! The Rhode Island Hawks Boys AAU Basketball Program is constantly striving to maintain its position as one of Rhode Island and New England's premiere organizations for the development of boys basketball in this region. We will continue to have a positive National and Regional presence and reputation by competing at the highest levels. The Rhode Island Hawks, open to all interested players, will always be known as a teaching organization that helps its athletes both on and off the court. The Rhode Island Hawks recognize the priorities of family and education and enthusiastically accepts its role as a basketball related complement to those important responsibilities and relationships. At the same time we value and respect the benefits of participation in the game of basketball and will continue to treat the game for what it is....a chance for players to, not only develop their skills to play at the next level , but also to have fun, learn to compete and to grow as individuals. The Rhode Island Hawks welcome any and greatly appreciate all donations and sincerely thank you for your interest in helping create a brighter future for our youth.

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Total donations: $400

Goal: $10,000

$0 4% $10,000

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