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Portland's 2010 Run for Congo Women
On June 26, 2010, I will be running a 5K with some friends to help raise money and awareness for the women of Congo. Please consider donating - the world needs to know what is happening in the Congo. "Civilians are left to fend for themselves against brutal attacks, torture, looting, rape and murder, as well as deprivation of the most basic conditions necessary for life. Women in the Congo carry the heaviest of burdens. They have been gang raped. Tortured. Watched their husbands and children murdered in front of them. Forced to flee their homes. Many have watched two, four, even seven children die from preventable illnesses." Please donate. Thank you.

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Total Donations: $525.00
Goal: $500

$0 105% $500

Contributor Amount Comment
Barbara Kahn $25.00 "Yea, Amy. Another good cause that you and Tim support!"
John Weil $50.00 "God Bless, Amy, and I hope you surpass your goal. "
Greg Englund $50.00 "This is a great cause. Thanks for doing this! "
Tait Scieszinski $25.00 "Run, Amy, Run!"
jessy farrell $25.00 "happyrunningface, Amy! have fun running for such a great cause!"
Isa Moskowitz $50.00 "Run like the wind! Or like a gentle breeze. Either way."
al gedgaudas $25.00 "Amy, we are proud that you support causes that are important. Love ya, M&D"
Chelsea Lewandowski $50.00 "What a great cause to support! Best of luck on obtaining and exceeding your goal!"
Annie Hartman $15.00 "I'll be cheering you on from behind...probably waaaay back!"
Emiko Badillo $46.25 "This is a donation from Lisa Higgins and Brian Wilson! They gave me cash, so I'm dividing it up between the team."
Celine Steen $25.00 "go, SuperAmy, go!"
Below are the voices of women who have benefited from Women for Women's Congo Program - hopeful, generous, grateful. Please donate to support their effort, or set up a fundraising page and rally your friends and family behind them as well! "Just as you always run to change my life, I want to run to change the lives of other women. My running in my disabled state will encourage other people to join." -Generose "I would love to run in order to raise money to sponsor other women. The situation we are in is bad. You helped change my life." -Furaha "I would like to run because it will benefit the women who are really needy, so they can get out of hardships and become aware of good things. I thank American women so much for their devotion, and I encourage them to keep supporting us!" -Francine Funds raised here benefit the entirety of Women for Women International's Congo program. If you would like to sponsor an individual woman, please visit Women for Women.
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