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James Riser's Pat's Run Fundraising Page
Supporting our Military Veterans, Active Duty, and Spouses!
A lot of you know that I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. You also know(especially my wife) that I am a huge sports fan. So supporting an organization that has two of the things that mean a lot to me is a no brainer. The Pat Tillman Foundation host Pat's Run in Tempe, AZ every year as well as Shadow Runs across the United States. These runs raise money for the Tillman Military Scholars Program that assists Military Veterans, Active Duty members, and their spouses in continuing their education. Since I can not be in the US this year I organized a Pat's Run Troop Run here in Afghanistan to raise money for the Foundation. Since a lot of you can not be here to participate in this run I have set up this page to help collect donations. I have set a goal to raise $2,000.00. I am not asking for you to give me all your money any size donation that helps me in reaching my goal would be greatly appreciated. So please if you can help me reach my goal for this great organization. Thank you in advance.

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Total Donations: $1,767.00
Goal: $2,000

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