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In Honor of Kristy Gough
First annual race celebrating the life of Kristy Gough
Kristy and our rescue dog Jack - 2008

Thank you for your help in remembering Kristy and supporting a cause to which she was dedicated. Kristy was passionate about pushing herself to achieve the most out of life. She was also passionate about those around her who didn't have a voice. She had a special love for the animals in her life. They were an integral part of who she was.

Kristy's long time companion was a little Cairn Terrier named Sonya who was her first love. Kristy once wrote that Sonya was "such a sweet soul" and when she was traveling it was Sonya she missed and couldn't wait to see again. Kristy also talked for Sonya whose philosophy was "Me First" and "Change is Bad". Ha! During her last years Sonya suffered a stroke and Kristy became her eyes and legs as well. Too feeble to walk outside Kristy would carry her around the block. They always slept together even when it became impossible for Sonya to make it through the night without an accident. This race will be very near the one year anniversary of Kristy's death and I am hoping to continue her spirit of compassion towards animals by participating in this event.

I can't tell you how many emails she would send me telling me what PETA was doing and how I could help. This is going to be my first race but through training and hard work I hope to be able to do it each year. Please join with me in making it a success by helping me to honor the love we all have for the animals in our lives and for those who have championed their causes.

With all my love, Karen - the proudest mother of all.

ABOUT KRISTY: Kristy was a 30 year old gifted athlete who had won numerous international competitions, including setting course records and winning her age group in Ironman triathlons. On March 9, 2008 Kristy was killed when a car driven by a Sheriff Deputy struck her while on a group training ride. She was training for the 2008 Olympics and was subsequently awarded an Olympic Flag by the Olympic Commission as a posthumous tribute to her accomplishments. This race is being run by her mother Karen in honor of her daughter.

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Total Donations: $3,750.00
Goal: $3,000

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For 2010 PETA Pack information, please visit www.peta.org. Thank you!
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