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Hi everyone - Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. On Sunday, November 6, I'll be teaming up with ING and the New York Road Runners to take on my next athletic challenge - the 26.2 mile ING New York City Marathon.

I'm really excited to be serving as an ambassador for the ING Run For Something Better program, a charitable initiative that promotes youth fitness through school-based running programs across the country.

During the marathon, I'll be wearing a pair of ING’s signature orange shoelaces as a symbol of my support. Orange laces are given to those who make a donation of $10 or more, so please join me in the fight against childhood obesity and contribute today.

Learn more about the program by checking out the website or watching the video below. Thanks again for your help.

When you raise money for or donate money to ING Run For Something Better, you’ll help kids nationwide make fitness a priority, just like you have. IRFSB (a non profit initiative) helps fight childhood obesity by sponsoring school-based running fitness programs, helping kids everywhere get out and get active. To learn more about our cause, Click Here .

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Total Donations: $426.00
Contributor Amount Comment
Chrisanna Johnson $100.00 "Let's get this started! Run Andy Run!!! ~ The Johnson Family"
Melinda Hersh $10.00 "Joining the party;) Hey! it's better for professionals to do 26 miles and 385 yards, we'll do the cheering and donating...next time, Andy, to remember, it is your turn. To friends and followers of Andy! join the party and donate $10 for the kids......or more, get the orange laces to your friends and family. $10/wk till your run:) KID! Auntie M"
ieGive.com on behalf of Summers McKay! $50.00 "This is a donation from ieGive.com on behalf of Summers McKay who won a $50.00 contest to help us come up with a slogan for our website which will be up in two months. We're a gift donation website for kids and expecting moms. ieGive cuz "it's easy to be good." :-)"
Melinda Hersh $10.00 "Glad 2 more donors came on board! keep practicin', keep it safe:)"
Sue Elliott $25.00 "Andy, Good Luck, Be Safe......THANKS for helping the kids!!!!!"
Eldora Blacksmith $25.00 "All aboard with Chrisanna, Melinda and Sue"
Kimberly Mueller $26.20 "Cheers to "moving" in every sense of the word and to healthier, fitter, and happier kids worldwide. Enjoy the B2B 26.2!!!"
Macy aka: Da Bug O'Connor $20.00 "Good luck with the craziness, won't be able to make NY but we have Vegas Dec 4th... Run hard, see ya soon!!"
Melinda Hersh $10.00 "As promised, 10/week or equivalent till the race:) Keep on tracking, KID!"
Melinda Hersh $10.00 "8 more days till the NYCM...come on "Andy friends"!!! Let's GO! It's for the KIDs! ****Dr. J~HB:))**** and Thank you for your efforts to call for donations!"
Rose Mary Griffin $25.00 "What a great cause. I see so many obese kids in the clinic that I work at. Good for you Andy to keep pushing for good health through diet and exercise!!!!!"
Hersh Melinda $10.00 "This is for my 24th Wedding Anniversary today:) We've moved the bar by 2 and I'm glad, hope more of your readers give to a charity or better still, here with your cause. Do something meaningful instead of getting that expensive gift. My girls were happy to get that kind of gift as well as my hubby when he got a child to help instead.....how many shirts/ties/etc can one think of to give for 24 years....not a lot:) And this is the 10 as promised;)"
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