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Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate
On October 10, 2010, I’m participating in the Portland Marathon and fundraising for my favorite organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Susan G. Komen for the Cure began as a promise between two sisters to end breast cancer forever, and today it is the largest and most progressive grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists across the world.
Komen’s promise is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all, and energizing science to discover the cures. The Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure has one, clear goal – saving lives.

For residents in Oregon and SW Washington, they provide:

• Education about breast cancer and early detection

• Information and support to breast cancer survivors and their families

• Mammograms for the uninsured or underinsured

• Transportation and treatment support for survivors

This year, my support for Komen is critical. In 2009, Komen Oregon was only able to fund mammograms for 6,500 of the more than 57,000 women in Oregon who are uninsured. Thousands of women still have barriers to transportation and treatment of breast cancer. And, according to a profile study of community needs, there are still many women who have insurance but do not receive regular breast screenings. The message of early detection is as important as ever.

Please consider how you can help me make a difference by supporting this great organization. $88 could provide a screening mammogram for one uninsured woman. $125 could provide full screening services for one uninsured woman (clinical breast exam and mammogram). A contribution to Komen in any amount helps to save lives in our own community.

Thanks for your support.

P.S. For the fourth year in a row, Susan G. Komen for the Cure has been awarded a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, the premier independent charity evaluator that rates charities by evaluating financial health, organizational efficiency, and organizational capacity.

Total Donations: $3,346

Goal: $385

$0 869% $385

Contributor Amount Comment
Rita Clancy $25.00 "If you train this hard you damn well should be able to run this!"
sara willis $88.00 "go ellen!!!"
Joan Clancy $25.00 "Run Ellen Run! Love Mom, joan Clancy"
Earline Berndt $25.00 "You go girl ----Bless you for all your work !! Luv ya, Auntie Earline"
sheila clancy $88.00 "You are an inspiration!!"
Leah Hunkins $100.00 "In memory of Lorna Heimgartner who just passed away on Aug 11th. Run Ellen, Run! "
Tim Clancy $88.00 "Good luck!"
michael clancy $88.00 "don't forget your sunblock!"
Patricia DiVita $25.00 "Way to go Ellen! You are fantastic!"
Sharon Clancy $88.00 "Hey Ellen, Thanks so much for raising awareness and funds for the cause. Best of Luck at the run! We are will all be cheering you on. Best, Sharon :) xo"
nora clancy $25.00 "go ellen! have fun! "
Sabin Pradhan $125.00 "go Ellen"
Abdurrahman Pasha $25.00 "If we didn't live the way we do--if our air, water, and food wasn't saturated with poison--then we would already have a cure. But, I guess that's small consolation for those with cancer. I hope this helps somebody. Have a fun run."
Jeanie Neven $25.00 "You go girl!"
Robyn Bortnick $25.00 "Ellen, you rock! We're so impressed. Love, Robyn, Bob & Sam"
Michael Nguyen Hidden "Keep up the hard work Q!"
Mary Fitzgerald $125.00 "Go, Ellen!! I will be thinking of you on 10-10-10. What a wonderful tribute to Peggy! xo"
Anna Sengvong $30.00 "Good luck!"
David Cottril $25.00 "Have Fun Dave"
radford janssens $25.00 "Rooting for you Kris and thanks for doing good! You make a fine sales person."
Kathleen Miller $25.00 "You sold me. Go Kris, go!"
Anna Steffner $25.00 "What a great, generous idea!"
Emily Poe $5.00 "Save the bewbs!"
Lauren Krieg $25.00 "Because I admire you, Kris, and I want to support you. And I would like to honor my Grandma who is an 82 year-old survivor."
Katherine Hill $40.00 "Run free and happy. "
Kimberley Shore $5.00 "F' cancer indeed."
Randi Morris $36.00 "In Hebrew, the number 18 is composed of the letters that form the word "chai", or "life" in English. Therefore, by donating $36, I am giving double life. Have a great run/walk/stroll, Kris. F*ck Cancer!"
Gurukarm Khalsa $10.00 "So, here I am, a day late (or two) and a dollar short - oh wait, not that - a dollar is here, plus a few :-) And I'm so glad finally to be able to post a comment to you - I LOVE your tumblr blog but have never figured out how to even "like" your posts, much less comment. So, hope it went fantastic and you're feeling great. And thx for your posts!"
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