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Reducing Stroke’s Impact in North Carolina
Your dollars help the North Carolina Stroke Association in its work to reduce stroke incidence and impact by:
1) Increasing public awareness through stroke risk screenings and education on stroke risk factors and stroke symptoms;
2) Enhancing post-stroke survivor and caregiver quality of life, and
3) Supporting hospitals through assessments and funding as they pursue Acute Stroke Ready certification.

Who are we?

The North Carolina Stroke Association is a 501(c) (3) organization that was founded in 1998 by a group of physicians and lay persons in their collective response to the increasing prevalence of stroke and its attendant disabilities.

How does my donation help?

The NC Stroke Association exports its programs to hospitals throughout the state for implementation. Our goal is to make our programs available in every county in the state with opportunities for financial assistance through our NC Partnership Grant Program.

What percentage of donations funds program development and maintenance?

The NC Stroke Association uses 100% of its donations to fund, administer, and maintain its various programs.

“The North Carolina Stroke Association is committed to reducing the incidence and impact of stroke. Currently, one in five North Carolinians has little to no access to the accepted standard of timely treatment for acute stroke, a gap that must be closed. By supporting NCSA with your donation, you are helping us realize our vision of every stroke patient in our state receiving the proper level of care in the most expeditious and efficient manner.”

Beth Parks, Executive Director North Carolina Stroke Association

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