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Nikkei Accessible Information & Services
Running for Accessibility for the Elderly and Disabled
Nikkei Accessible Information & Services (NAIS) is a 501(C )(3) non-profit organization that helps to improve the quality of life of seniors and disabled in the Japanese-American community as well as disabled visitors from Japan. NAIS provides recreational outings and trips for seniors and support groups for the elderly, caregivers and family members primarily of Japanese descent.

Our mission is to make our community more accessible for the elderly and disabled by providing information and encouraging participation in various cultural and recreational activities. NAIS provides recreational outing for seniors who hesitate or give up on traveling due to the hassle in needing wheelchairs or other mobility aids. What makes our trips unique are slow-paced schedules for seniors and volunteers who assist participants with a variety of ambulatory aids.

For Japanese-speaking seniors who might have a difficulty in understanding services for seniors due to a language barrier, we offer senior classes on topics such as memory improvement, health and services for seniors in Japanese to help them stay healthier and happier.

We also encourage further visitation of disabled people from Japan and other area of the United States to our community by providing accessible information and arrangement of a volunteer tour companion or a translator, as well as planning dialysis treatments.

NAIS has an access to a network of specialized services such as dialysis, caregivers and nurses in Japan for those who visit from the United States as well.

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