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TEAM TO END AIDS (T2): 2012 Marine Corps Marathon
Every 9 ½ minutes someone in the United States is infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Fortunately, compassionate people throughout the country have formed organizations to provide services, reduce the human suffering and bring hope to people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. TEAM TO END AIDS supports the life-saving work of AIDS United and the Washington AIDS Partnership (an AIDS United community partner) by helping to raise funds to support programs and services that change lives in the District of Columbia and around the country.

The mission of AIDS United is to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States. AIDS United will achieve this goal through national, regional and local policy/advocacy, strategic grantmaking, and organizational capacity building. With partners throughout the country, AIDS United works to ensure that people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS have access to the prevention and care services they need and deserve.

The creation of AIDS United maximizes the resources and strengths of leading national HIV/AIDS organizations, the National AIDS Fund and AIDS Action, and combines private-sector fundraising, philanthropy, coalition building, public policy expertise, and advocacy — as well as a network of passionate local and state partners — to most effectively and efficiently respond to the disease in the communities most impacted by it.

TEAM TO END AIDS helps participants accomplish their training and fundraising goals, enabling them to make a difference in the fight against AIDS. Our training program is geared to beginners and experienced athletes alike who share a common vision – a country without AIDS.
Total Donations: $41,371

Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous Hidden "Good Work Myra........I'm very proud of you.....Cousin Johnny"
Ginger Graham-Murphy $50.00 "Way to go Myra"
Anonymous $50.00 "Congratulations from your IBA team!!!"
richard moore $25.00 "I'm rooting for you DIVA. And by the way, if you pass by the Caribbean Resturant, pick up me some Curry Goat Chicken. Thank you Boo."
Health and Home Support Services, Inc. $50.00 "Run Forest Run!!!"
Delores Blair $20.00 "Get to the finish line......First. LOL. "Run Gwen Run"!"
Ronnette Thompson $10.00 "I cant wait to see you cross the finish line w/ that bling around your neck!!!"
JoAnn Hague $50.00 "How wonderful that you are doing this, Myra! God's blessing and strength go with you."
Carol Lynn Dolberry $25.00 "Because we (Frankie & I) believe in you we will invest in your cause!! We love you!!"
Alida Woods $25.00 "Go Elliott. Glad you are doing this! Lida"
Sidney Binks $50.00 "Run WITH the wind!"
Marc Diener $50.00 "Good luck!"
Jumana Rustom $25.00 "Good luck Elliott! "
Jane Jensen $25.00 "Go get 'em"
John Patterson $10.00 "Good Luck Gwen. Go out there and leave it all on the course!"
Harry Alexander $50.00 "Good Luck Myra "
John Patterson Jr $50.00 "Good Luck I hope this helps. Go get em!"
Eleanor Howard $25.00 "Rather thee than me! "
Edward Pesce $100.00 "Scott, Good Luck and Good Health! Ed "
Monica Gaw $150.00 "Good Luck Scott!"
Kelsey Cummings $100.00 "You are awesome :)"
Barbara Carter $40.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Charley - Take care of the planters."
john shuck $100.00 "probably not as exciting as riding a motorcycle in China, but a damn good cause..!!"
Diane Hawkins $50.00 "I am so proud of you."
Jamie Laurie $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Steve Spears $100.00 "Good luck Charley"
Ouch ItHurts $25.00 "Go Kristy!"
Steve Adams $50.00 "Go Myra! xoxo Stevie"
Lauren Winsten $25.00 "GOOD LUCK, KRISTINA!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!"
Rashad Kawmy $50.00 "Good Luck EL!"
Omar Bilal $25.00 "Glad I could help."
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Todd Go! We are with you 100 percent!"
Scott Moon $100.00 "You can do this Michelle!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "good LUCK"
Shareef Bilal $25.00 "GO Team Threats!"
mychell wright $50.00 "We are ssssooooooooo proud of you Girlfriend!!!! 11 marathons has to be some kinda ...MARATHON HAHAHAHA! You definitely give a new meaning to "running for your life!""
Julia Brook Hidden "To the moon and back! xo"
Sara Sonet $50.00 "Go Coach! We'll be cheering!"
Paul Smith $50.00 "Have a great run!"
James White $50.00 "Go get it, go get that blessing. It's your time!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Dionne, you are dear to my heart. I am proud of you for being committed to such an important cause.. I am also grateful for the opportunity to help."
Graeme Wicks $10.00 "What you're doing is awesome, good luck and hard training! -Graeme"
Laura Knudsen $25.00 "Happy birthday, Helen!!! Great job and enjoy every moment as I know you will!!! (= XOXO and HUGS!!!"
Aaron Muhammad $25.00 "Decide. Commit. Succeed!!!"
Pat and John Koskinen $100.00 "Ronette, Good luck. It's a wonderful cause and we're impressed that you're running a marathon. All the best. Pat and John"
Lindsey Schneider $50.00 "Cheering you on!! You can do it!!"
Cynthia Cummings $25.00 "Go Charley!"
Chris Wingo $50.00 "Good Luck Scott!"
Patricia Stasco $40.00 "Run, Josh, run!!"
DANIEL KAPNER $25.00 "Good luck Josh!!!!"
Janet Gebhart $50.00 "Good luck Josh!"
Adam Teicholz $50.00 "Go go go!"
Mary Sylvester $50.00 "Good luck at MCM! I am running Philly on 11/14 and will look to you for inspiration!"
Catherine Engel $100.00 "Go for it Kristy! Love Cathy, Mike, Cole and Aunt Catherine!!!!!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Charley!"
Belinda Lai $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Rosemary Cummings $50.00 "That's my boy!"
ellen eardley Hidden "you inspire me, josh."
Huxley Conklin $100.00 "I'm on TEAM ELLIOTT! "
Eva Turner $25.00 "Hi Todd, I am happy to support your efforts in the research for Aids research. I am making my pledge in memory of my beautician, "James Hughes", who died of Aids. Love Always, Aunt Eva "
Bamidele Abogunrin $100.00 "5104"
david jacobsohn $150.00 "Ronette, I have great admiration and respect for you and what you are doing. Thank you for caring so much. Good luck with both fundraising and the run. All the Best, David"
Kerrie Leslie $50.00 "Good Luck Kristina!!!"
jeffrey bank $50.00 "what a great cause to support thanks for thinking of me to help.."
Melanie Bilal-Douglas $100.00 "you are an inspiration Todd-thank you for the chance for me to give a little more"
Susan McFadden $25.00 "Go guy! We're proud of you."
Shawn Nelson Schmitt $25.00 "Go Ells! A great guy running for a great cause!"
Jennifer Yahner $25.00 "Good luck & thanks for doing this, Rayanne!"
Michael Freedman $50.00 "Great job, guys! Best of luck!!!"
Derrich Sosa $100.00 "I wish you luck on this run and hope you do great."
Jennifer Wolinski $100.00 "HEY GIRL HEY!"
Marlon Andrews $25.00 "Go Cat!!!"
Sara Pope $50.00 "Train hard and have fun!!"
Katherine Uschmann $25.00 "Have a great run, Josh!"
Ian Martinez $1.00 "WE DID IT!!!"
Ian 'Evil Twin' Martinez $15.01 "I DID IT!!!"
Diane Marchert $50.00 "Cheering you on guys!!"
Selena Elmer $25.00 "I wanted to give $26.20 in honor of your mileage, but this will have to do. :)"
Danielle Hawkins $100.00 "Go Rayanne! You're badassss!!!"
Sara Debus-Sherrill $25.00 "Run like the wind (or a slow, cool breeze)!"
Rebecca Schumann $10.00 "I am so proud of you, my Lola-dear!!"
Clarensinna Sheppard $15.00 "Good Luck Lola Keep up the good work!"
Jason Owen $10.00 ""You Can Do It!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ2HcRl4wSk"
Doug Chinn $100.00 "Scott, I'm glad you are taking the time to do this. May the wind be at your back the entire run. Or at least while going up any hills! "
Robert Szulczewski $250.00 "I coached your son, now I am coaching you. A can of beer in each pocket will help with your balance. Run like a chicken!!!! Rob"
Penny Reed $500.00 "Always have been and always will be your number one fan! "
Scott Campbell $250.00 "I can vouch for Bill's training routine. Go for it Bill!"
David Merchant $25.00 "I hope that I'm the first to say run Lola, run!"
mark carter $50.00 "This donation was made by Patricia Croy. Thank you!!!!!!!"
Benjamin David $100.00 "Yasher Ko'ach!"
Donald Weber $100.00 "You go, rabbi!"
barbara rosenthal Hidden "Go Rabbi!!!"
Barbara Fayne $50.00 "Good Luck"
Anh Vu $50.00 "Make us proud!!!"
Adam Sobel $180.00 "We are so proud to support you, Rabbi Weiner, in your run for a truly worthy cause! Suzi and Adam"
Donna Smiley $250.00 "Thank you - You honor my dad, Al Smiley, victim of the then little-understood AIDS epidemic in 1983... Donna Smiley (and Kim and Emily Michels)"
Steve Weiner $200.00 "Good luck Scott"
Nancy La Vigne $50.00 "Way to go, Rayanne - I admire your dedication and commitment!!"
Katherine Abello $25.00 "We're so proud of you two! Go get 'em, tigers!"
Cheryl Barkin Hidden "Awesome Scott! Good luck with the run."
Nina Pinnock $35.00 "Good for you, Elliot. Hope you have a good race. "
Anat Leonard Hidden "Go Josh!"
Ted Araneta $40.00 "Run, Cat, Run!!"
vivian ammons $25.00 "see you at the Finish Line...."
Mark Carter $50.00 "This donation was made by T J Kaczka. Thank you! You Rock!!!!"
Brian Markham $25.00 "Hope this helps. Good Luck, Lola!!!!!"
Kerith Spencer-Shapiro Hidden "Rock on, Rabbi!!!! :)"
Fran Petrella $50.00 "Good luck, Lola!"
Glen Powell Hidden "Run ladies, run!"
Kevin Watkins $15.00 "Good luck Scott!"
Ruth Johnson $25.00 "Good luck!"
Molly Swenson Hidden "Go Britt Go!!!"
Dr. Cynthia Baker $5.00 "Gwendolyn, good luck on your race and thank you for all of the hard work that you do."
Teddie Nelson $100.00 "Good luck!!"
Christy Wise Hidden "Cat, I'm in awe of what you're doing especially in this scorching heat. Go for it! Christy "
Jessica Soto $50.00 "Work it GUUUUUUUUURL! So proud of you!"
Anonymous $55.00 "Thank you for you support Rebecca Robb, Lan Bui, Lena Tong, Aunt Mary Caffas"
Pamela Lin $50.00 "Go Ty Ty and Robert! - Ting Ting & Buh-ray-dee"
Dustin Andres $20.00 "Kill it Alanna! Nice to see you and Josh tonight."
Dane Swenson $50.00 "Way to go, Peanut!"
Vickie Frazier $20.00 "Way to go, Britt!"
Catherine Colwell $40.00 "pumped to see you sweat it out! ;)"
Will Rosenheimer Hidden "All State?!? Way to go Britt"
Celia Threlkeld $25.00 "Best of luck Britt!"
Anne & Oliver Shepard $51.00 "Go Britt. You little... We're in second place right now!"
Hale Melnick $10.00 "Tsat!"
Elena Fairley $10.00 "Very cool. Get after it!"
Todd and Janet Purdy $100.00 "Go, Jenny, Go!"
Kakie and Andrew Mcmillan $100.00 "Best of luck Ty and Robert!"
Kristopher Brown $25.00 "Good luck!"
Jeri Schneider $15.00 "Way to go, marathon womon!!!"
Teshara Felder $25.00 "Get it Gwen!"
Emily Celano $20.00 "Good Luck Cat!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Vinoteca Fundraiser!!!"
Oyinkansola Ogunrinde $25.00 "Keep up the good work...you remain an inspiration!"
Chantharaphon Vogel $25.00 "GO JENJEN! GO JENJEN! YOU CAN DO IT! Can't wait to run this crazy race with you :-)"
Joshua Kelty $25.00 "For years and years, you have stood beside us through thick and thin, loving, accepting and supporting us along the way...It's an honor and a privilege to know you! Much love! --Josh"
Jessica Neumer $50.00 "Happy training! So proud of you two!! "
Sharon Scott $25.00 "you go girl."
Emily Crowder $50.00 "You guys are amazing! Good luck! :-)"
Mark Watkins $50.00 "Ronette, I am VERY proud of you for doing this. You know I think marathons are crazy; however, I think this cause is absolutely worth the craziness. Best of luck, Mark Watkins AZ"
Jarrod Fullerton $25.00 "Run Faster! "
Phyllis Brawley $100.00 "We're so proud of you and look forward to your 2nd marathon. Love, Mom & Dad"
Kevin Ward $100.00 "So proud of you Jen! Love you!"
Gabriel Hernandez $50.00 "Good luck from Gabe and Rachel! "
Josephine Glausen $10.00 "Good luck Cate!"
John Kinnane $50.00 "Run Cate, run!!!"
Courtney Wells $25.00 "Go Cat, So proud of you! "
Catherine Spangler $35.00 "Thanks Ehrlinda Buddy and Karen Batcheller!"
David Arroyo $10.00 "I am proud of you!!!"
Michael Wyatt $100.00 "Go get 'em Tiger! RAWRRRRRR"
James Cox $50.00 "Keep up the great work, Scott!"
Anonymous Hidden "Kick ass Rayanne! Way to run hard for a great cause! Cheering you on, Jasen & Elizabeth"
Paul Andrews $100.00 "Cat- I am SO PROUD of you! GO!"
Chantharaphon Vogel $25.00 "GO TEAM GO!!!!"
Anonymous $40.00 "See you at the finish line!!!! Meow~"
Bessie Sycip $40.00 "almost to goal!!! in more ways than one! "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back."-Irish Proverb. i am so exceedingly PROUD of you!!! :D"
Katie & Philip Green $25.00 "Good Luck Cate! We're very proud of you, you're AWESOME. xxoo"
Ashley Morgan $5.00 "Best of luck!"
Jennifer Drinkwater $250.00 "Love you Berto and Tyler! Run hard!"
Vickie Howard $50.00 "Run Helen, run. I know you will do well!"
Xiaojia Hua $10.00 "I am so happy we get to literally run alongside each on this journey we will never forget. Congrats to both of you on this amazing commitment! <3 "
Xiaojia Hua Hidden "Run Scott Run! So happy we can do this again for the second year! I am so proud of you and everything you have achieved! <3 "
JOSHUA LUNDELL $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Joshua Markman $50.00 "Good luck! Way to embrace our "Go big or go home" motto!"
Dwight Simmons $5.00 "Run, Forrest, I mean Gwen, Run! "
Anonymous $30.00 "if you start to feel tired, just dig a little deeper!! PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!!"
DENISE ELLIS $30.00 "Good luck on the run Sis!"
Desmond Walker $10.00 "I hope this helps you reach your $1,000. Happy running!"
Tiona Morris $10.00 "Good Luck!!!! :)"
Joy Golston $15.00 "We got this soror!"
Anthony Johnson $100.00 "You are literally my hero, babe. All I can say is thank you from both of us. TJ&JT"
Aishah Bilal $50.00 "Great cause. Go TODD!"
Carol Dolberry $35.00 "I am just seeing this and it's 24 minutes after midnight. I hope my donation gets you to where you wanted to be!! You are my hero..."
Ally and Dave Flower $50.00 "Good luck Becca and Justin, you guys will be great!"
Randall Schloss $180.00 "Run Scott run! May you raise lots of money for a good cause, and may your run be swift and injury free! Love, Randy, Leah, Maya and Sonya."
Natalie Bridgewater $40.00 "From James & Natalie1 Good Luck Todd!"
Kimberly Washington $25.00 "Glad to support you like you support so many others. "
Katrina Herron Hidden "A small token, but will be rooting for you and hoping you keep cool—good luck my friend!"
donallf turner $250.00 "Proud of my girl. Thank u for being YOU. xo"
Catherine Spangler $30.00 "Thanks Amy Smith & Hillary Grenade for your support!"
Debra Threats $25.00 "Todd, good luck and we will be rooting for you."
Jane Belluche $50.00 "Marine Marathon!! Have a great run, Cate!"
Cartelis Wilson $50.00 "Go Dionne!!!!!! Cartelis, Sharon, The Kids and Chuy!! :-)"
Anonymous $250.00 "You make us very proud in all you do. You have the most gracious, loving heart along with your compassion intelligence and beauty inside and out. May God bless you in all your endeavors as you deserve the best because everything you touch and do turns to gold. Stay golden. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Britt!"
Anonymous $75.00 "Go, Di!"
Jonathan Tran $25.00 "Good luck Dan and Helen! This has inspired me to consider doing my first marathon....one day."
Arthur Cummings $500.00 "Dude, You are the man!"
Sheana Hamill $50.00 "Thanks for championing this cause on our behalf - go Rayanne! "
Kathy and Ross Medeiros Hidden "GO CATE, GO! Love, Mum and Dad"
Mike & Kimi Medeiros $75.00 "Crush it."
Katie Anderson $10.00 "Spotted, Scissor Sister rocking the crap out of her race! XOXO Bomo Queen"
Frances Shaw $10.00 "To Cate, Love Noah....run fast my wife. I miss you."
casey waha $50.00 "Go get em big sis! Love u!"
Kelly Quinn $25.00 "Good luck Kristina!!!"
Kate Lee-DuBon Hidden "Go, Cate! In memory of my dad, who was a Marine."
Christopher Bailey $25.00 "YOLO"
Sonya Kobe $50.00 "Good luck on your first marathon! "
Diana Tran $25.00 "Good luck to you both! :D You guys rock!!"
Jean and Eileen Becker $100.00 "You are my hero!!! We are so proud of you for doing this, again! You're the best : ) Love, Eileen and Jean Becker"
Linda Polk $25.00 "Good luck ! Hope everything turns out amazing !"
Nancy Hwang $50.00 "Goodluck you guys :)"
Terry Hsiung $50.00 "Run Himelbergers run! Load up your ipod with sets and drive to the finish :)"
Cyndi Liu $50.00 "You guys rock! Good luck!!!"
Dan Phan $50.00 "I'm so excited to have y'all running with us! It's been a great first half of training already and we're stoked to finish out the remainder. Hurray for our first marathon!"
Kwame Sarpong $10.00 "Make it happen!!!! 26.2 miles, too easy, you got it…. King of the castle"
John Zanone $25.00 "Go Rebecca! Congratulations in advance on a great run and successful fundraiser! Jay Zanone "
Justin & Rebecca Himelberger $100.00 "Dan and Helen! We would not be here at this point in our training if it weren't for you guys. We could not ask for better friends or teammates. We will never forget that it was you who inspired us to take on this challenge. We love you guys! "
Veronica Cooper $100.00 "Get it, Theo!! What an awesome cause and great accomplishment this'll be!"
Bill & Catherine McColl Hidden "We are looking forward to cheering you on during the Marathon, Bill! We are proud of you!! In everything you do, you always try your best! See you in October! Love, Mom & Pop"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck to you both!"
Catherine Spangler $50.00 "Thank you Tina Ruddock and Sue Trainor!"
The Wilfords $50.00 "Go Cat Go!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!"
Eileen Cici $25.00 "Rebecca- You make me proud"
Kenny Litvack $25.00 "Great cause, great event... thanks for making a difference!"
Justin Wong $25.00 "Best of luck Dan! Let's train sometime. I'll be free mid-September and on until your race! "
Catherine Derber $25.00 "Thanks for your commitment!"
Naramon Moraras $25.00 "Good luck, DP! rock those VFFs!"
Jennifer Morris $26.20 ""Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." -Oprah Winfrey"
Benjamin Gilmore $100.00 "Good luck, Scott!"
Emily Cloyd Hidden "Good luck with the run - and thank you for using your run to support such an important cause."
David Cooper Hidden "Go Armen!"
Jason Horton $50.00 "Go, Go, Uncle Elliott!! Love, Jason"
James Croyle $200.00 "Have a great run Michelle!! I will be there if at all possible to see you and Scott!! -james"
Lynette Wagner $50.00 "You are an inspiration and I am proud to be one of your cheerleaders! Goooooo MARK!"
Britt Swenson $50.00 "GO ARMEN! From, Your Fellow Teglas :)"
Aisha Malik $100.00 "Go Michelle! I'm so proud of you :) you can do it! "
Anonymous $30.00 "The AIDS epidemic needs to be brought to an end and thanks to the combined efforts Kevin W. and T2, this can be achieved."
Katharine Huffman Hidden "Go Bill -- thanks for doing this, and good luck with the early-rising training!"
Rebecca Haag $150.00 "Bill, I so admire your commitment to the cause. It takes unbelievable discipline and dedication to run a marathon. I'm sure you are in great shape. Good luck and thank you. R"
Kat Danaher $75.00 "XOXOXO !! -kat"
Kalisha Sisco $50.00 "You guys have inspired me on so many levels! Congratulations for making and sticking to this commitment!"
Brittany Cole $50.00 "Good luck! What a wonderful cause to run for. "
Brian Knowles $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Sloan Barber $100.00 "Good luck to you and your knees! Hope you beat your record from last year!! Love, Sloan and Ed Go Uncle Scott! Love, Nora Jane"
Bob & Melissa Lurie Hidden "Good luck, Armen!"
Leslie Hill $25.00 "Run Josh Run! "
Christine Keck Hidden "After this, a Black Belt will seem like a piece of cake! "
Yvonne C Brown $40.00 "Always helping others Love Mom "
Karen Movsesian $50.00 "Run hard, run well Armen. Your dad had such an influence on both of our children, Jeffrey and Emily. Now our turn to to something good for the Terjimanians!!!"
Lauren Cephas $25.00 "Get her!!!"
Charles Meier $15.00 "Go Britt Go!"
Don & Nancy DuPuis $25.00 "Run safely and smoothly...:)"
rebecca carey $25.00 "Congrats and good luck! Xoxo"
Katie Burkle $50.00 "Go get 'em tiger!"
Myra Ceasar $200.00 "This is a joint donation from the wonderful friends and customers at the Columbia Pike Farmers Market."
Cheri Carter $50.00 "I'll be your cheerleader on Sunday - Good luck!! Love you!! "
Karen Henein $100.00 "Yer amazing!!! Have a great race!!!!!!!!"
Julie Haiber $50.00 "Cookie!"
Addell Pauling $25.00 "Go Betty!"
Anastasia Robinson $50.00 "Good luck! See you at the finish line! "
Heather Safferstone $25.00 "Congrats on another great marathon Scott! The work (and running) you do is so very admirable! "
Boriana Ditcheva $25.00 "This is on behalf of Heather Safferstone!"
Anna Bartlett $25.00 "Great run, Scott! Making this on behalf of you and Heather Safferstone. "
Pat and Doug McColl Hidden "We're so proud of you, Bill! Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill"
Anonymous Hidden "Thanks for bringing me as a date to the past party :-D"
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