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Get in the Loop for Lupus - Team Lupus
1 in 185 people have lupus - Someone you know has Lupus
Lupus is a chronic disease in which the immune system attacks normal, healthy tissue resulting in inflammation of various parts of the body. It can be debilitating and even fatal. Lupus most often targets women in the prime of their lives (ages 15-45). Scientists suspect that lupus is caused by genetic and environmental factors. Some common symptoms of lupus are joint pain, skin rashes, kidney failure, lung, heart, and brain disease. There is no cure for lupus. Lupus Foundation of Southern California, Inc., (LFSC) provides information, education and referral for those affected by lupus and promotes the development and enhancement of health and social services at the local level to assist individuals suffering from lupus. This organization promotes public education to increase knowledge and understanding of the disease and its ramifications. This is accomplished through support groups, seminars, community and workplace health fairs and educational pamphlets. LFSC encourages support of research programs related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of lupus.

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