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Dallas Loop the Lake 2016
Ending childhood obesity in our time! Donate Today!
2016 New Year's Eve - Loop the Lake Run
  Preventing childhood obesity is critical because one third (33%) of children born after 2001 WILL develop Type II Diabetes. In Latino Americans and African Americans the number is a shocking 50%! Childhood obesity is the leading cause of Type II Diabetes in children.
  Through education concerning proper nutrition, exercise and access to healthy foods children have a real chance of beating the odds. We really can put an end to heart disease, diabetes II, high blood pressure, liver disease and obesity in this generation!
  Please help us help these children.
  Every $10 we raise will pay for another child to take part in this awesome program led by the folks at Marathon Kids.
  With a donation of $35 you will receive a Loop-the-Lake souvenir, sponsored by Luke's Locker.

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Total Donations: $13,204

Goal: $12,000

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