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Samantha, Severly Disabled Daughter, Dad Has an Inoperable Brain Tumor.
Benefits the "Life for Samantha Kuhn Special Needs Trust." Make Donations click on "Make a Contribution" box below, Northern Nevadan's can go to any "Great Basin Federal Credit Union" or "First Independent Bank."
Samantha Joanne Kuhn was born on December 21, 1995 as one of the most premature babies in the world at only 22 weeks gestation, weighing in at 1 pound 4 ounces. The extreme prematurity impacted Samantha's health resulting in permanent disabilities that include: blindness, cerebral palsy, scoliosis and a severe seizure disorder.

These health challenges and the necessary full-time care are and will remain life-long for Samantha. In the face of such adversity Samantha always remains happy, is continuously laughing and brings much happiness to all those around her.

Samantha invites everyone to observe her challenges in life and to live their own lives to the fullest. Her message to all is to continuously visit your dreams and the goals in your "Bucket List" in hopes of fulfilling each one throughout your life. If you've always wanted to go somewhere, achieve something, or just simply make a difference in someone else's life, Samantha encourages you to strive for success. Think of her as you see things, because Samantha cannot see; Think of her when you walk through a park or go for a jog, because Samantha cannot stand, walk or run; Think of her when you swim, because Samantha cannot swim; and most importantly, love those around you and live each day as if it were your last, making the most of every moment. Simply stated: "Live well, laugh long, and love always!"

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