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TEAM TO END AIDS (T2): 2012 Luray International Triathlon
Every 9 ½ minutes someone in the United States is infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Fortunately, compassionate people throughout the country have formed organizations to provide services, reduce the human suffering and bring hope to people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. TEAM TO END AIDS supports the life-saving work of AIDS United and the Washington AIDS Partnership (an AIDS United community partner) by helping to raise funds to support programs and services that change lives in the District of Columbia and around the country.

The mission of AIDS United is to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States. AIDS United will achieve this goal through national, regional and local policy/advocacy, strategic grantmaking, and organizational capacity building. With partners throughout the country, AIDS United works to ensure that people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS have access to the prevention and care services they need and deserve.

The creation of AIDS United maximizes the resources and strengths of leading national HIV/AIDS organizations, the National AIDS Fund and AIDS Action, and combines private-sector fundraising, philanthropy, coalition building, public policy expertise, and advocacy — as well as a network of passionate local and state partners — to most effectively and efficiently respond to the disease in the communities most impacted by it.

TEAM TO END AIDS helps participants accomplish their training and fundraising goals, enabling them to make a difference in the fight against AIDS. Our training program is geared to beginners and experienced athletes alike who share a common vision – a country without AIDS.
Total Donations: $2,341

Contributor Amount Comment
Angelique Rickhoff $25.00 "Go Maria! Bring it. Wooo!"
Michael Chateauneuf Hidden "GO TRACE!!!!!!!!"
Makai and Kingston Nguyen $20.00 "Makai and Kingston supporting mama Gift all the way! Go Mama"
Ann Meehan $50.00 "You're such a jock!"
Jen Vogel Hidden "Go Gifty!"
lori schuh $50.00 "Go get them Maria!!"
james christus $100.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Chantharaphon Vogel $446.00 "Thanks to everyone who donated cash at the most recent fundraiser! THIS IS AWESOME!!!"
Chantharaphon Vogel $20.00 "Thank you to Aunt Marta and Nana for their generous donations!!!"
Nicole Christus $50.00 "Good luck! I know you will do great!"
Chantharaphon Vogel $25.00 "Thank you to Jeanette for her wonderful contribution!!!!"
Deborah Bishop $5.00 "Sorry I can't help you more as I am not working right now, Good Luck"
Gwendolyn Ellis-Wilson $25.00 "I know you will do well. Good luck, and keep chugging along. You got This! "
Douglas Bischoff $25.00 "Good luck, Mark!"
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