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Hi! My name is Mabreidy and I am 16 years old. Three years ago I did not know how to swim. I was actually scared of the water.Once I learned to go under water I was not afraid. I learned to swim in the ocean and even joined a swimming group. I can now swim 500 meters and I can surf, Kayak and Kite. Many people have helped me to get where i am today which is pretty great. I do not think I have room to write down all of the names. I have had a great swim coach at Active Caribe named Vojtek Lulewicz. And, Laurel Eastman has given me free kite lessons and the Mariposa DR Foundation is where I learned I could do all of these things. I now have a scholarship to go to high school in the Fall at the CADIN school, thanks again to the generous donors at the Mariposa DR Foundation. So, now I want to try and raise money and help give back to my community. Most girls in Cabarete do not kite and cannot swim. Most girls in Cabarete have to work in the house all day or the have babies while they are still very young. I want to show them all that we can be different, we can excel like the boys and kite and have good jobs and go to high school. Help me help my community. I am new at kiting and may not win this year, but I can be the number one fundraiser . help me raise money for KB4KIDS. See you on the water Mabreidy
Total Donations Collected:$525.00
Goal: $2,500
$0 21% $2,500

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