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Healthy Starts. Happy Hearts. Making it Happen.
Supporting Congenital Heart Disease Reseach and Education.

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Total Donations: $3,665

Contributor Amount Comment
Renee Carbone $35.00 "In support of our favorite marathon runner, and a very worthy cause!"
Julie Raffay $20.00 "Can't wait to cheer you on, Ryan!"
Corey Clay $50.00 "Good luck, Mac!"
Bruce and Kathy McCartney $100.00 "We will be there to cheer you on. We are proud you are running for such a great cause. Dad and Mom"
Tom McCartney $25.00 "Good Job Ryan - Keep up the Good Work! Uncle Tom & Aunt Elaine"
Brad Lantz $25.00 "Good luck Ryan."
Lucas Plumbing & Heating, Inc. $50.00 "Good Luck Ryan!"
Amanda Musselman $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan! What a great cause!"
Bill Barak $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Ryan! Run with all your heart!"
Ken & Carolyn Krol $25.00 "What a great thing to do! Good Luck Ry-buddy!!"
Brewer McCartney $50.00 "Proud of you bro"
Kyle McCartney $25.00 "Good luck Ryan. We are proud of you."
Adam Finch $15.00 "Have a good race Ryan, I hope you hit $1000"
Matthew Leber $15.00 "Good Luck in the race Mac! "
Kali Price $10.00 "Good luck Ryan! See you Sunday!"
Kyle Roth $20.00 "Good Luck, Ryan!"
Bobby Massie $25.00 "Go Ryan Go!"
Kristen Kelly $20.00 "Good Luck Ryan!"
Stephanie Hovan Hidden "This makes running Boston even more awesome! Go Ryan!!!!"
Julie Raffay $20.00 "Good luck and good work, Ryan!!"
Chris And kelly Heller $50.00 "Good luck Ryan! Thanks for doing this! Good luck with the run!!!"
Bruce and Kathy McCartney $150.00 "We are proud of you for qualifying for the marathon and are running for a very worthy cause."
Tony Baucco $25.00 "Good Luck, Ryan!"
Erica Jama $25.00 "Good luck in Boston!!! And have a great time:)"
Ken & Carolyn Krol $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan! You are so awesome!"
Stephen and Jessica Faulstich $25.00 "Great race for a great cause. Good luck Ryan!"
Steve & Gret Lawn $25.00 "Ryan FTW!"
Penny Taylor $25.00 "Good Luck in Boston Ryan!"
Jessica Bagwell $26.20 "Good Luck Ry! Cannot wait to see you cross that finish line!"
Frank Zgrabik $25.00 "See you IN Boston this year...how good does that sound?"
Garin Wright $100.00 "Good luck in Boston, and thanks for tying this into a great cause. Happy New Year! BEER ENGINE."
Bruce & Patty McCartney $50.00 "We love you and are very proud of you. God bless you brother! "Run with purpose in every step"...1 Corinthians 9:26"
Jack & Lauren Pavlovich $75.00 "Good luck Ryan! Thank you for being so involved in this cause."
Dave Whittaker $100.00 "So excited for you! Glad to have you representing Cleveland!!! "
Kyle McCartney $34.00 "Congratulations on your mark of $1,000.00. Good Luck in "Beantown"."
jerry keron $20.00 "You will never have another 1st shot in Boston so make it your best shot Ryan! _Uncle Jer"
Dianne and Dan Ketler / Rivkin $25.00 "Good luck at Boston, Ryan! Dan and I are lucky to know an elite runner!"
Lucas Plumbing & Heating, Inc. $100.00 "Good Luck Ryan!"
Kathy Smitek $25.00 "Good luck Ryan!"
Sara Cleary $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan! Can't wait to hear all about it! "
Chuck McCartney $100.00 "Ryan, It is good to see a young person giving back to his community and supporting a worthy cause. Have a good run at the Boston Marathon. Chuck and Kim McCartney"
lillian keron $20.00 "Good luck in Boston Love Grandma"
Keith Dawkins $25.00 "Good luck Ryan... This is for the win!"
Bill Barak $60.00 "Good luck Ryan!!! A great man doing this for a great cause!! I can't wait to toast you in person when you cross the finish line in at Boston!!"
Brad Gillette $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan! We know you'll be running #FTW!"
John Fay $25.00 "Good luck Ryan!"
Tony Corder $50.00 "Good Luck Ryan! Can't wait to share a beer to celebrate"
Katie Kovacs $100.00 "Ryan - You have always been there to encourage me and provide me with an AWESOME selection of songs. We are all so proud of you - you're going to be great April 16th!"
Chas Branz $50.00 "Kill it in Boston!"
Andrew Humble Hidden "You'll do awesome over there. PR under 3 for sure. Kick its ass. I'll be there next year."
Melanie Forsythe $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan!! Love you! "
Teri & Bobby Massie $50.00 "Cheers to Ryan and JFF!"
Nik Chernushin $25.00 "We only donate because you made the Observer."
Bill Querry/ Renee Carbone $60.00 "May all of your Boston dreams come true!"
Matthew Beal $26.20 "Set fire to the streets of Boston!!!!!!!"
Heather Holmes $25.00 "Congratulations Ryan. All of your friends are very proud of you! Can't wait to toast a beer with you after you're back home."
Anonymous Hidden "Have fun, Ryan!"
Christine bagwell $26.20 "Run Bryan Run!!"
Nathan Smucker $40.00 "Fantastic!"
Brad Lantz $20.00 "Good luck Ryan! - Brad & Kristy"
Jeff Ciersezwski $25.00 "Best of luck, brother!"
Kristen Janowski $30.00 "Good Luck Ryan!!!! REAL School is rooting for you!"
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