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Frank Danner's Fundraising Page
Strength. Passion. Focus.

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Total Donations: $746.00
Goal: $1,000

$0 75% $1,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Kathy Sherlock $50.00 "Good luck in all your edeavors Frank. You really have come a long way in the years that I have known you. Wish I had people that push me as they do you."
Anonymous $20.00
Louis Glade $100.00 "Go! Frank! Go! We support you in your run for the cure. Best of Luck! Louie & Janie Glade"
gina luscy $100.00 "I know you will go great. When you get back and recover, we will have to get together and celebrate. Good luck to all of you."
Shannon Duncan $250.00 "For being so good to me when I was a CS! I miss working with you!"
Kathy Lorio $50.00 "Good luck, Frank! I want you to post a picture of you crossing the finish line. Okay?"
Paul Le Blanc $100.00
Mindy DeBarge $26.20 "Just read your recap of the marathon. Congrats on finishing such a brutal race!! I cannot imagine how difficult it was, I don't know if I would have had the strength that you, Stacey, Cameron and Paul had to continue without any water, it is still unbelievable to me!! You should be very proud of your accomplishment...what a WONDERFUL reason to run!!"
Steve Kindsvater $50.00
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