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On October 12th, I will be running my first marathon in honor of my father and friend, James T. Murray. My dad passed away October 13, 2013 (his 78th birthday) just 15 short days after we first heard the words "two brain tumors" and “metastatic melanoma”. Reflecting on the way my dad lived his life has motivated me to take on something positive and try to give back, as he did so freely. After a 37 year career with Sears, my dad retired and moved down to Savannah, Georgia where he went on to become the Chief of the Southside Fire Department (Skidaway Division)- he did this on a 100% voluntary basis. My dad had never been a fireman, but decided to volunteer his time and found something he loved. He also found time to volunteer as a deputy sheriff and an active EMT. My dad gave the word "retirement" an entirely different meaning. As we mourned his sudden loss, I was overwhelmed by the impact that his time, generosity and spirit had on those around him. For every mile of training that I complete, he will be my INSPIRATION. Melanoma (a form of skin cancer) is one of the fastest growing cancers in the U.S. and worldwide. The main cause of melanoma is believed to be spending too much time in the sun, which results in exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Every 8 minutes, someone in the U.S. will be diagnosed with melanoma. Every hour of every day, someone will die from this disease. By working with Jack’s Team to run the Chicago Marathon, I will attempt to raise money and awareness in a spirit that my dad would be proud of. The mission of Jack’s Fund is education, prevention, comfort, healing and ultimately a cure. I will log the miles, but I need your assistance to raise the funds to support this cause. I am not typically comfortable asking for money, but a donation as small as $5 will be put to good use. On race day, I will lather on my sunscreen and hit the course with appreciation and pride for all of your support-- I will carry you with me all 26.2 miles! I will be running with my heart…and just really hoping my legs follow!

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