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Gabriel Bures's Fundraising Page
Paying it forward
What would you do to say thank you to a someone that saved your life? My father over came his addictions to save my life. He died before I could really thank him as he deserved. Now, I have a chance to save someone's life through Runwell and I'm taking it. If you can, please help me do it. If you can't donate to help, just spread the word to someone you think might.
This is a Runwell fundraising page that is raising awareness to eliminate global stigmas surrounding drug and alcohol addictions while promoting treatment and long-term recovery. Runwell’s moto: “If you can see it, you can do it. If you believe it, it will happen … so DREAM BIG!
Same Picture 15+ years apart. I miss you Dad!

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Total Donations: $9,900.00
Goal: $10,000

$0 99% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Debra Bures $100.00 "This is from all of us! Proud of you, Nephew!4"
Anonymous $20.00 "Go, Gabe go!"
Anonymous Hidden "Just keep running."
Vagn Steen Hidden "Gabe, you stand for what you believe. Glad I can help and help you spread the word for Runwell."
Amy Maddock $100.00 "Just another amazing thing Gabe Bures is doing! Proud to have you as a friend and happy I can help!"
Benjamin A Morrow $25.00 "Gabe, you continue to be an inspiration! Much love, huzzah!"
Anonymous Hidden "Love you, brother."
Jack McGranahan $100.00 "Good luck Gabe!!!"
Michael Dowdell $50.00 "in honour of our friends and family struggling with addiction and in memory of those we have lost to it."
Kathy Rasch $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Andrea Chisnell $30.00 "Good Luck to one of the most amazing men I know!!! And, he's my friend! Hugs!!!!!!"
Christine Moses $25.00 "Go Gabe!"
Bright Green Gift Store $50.00 "Incredible goal and accomplishment! Bright Green Gift Store is proud to support you! "
Cherub's Blanket $25.00 "What an adventure! Happy to support a great person, and a great cause."
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