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Step up for Refugees with Team IRC
Step up for Refugees
The Seattle office of the IRC empowers refugees and victims of human trafficking to achieve self-sufficiency, community integration, and independence as they rebuild their lives in King County. Since 1976, our staff and volunteers have provided case management, family mentoring, literacy and language support, and job preparation to over 20,000 individuals. Contributions raised during the Seattle Marathon 2010 will go to support individuals locally and help us provide the necessities such as household items, job training, educational resources, and other direct assistance.

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Total Donations: $5,055

Goal: $20,000

$0 25% $20,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Charles Cuneo $20.00 "Awesome goal, awesome organization. Good luck!"
Bianca Verma Hidden "You are going to rock this. I'm so proud of you... wish I could be there to see you cross the finish line!"
Farhan Murshed Hidden "You're the best Sam. Good luck!"
Amaka Uzoh $15.00 "Goooo Sam!"
Jasmin Milak Hidden "Vozdrica! ;)"
Vesna Delic Hidden "Donacija moze a ti trci i za mene! Ha, ha!"
Anonymous $50.00 "good luck! "
Stela Rajic $50.00 "Yes, baby! :) "
Esad Suskic $50.00 "Run Forest run!"
Kelsey Gum $35.00 "Don't eat too much tofurkey before the race! "
Amra Kondza Hidden "Samo polako, ali guraj naprijed. Sretno!"
Jacob Sider Jost $50.00 "Run that crucial twenty-second mile for us, Sam. And good on you for choosing a worthy cause and a good organization. --Jacob and Laura"
Michelle Cho $20.00 "Good luck Sam!!! Always proud to have you as a friend:)"
Albert Yeh $35.00 "good luck Sam! Always knew you were a slacker=)"
Zijad Saric Hidden "Zelimo ti da sto prije stignes do cilja. "
Lidija Kolukcija Hidden "Sretno od Kolukcija."
Madelyn Finucane $10.00 "Wooohoooo!!!!"
Michael Wu Hidden "Good luck, Sam! Proud of you, bro!"
Molly Siegel $20.00 "BEAST."
Vernie Oliveiro $100.00 "Sam, what a worthy cause! Good luck with the training, and with the run! I'm with you in spirit. "
Rachel Odell Hidden "Good luck, Sam! Thanks for being an awesome example of service. Had no idea you were in Peru! So cool! Scott and I were there this summer leading some service trips and totally loved it."
MacKenzie Sigalos $20.00 "So incredibly proud of you, Sammy, as always! Very best of luck--will be thinking of you as you cross that finish line! :)"
Nworah Ayogu Hidden "I can't believe I'm supporting this terrible running habit!!! (jokes jokes). Enjoy Seattle and the race, and see you soon."
Anonymous Hidden ""Be the change you seek." - Mahatma Gandhi"
Miriam Green $50.00 "Happy trails, Jan!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Kirsten Wolff $50.00 "Have fun and run fast! Kirsten."
Jeanne Li $35.00 "Half marathon?!? Nice!!! Have fun!"
Nicole de Paz Hidden "This is awesome, Sam! Hope you've been enjoying Peru, and best of luck training/racing! "
Alexis Bigelow $10.00 "So proud of you Jennifer! Xo"
Rashmi Jasrasaria Hidden "Your dedication and discipline to do what you believe in are beyond inspiring. I can't wait to see you and be there when you cross the finish line! Ndagukunda."
Nermina Jendruh Hidden "Ugodno hodanje i dan bez kise zele ti stari (polu)maratonci Jendrusi."
Priscilla Ancheta $25.00 "kick. ass."
Anonymous $5.00 "Andrea, good luck & have fun! -Robyn Melon"
Andy Yahna $20.00 "Do yourself a favor and run really fast."
Ruth Schawel $35.00 " GO ANDREA, GO ANDREA, GO ANDREA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful cause, We are so proud of you !!! Neal and Ruth Schawel"
Kalani Killacky $25.00 "Go Emilee!!!"
Kelly Bryan $10.00 "Go Andrea!! "
Tony Vongdara $20.00 "WOOHOO! If you can do it and not die...I'll join you on the next one j/k haha....on the dying part...I hope :) Good luckkkkkkk!!!!!!!!"
Yale Varty $20.00 "Run as close behind the person in front of you as possible, and tuck in your limbs."
Maurya Coleman $20.00 "Run like the wind! Have fun! "
Danielle Schnur Hidden "Absolute rockstar. I'm so proud of you, good luck!!"
Juliann Bildhauer $35.00 "Yay Carla!! Run like the wind. "
Marti DePriest $35.00 "I am very proud of you!"
John Williams III $35.00 "Enjoy the run!"
Jay Stephens $75.00 "You go, Courtney!! Jay & Jackie"
Carol Rohl Hidden "Rock on sista!"
Kristine Quinn $100.00 "Good luck on your run, Em! This is definitely great cause!!"
Joan Williams $35.00 "This should put you over the top. Good luck Carla!. "
Kara McBride Hidden "Good luck Courtney, keep up the good work!"
Michaela Kabat $10.00 "yeah DRE!!!!!!"
Harriet Leonard $20.00 "Go Rose and KP. See you there."
Lisa Frederiksen $35.00 "Go get 'em KP & Rose!!!"
Guardian Alliance Financial Services $95.00 "Good luck on your run!"
Snezana Popovic-Radosavljevic Hidden "Sretno Rado!!!"
Nermina Avdic $35.00 "Sretno Rado, mi smo uz tebe!"
Selma Hadzikadunic Hidden "Good luck, Rado."
Adam Levine $25.00 "Go, Jen!"
Emily Piltch $20.00 "Hope the run went well this morning Em! This is such a great cause...thanks for helping bring attention (and $$) to this great organization! "
Jessica Logan $10.00 "Hey, I'd love to help y'all if'n you need a helping hand with holiday madness. My best wishes to you, Jessica"
Dolores Malloy $35.00 "You make your mom proud!"
Sheila Huber $35.00 "Good job, Jen!!"
Bridgette Boyle $20.00 "YOU are awsome!! ...again!! :D"
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