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CCFA Team Challenge - 2014 IRONMAN Chattanooga

Team Challenge is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's endurance training program. This exciting fundraising program trains you to run or walk a half marathon while helping the Foundation raise funds to find a cure for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

When you train with Team Challenge you will receive everything you need to cross the finish line! In return, you will raise funds to help the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation reach its mission: to cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases.

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Total Donations: $1,039,033

Goal: $1,300,000

$0 80% $1,300,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Lila Wallace $30.00 "You're an inspiration!"
Jennifer Cripe Hidden "Good luck!"
Gina Hutchings $100.00 "Love you brother. We both admire your courage and the ability to overcome anything - Wolves 4 eva - Gina & Jay "
Rebecca Weaver $50.00 "Now you are talking my language...raising funds for good causes! Good luck with the fundraising and the IRONMAN!!!!"
Trey Powell $400.00 "I love you! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see you cross the finish! "
Linda and Jack Strommen $100.00 "Congratulations Jose.....Jack and I are with you all the way!! Love you lots!!"
Gustavo Ballve Hidden "Great idea, Matt!! Way to go! Ironman is tough but I'm sure you'll complete it well! All the best, Gus"
Judith Skartvedt $100.00 "So proud of you Jose! We are behind you all the way! Wish we could be there :-)"
Never Give up Kay $50.00 "Go girl so proud!"
Gail Kent $75.00 "Thank you for doing this, Cindy! "
Chad Minor $50.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Kristin Bartholomew $100.00 "Go get 'em! From one Crohn's patient to another--thank you! Love you guys! Best of luck! Kristin"
Brenda Kilburn $25.00 "I know you'll do great!!!"
Jerris Prater $100.00 "That's awesome Drew!! :)"
Don Sturgell $50.00 "Good Luck Dan! "
Daniel Hewitt $50.00 "Sorry I couldn't do more!!! I think this is a great thing all the way around! So proud of you Cindy!! I hope you beat Trey's times hahaha!!! Danny"
Nancy Bowers Hidden "Awesome! Good luck to you and reaching your goal! "The starting point of all achievement is desire." Napoleon Hill "
Kay Croegaert $25.00 "Dan, I hope you make your goal! I am contributing in the name of my good friend Connie Zerull. She battles daily with this disease and I admire her determination and sacrifice. May God continue to bless you and your efforts and may he keep you safe and comitted to your goal to help those who suffer from this dibilitating disease. Kay Croegaert/Geneseo IL"
Julie dela Cruz $10.00 "Only wish I could give more! So proud of you and what you've accomplished and where you're going!"
Stacy Kennedy $50.00 "From the pools of Pointe-Claire (Montreal), Quebec to swimming, cycling and running in Chattanooga. You go girl! We love ya!!"
Ed Hogue $50.00 "Good luck!"
Gina Rivisto $6.00 "Go Uncle Jose Go!"
Kimberly J Belue $100.00 "We're so proud of you! Kim and Mike"
Brian VanHeuverswyn $25.00 "Good luck Dan! Hope all goes well with the Tri. Hope to see you soon!"
Janice L Love $100.00 "Keep up the good work...you'll do great!! :) "
Erica Lazarus $25.00 "Good luck to one of my favorite couples, enjoy every moment of this amazing journey!!!"
bob mohr $50.00 "KICK ASS!!!"
Tracy McCanna $50.00 "Great cause! Good luck!!"
Paul Frank $50.00 "It's privilage to make a donation: 1. in honor of several close friends who have Crohn's Disease and 2. in honor of Trey Moser, training for this event so that he can raise money to help others"
Ayesha San Miguel Hidden "I am sooooooo proud of you!!!!! and love you even MORE!!!!"
Jessica Broekhuizen $50.00 "Kicking off the donations! Go Ryan Go!!!"
Tyler & Emily Dugar $100.00 "Rock it Michael! Its great to see you using this personal challenge as a way to help others as well."
William Welsh Hidden "Good luck!"
Christy McIntire Hidden "Thank you for fundraising for CCFA. I, too, have family affected by Colitis. Good luck with the event."
Ronak Shah $50.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Oren Jaffe $25.00 "You are Effing CRAZY man.....It will be a good "I remember when" story about you......."
Jill Murphy $100.00 "I love you and I am very proud of you!"
Lori Mitzel $100.00 "Can't wait to great you at the finish line, I'm always your number 1 fan!"
Brenda Polczynski $25.00 "Good Luck! You are amazing. Brenda and Ken"
Linda Bunce $100.00 "We are proud of you, taking on this challenge AND for such a worthy cause! PLEASE see your doctor and get a physical before getting into the rigorous training OR I want my money back!"
Mallory Shirley $100.00 "Way to go Michael! We wish you the best of luck, know you will do great! "
Kip Jawish $100.00 "Go IronWoman!"
Marian Adame $50.00 "Good luck, Patty. Love you!!! "
Trisha Rossey $20.00 "Good luck Brian!!"
Chuck & Gail Castles $50.00 "We love you and are so proud of you!"
Chuck & Gail Castles $50.00 "We love you and are so proud of you! "
Trey Campbell Hidden "Go Dreama!!!!"
Wesley Wood $101.00 "No more Johnny Walker Black for you buddy. Good luck."
Kerry Brock $100.00 "Good luck Tara. We are proud of you. Love Kerry and Karen"
Connie Angelini-McGuire $50.00 "Great cause Lisa ~ Go get em"
Megan Mulder Hidden "I love you sweetheart "
Brian and Charlotte Lewis $100.00 "Wow, an ironman! This is fantastic. "
Annette Knopp $50.00 "Monica is such an inspiration to all who are blessed to know her! So proud of her!"
Martha Bush $100.00 "Go, Vicki, go!"
Pat Frey $150.00 "Michael, this is a great and challenging undertaking. If anybody can do it, it is you. Please keep me updated on your progress. GOOD LUCK !!!"
Mercedes Zepp Hidden "Way to give back. IMChoo here we come."
Daniel Myers $100.00 "The Russell-Pepper jobsite team at Trinity wishes you the best on reaching your goal."
Debbie Malpass $100.00 "Vicki, As Lori's friend and a fellow Crohn's and Celiac Disease sufferer, I admire your strength, dedication, and support for both trying to find a cure and doing your best to stay as healthy as possible with such debilitating deceases. Rock on girl!"
Luis Cabana $50.00 "Arriba Jose! show 'em how its done!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck Jeff."
Chris Wynn Taylor Ridge Drilled Fnd $100.00 "We wish you luck on your goal."
Edward Paradise $100.00 "Good Luck Sandy! -edp"
Janet Ramey Hidden "Go, Sandy! Thanks for "
Sharyn Guarino $50.00 "GO CINDY! We are cheering for you! Love from the Guarino's"
Jennifer Phelan $50.00 "You are an inspiration, Sandy!"
David Mack $30.00 "Let me know when you get the tattoo!"
Susan Roux $50.00 "Thank you Sandy for taking your time, energy and passion to highlight and raise funding for Crohn's disease. My nephew has it and is thankfully in remission. Good luck with your Iron Man! "
Amy Mulder $500.00 "Proud of you, Chris! "
Matt Cutts $100.00 "I hope the race goes well for you!"
Dan Billingsley $50.00 "You can do it Patty!"
Betty Cutts $100.00 "Good for you Megan. It is a very good idea to run for a cause. It will give you more pleasure if your run for a cause. It makes me happy to make others happy. "
Anna & Clark Kirkman $30.00 "Way to go Kelly!"
James Blum $100.00 "All the best Sandy. You are an inspiration to us and good luck in the competition. "
Bryce + Leslie Parrott $100.00 "Good luck, Kelly! This is amazing. Brian's no Derek Jeter :)"
Megan Hurt $100.00 "Race you to the finish my friend!!"
Christine Suchor $100.00 "Great cause Megan! xoxo, Suchors"
Bill & Vicki Peterman $100.00 "Good luck Patty! Great cause!"
Linda Roehl $200.00 "Enjoy the race Jeff"
Maureen Baines $50.00 "Best of luck Megan! We really appreciate the fact that you are drawing attention to this debilitating condition. Whether you come first or last, in our eyes, you will be a winner!"
shawn nickel $100.00 "Go get them on your huffy bike!!! I can’t wait to embellish so more stories about you. "
Glenn Raus $500.00 "Japan Karate Institute Daniel Island s proud to support the CCFA to help find a cure for Crohn's and Colitis"
Kelly Ihnen $100.00 "You never cease to amaze me! Love you!"
Ann Hoggard $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Chris and Jen Higgins $50.00 "Jen and I are happy to help! Crush it!!"
John Stanovich $75.00 "The Stanovich family wishes you the very best! Sounds strenuous..."
Simon Frechette $200.00 "Great cause! "
Korie, Riley and Reagan Hynson $250.00 "We are so proud of our Daddy! Love Drama and Turtle"
joanne crantz $100.00 "We are so proud of your efforts on behalf of your nephew!! Love, Aunt Joanne and Uncle Frank"
Christine Butt Hidden "Good Luck!"
lola beard $25.00 " Good Luck with the fundraising AND with the training and event."
Cynthia Morales Hidden "Nicole -- it is a tremendous journey you are about to take. It will be even that much more rewarding because you are doing this for your sister! All the best!"
Mary Kadomoto $250.00 "Go Sandy!!! I''m sure you will reach your goal. Thanks for raising money for this noble cause."
Jeanne Kouyeas $250.00 "You are an awesome brother! I am so proud and honored you are doing this in support of Sean."
Amy Holmes Hidden "Glad to see one of us Hynson kids training for an Ironman. Can't wait to see pictures of you and your jello legs at the finish line!"
norman shrewsbury $75.00 "Hey Mike..Great event for an equally great cause. Hope all is well in Spring Hill. I'll bet you hang with Litt and Cindy? Give wifey a hug for me...Do you still play tennis? I do . Take care"
Max Sherman $100.00 "This is a worthy cause to support and an exceptional individual to sponsor."
Bill & Jo-Ann Killeen $75.00 "Good Luck Michael !! Congratulations on making this tremendous and valuable commitment."
Kathy Harrington $75.00 "Way to go, Sandy! You are an amazing person and such a great thing that you are doing!"
Pamela Webber $100.00 "GO SANDY, better you than me !!! "
Elizabeth Evans $200.00 "I have known several people who suffer from Crohn's. It my privilege to honor them this way. Thank you, Megan for giving me the opportunity to do so. I know you will run like the wind! "
Melissa Spicher $50.00 "You're an inspiration, Maryann. May the wind be at your back."
Jonathan Daniell $50.00 "Good luck and you'd better not back out! :)"
Patrick Thornton $250.00 "Good luck!"
Bruce & Winnie Rogow $50.00 "Good luck Sandy..."
Desra Lindemann $10.00 "This is in honor of my dear friend Peggy Haycraft's daughter Jessica."
Shashiraj Shanbhag $50.00 "Brandon, Wish you the very best! - shashi"
Greg Fountain $100.00 "Sandy, thanks for your inspiration!"
Leone Breazeale $300.00 "Your sterling silver medallions are gorgeous!! I Can't wait to start wearing mine! I am also doing a little fundraising on my own for you, so more $$$$ to come! "
Perry Hintze $100.00 "Good luck Dan from your friends at Ryan and Associates, Inc."
Ali Aldridge $50.00 "We are going to have a great adventure! Good luck with fundrasing."
Marylou Tietz $150.00 "If anyone can do this it is Dave Marquardt!"
Brock Freiberger $5.11 "You can do it mom!!! I love you from Brock Take a shower after "
joy and ron paul $100.00 "Good Luck and be safe! The Paul Family"
Gary Merrifield $25.00 "Good luck!"
Marilyn Carter $100.00 "Thanks Sandy for your inspiring example!"
Donna Jones $50.00 "Thanks Sandy for doing this for a cause that is so personal to me. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis while I was in college at NC State. I do not have as much trouble with it as many of those that suffer from this disease, but it definitely affects my life. Best wishes to you! Donna Jones"
Michael Cicero Hidden "Good luck, Matt. An incredible challenge for a great cause!"
Carrie Breneman $100.00 "Sandy, as someone with Crohn's I really appreciate you time and energy to raise money for Crohn's and Colitis awareness. I'm luckily in remission, and have dealt with the disease for the past 25 years, but for those who are new to the disease, I know CCFA plays a vital role in awareness and support. I wish you all the best in your triathlon!"
Joe Luton $200.00 "Good luck Dan. I missed the Iowa-Iowa State game. What was the final score?"
Don &Jayne Hall $100.00 "Kelly, you are an amazing athlete, wonderful wife, and supporter of a great cause! Best of luck! You will rock it as usual."
Cheri Machado-Knapp $100.00 "Sandy, thank you so much for doing this. As a mother of a 14 year old daughter with Crohns I am far too close to this disease and what it does. Although, she is not in remission yet, we have been trying for 3 years, she is an amazing kid and I thank you for doing this for her and for all that are suffering with this."
Cathy Pleck $50.00 "so proud of you Angela, I know you have trained hard for this and will ace it. xoxo"
Jeffrey Clark $50.00 "Make us proud. Jeff & Jane"
Rod and Susan Hynson Hidden "We are so proud of you for raising money for this worth while organization and training for such difficult race. We wish you the very best and we love you- Dad and Mom"
Jim Harvey $20.00 "Looking for your best personal times now. I know you can do it!! Swim faster!!"
Diane Broce $10.00 "I always knew you were crazy. Good luck!"
Dominic Skinner $75.00 "You show'em Daniel! Good Luck on your event, and your training!!!!!!!"
Lori Hayes $50.00 "Kick some tail, Chris!!"
thom roose $25.00 "Kick some ass, Boggs!"
Susan Heizmann $50.00 "Good luck. If anyone can do this, you can. So proud of you little brother."
Rachelle Hayward $100.00 "Go get em Skip!! We want to see you in Kona too!"
Scott Nelson $20.00 "Glad to see you using your gifts to serve God and give back to people. That's what makes you a true Ironman!"
Julie Sword $250.00 "Having a cousin with Crohn's , I know that more research is most definitely needed. Thank you for taking on this cause and enjoy your next Ironman! "
Kelly O'Brian $25.00 "Best of luck training & w/ the race! I'm impressed & proud of ya :)"
Prashant Zanwar $50.00 "Way to go ! All the best!"
Luann Canham kornowa $250.00 "So very proud of my son in law!! A wonderful Dad and role model for my grandchildren, all six of them!!!!!!"
Melissa Conforti $50.00 "Go Sandy!! Tonya and I will be cheering you on!"
Bonny and Neil Marquardt $500.00 "Good luck David and thank you for all your support. It means a lot to Sean and the rest of the family. Love you so much. Mom and Dad"
Michael Twedt $100.00 "Go David!"
Suzanne Locke $50.00 "You're nuts, but I love you."
Jane Maciewicz $500.00 "You are Amazing Dondi, I'm so proud.. :-)"
debby and gary bortnick $100.00 "wishing you good luck and health as you train and compete aunt debby and uncle gary"
Yael Doron $20.00 "You go girl! "
James, Erika, Brody Muir $100.00 "We're so proud of you raising money for such a worthwhile cause! We're looking forward to watching you put your hard work to action in Tenn! "
Mike & Kathy O Brian $25.00 "Best of luck Kelly. We know you are up to the challenge."
Jed Schipper $100.00 "I am the brother of Lisa Skumpija (Nelu's Skumpija's wife). My wife and I are donating money at the request of Lisa. We wish you the best! Good luck! -Jed and Tracy "
Joe Piko $50.00 "Congrats, Kelly. Best of luck. You'll do great."
Eric Lichtenstein $500.00 ""You are my role model! I love you Uncle Dondi!!," Jacob L. age 2"
ivan goodstein $218.00 " you have changed my life with your determination focus and insperation, go gettem Dondi."
Lisha Nogami Hidden "Thomas, I'm glad there is people like you that support these causes. I know about this fight first hand. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2005. I ended up in the hospital several times and at least once a year was treated with high doses of prednisone. Thankfully I've been in remission and off the nasty prednisone for over two years and never had to take a inmunosupresor. But other people are not so lucky and have to take very nasty drugs all the time. Hopefully one day there will be a cure or at least alternative medicine that won't involve medicine that destroys your bones like prednisone or others that affect the immune system. I wish you all the luck!! "
Jon Thompson $100.00 "We so proud of your commitment to helping others and competing in this team effort. Good Luck and see you in Tennessee!!"
Gerrie L Thompson $100.00 "Happy Birthday, this is a great way to celebrate and give back to others, we're very proud of you. Train hard and good luck in Tennessee!!"
Cynthia Bruner $250.00 "You are so inspiring and keep giving to those around you. Thank you and wishing you ALL the best. "
Lakshman "Laks" Vijayarajan $50.00 "Go Sandy ! You are da (Wo)man and inspiration for all..."
Donna M Souza $25.00 "Good Luck Errol....."
Anne McNarney $50.00 "Good luck Brian! So proud of you!"
Bryan Staley $1,000.00 "Good luck!!"
Laura Lichtenstein $500.00 "I am always behind you and support your efforts. Love Mama Laura"
Yatin Wadhavkar $50.00 "All the best Sandy on your Ironman challenge. Very inspiring"
Christopher Ballard Hidden "Good luck Sandy!"
James Vogt $50.00 "Go get 'em LT!"
Diane McDonal $25.00 "You go girl!! "
Donna Metzger Lantagne $25.00 "Sandy -- you are simply amazing! Best of Luck!"
Diane & Dave Borys $100.00 "Skip you are truly a fantastic inspiration, coach and friend!! We can't thank you enough for all that you have done and for getting us hooked on the Triathlon lifestyle!!! You have helped us reach above and beyond our wildest dreams. Here's to helping you reach yours - to that free ticket punched straight to Kona!! :)"
Bob Sauer $500.00 "Osu, Sensei! Glad to support you in this important fundraising effort. You've set an ambitious goal...but then, you always do! Osu! B"
Zach Parris $100.00 "Good job LT. You'll love Tennessee!"
Sharon Wolf $50.00 "Hope they find a cure! Good luck!"
andrew wong $50.00 "Brian-always inspired by people who push themselves and more inspired by those that push for a cause. Good luck in your training! ~andy"
Matthew Stiebel $100.00 ""You can do it...." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ2HcRl4wSk From Kristin and Matt"
Charles Sternfield $100.00 "Errol, Thanks for your efforts to raise awareness and help find a cure!"
Laurie Brooks $50.00 "Good luck on your goal! "
Phyllis Gore $100.00 "Errol, I have had IBS all my life, so I appreciate your efforts. Don't get discouraged, stay focused!"
Megan Kolacinski $15.00 "Good Luck with your training Tara! Megan "
Mary Thorsen $50.00 "Chattanooga is a great city and I am sure a lucky one for you ! "
Ralph and Phyllis Gittleson Hidden "Dave - All the best to you with your fundraising efforts and the race! Love, Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Ralph"
Nathan Bortnick Hidden "G'luck Dave! Love, Nathan & Rebecca "
Tim Jordan $100.00 "112 miles @ ave 20mph = 5.5hrs 26.2 miles @ ave 7mph = 3.75hrs + a little bit of swimming. Crazy does not even begin to describe it."
Lindsey Robertson $50.00 "I am so proud of you both for doing this!!!! You will do so great!!!! xoxoxoxo"
Judy and Paul Brubaker $100.00 "Great job, Annie! We're behind you all the way!"
Allison Buytenhuys Hidden "Errol, Wishing you a successful year of training to support a great cause. From your friends at Ames & Gough"
Jennifer Knight $150.00 "Good luck, you all are doing a wonderful thin"
Anonymous $75.00 "Good luck at the event,"
Myra Sumbry $100.00 "Katrina, we support your efforts and want to be a part of helping you reach the organization's goals!! "
Bram van Spaendonk $50.00 "Go Sandy Go!"
Colleen Zahn $20.00 "What a great way to see a new state and help others while doing something you love! You'll do great in the race! Go LT! :)"
Tracy and Eric Lynn Hidden "Good luck!! "
Len & Elaine Schoenfeld $100.00 "Errol, good luck, we're proud of you."
Sherry Gentry-Gasper $50.00 "Go Sandy! So inspirational"
Richard Fairhead $100.00 "I tip my hat to you Kat! Cannot wait to follow you through your training, and then on race day. As an added incentive to you....... WHEN you qualify for Kona at this, I will double my donation. Rich :)"
Timothy and Laurette Stone $75.00 "Go get 'em, Brian!"
Kamal Youkhanna $100.00 "The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. "Psalms 9:9"
Ronald Papa Hidden ""Iron Man? That's kind of catchy. It's got a nice ring to it. I mean it's not technically accurate. The suit's a gold titanium alloy, but it's kind of provocative, the imagery anyway." ~ Tony Stark"
John Ryan $750.00 "Thanks to everyone who contributes; it is greatly appreciated! "
Roxanne carr $50.00 "Go get 'em. You are amazing!"
Anonymous $125.00 "From the KidsFirst team at Station 20."
Timothy Gaddis $500.00 "Good luck Larry!"
Deborah Spann $50.00 "Thanks for inspiring so many to strive towards better."
Jim Ledbetter $200.00 "You're the man Larry!"
Bruce A. Cordy $75.00 "Larry: Best of luck to you, Godspeed!!!"
Candise Fisher Hidden "Good luck with the race."
Kristina Bader $25.00 "Crohns is an awful condition for those who suffer from it. This is a worthy cause to support."
Dorothy Caplan $100.00 "Thank you for your participation in such a wonderful cause. Lilia , your Dad is a great friend. Wishing you guys best of luck . Dot & Bernie"
Mary Lou Berres $100.00 "Am with you 100%! You go Girl!"
Georgette Rae $100.00 "Thank you for choosing a wonderful organization to support!"
Laura Hogard $50.00 "My sister has colitis, so I wanted to be the first to donate."
Karen Marquardt $50.00 "Thanks for doing this David!!"
Charles McKinlay $100.00 "Good Luck Errol!"
Doug Batchelor $50.00 "Good luck in both events!"
Greg Calleja $25.00 "Good luck, Brian!"
penny bortnick $50.00 "An amazing challenge...best of luck!"
Karl and Sandy Schmid $50.00 "Good luck Thomas. We are always amazed by you and wish you a great ironman adventure. Lots of love, Karl and sandy"
Anthony Craton $50.00 "Way to go, Mr. Ironman! Awesome cause!"
Cindy & Steven Michael $50.00 "Good luck David!!"
Anonymous $30.00 "The World needs more men like you Joe!! We are pulling for you for sure!!"
Daniel Goff $100.00 "Way to go Martin. "
Robin Cavanaugh $100.00 "You are awesome!"
CHRISTOS ROUSTEMIS Hidden "GoodOnYa, Brian!"
JOHN RICHARDS $50.00 "Just in case I can't make it Thursday night. I have to be out of town for work, but hope to be back time. Looking forward to training for IM CHOO with you."
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck Mrs HB!"
Joseph and Susan Minton $250.00 "You da man Larry!"
Agnes & J.F. CHAPUIS $50.00 "Allez Thomas on est tous derrière toi :-) Postes des photos de ton aventure ! gros bisous"
Sebastian Binnemann $50.00 "Good luck with your journey!"
Jenny Leiser $50.00 "So proud of you!"
Lorin & Nina Markow $20.00 "Good Luck Allan!! Wish we could afford more, but this will help you on your way. I have a good friend who suffers with Crohn's. She is only 23 years old. Hoping for a cure and/or an effective treatment. Love, Lorin and Nina"
Manny Then $50.00 "Go Errol Go!!! "
Manoj Patnaik $20.00 "All the best Brian and Lacie with your campaign."
Anandakumar Subramaniam AKS Hidden "Good Luck, Brian - AKS"
Vikram Pasuparthy $20.00 "Good Luck. You have inspired me. Keep it going!"
Arjun Premkumar $50.00 "Get Well Soon. I am always with you."
Yaseen Mohammed Hidden "Good Luck Brian!"
The Lam Fam $100.00 "We are happy to support you as you raise funds for this very worthy cause! You inspire our whole family! Just yesterday the kids were role playing and I overheard my daughter say, "Yes, Coach Skip!" - Candace Lam"
Steve Gould $100.00 "Kick some butt Anne!"
Anonymous $30.00 "Good Luck Brian!"
Mehar Velagapudi $50.00 "Good Luck Brian!"
Steve Colarossi $50.00 "Have a great race pal!"
Kristine Jahn $75.00 "Good luck Brian!!"
Jan McDonald $250.00 "That's great - we look forward to cheering you on! "
Thejaswini Kadarla $50.00 "Kill it Brian! Good Luck! :-)"
Dennis LeFief $100.00 "Brian, you and your family are in our prayers. D"
Steve Kranson $50.00 "What a great cause Brian !"
Steve Deckard $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Nea Stack $50.00 "Good luck Eric!"
Steven Parrish $250.00 "Good Luck Errol!"
Stanley Krasovic $100.00 "Good luck, Kevin!!"
Stanley Krasovic $100.00 "Good luck, Brian. Semper Fi!!"
Cindy Genest $73.00 "$1 for every pounds lost! Way to go Martin :)"
Adera Causey $25.00 "In memory this week and in celebration"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good Luck Nicole!!!!"
Janice Owens $50.00 "Susan is a ROCKSTAR!"
Amber Harper $150.00 "Good luck on accomplishing this goal! We are cheering you on! "
Brian Erwin $75.00 "Good luck!"
Rickie Richey $50.00 "I am matching Dayna's gift!"
Colette Dean $250.00 "We are so proud to support you! My sister has UC as well. You continue to inspire and amaze us all. Love, Colette (and Andy) Dean P.S. Sure V and I did TRY to get in to Chattanooga. Maybe next time? :( "
Herbert Everss $250.00 "I like the family "outing style", and a great cause!"
Emily Hueffed $50.00 "I am Walt's Aunt Emily and I"m so proud you are doing this for those who have Crohn's . I know you will do well. "
Mary Rogers $50.00 "Keep inspiring others!"
claudia rutter $25.00 "Go Katrina!"
Brenda Scott $50.00 "Having experienced someone having Crohn's in the family has been eye opening to the effect this condition has on all aspects of your daily life. I admire your your journey in dealing with this!"
Robert Roffey $50.00 "Sandy - thanks for being an inspiration to the rest of us!"
Deborah Barger $100.00 "Good Luck Lindsey!"
Gerry Halphen $100.00 "Go Katrina Go!"
David Lee $100.00 "Thank you Dr. Hodes, Gina, Christi Poole, and Blaire Sukotsky"
Cal Elcan $50.00 "Good Luck, Mark. You will receive an additional $50 from UBS as a match to my gift."
Robert Oyenarte $375.00 "You have Crom's Support Joe! We wish you the best!"
Adonica Duggan Hidden "Proud of you Susie Q! All your Duggans will be cheering you along the way."
Christopher Lemelle $250.00 "What an awesome cause! Keep kicking @ss for a cure."
Tracy Little $50.00 "What an amazing thing you are doing! The dedication to something like this is unbelievable. Best of luck and prayers are with you and your family for your daughter. "
David Crook Hidden "Keep focused! You have many supporters!"
Joseph Bernstein $50.00 "I admire your commitment to the cause and I'm happy to support it.. Good Luck!!"
Angella Fraser Morris $50.00 "Thanks for your dedication, Sandy."
Colleen Stine $25.00 "Go get em, tiger!!!"
Karin & Terry Richey $250.00 "Great job on the 2013 IM!"
Therese Mohay $25.00 "GO, Patty, GO! You continue to make us all proud. "
pete manibo $50.00 "Congrats Sandy. Thanks for allowing me to participate. "
Jay Joiner $250.00 "You are an inspiration. Go Sandy!"
Georgia Ecker $20.00 "Good luck Vicki!"
Kathy Croft $50.00 "Thanks for all you do, Sandy! Good luck!!!!"
Trey Morris $100.00 "Please add my sister Angela Brinker to the list of names that you carry with you. Go Sandy!"
Gregory Akers Hidden "Best of luck Sandy !"
ashish nanjiani $50.00 "Go Sandy Go! You are always a motivation force for us!!"
Curtis and Renee Dunn $100.00 "Best of luck Steve! We know that you'll smoke it!"
Ezra Montgomery $40.60 "This guy is a bulldozer with a wrecking ball attached He'll leave a ring around your eye and tread marks on your back He's an animal He's hungry You ain't been hungry, since "Harris Teeter" Remember what you first told me when I took ya in You wanted to be a runner You wanted to be a biker You wanted to swim! You ain't hungry Matter of fact I don't want you in my gym Get out and run, you disgust me"
The Cravotta Family $100.00 "Just say NO to irritable bowels!! Proud of you, brother!!"
Kristan Croom $50.00 "Now you have to match!! i love to spend your money! "
Delores Dickerson $25.00 "my number 1 son. so proud of you"
Todd Ferris $50.00 "Chuck, if you don't finish in less than 3 hours, I want my money back!"
Stephanie Chafin $25.00 "Good luck David!! I hope this helps!"
Catherine Thompson $75.00 "For the best trainer...can't wait to see you finish! "
J.MARTYN LIPINSKY $15.00 "I know that you have the Strength and Support of our Family and Friends to meet your Fundraising Goal, and you will train as hard as needed to finish the Ironman Triathlon."
Mahesh Walavalkar $50.00 "Thank you Sandy for taking on this almost Silent cause. My wife is affected by Ulcerative Colitis and recently she had to go through severe effects. Best wishes for the Ironman challenge."
Kristopher Pate $25.00 "Good luck Jason - You're going to to do great."
Eleni Dimitratos $20.00 "Good luck! ??"
Rickie Richey $50.00 "I am matching Kristan's Donation. I will match any of the Eastern Shore Tri Club Members that make a donation. "
Sally Roberts $100.00 "You are truly an inspiration. I must have done something really good that I don't know about to have the honor of knowing you. You GIVE so much of yourself. I know people will GIVE back. I hope this helps you get closer to your fundraising goal. You are the greatest Skip. To know you and Linda is a gift to me. I hope the gift of a CURE for these IBD's will be forthcoming soon! "
Wendy Jordan $500.00 "Dear Christopher and Lilia, I believe in you both a 100% that you can do this so that there can be as much research as possible to help not only my beautiful daughter in law Lilia but many more like her. Although my heart will be pounding that day with concern for you both, my mind will be saying Go Go you two you can do it. Love you both so much and am very very proud of you both xxxxxxxxxx"
deborah gill $10.00 "I admire your courage, tenacity and dedication guys supporting such a worthy charity. If your anything like your mum... there's nothing you cant do, go for it!!! Good luck and best wishes to you both from over the pond x"
Julie McMillan $50.00 "Go Debbie Go!!!!"
Michelle Andersen $50.00 "We are proud of you, Matt. Have a blast training for this event and we look forward to supporting you in any way we can! Michelle & John Andersen www.CrozetRunning.com "
Pauline Maine $50.00 "Skip, I hope you have a great time and enjoy the challenge! PS I am Sally Roberts Mom and also have Crohn's, while waiting on a kidney transplant! UGH you all inspire me!!"
Clark Sessions $50.00 "Good job and good luck!!"
Steve Nauman $50.00 "Jeff, Good luck. I know you'll do great. "
Lynn Easterling Hidden "It's a privilege to support you, Sandy. "
Kathy couch Hidden "I have IBS and IBD and have dealt with the pangs of having an "off" stomach. Wouldn't even let others drive on trips with friends b/c I needed that control of stopping etc and not having to be embarrassed to ask. Those sorts of stomach pains are awful and can come on suddenly. double you over and bring you to a halt. Kudos for you to raise funds for them and do something amazing! Can't wait to train this summer with you."
Kevin Soehner $10.00 "The first of many installments to the Team Slade IM fund! Looking forward to our Sunday ride. GO COACH SKIP!!"
Kevin Reynolds $25.00 "Kick some ass Boggs"
Nancy Gittleosn $36.00 "Thank you for making Crohn's & Colitis your cause. I hope a cure is found soon. Love, Uncle Rick & Aunt Nancy"
Alfred Dockery Hidden "Rooting for you Skip. "
Nicole Frankel Hidden "Thanks for Fundraising for CCFA! Good Luck, we will all be cheering you on!"
Christina Cruz $50.00 "Go Tara! You are amazing!"
Meaghan O'Neil $25.00 "Way to go, Tara! You are an inspiration!"
Bethany Hanak $75.00 "Good luck Tara! I know you will crush the training and dominate the race!"
Chris and Tara Condon $100.00 "We love you, Susan! "
Anonymous Donor $250.00 "I think this great what you are doing. Train hard!"
Shirley Monteleone-Harrington $25.00 "For my sister, Patty, who has been suffering with this disease for decades...12 surgeries..a cure already. ENOUGH!!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck and THANK YOU for all you do to help CCFA continue their work! I'm looking forward to watching you during this journey! Very inspiring!!"
Erin Mulcahy $25.00 "So happy to contribute to an amazingly committed couple. Love you guys! So proud of you! "
Beth Speed Speed $25.00 "Good Luck, Debbie!"
Julie Frost $25.00 "Good Luck Baby! I love you! "
Sara Colvin $50.00 "Go Tara! "
Tim and Mary Anne King $50.00 "Good luck Y !!"
Adam Clifton $250.00 "Nice job IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!"
Jon Reiff Gillian McDermott Hidden "GO, STEVE, GO!!"
Cynthia Abalos $50.00 "You're right - extremely cool picture, Steve. Makes me want to bike 112 miles…NOT. Good luck!"
Jeanne Nuber $25.00 "You go girl!"
Pierre Mccormick $100.00 "Great activity and cause. Good luck Mike!"
Barbara Nickerson $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Joel Chin Fatt $50.00 "Thanks again the report Nicole!"
Mandi & David McCarstle $25.00 "The McCarstle's have your back or colon or whatever else you need lol"
David Dau $50.00 "Keep up the good work Skip!!!"
Thomas Daugharty $500.00 "This contribution doesn't mean you have to let me win ;)"
Anonymous Hidden "Thanks for doing this inspiring work, Skip!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Good luck and keep fighting the good fight"
cheryl hammons $10.00 "Go Vicki!"
Greg Hester $100.00 "Good luck Dan from your friends at Northwest Mechanical!"
Myra & Jason Crawford Hidden "You are 'da MAN!"
Matthew Wycoff $100.00 "Go Joe!!!! You can do it!!!"
Bethany Mann $10.00 "Happy Birthday Vicki and good luck with your challenge!"
Kelsey Stuart $50.00 "You da man Skippy."
Mary Jo Delfosse $35.00 "Nice Idea and Goal Mike - Good Luck and Have FUN!"
Beth Betman $20.00 "Go, Vicki! I admire your determination!"
Donna Rio $25.00 "NIki, Hope this helps towards your goal. Keep it up, we are proud of you and Lori."
Anonymous Hidden "skip - fantastic work. keep it up! inspirational for sure."
Sharon Massey $25.00 "Skip, this is great! Congratulations!"
john fuchs $100.00 "Happy Birthday hon!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck. Use extra Vaseline "
judy goffi $40.00 "GO viciki! Happy Bday!!"
Geoffrey Kennedy $25.00 "Good luck!"
Tim Connearney $100.00 "Michael- Appreciate your efforts for a good cause. "
John Wasky $50.00 "Way to go KB! No question I have to support someone as crazy as I am... See you at the start line (and the finish of course)!"
Kathryn Hatfield Hidden "You are a good man for doing this. Be safe and do your best."
Rickie Richye Hidden "I am matching Marcus Bowman's of the Eastern Shore Triathlon Club Donation. Thanks Marcus."
Steve Johnson $50.00 "We are proud of you Nicole. Love, Steve, Anita and Matt"
Jennifer Smith $25.00 "Awesome! I know you will do well :) Jen"
Rebecca Reed $30.00 "Good Luck!"
Peter Luhr $100.00 "Thank you for supporting such a great cause...The Woodbine Crew is pulling for you and your fellow competitors...:)"
Robert Sodders $50.00 "Great cause Dan! Good luck!"
Rich & Mary Nicorvo $250.00 "Nicole, Almost There!"
Tamara Jakes $50.00 "Thank you, Jason, for supporting and bringing awareness for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation! "
Pamela Rivers $100.00 "Go Sandy! You are so inspiring to us all! "
Keri & Marcus Hogue $100.00 "So proud of you Cindy!!!!! "
Stephanie Kenney $250.00 "YOU had better show up!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Michael - GoTeam Challenge!"
Hunter Hawes $100.00 "I admire your commitment to your never ending training, your healthy lifestyle and your leadership in raising money for a great cause. Now go kick some a** at IM TN!!!"
Susan Holloway $50.00 "Way to go, Skip!!"
Gary Elam $50.00 "From the E.Street Fantasy Football League"
Libby Whelan $250.00 "So glad you are able to not only do this race but train and race with a purpose. So glad to be training and racing with you again."
Alicia Jackowiak $100.00 "Way to go Kelly!"
Terry Haas $100.00 "We are so happy and proud of you. My mother has suffered with Chron's for 30+ yrs. and it is horrible. We are also big fans of Giselle and Mark W. and try to help as much as we can. Good luck on your journey. Terry and Tim Haas River Landing Realty"
Timothy Reimink $140.60 "Good luck!"
Missy O'Doherty $25.00 "Wow Skip! You are truly an inspiration to everyone you know. You have made such a huge impact on my life and I am honored to know someone like you. You never let anything stop you from achieving what you want to, and an ironman is truly a huge accomplishment, let alone a number of them. I hope my donation helps you get to your goal! Thanks for all that you do for CCFA and Team Challenge and best of luck as you set out to accomplish this next goal with flying colors!"
Jean Nonna $250.00 "Go Jamie!!!"
Friends The Villages $350.00 "Your friends from The Villages are happy to support you in this event and your fund raising efforts"
Judy Snyder $100.00 "Jamie - As you meet your fitness goals, we will help you meet your financial goal. Keep us all informed of your fitness progress."
Charles & Debbie Turner Hidden "Good Work"
Emily Reeves-Douglas $50.00 "Dr. Bolton, you should try to get your co-worker to help you sponsor a fundraiser for this very important disease that may affect as many as 700,000 Americans."
Lew Thorne $100.00 "You go girl! Ironlady in the house! Respect!"
Shannon McGarry $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Allen Hutkin $150.00 "We are looking forward to watching you qualify for Kona."
Xochitl Valle $25.00 "Hope you have a great race!"
Paul Whitlock $25.00 "Good Luck, sir!!"
Mike Machaskee $50.00 "Looking forward to seeing you at the finish line with a cold beer in my hand!"
Carlos Suero $10.00 "DALE DALE QUE TU PUEDES!!!"
Chris Stallman $50.00 "Good luck Sandy! Hope to join you on some training runs/rides. Keep bringing the Iron!"
Jennifer Wilke $35.00 "Enjoy Ironman #7! I miss swimming with you! "
Traci Riccitello $50.00 "Go Susan! You are my inspiration! Traci"
Anthony Sharp $50.00 "You Rock Dude!!!"
Larry Nydegger $20.00 "You are my favorite Iron Man."
Ruth and Geoffrey Duffine $150.00 "Run, Lilia, run....for all of the people who understand!"
Tony Allen $100.00 "Skip, happy to support you in this very worthwhile effort. Ginger and Tony Allen"
Shana Genkin $26.20 "You are amazing! Thank you for running/swimming/biking for such an amazing cause! Girls with Crohns rock! I can't wait to run with you next month. xxoo"
Douglas Allred $100.00 "$100 donation for Skip Slade"
Spencer, Lisa, Grant Johnston $150.00 "You are an amazing person, coach and a true inspiration to our son,Spencer!! Thank for all that you do Skip. So proud and amazed about what you can do. You ROCK!! Good luck and kick some bootie!"
Beverly Hoover $150.00 "Good luck David Lee!!"
NITSA JENSEN $25.00 "You're awesome Uncle Skip!"
Sarah Kasanoff $20.00 "Good Luck Skip. It's real nice knowing you! Love, Mickey"
Natasha Corbatta Hidden "Good Luck Uncle Skip!!! "
Greg Cooper $100.00 "Great cause Sandy. Will expect to see you finish in the top 10% !!!"
Brad Mensendiek $50.00 "Good luck John! "
Anonymous $100.00 "You are a winner!"
Deborah Hamby $50.00 "Way to go, Brian!! Good luck in the IRONMAN Chattanooga!! Thank you for raising money to help with the research and cure of these awful diseases. "
Ann Cobb $50.00 "Thanks for doing this, John! Lotsa love, Ann & Doug"
NC Brownlee $100.00 " I am happy to be a part of this worthwhile endeavor with you. Kudos to you for your time, energy, and passion you've contributed to this exciting sport and research efforts for CCFA. Lots of luck, Skip, in your future training and caring interest in the Foundation. "
Jodi and Michael Kaye $100.00 "Skip we are so dang proud of you. The inspiration that you have given to so many cannot be measured. Good thing we helped you train at the last walk. Maybe you can break your 25 minute mile. Lots of love and good luck. Glad we can be a part of it. "
Janine Shaw $20.00 "Best of luck Alberto!!!! ;-0)))"
Charles Bolton $50.00 "What ever I can do to support my brother and this worthy cause, I will do. good luck Jim"
Lisa Lambert Hidden "Thanks for helping to raise awareness of Chrons and Colitis and raising funds to help find a cure! Best of luck in the Ironman!"
Lisa and Jeff Dugal $1,000.00 "Good luck with your training and we hope you get good weather for the race."
Deborah Tipton $50.00 "I am inspired and in awe of your amazing journey! May God continue to blesss you as you journey on to the full IronMan! GO SKIP!"
Jennifer Burtz $25.00 "Thanks for fundraising such a great cause. I did a Half with Team Challenge - you will have such a great experience! "
Anonymous Hidden "Best of luck you crazy guy. atr"
Mark Rowe $50.00 "Go Get Em Skip!!!! "
Mitzi Campbell $250.00 "Good luck Brian!"
Bob & Denise Odorizzi $50.00 "Good luck and be fast!"
Sue and Chris Hunt $50.00 "Being a nurse in the hospital I see how difficult crohns and colitis can make someone's life. Good for you, John, for doing your part. "
Lee Miller $100.00 "Get it Skip. You are an inspiration!"
Jennifer Naae Hidden "Good luck Allen!!"
Tim Simmons $100.00 "Good luck, Trudy!"
Ralph Young $100.00 "Skip - have some family and friends with IBS and Chron's - I appreciate your efforts here."
Joel Chin Fatt $50.00 "For my friend Julie Knock em out Nicole!"
LISA TROUTT Hidden "Good Luck Robert Beam!! You can do it!! Love the Troutt Family!"
Herve Queval Hidden "GO GO GO and makes us proud !"
John Flores $25.00 "Shake and Bake!!!"
Lauren Bate $50.00 "yeaa momma! Good luck!!"
Sarah and Gene Allen $100.00 "So very proud of our awesome nephew! Love you, The Ant & Unk"
Gene and Mary Ellen Nord $250.00 "Way to go, Jen!! We hope you have a great Ironman, and we wish you lots of success with your fundraising efforts. Love, Mom and Dad"
Mackenzie Forsythe $100.00 "I believe in you, mom! And when the going gets tough, remember that your mind is even stronger than your body!"
Tiffany Chirse $30.00 "Supporting you!##"
Emily Florian $10.00 "Go Ryan! Everything about an IRONMAN is impressive. Good luck!!"
Kerry Bennett $50.00 "Good luck and hope you "CRUSH" your goal!!!"
Sandra Vander Wal $250.00 "Martin, I'm in it to win it. Ok fine, even if I don't win, I'm so proud of you. Plus, you inspire me beyond what I can explain. OMG and you're a great coach. And friend! Best of luck to you. (And me.)"
Martha Henkes $25.00 "Thanks for choosing this for your charity. My oldest son, age 57, has had ulcerative colitis since early 20's. There are a number of friends here in Hamilton battling one or both of these problems. Good luck with your Ironman. My grandson, Mark Henkes just completed his this past weekend and ic now an "Ironman"! "
Ernest E. Zampese $50.00 "Skip, we love and admire you! We wish you the best that you can be! Ernie and Joyce"
John Morris $50.00 "Good luck with your training, hope the event goes well!"
Anonymous $957.00 "Steak night on November 16, 2013."
Bill Forsythe $1,000.00 "Age is just a number !!"
Cindy Rudolph $25.00 "For Lori. Good luck Nicole!"
Cheryl McMurray $50.00 "Good job Craig! Best of luck in your fundraising efforts for Chron's disease! "
Lauren Erbach $50.00 "Thanks for the race belts! :)"
Jeff Soileau Hidden "Rock it, Susan!"
Jeanelle Smith $4.87 "Keep up the good work"
Jillian Marrs $30.00 "Wow Skip, what an inspiration you are! Good luck to you!"
Dagmar Gewiese $50.00 " you go girl....You rock !!!"
Kristin Menson Hidden "proud to know you!"
Kristin Menson Hidden "rooting for you, coach!"
Danielle O'Haren $30.00 "Go Lindsey, Go!"
Nancy Kamp $50.00 "Hi Skip! Thank you for being transparent and sharing your heart. What an example you are of pushing through obstacles to achieve a goal! Wishing you the best in your training and in the Challenge! Sincerely, Nancy Kamp"
Emily Hayden $25.00 "Go Mama!"
Jason Murray $20.00 "Best of Luck, Fiddy!"
Sharon Richard $250.00 "Good luck on reaching your goal. Merry Xmas, love ya-Nannie Joe."
Charles Jantzi $25.00 "Good luck Rocketboy"
Charles Jantzi $50.00 "Good luck Susan"
Tracy Jantzi $25.00 "Good luck Pat"
Jennifer Stott $75.00 "Go, Jamie! I know you can do this"
Jeff Greenberg Hidden "Good luck Skip!"
Craig Sweeney $100.00 "Crush it!"
James & Marilyn Skelley $50.00 "Such a friend, Skip, you should be proud of your lifetime's accomplishments. Jim & Marilyn"
Margaret Knuth $18.09 "November installment: Check. You'll have to work harder if you really want to hurt my wallet!"
Marie-Claude Giroux $50.00 "Bravo Martin pour ton implication et ta détermination! C'est beau de voir ça... Lâche pas! J'ai hâte d'aller à Hawaii !!!"
Yvette Lipinsky $10.00 " I'll race you to the finish!!"
J.MARTYN LIPINSKY $30.00 " Go Honey! Give it your best!! "
Marty Lipinsky $35.00 "You're my #1."
Lucy & Marvin Coren $100.00 "Go, Steve! You can do it! Mom & Dad"
Ronald Plauche $50.00 "we love you SUSAN and are so proud of you...Gran and Namp"
Carolyn Edrington $100.00 "Can't wait to see you finish!"
Stephen Morris $50.00 "From Steve and Heide"
Alan and Pam Petten $25.00 "You go, girl!!"
Polly Rhodes $5.00 "Keep up the hard work, Jason!"
John Hayward $50.00 "IronBitch"
Alison & Nick Arnold $50.00 "Way to go, Kelly! A huge accomplishment for such a special cause! We are amazed by you and Brian daily. Love you both!"
Jean-Francois Hould $100.00 "Thanks for your dedication to this cause Brian. "
Ken and Barbara LePoer $100.00 "Good luck, Steve! We are rooting for you to succeed, both in fundraising and in the ironman."
Jacqueline Caouette $100.00 "General Lee, so excited for you!! You are going to kick butt! Sad we are not doing Florida Ironman together, but hoping you will enjoy this one so much you will want to do another one with me...haha!! Hope you are consuming lots of smarties and chard for extra training energy!! Love you!!"
Robert Hakes $120.00 "Good luck on the Tri, thanks for your help with the Poker Run."
David Black $100.00 "Go Cindy, go! Connie and David"
Kerri Hanlon $25.00 "Much love Al!!"
Matthew Clemmons $50.00 "One good turn deserves another."
Connie Romano $30.00 "You're awesome Mikey. Good Luck!"
Brooke Woody Hidden "Good luck, Maryann!!!"
gary matthews $50.00 "Kick it girl !!!"
Bill and Sue Heisner $150.00 "Go, Anne, go! Way to take on the challenge!"
juan sanchez $30.00 "it is not much but one drop at a time will fill up the bottle....good luck!!!"
TC-2014 Calendar Support $1,000.00 "Skip, you an Inspiration to us all....2014 TC Calendar Fund...."
Andrea Siefers $50.00 "You're an inspiration! Good luck with the rest of the fundraising and hope to see you on more training rides in the future :)"
whitney Cabrera $50.00 "Love that you're doing this, Steve. Thanks for including Mark and I! Good Luck."
AnnClaire Hoch $50.00 "Go, Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ryan Johnson $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Jason Tubbs $100.00 "Good luck Olivia! Please keep Ryan, Misti and Emma Polster in you heart and mind while you train and compete!"
marc-andre menard $100.00 "t'est une inspiration ! go mart !"
Dean Rosen $250.00 "Best of luck, Jen! - your friends at Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti "
Thomas Lloyd Hidden "May God Bless You!"
Oliver Claas $50.00 "here's to babysitting your way to the start line ;) "
Rickie Richey $250.00 "This is a Matching Contribution from my company Altaworx. "
John McManus $250.00 "Good luck. Happy to train with you a bit."
Gordon and Susan Lampley $50.00 "What a good cause and an awesome thing that you are doing. Good luck to you, Curt."
Jackie Mizon $25.00 "Thank you for being such an inspiration and for allowing me to see first hand the amazing things CCFA can do. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a dedicated and passionate community of people! Best wishes at IRONMAN Chattanooga! -Take Steps San Diego "
Sumer Slade $20.00 "Go for it, Uncle Skip!"
mary reiman $75.00 "It's terrific you're raising money for a cause that I knew little about before you informed me!! Way to go!! "
Ann Bobby $10.00 "Best Wishes for the Success of RUN TO THE POT...THE CHILI POT!!"
Jacqueline Matlock $25.00 "Good Luck, Angela"
Shawn Foltz $50.00 "Thank-you Dan for your efforts to raise awareness as to the people impacted by Crohn's and Colitis. "
Lauren F Bogart $25.00 "Way to go, Martin!! :) "
Cara Smith $50.00 "Keep up the strength and determination thoughout the training! I'm lucky to know you and you inspire me to be a better person."
Pam Speer $100.00 "We're so proud of you! The Speer Family"
John MacMillan $50.00 "Brian, your energy and unflagging optimism is an inspiration. Good luck in teh race and please don't hurt yourself!!"
Rosemary Ashby Hidden "Good luck, Brian!!"
Doreen Fitzpatrick $20.00 "Good Luck on your mission Brian!! "
Joe Johnson $20.00 "Good luck with the race! Joe, Robin, and Vivian Johnson"
Mark Pastor $50.00 "Good cause; good luck!"
Motal Family $100.00 "Merry Christmas from the Motal Family!"
Debra Stern $50.00 "Martin, you are an inspiration. Good Luck."
Lynn Nguyen $75.00 "Great job Martin! Keep at it!"
Xavier Muniz $50.00 "I support Frank IRONMAN Carino and this great cause!"
Roy Cuellar $100.00 "Kristen, you've set a lofty goal for such a worthwhile project. We know you can reach it and of course we'll be there at the IronMan in Chattanooga supporting you! We Love You Dad and Annie"
Catherine Montgomery $80.00 "Merry Christmas!!! From Cathie, Diane, Linda, Traci and Anna"
Kevin Horn $25.00 "Megan, good luck in your training and the big race!"
GHP Investment Advisors $180.00 "Good luck, Megan!"
Carin and Alex Wagner $100.00 "Wow - what an event! I know way too many people with this disease."
Jonathan Daniell $50.00 "Good luck, Megan!!"
Wall Street Communications $100.00 "Wishing you the best Megan from the Wall Street Communications Team!"
Vladimir Ivan $150.00 "Bill, good luck with your race and have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year."
Kathy Vaughn Hidden "Dr. Bolton my preacher's son is 14 years old and he was just recently diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease and he is having to do infusions every six weeks. I thank you SO much for doing this IRONMAN and want to support you in doing so. "
Scott Foust $25.00 "Happy to be one of 'Andy's People'! Good luck Megan!"
David Mangold $25.00 "Good Luck, Doug!!"
Adriana and Felipe Pulido $50.00 "You better learn to go downhill"
Steven Rdzak $25.00 "Good Luck Megan"
Joelle Jackson $50.00 "Kelly, I think what you are doing is truly wonderful! Best of luck to you! "
Judy Wood $150.00 "2014 is going to be awesome for you, James! Can you hear me doing my go-fight-win cheer? XO"
Alan Eisenberg $250.00 "Good luck Jen! Look forward to swimming and training w/you!"
Courtney Payne $25.00 "Kelly, I have experienced the passion and commitment you have for finding a cure for Brian's illness and this only confirms it more! You guys are lucky to have one another. And yes, Brian is a fighter and thank God for that, but something tells me you are too! Go get 'em girl and thanks for all you do for CCFA."
Phillip Sutton $100.00 "Best of luck in reaching your goals. I hope this small amount helps you on your way."
Anonymous $50.00 "From your Secret Santa"
joseph lipinsky $250.00 "Good luck from Margie and me . We know you will do excellent."
Anne Spindel $50.00 "Finally- you're my hero!"
Anonymous $500.00 "We believe in you!"
Rickie Richey $100.00 "Thanks Pro Cycle and Triathlon for their $100 Gift."
Lisa Burgess $75.00 "Michael - Very proud of you undertaking this endeavor! Good luck! Lisa"
Jeffrey Kellar $200.00 "Good Luck at the race!"
Tim & Christine Hutchinson $350.00 "Way to go Susan!!!"
Tim & Christine Hutchinson $350.00 "Strong & Steady Chris!!"
Bruce Mort $20.00 "Great job Vicki and good luck."
Scott Pollock $20.00 "from a family friend of Rachel Blechman. Have a great race!"
Ari Stern-Ellis $100.00 "Thanks to you and your family for always taking such great care of me and letting me lick the tuna juice! RUN SKIP RUN!!! Love, Ari"
Dale & Jim Naylor $250.00 "Susan - Congratulations on your efforts to raise research dollars for Crohn's & Colitis and train for the Ironman! We are so appreciative of the welcome y'all have given to Sam and the family weekends at your home - he obviously feels very welcome!! All our best, Dale & Jim Naylor"
Ryan Roberts $250.00 "This is somebody's GRANDPA!"
Rickie Richey Hidden "This is a matching contribution for Cathy Cope's donation. Cathy is a member of Eastern Shore Triathlon Club."
Judith Bender $100.00 "Dear Skip, I follow your accomplishments regularly on Facebook. You are amazing. Wishing you much success in Ironman Chattanooga!! Judith Bender"
Jayne Marx $50.00 "You go, Skip! You sure do like these major races!"
lupe beam Hidden "you'll meet your goal. it'll start growing as soon as everybody gets over the Christmas spending shock love you:) "
Stan & Jane Schatt Hidden "Skip, thank you for sharing your story with us, for your courage, and for working for this worthy cause. You are making a positive difference in so many lives by helping to find a cure for Crohn's and Colitis. Best of luck to you in the Ironman Challenge! With much appreciation, Stan and Jane Schatt "
Katherine Fife $50.00 "Sorry I will miss the event, it sounds like a fun time!! "
Cindi Madej $100.00 "Good luck and kudos for raising funds to fight a terrible disease. "
Kim Raulston $50.00 "Awesome Larry!"
Chuck Knuth $400.00 "Good luck to MEEEEEE!!"
Vita Di Pasca $20.00 "Kick some serious butt, Chuck! Sending good vibes for your training and race day! "
Michael Ansley $25.00 "You go girl!"
Pat & Madelyn Shedd $250.00 "We are proud of your fundraising efforts, Kelly, and of Brian for his amazing resilienceq throughout his struggle with this disease!"
cindy mendenhall $50.00 "Go Larry!"
orin kilgore $100.00 "Larry, My part is easy. Try and not embarrass yourself and Chattanooga. JUST APPLY YOURSELF!Good luck!"
Brandan Kelter $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Carol Klein $100.00 "Good luck, Jeff! I still think you're crazy for doing these Ironman events, but at least Chattanooga is beautiful. Enjoy those hills... Steve & Carol Klein : )"
Francesco Volponi $25.00 "Good going Jeremy!"
Kay Olive $100.00 "Larry - cheering for you! Kay"
Stephanie Oginsky $100.00 "Best of luck and happy New Year!"
Mark Mucciacciaro $100.00 "Go get 'em Reno! "
Michael Curin $50.00 "Good Luck Thomas. I'm not in the bet but I think your time will be 10 hours 55 minutes! :)"
John Robinson $50.00 "Happy to support your efforts. Keep up the great work!!"
Renee Bobrowski $500.00 "Strong work LT! Looking forward to a fun race together! Go Vols!"
Laura Gerry $50.00 "Keep fighting Vanessa!"
Zach Jones $50.00 "I think it was the great philosopher Lenny Kravitz that said "Where are we running?". "We need some time to clear our head""
Brad Hesse $650.00 "WIC FundRaiser Ride "
Brad Hesse $650.00 "WIC Fundraiser Ride "
Marty Lipinsky $120.00 "I love you Honey. I needed another Tax Deductible contribution to stay off the Billionaires List!! And I want to be at the TOP of Your Leaderboard!!"
Anonymous $1,000.00 "Kick ass on race day!"
Sonia Burton $250.00 "Kris,, very proud of you! Love you, mom"
Cullen Talley $50.00 "Susan, Here's to achieving new goals this year including supporting a great cause. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your efforts. "
Paul Forester $100.00 "Twig - Good for you to use your "addiction" to help others ... I'm proud to contribute and proud of your effort. GOOD LUCK on reaching your goal(s) !!!!"
John Weinstein $100.00 "Thank you for being such a fantastic coach, friends, and role model. I am proud to support you and this worthy cause!"
Thomas Anderson $250.00 "Best of luck to you Larry!! "
James Rasmussen $250.00 "Goog Luck Wingman!"
Elizabeth Tallman $144.00 "You can do it & you look great on the cover of Get Out!"
Kristin Leffew $75.00 "Good luck, Uncle Larry!!"
Scott Higgs $100.00 "Good Luck Brother!!! Let's raise some casH in Shelby's behalf!!!"
Bernard Wood III $100.00 "Very proud"
Derek Anderson $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Steven Sherck $250.00 "Good luck!"
Michael Meador $500.00 "Good luck Tom. What an awesome and inspiring thing that you are doing for your friend!"
Randy Northcote $150.00 "I can tell by all your donations that you have had a positive influence in many people lives. Thanks for your inspiration, positive attitude and most importantly sharing what it means to race with gratitude."
Kathleen Dearing $200.00 "Go get 'em guys!"
Bryan Green $50.00 "Great cause! Very impressive! Run Run Run!!"
Germaine Schaefer $50.00 "Good luck!"
angie montgomery $25.00 "GOOO Kelly!!!!!"
Andrea Burns $50.00 "I'm so proud of you Kelly! YOU are the ultimate rockstar! Way to go and best of luck during the competition! XOXO"
Erica Johnston Linder $100.00 "Congrats Kelly! So proud of you!"
Bryan Mayol $50.00 "Good for you, you'll do great, Kelly! Keep up the hard work, and you will like Chattanooga by the way!"
Scott Kleeman $50.00 "What a tremendous commitment Kelly. I am extremely impressed. Good training, and good luck!!"
Travon McCoy $25.00 "My youngest niece, Lori has ulcerative colitis. She was very ill for many months and spent quite a bit of time in the hospital before being properly diagnosed. Staying healthy is an everyday challenge for her. Thank you so much for participating in fund raising for such a worthy cause. Good luck Danny!"
Marie Crumbaker $50.00 "Yvonne, thank you for giving us all the opportunity to help your cause. I wish you the best of luck in your Ironman venture, although from what I read you don't need luck! You have determination! GO! All the best to you, Marie Crumbaker"
Bethany Putnam $100.00 "You go Brian! I am with you and Shelby on this journey. Be Blessed All! "
Virginia Sharitz $50.00 "Go Ironman Trudy!!"
Paul Cotter $150.00 "Thank you very much for doing this! Paul"
Tim Ambrose $50.00 "Go Sandy!"
greg wallace $100.00 "Good luck Megan!"
Amy Gokey $50.00 "Happy to contribute! :)"
Heather Stroh $50.00 "Go Brian Go!!! "
Anthony Cummins $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Louis and Robin Bonaventura $25.00 "Good luck!"
Richard Decker $250.00 "Go Jeff, and be safe! The Deckers"
steve shihadeh $100.00 "Great to see your commitment to helping with this disease."
Chris Ciatto $100.00 "Good luck Jeff! "
Gordon Rice $250.00 "Great cause, best of luck. Terrible disease."
Anonymous Hidden "We're pulling for you, Jeff! Declan Gilbert"
Mary Lou Volchko $25.00 "Good luck and have fun!!"
Brianna Windon $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Laura Robich $75.00 "Yvonne, just in case we don't make it at all I want to contribute. Swim meet starts at 9:00 so you never know. My favorite saying is "If I only have one day to live, I want it to be at a swim meet BECAUSE THEY LAST FOREVER"!! You are the best! Laura "
JoRhee Pezold $250.00 "God Bless You as you train and compete for the IRONMAN competition."
Rita Powell $100.00 "Go Cindy! We hope to be there to watch you cross the finish line!"
Bob & Kathy Graham $50.00 "Doing the best you can do is the best you can do. We know you will do well."
Darlene Hack $50.00 "Sorry I was unable to attend today's event. Looks like you had a good turn out and a great time! "
Dewey & Jennifer Whaley $250.00 "Debbie, you inspire us!! "
William and Barbara Hancher $50.00 "Tom Poole's parents. Good luck in the marathon"
Fort Forwarding Inc Hidden "This is a very worthy cause not just for the Causey's but for all afflicted with these conditions. Best of luck on obtaining the goal "
Run to the Pot The Chili Pot $1,250.00 "Thank you to everyone that donated to the "Run to the Pot....the Chili Pot" 5k walk/run family event hosted by Yvonne and Marty Lipinsky. Special thanks to all of the friends and family that made chili, desserts, and helped volunteer during the event. Special thanks to Mark, from Second Sole, who timed and scored the event."
Tom Cremer $20.00 "Congrats on your dedication. All your hardwork will pay off. Good luck!"
Rick Weslock $250.00 "Glad to support a fellow IMChoo racer!"
Julie Edwards $50.00 "Go Vicki..you are an inspiration to me for sure! "
Sandra Tognetti Hidden "Best of Luck!"
Rich Mejzak $100.00 "Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids, and double-knot your shoelaces"
Tim and Beth Vallace $100.00 "Dear Teresa, Best of Luck to you on yet another impressive and heartwarming endeavor! Tim's Dad had ulcerative colitis, recovered beautifully, and has had an amazing quality of life since! Lots of love and cheers to you and John, and of course, each of your families! Beth and Tim Vallace "
Volunteer Properties Phillips $500.00 "Mark, good effort for a good cause, glad to support."
David & Jeanne Ball $200.00 "Best of Luck Jason! Thank you for picking a very important charity! You make us proud!"
James Maitland $50.00 "Skip, you are awesome."
Bonnie and Steve Powell $500.00 "Proud of your commitment and dedication. Hand in there!"
Joy Motto Hidden "Teresa: Besides knowing you & John, I have a friend who also battles Crohn's daily, so this has now become a cause doubly (triple-y?)-close to my heart. John is a very special boy and you are an absolutely awe-inspiring 2nd grade teacher & woman. Our family loves you, and we are hoping for continued good health for John & success for you in all your endeavors. May all the good you do for others come back to you! With love - The Motto Family"
roberta lynn katz $50.00 " For my nephew John <3 "
Chuck & Joanne Egasti $50.00 "Good Luck Lindsey! You are amazing! Happy to be a part of this great cause!"
Margaret Ciffolilli $100.00 "Go get 'em David! Good luck!"
Deb and Art Mallard $250.00 "We will be there to cheer you on!"
Peggy & Ken Bladen $50.00 "We are wishing you a successful training for the Ironman. We are proud to support your fight for the treatment of Crohn's & Colitis. Love You!"
Britt Reynolds $50.00 "Go kick some ass, Jen! "
Rayna Dyck $20.00 "Good luck and God bless! I knew you'll do great!"
Margaret Knuth $31.68 "December installment: Better, better...but so far I'm not even down a pair of shoes...."
Michael Lippmann $100.00 "Good luck to you - great cause. At the end you get to say "I AM IRONMAN!" - The Lippmann's"
Joe Giordano $100.00 "Wishing wind at your back!"
Maria Bertacchi $50.00 "Way to go Jenny! "
Anthony Shelton $100.00 "Thanks for taking this as your charity!"
jennifer WEBER Hidden "Cheers to you my friend...an awesome accomplishment ahead :) Good cause you are supporting as well! HAPPY TRAINING!"
Bruce and Kenda Hesse $25.00 "Have a great ride Brad!"
Heather Gregg $25.00 "I know you are going to do a wonderful job. I'm so proud of you!"
Kristine Williams Hidden "Your an amazing person! Much love to you on this journey!! You will do great!"
Rosanne Vernon $50.00 "So proud of you, and THANK YOU for continuing to support our hope for a cure!"
Edward Hall $50.00 "Best of luck Allen!"
Kevin Johnson $25.00 "Best of luck and watch those toes!!"
Teri Briggs $50.00 "You are an inspiration!! xo"
Timothy Kennedy $100.00 "A great effort for a great cause in honor of a great man! I know both our dads will be cheering you on together from the "Skybox" - beers in hand. -Bulldog"
Kim Lyko $50.00 "Good luck, Linz! "
DENNIS MARR $25.00 "You have lots of friends behind you!!!"
Sherry Fox $50.00 "Wishing you the best of health and wellness, Shelby! "
Anonymous $50.00 "Well wishes and hugs being sent your way, Shelby! Best of luck in your Ironman, Brian! "
Tony Grigalunas $100.00 "Ironman, Iron will...fight the good fight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your Friends, Tony, Michele, Tony & Aubrey Grigalunas"
Jessica Richter $50.00 "Wishing Shelby health, happiness and wellness....Way to go Higgs family!"
Barry McKay $100.00 "Good luck Allen!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Thanks to Chris, Karren and Rebecca"
David Raymer $100.00 "Good Luck Ironman!!"
Kellie Dann $25.00 "Kelly, so proud of you! What a great accomplishment...you will do GREAT!!!!"
Laura Conlon $50.00 "Good luck!"
The Dworacek Family Hidden "You rock, Reno! Best if luck and be careful!"
Matteo de Gennaro $20.00 "Go Reno .Be your best."
Mike Lewos $100.00 "Never give up! Never quit! Your family is an inspiration to all of us. Best of luck in the race and thank you for your service!"
Bryan Logue $20.00 "Good luck Jeff. Plan on Boulder in 2015!"
Kirk Walton $33.00 "Good luck Jeff - just another walk in the park for you!!"
Alex Crain $50.00 "Good luck Allen!"
Lisa Hendy Hidden "Saw the article in Get Out Chattanooga. Nice class ring :) from one grad to another - you go girl! Lisa Hendy Emergency Services Chief, Yosemite National Park GPS class of '90"
Hillary Downs $100.00 "Good luck Kelly! You rock! Jamison, Hillary and Rory!"
Brian Kennerly $50.00 "Go for it, Christy! We are behind you!"
Tessa Radziej $25.00 "Is it wrong to expect you to win :o) Good Luck!!!"
Carol Gordon $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Gillian Shay Hidden "Ella and I are so unbelievably proud of you. You are a rock star! xo"
Michael Kirwan Hidden "Good work brother! Promise not to try and taint the training program."
Keri Palmer $100.00 "Go Lee!"
Allison Shay Hidden "So incredibly proud of you, little brother!! What an amazing goal to set for yourself!! The boys and I hope to be down there cheering you on this fall!! (((( ::"
Whitakers Whitakers Hidden "Go get em DIX!"
David Chin $112.00 "112 miles of road ahead, 112 miles of road... A dollar for every one you bike. Go Jeff!"
Ryan Bonner Hidden "Best of luck Dixon."
Kelley Harris $100.00 "Cheering you on."
Marlies and Kyle Lissack Hidden "We think you are totally nuts- and we wonder if perhaps we should be making this donation to Gill. But we wish you all the best in your training nevertheless!"
Cindy Grimsley $25.00 "Looking great Todd! Keep it up! Steve, Cindy & Danielle"
William Curley $500.00 "Enjoy the journey Dix!!!!'"
Thomas Gage $50.00 "Be tough, be strong!!"
Lisa Gavin $25.00 "Todd, Good Luck!"
howard greenberg $108.00 "Good luck to a good man, who does so much for others. "
Nick Valaitis $50.00 "Best of Luck. "
Kimberley Tuttle $50.00 "Good Luck Jenny!!!! "
Rebecca Wynn Amerson $50.00 "Have a great run for a good cause. Best wishes. Wyndy"
Sandy Zaic $75.00 "Very proud of you! Good luck with your training!"
RYAN COOK $100.00 "If you can’t win, make the fellow ahead of you break the record. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck Jeff!"
$5 Campaign $25.00 "from the lunsfords, Patti, Geraldine, and Kristie"
Heather Hopland Hidden "Can't wait to see you cross that finish line!"
TRACY BELL $50.00 "Proud to be a part of your goal ~ "
Heidi Evje $50.00 "*Donation in honor of my mom, resilient, amazing woman who diagnosed with Crohn's a couple years ago. Thank God for modern medicine and research to help those suffering with Crohn's! Go Lindsay Go! "
Larry Ray Hidden "Great work team! Glad to pitch in!! "
Shellie Hanna $20.00 "For Nicki. You are loved and missed! I think you set out a challenge to each one of us before you left. I completed what you told me to get done. Now it's Debbie's turn to do this ironman! If you weren't cheering from heaven, I have a sneaking suspicion you would be kicking her but in training and doing it with her. Go Debbie!"
Jeff Zuver $50.00 "Here is your second installment! Now pick up the training buddy, haha."
Eric Shapiro $100.00 "Best to Shelby, Brian, Scott and the whole family!"
addam ouvry $55.00 "Go get em zepp!"
Patrick Healey $50.00 "On behalf of Caliber Financial Partners, good luck, Reno! Well done, and for a good cause."
Donna Minotti $50.00 "Go Get'em Teresa!"
Matthew Dickerson $140.60 "We are so proud of you!"
Renee Wright $100.00 "Words can't express the peace and confidence Sensei Glenn and the dojo has given to me and my family. We support you and will be cheering you on!"
Kristi Whitmore $25.00 "I am a friend of Jessica MaHaffey. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors. "
Rad Richardson $250.00 "Great job April, all thanks go to Jess W.M. for making me aware :)"
Dan Hurt $25.00 "In honor of my 5 granddaughters. JWM, we go back a ways. POPS"
Daniel Dennis $75.00 "Go get em Tom!"
Al Ahuja $25.00 "Good luck Jason. Great that you can combine your tri goals with a great cause. "
David Bess Jr. $50.00 "Good Luck in your 2014 Race Season."
Paul Lerner $100.00 "What an inspiration!! We look forward to watching you both KICK BUTT!!! "
Nora and Corey Faul $50.00 "Great job, Todd. Good luck!! "
Skip & Lisa Dickerson $1,000.00 "Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. I will never forget your kindness and the love you have shown to me and my family. God bless you. "
Dan Shea $15.00 "Keep up the good work, and stay safe."
Kim Jinks $25.00 "Good luck Christy. You CAN do it!!"
Alan and Michelle Ennis $100.00 "Huge undertaking, Todd ... we'll be rooting for you !!!"
Don and Molly Ball $50.00 "So proud of you Todd!"
Patricia Jewell $250.00 "Go Debbie! You are an inspiration to all of us! We love you and wish you the best! Trish, Paul, Jake and Jared "
David Knotts $50.00 "Rock on Lauri!"
Margaret Knuth $40.85 "Swim, swim, swim!!!!"
Barb and Ken Szefi $50.00 "Way to go, Todd. Good luck. All the Szefis"
Lisa Lucci $50.00 "Good Luck Sarah! "
Dennis Malinis $50.00 "Only 0.05% of the world population has completed an Ironman. Congrats!"
Mark Orlowski $25.00 "Best Of Luck Brian, Comerica's Iron Man !"
Skip Dickerson $250.00 "Debbie, thank you for being a voice for the Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America. I am looking forward to training and competing in Ironman Chattanooga with you."
Skip Dickerson $250.00 "Sam, thank you for being a voice for Kirby and the Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America. I am looking forward to training and competing in Ironman Chattanooga with you this year."
Kim & Marv VerStraete $100.00 "We wish you good luck in your upcoming event and would like to thank you for raising money and awareness for such a worthy cause. Not only does my dear friend, Connie suffer from Crohn's but my brother-in-law does as well. Crohn's is not a well known disease and the awareness you raise with your efforts will help those who suffer from it."
Adam Clifton $500.00 "Good Luck ZEPP!"
Bonita Bell $25.00 "Good Luck to you, Sarah!!XXXXXXX"
Nathan Howdon Hidden "Proud of you man! Go get it!"
Lori Napoli $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Reno! May God bless you in this endeavor!"
Al Lawlis $100.00 "Sandy, It was great to get this message from you. I am happy to support your effort and commitment to this great cause with a few bucks. Go for it... Al Lawlis"
Andrea Pintar $100.00 "GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, Sandy!!"
William Spinks $20.00 "Good Luck Sarah!!!"
Gregory Cronheim $70.00 "Good luck, Sandy!"
Brent Stiner $15.50 "Good Luck Kevin!!!"
Kristopher Benitez $15.50 "Good luck"
Scott Duffy $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah!!!"
Joshua Stewart $15.50 "Good luck"
Willson Bosiack $20.00 "Good luck Linz!!!"
Troy Wallace $50.00 "Go get some Tom!"
Jeffrey Brown $75.00 "Best of luck Jason, you will do great!"
Joel and Kathy Stenslie $100.00 "Good luck Jason! Proud of the hard work you are putting in! Joel and Kathy"
Terri Markwart $100.00 "We LOVE you SO much Linz! We are so proud of you! We've got your back! The DC Markwart's4264"
Helen Schilling $50.00 "What an awesome cause! Good luck Jeff and I'll be rooting for you!!"
Jeanne Roffee $100.00 "Kudos to you for doing this. I'll be looking for the photo posting after the finish. Good luck. Remember to enjoy yourself. Next lunch is on me."
Bethany Ullig $50.00 "Arthur J Gallagher & co. "
Steve & Carla Sisson $100.00 "Love your efforts here! Keep making a difference in people's lives! We are pulling for you!"
Jeanette Koppes $25.00 "You go girl!"
Katie Longworth $75.00 "So proud of you for all of your hard work! Go get 'em!"
Suzie Jary $20.00 "I support you body and soul! love, Suzie Jary"
Vern Anderson $50.00 "Good luck, Juli! Just keep doing the pull-ups and the dips twice a week between cardio workouts and you'll be just fine. :)"
Keith Hays $100.00 "Teresa, still so very thankful for the love and support you gave me when I needed it and so very proud of you! "
Chris Walker $100.00 ""Life comes from within your heart and desire" - Mike McCready"
Mauricio Sanchez $100.00 "You have embarked in an incredible journey. I cannot wait to be part of it with you! Love Ya!"
Lindsay Maas $100.00 "Juli I'm so proud of you for doing this! You know I am right beside you 100% of the way. I love you! Keep up the hard work. We got this!!!"
Charlene Alcorn $100.00 "I am looking forward to sharing your journey to the Start line September 28th....and celebrating with you at the Finish line!"
Adam Owens $50.00 "Good luck, Megan!!"
Jeffry Beck $50.00 "Do I get pizza or cookie dough with my donation? Break a leg."
Dirk de Haas $400.00 "Go Alexis!"
Jennifer Medina $20.00 "Thank you, Jen, for supporting this important cause! Good luck at IM Chattanooga!!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Show those pects Tommy!"
DAvid Mason $100.00 "Good luck Shelby; my daughter is also an equestrian; we will be rooting for you to get much better soon."
Skip Baldino $100.00 "Scott, I am very happy to support yours and Brian of Shelby in her quest. Please accept this gift from Janice and I. Good luck!! Skip and Janice Baldino"
Brent Stiner $15.50 "Good luck again Kevin!!"
Helen Harris $100.00 "Keep it up, Martin! You are a great inspiration and I am in awe of all you do for others. And get that Kona spot!!"
Tracy Nicoletti $77.00 "GO MARTIN!"
Jennifer Potter $25.00 "You've got this!!! :-)"
Michele DuBois $50.00 "GO MARTIN!!!!!!!"
lisa lam $55.00 "I find you inspirational. GO MARTIN "
Claudia Alexander $100.00 "Go Martin Go!!!!!"
Matt Bergren $150.00 "Thanks for working so hard for a good cause."
Kim Veeder $25.00 "Good for you ! You can do it... "
HEATHER LUEKE $50.00 "Here's a "WEB TOAST" towards reaching your goal, and to YOU for safe, healthy, happy, fun, training! Eric you will finish strong! You inspire those around you. Good Luck! "
Denise Elliott $100.00 "Way to go Todd!!! Good luck in your training, I wish you all the best!!! You can do it!!! Denise Elliott "
Barbara Kennedy $25.00 "I am very proud of Jason's efforts and contributions to this cause! He is a very exceptional person who is willing to devote his life and physical efforts to this great cause."
Jason Ball $150.00 "This donation is on behalf of Kim Mixon. Thank you very much Kim. "
Derek Brawders $50.00 "Doing this for 2 special friend in my life.. One who is trying to raise money and awareness and the other who battles with Colitis daily."
Amy Zook $25.00 "You Rock!"
Ike Tanabe $1,000.00 "Good Luck on your efforts. From all of us at the Digestive Health Clinic (DHC)."
Catherine LaGrange $50.00 "Good Luck Joey!"
The Aldays $100.00 "You're going to do awesome!"
Klaus Kreutzer $200.00 "We believe in you! Good luck!! Hope to see you at the finish:) Love, Klaus & Marti"
Sue Smith $20.00 "Go Lindsey!!!"
David Lee $25.00 "Good luck. "
Andrew Ziegele $120.00 "Great cause, go for it!"
Lynne Leaf $30.00 "Go Todd! What a great cause and accomplishment!!!"
Jeanine Viani $50.00 "Way to go Todd!"
Dan Emberley $30.00 "Admirable goal Todd, and a great cause. Best of Luck!"
Carrie Rupp $50.00 "I know you CAN do it Linzo! So proud of you for all you have done and all you will do! Keep up the incredible work! I'll always be your #1 fan!! "
Darlene Goltz $50.00 "Good luck, David - looking forward to hearing all about the journey!"
Joseph Flatley $1,200.00 "Good luck Doug."
Beverly Hoover $100.00 "Go David! "
Michele Mendyk $100.00 "Good Luck Tommy!!!! We are SO proud of you!!! love, Missy and Dan Mendyk, Master of the Universe"
David Lee $150.00 "Matching Funds of Beverly and Darlene!! Thanks Ladies!!"
Bill & Sunny Waters $50.00 "Great fundraiser - Good luck"
April Conrad $50.00 "As a UC sufferer myself, i applaud your efforts and thank you! Good luck!"
Kristi Simpson $25.00 "Thanks Joey!"
Annette Joganic $25.00 "Good luck, Todd!"
Randy and Gail McKnight $50.00 "Thanks for raising money for a cause close to our hearts. Good luck with your training."
Jane Hamblin $50.00 "this is in honor of my son Cory Reitz who has been battling Crohn's disease since the age of 10. You go Juli."
GABRIELLE Love $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Kim & Tony Mariotti $25.00 "IM ? You two are better women and men than we r. Our upcoming Century is enough! Then again. You re much younger ! LOL. Best of luck!"
Ricky Moran $100.00 "Best to you Jason for raising money for the Crohn's and Colitis Team Challenge."
Skip "Cans for Crohn's" Slade $50.00 "$50 from Cans (and Bottles) For Crohn's and Colitis"
Skip "Cursing Colitis" Slade $19.87 "Cursing and Swearing at Crohn's and Colitis - putting it in the "swear jar""
Marie Ward $100.00 "Good luck Molly. Looking forward to your training. I'll compete vicariously through you! "
Kayla Stiner $15.50 "Good luck with the charity and the Ironman!"
David Ebling $250.00 "Insanity, courage, or a lot of both? Looking forward to training miles with you this year!"
Laura Black $20.00 "Meat (including fish), cheese, and animal protein intake in general have been associated with an increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In the meantime, plant-based diets may not only help prevent such conditions, but treat them as well, resulting in the longest recorded remission rates for Crohn’s disease. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/achieving-remission-of-crohns-disease/ Go gettum, PBJ Sista!!"
Lawrence Pasetti $50.00 "Best of luck!!!"
Thomas Audy Hidden "Thanks so much for using your journey to IM to raise money for a cause very close to me and my family. "
Anonymous $5.00 "Thank You Elizabeth and Shelby!"
Amelia Alonzo $20.00 "Go Juli to a good cause!!!!!"
Onofrio deGennaro $100.00 "Can't wait."
Lyn Reagan $100.00 "thanks, Lindsey, for giving me the opportunity to support you. lyn"
Carol Zupancic $25.00 "Todd ~ best of luck! I hope you and Denise make it to Hawaii too!"
Joshua Katz $50.00 "Reno, Great story, good luck. phi phi, Josh Katz"
Jennifer Nicholson $50.00 "Good luck with your fundraising for such a wonderful cause. You are such a generous and loving person. "
Steve Faul $50.00 "YOU ARE IRONMAN!"
Marian Courtenay $50.00 "Good luck Sandy. You are an inspiration!"
Kenneth Bulkin $50.00 "Great cause Sandy… Swim like a fish, run like the wind, and pedal like no chain is holding you back…."
Dan Johnson $75.00 "Nice work! But don't push fellow competitors into the sticker bushes...just saying."
Jay Stubbs $75.00 "Impressive Tom - Good Luck from the Stubbs family"
curtis sykora $50.00 "Good luck Doug. More reminders like this one should be sent out as marketing effort. Curt 2/17/14"
Courtney & Kyle Tomlin $500.00 "Good luck Trudy!"
Riverside Advisors, LLC Company $1,000.00 "Make us proud! Way to go, Trudy!"
Daniel Dudzinski $50.00 "Good luck Reno! You have motivated me to one day get motivated!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck Reno. "
Andy Freeman $50.00 "Nice work...you'll do great! ~J & A"
Kelye Stites $250.00 "Teresa, I hope this helps, I think it's really wonderful that you give up your time to help others. Kelye"
Marc Whitehead $100.00 "Good luck and great cause!"
Candice Comstock $50.00 "Good luck Trudy!"
James McCurdy $20.00 "Good Luck Todd! "
Anonymous $25.00 "Thank You so much Bobbie!"
Lucy McBride $100.00 "Proud of you, Trudy!! xoxo"
susan nash $30.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Ilze Swanepoel Hidden "Go Alexis! Super proud of you for your dedication to all the training and doing it for a good cause! "
Joy Weitzel $50.00 "Chris & Lilia - I'm so proud of you both for pushing yourselves to the limit...together and for a great cause! I am so thankful to have met you both and call you both my friends. Despite all the Steelers-Dolphins trash talking, I love you both and wish you the very best of luck. Kick some ass and I hope to see you both real soon! <3"
Monica Sanchez $50.00 "We are so proud of you and what you have chosen to do. We'll see you at the "finish line" Love Ya! Mom!"
Sean Oconor $350.00 "We went on a one on one bike ride did 65 miles the first day and 70 the next. Sean payed $1 per mile the first day as a training session and then after learning the cause he donated $5 per mile. half way through the ride when we were already struggling due to the high heat and awful wind, he looks at me and says its f***ig hard but you need to think about the people that really need this! WHAT A GREAT GUY! pleasure to ride with you Sean Oconnor!"
Terry Thomas $75.00 "Good luck to you in your event and fundraising. Quite the goal you set for both you and organization."
Mark Jacoby $500.00 "Skip you kick ass and will do great ! I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be involved in something like this:)"
Dharmendra Rangain $50.00 "Sandy, You rock. Thanks for rising the bar and truly living the Cisco culture of giving Back. All the best."
Adrienne Papa $50.00 "So proud of you Teresa! You continue to inspire and make a difference. Best of luck!!!"
Joseph Ponton $50.00 "Go get em T! "
Magie Kain $50.00 "Good luck, Reno!!!"
Ian Pitcairn $100.00 "Good Luck on making your goals!!"
Dianne Lavado $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Diane Martin $100.00 "We're proud of you, Trudy. Love, Diane and Phil "
evette ferguson $100.00 "Great cause..Good luck Teresa!"
Ulrike Koehler $50.00 "You rock. Thank you for taking on this task. "
Doris York $50.00 "Trudy, we are so proud of you. Thanks for making the run to raise money for such a worthy cause."
linda neary $50.00 "Go for it Teresa! "
Rick Whitter $10.00 "Way to go Andy! "
Chad Madden $75.00 "Good luck Andy! "
Craig Findley $50.00 "Good luck Chuck! I won't be there in person cheering you on, but you can bet I will be tracking your every move online! Can't wait to see the pictures of you crossing the finish line with your arms in the air!"
Ron-charlene Magee $75.00 "We are cheering for you."
Minh Nguyen $1,000.00 "Nguyen Family"
Guillermo Diaz $500.00 "This is inspiring.. You are inspiring!! "
Gregg & Lana Liedtke $100.00 "Proud of you Andy! Keep up the good work. Luv mom & Gregg"
Susanne Champion $50.00 "My husband are retired. We are neighbors of the deGennaro family and greatly value them."
Molly Sherlock $50.00 "Go Molly!"
SUGAR TANG $100.00 "Super, Buddy! It has been a while, glad to see you are doing well. I started running beginning of last year and planed to run half marathon this sep. Hope i can make it!"
Brittany N Tallon $100.00 "You ROCK Teresa! "
Sara Brandes Kreamer $50.00 "What an amazing challenge for you to do in honor of your son. You'll be great, and your family will be in my prayers. It is amazing the strength we find, when it is about our children. "
jamie porter $25.00 "Good Luck!!!!!!"
Jason Van Pelt $100.00 "Good luck buddy! "
Sherry Krueger $50.00 "Amazing! Good luck ! Sherry, Bob and Kaitlynn"
Kerry Bergin $50.00 "You're braver than me! "
Pam Carson $100.00 "Sorry I couldn't make it down to Kegs 4 Kause. Very much in awe of you! Good luck! I know you'll do great!!"
Katelyn Rattner Hidden "Good Luck Alexis!!"
Leslie Harmon $25.00 "Your commitment and dedication to raise awareness on behalf of your friend is admirable and shows true character. Good Luck!"
Fredy Hidalgo $10.00 "Thanks for doing this....dale duro"
Wilfredo Soto $20.00 "Very nice of you to support a lot people in disadvantage. Be proud of your self Al."
Suzan Bellincampi $250.00 "Run like the wind, swim like a fish, and bike like you are being chased by Lance Armstrong"
David Cordero $10.00 "Dale machito pichon...."
Patti Masarek $1,000.00 "Alan, since I was diagnosed with Crohn's eleven years ago, you have been an incredible support for me. Thank you for for running this race and helping to find a cure for all who have Crohn's and Colitis. I love you and will be there to support you all the way to the finish line. Hugs and love, Patti "
Maris Licis Hidden "Go get 'em Marty. The Colorado Licis clan is proud of you!"
Matt Wilde $50.00 "Good luck Lauri!"
Wanda and Chad Shaw $100.00 "Good Luck Anne!! We are so proud of you!!"
JOanne sykora $25.00 "Good luck! We are very proud of you. Glad that someone in our family is athletic! JOJO"
James Bonner $100.00 "Dixon Best of luck. I hope you can make the Irish Pub Ride this year. 65 miles is just a warmup for you now! Jim Bonner"
Frank Coulson III $250.00 "Go Dixon! Eat a banana prior. Best, The Coulson Family"
Glenn Raus $112.00 "This contribution is made on behalf of the South Carolina Stingrays Hockey Team! Go Rays!"
Susan Teague $100.00 "Good luck with you ironman. Here's to finding a cure!"
Russ Grundy $100.00 "What a great cause! You can do it!!"
Marlene Mirochna $150.00 "Go for it Dan! Rick and I will cheer you on - from a distance!"
Ken & Ruth Kotek $100.00 "Good luck, Dan! We are honored to support such a worthy cause."
Luke & Vivienne Mistor $100.00 "Way to go!"
Margie Turrin $50.00 "Good Luck.37"
Shelli and John Kelsey $20.00 "What an amazing way to honor the struggles and successes that Jay has faced with this disease! We hope that a cure is found!"
Matt Kendall $25.00 "Wish I could help more for such a great cause!"
Steve Divine $50.00 "Ashley & Freddie Betanzos This is a great cause you are supporting and it is a pleasure to join the effort ! Steve Divine"
Theresa Pena $25.00 "Good job and keep pushing. "
Jodi Ramoino $100.00 "Cindy - best of luck and thanks for participating in a fundraiser dedicated to Crohns & Colitus. It sure would be nice to find a cure!"
Lisa Smelser $140.60 "Thank you Steve! Enjoy the process! -Lisa and Luke"
Brian Erickson $250.00 "Juli, good luck with Ironman Chattanooga. We are all behind you :)"
adrianne noworul $50.00 "Training should be easy compared to everything you have been through with your son...best of luck! "
Jason Porcelli Hidden "Good luck, Bob! Happy to see you raising money for such a great cause. Jay"
Angela Harmison $100.00 "Thanks for finding a wonderful house for the Seaside Half Marathon and inviting Angela/Missy! Wishing you all the luck in Chattanooga. "
Kay Hart $100.00 "Thank you for the fun place to stay! I am so glad I secured a slot. I am looking forward to the journey to IM Chattanooga. Good luck meeting your fundraising goal!"
Sarah Kemerly $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
James Wrolson $50.00 "GooD LucK! From JiM & JilL"
Daniel Gonzalez Hidden "You better finish!!!!! Dale :)"
Michelle Miller $50.00 "Rick & I wish you the best of luck! "
Anonymous $120.00 "Go, Sean"
Lori Kohl $25.00 "Good luck Daniel!!! "
Margaret Knuth $44.22 "Feb. Installment: At this rate you will only earn half of what I have offered. How will you explain that to all the poor little irritated bowels out there?? :) P.S. - Hope your knee gets better!"
Karen DeVantier $100.00 "Wishing your family many prayers for a cure for Jay and for so many others. Stay strong!"
Rebecca Rodriguez $20.00 "Exito siempre en todo lo que te propongas. Voy a ti a ojo cerrado. Muchas bendiciones! "
Aunt Jo $101.00 "You go girl!"
Casey Robinson $75.00 "Sarah, Good luck and train hard......just don't ask me to keep up with you!!"
Natalie Otto $25.00 "Go get 'em Tom!"
John Crandall $50.00 "Good Luck Sarah!! John & BettyAnn"
Mimi Mangines $50.00 "You are an inspiration and role model to all of us!!"
Ipsita Smolinski $100.00 "Go Jenny GO! You will rock this one"
Beth Old $100.00 "You got this!!"
Michael Rogers $20.00 "For the Demystifying Cycling for Beginning Riders in Huntsville"
Eric Barna $150.00 "Good luck to the Sanchez family. What a fantastic father & daughter bonding experience!"
Rader Family $100.00 "Have a great race Donald! Thanks for all you do for people in our community!"
Hilda Brown $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah!!"
David and Stephanie Hentges $100.00 "Anne, we are so amazed by your dedication. We will be sending good thoughts your way!"
Marc Malaga $200.00 "Don, Congratulations on your upcoming race. Good luck with all the training. Hopefully, it will be stress free! The Malaga Family"
Laura Hitch $20.00 "Good luck! I know you'll do great!"
Ayesha San Miguel $250.00 "We'll make this happen!!!"
Wes Housman $25.00 "Go, April, Go! Put in the work and race day will be a breeze! Enjoy the journey."
Lauren Root $50.00 "Have a awesome race Sam and Kirby I hope you continue to get well. "
Leonard Alonge Hidden "I'm donating my rides to Timmy Vallace "
Anonymous $25.00 "Happy Birthday, Linda!"
Abraham Schuster $25.00 "I am so proud of you Kay."
Kay Hart $50.00 "Looking forward to racing with you in Chattanooga! "
Jennifer Ludwig $100.00 "Good luck to you!!! Wishing you all the best!"
Henry Hernandez $25.00 "Hope this helps!"
Christina Sheehan $20.00 "I love that you are doing this, you will be terrific in the race!!!"
Andy and Robin Corbin $100.00 "Impressive mission, Anne! Good for you!"
Denise Metzgar $50.00 "You are an inspiration to all! Thanks for your never ending determination for finding a cure! Maybe one day...? we can only hope!!!!"
Kristy Durkin $50.00 "Good Luck to you!!! I will always remember the day when Kristen told me she was pregnant with such an incredible little boy!"
Kathy Crummey $50.00 "Angela, what an incredible event for an incredible woman. Happy training and all the best in this amazing quest. "
Troy McGill $150.00 "MJ - Enjoy the journey & the race. Stay smiling! Gretchen & Troy"
Robert Laurita $50.00 "Go Angela, go!!!!!"
BNSF Logistics $1,000.00 "Way to go Danny!"
Anonymous $500.00 "hornet nests, jelly fish, and electrocution make a race complete"
Laura Brezin Hidden "From Laura and Steve! We are submitting for a Disney matching gift as well."
Shanon Hoefler $50.00 "Good luck! You Rock!"
Charles Nesmith $100.00 "Good Luck, Dr. Nesmith"
Stephanie Santini $50.00 "Couldn't stay away! Keep up the great work Susan!"
Brian Dunn $50.00 "Good Luck Steve!!"
Christine Dzara $25.00 "Good luck, Vicki!"
Roberta Grenfell $250.00 "Good luck! We're behind you, all the way! "
sheryl larson $250.00 "Good Luck Danny!!!!"
Vinny MaNguyen $500.00 "To Jose Hilgado, Best wishes brother. I'm glad to support you in anyway. Vinny"
Kimberly Sheppard $25.00 "Good Luck, Kay!"
Lori Brown Hidden "Good Luck Tricia!! Love you- Lori, Hallee and Kelsi"
Layton Gwinn $100.00 "Clif, I wish you the best in all that you do and I would love to do some training with you this year!"
Tiffany Smith $20.00 "I wish i could do so much more, good luck on reaching your goal."
Anonymous $50.00 "To our awesome friend: good luck!! We're so proud of you!! Donna and Rick"
Charleston Gastroenterolo gy Associates $1,000.00 "Good Luck Sarah! "
Melissa Burrows Hidden "You are nut, but an absolutely loveable one! We will be thinking of you and cheering you from afar. Missi and Mike."
Debbie Witchey $50.00 "Kudos for taking on this challenge!"
Trista Morrison $15.50 "Best of luck! "
Mary Katherine Kramer $50.00 "Angela best of luck to you be safe and have a great race."
Mike & Leigh Austin $60.00 "Good luck, bro...he, he."
Katie and Scott Storrer $25.00 "Good luck Reno!!!"
Slater Voorhees $25.00 "Good luck, Kay!"
Meg Guliford $25.00 "Good luck to Eric and Johnnie!!!"
Roberts Abele Hidden "Hopefully you will be faster on race day, than you were on registration day! Your Foundation Friend!"
Shirleen Plantage $60.00 "Awesome commitment Todd - good luck!"
Patricia Wimbrow $75.00 "Proud of you, Jay!"
Randy Northcote $65.00 "Congrats on $10k! Go Skip, go!"
Simone Llerandi $50.00 "Good luck Tom!"
Brian Nelson $100.00 "Steve, good luck and kick some butt!"
Mere,Mike, Hannah, Justin Cordingley Hidden "Wishing you an awesome (injury-free!) race! Rock it out, Alexis!! We love ya!"
Carma Ernster $50.00 "I wish I was closer so I could volunteer my time at the event - I know it will be a great one!"
Billy Collier $25.00 "See you at the race."
Andrew Stalter $100.00 "Best of Luck GOGO hopefully can make it down to see you race!!!"
Olivia Blanchard Hidden "Proud to support you Christy! "
Michael Carpenter $500.00 "Ride well, Sean, for a good cause. Your friends at Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP"
Amy Friedman $36.00 "Working hard to accomplish a goal for yourself should be applauded. Doing it to benefit others as well deserves a standing ovation!!! Love, The Friedman 4 "
Shannon Fuller $50.00 "Your kind and courageous spirit are an inspiration!"
James De la Cruz $50.00 "Skip/Linda, thank you for all your swim coaching help!"
Kris Swanson $75.00 "Jenny, you're such an inspiration and I know you're going to rock this Ironman!"
Melissa Cole $50.00 "Go Team Marty! Good Luck!"
Luann Canham Kornowa $250.00 "Proud of you Ryan. Go Ry !"
Sven & Larisa Kins $100.00 "Go get 'em Marty! The Sternos are behind you all the way :)"
Lynn Frank $100.00 "Good Luck Allen"
Jason Shier $250.00 "Good luck Craig!"
Dick & Dottie Cleckner $125.00 "Good Luck Trica!"
richard hooten $100.00 "Thank goodness its not David trying this... would feel so sorry for the EMTs trailing....."
Elizabeth Knott $50.00 "Chuck, Chuck, Bo buck, Banana-fana, Fo *uck, Fee, Fi, Mo, Muck - Go Chuck!"
Chad Sorg $100.00 "Spring - Summer - September! C Sorg"
Deborah Hohlt $100.00 "In memory of my mom who suffered with this awful condition."
Mauricio Berber $250.00 "Craig thanks for thinking of us for this cause. RMJ Humanities is very please to give you this donation on your quest to raise funds for this event. On behalf of the RMJ family we wish you luck on your run and may it be a very successful one. We miss you man!"
Paul & Linda Sneed $100.00 "Good luck! (The Kotek's told us about your efforts. My employer will match the gift.)"
Dorothy Schevers $25.00 "Chris I wish you well and hope you met your goal, keep up the good work."
sally bosson $20.00 "Awesome and inspirational...I know you will achieve your goals! X"
Krystal Hernandez $10.00 "Good luck Mikey! "
Eric Broyles $30.00 "Looking forward to racing with you in Chattanooga!"
Margaret Waterfield $25.00 "You go! That's awesome, Vicki!"
Scott Armstrong $100.00 "You've come a long way, go get em Mikey"
Ken Greene Hidden "Sam and Kirby, Best of Luck and may God Bless you both on your Journeys....! "
Varinka Williams $50.00 "Finish Strong! "you know, for kids""
Anonymous $50.00 "Good Luck from a fellow Tri Club member!"
Joel Staich $150.00 "Go Tricia!!"
Michael Conway $50.00 "Good luck Tom. Mike and Mary. "
Suna Kantor $100.00 "Trudy you are an amazing woman, so proud of all you do!"
Christine Shugart $100.00 "You got this :)"
Rachel Branch $22.00 "I sold my artwork to support my daddy's race to help my brother, Nathan. I love you. Love, Rachel"
Carol Young $3,000.00 "This donation is in the name of my sweet grandson, Nathan Branch. We are proud to join his other family members in support of this cause."
Jenny Morgan Hidden "Way to go for round 2 Sean!"
Bennett and Beth Hooks $250.00 "Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America is a great resource for all patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Not only for the research that they help fund, but for the online resources for patients. I always direct newly diagnosed patients to their website www.CCFA.org. "
Peter Pecoraro $250.00 "Good Luck Sarah...you ROCK!!! - The Med Center Pharmacy Team"
Mike Wilterink $15.50 "ACE Rocks!!"
Brent Stiner $15.50 "Good Luck "
Danny Higgins $30.00 "Go get em Rob!"
John Ryan $15.50 "Good Luck!!"
Chad Eichler $15.50 "Thanks ACE!!!"
Anonymous $75.00 "we not only love you very much, but are extremely proud of you. best of luck to you"
Jet and Mike Lakey $200.00 "Good luck woman!"
Rick Kieser $50.00 "Sean, Make it happen buddy! Rick Kieser"
Jeremy Geiduschek $100.00 "Skip: This is awesome Jeremy and Susan Geiduschek"
Anonymous $100.00 "Happy Birthday Linda!"
Julie Kasanoff Strickland $75.00 "Go Skip! You and Linda are truly inspirational!"
Mike Lakey $50.00 "We are so proud of you!"
Anonymous Hidden "For never giving up, for fighting the good fight, and for the inspirational leadership you provide: This is in honor of you and the Beam family. Please ride in honor of the Beam family and the 28 million cancer patients worldwide."
Brad Mitchell $50.00 "Good luck. Thanks for supporting this cause...it is very near & dear to our family!"
Pia Floresca $25.00 "Good luck Coach Skip! Happy Birthday Coach Linda!"
Steve and Tracey Gardner Hidden "Go Jay!"
Pinnell Rich Char and Hannah $150.00 "Skip - You are Awesome! So proud to know you and that you are our coach. Happy Birthday Linda!!"
Brett Julander $50.00 "go get 'em, riddle!"
Courtney and Marc $58.00 "Happy birthday!"
Mike and Nannette Wien $50.00 "Best Wishes Michael for a great race and thanks for dedicating your race to help others."
Tim and Laura Edmisten $250.00 "You are a superstar Trudy. We are proud of you!"
Jana White $50.00 "I'm proud of you Kay!!"
Ciara O'Sullivan $25.00 "So proud of you Mikey!:)"
ANNA BLOOM $150.00 "Love you, Tommy!! So very proud of you! May Baby Jesus help you cross that finish line! Anna & Liz "
Julia Drew $200.00 "I think you guys are mental, But I Love you anyway!! Good Luck & Be safe. oxoxoxoxoxoxo"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Jeremy!"
Fran and bob Green $100.00 "Good luck. "
Elsie Burke $250.00 "Good luck, Jeremy. You are gonna rock the IronMan! Love, Elsie & Jeff"
Jim Dandro $25.00 "Good luck Jason. I did the CCFA half in Virginai two years ago. Great time for a great cause."
Kristen Leventis $25.00 "All the best in your training and fundraising efforts!"
Fatima Taylor $50.00 "Go Papa!"
Pam Shurett $25.00 "GO SHAWN !!!"
jarad Garshnick $100.00 "Good luck!"
N Gint Strautnieks $100.00 "Thanks, Marty, for supporting this cause! I have some very close friends who suffer from Crohn's disease. Best of luck!!"
Jeffrey Kochan $50.00 "Good luck buddy! "
Pam and Doug Wilson $50.00 "Best of luck Dan! And our prayers for continued good health of that wonderful young son, Jay. "
Judy Hillegonds Hidden "Matt, God bless you for doing this. The best to you as you complete this event. Stay well. Judy"
Clarence, Tammy, and Sky Cox $250.00 "We are so proud of you. Swim Danny Swim. Bike Danny Bike. Run Danny Run!!!!"
Jared Veronick $100.00 "The Veronick's are rooting for you both all the way!"
Anonymous $100.00 "we wish you the best we know you can do anything you want to do .we love you very much and are so proud of you."
JEFF & MEGAN SPICER $50.00 "Go get 'em! Jeff, Meg and Little Jeff"
Stauffer Robin $50.00 "So very happy to support you and your cause Tom! Good luck!"
Joy Cochran Hidden "Best of luck to you Tricia."
Falon McGaughy $25.00 "GO BILL!!! This is a dream of mine. You are very inspirational. Thank you for raising money and awareness for such a great cause. Good luck!!"
James Abrams $75.00 "I think it's an awesome thing your doing Buddy! It's recently touched my life with someone close to my heart. So thank you. Sorry I could donate more "
Rick and Andrea Carroll $50.00 "Our son Lane was diagnosed with Chron's at age 9. We are hoping and praying for a cure!! Thanks for bringing awareness to this chronic illness!!"
Anonymous $45.00 "dimidium facti qui coepit habet"
Richard and Jennifer Gottlieb $100.00 "Good luck for a great cause."
Douglas Llewellyn $100.00 "Enjoy every minute of the training. It is quite the journey. Good luck, Dixon!"
Nicholas Blankenship $50.00 "Good luck! Ycbapayl... Thanks for all the help in Memphis. "
Carolyn Minton $200.00 "Donation made by: Mary A Chanchaivat 913 Johnson Ave Elizabethton TN 37643"
Holly & Skip Schwartz $100.00 "Brian we're behind you all the way - we know you can do it!!"
Brent Stiner $15.50 "Good luck Zepp"
Adelphia Plumbing $250.00 "Good luck Dixon! "
Eric Morisset $50.00 "Good luck Chuck! I'm doing my first Olympic in June, someday I might be able to do a full Ironman someday."
Ruben Aguiar $20.00 "Dale "MACHON" !!!"
Ivonne Feliciano Hidden "Thank you for running for us.... I am actually a patient of Chron's disease. Thank you and God bless!"
Katrina Majeski $50.00 "I am so proud of you!!!!!"
sally opper Hidden "Praying for a successful event..."
Ryan Northington Hidden "Run, Dixon, Run."
Jeanneine Jones $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah!"
Kristin Fuchs $100.00 "Good luck, Jen! Kick some Triathalon butt..."
Adrienne & Michael Papa $100.00 "Good luck Lilia and Chris! Enjoy the journey to Ironman!!! You both are always an inspiration. God Speed, Adrienne & Michael"
Joyce Moulton $100.00 "Go for the Gold, bro!"
Erin Lonergan $25.00 "Great cause. Thank you. "
Cory Caulfield $55.00 "Yay Fiddy!"
Trista Morrison $15.50 "Best of luck!!"
Kirk Kinsell $100.00 "Swim, bike, run hard! Good luck!"
Melissa Martin Hidden "Good luck!!"
Robert Montgomery $20.00 "You have our support and gratitude for your concern for this affliction and those who suffer from this problem."
Amy Woods $50.00 "mee meep meep mee meeeeep!"
Andrew Kelly $50.00 "good luck brochacho"
Shane Holt $100.00 "I am sure you wont be able to finish. Can I get my money back if you don't win?"
Ros Edmonds $50.00 "Good Luck, Jeremy!"
matt mckinnon $50.00 "Good luck mike you got this!"
Zsuzsa Bebok $50.00 " I can't wait to watch the race, but most of all, can't wait to see results that help patients with Crohn's & colitis."
Robert Gilleo $100.00 "Go Lindsey Go! Blessings to you!"
Beth and Timm Claudon $100.00 "You are so inspiring! Go team Chidley!!"
John and Courtney Berry $100.00 "Crush it!"
Rich Moseng $100.00 "Way to go, Iron Man! Wow, what's next - a jog around the moon?? Proud of you, man!"
Beth and Greg Raymond $100.00 "Go Jen! Help put an end to this terrible disease!"
Lindsay Dunton $50.00 "Way to go Michael! You are my inspiration! "
Lucy Wang Hidden "This is amazing, you have inspired me to do an Iron Man ... one day!"
Ron & Judy Plank $25.00 "What a wonderful tribute to Jacob. We can't imagine 140.6 miles!!! Wow!! Good luck to you on this wonderful undertaking."
Delta Master Chapter BSP c/o Judith Plank $25.00 "Great cause. Good Luck from our chapter members."
Valerie Sammis Hidden "God Bless you guys!"
Chad Eichler $100.00 "Good luck Kevin!!! Glad Adam at ACE Engineering pointed me to your page and wish you the best!!!"
Chelsea Kepenis $100.00 "Go get those yum yuma mick"
Christina Holobaugh $50.00 "We support the "Coop Strong" movement!! Love to you all. The Holobaugh Family"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck, Lynn! What you are doing is inspiring and admirable in more ways than one."
David Hallock $100.00 "Go Steve!"
Anonymous $100.00 "no bonus needed...just a shared mtb ride with your fam will suffice! "
Jeremy & Heather Remy $100.00 "You are crazy- Good Luck!!!"
Wendy Lafreniere $50.00 "Rock Chattanooga Susan!!!"
Debbie Otto Hidden "Good Luck Marty! "
Matthew Snyder $100.00 "God bless you and your family Matt. Now go and show this ironman who is boss!!!"
Andrew Stevenson $100.00 "Have a great race Jenn!"
Jodee McCoy $25.00 "I admire you so much Kelly!! Good luck to you! Love ya!! Jodee"
Leigh Purcell $50.00 "Good Luck Kel what a huge undertaking!!!"
Marcie Anderson $100.00 "GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN!!!! "
Leigh and Anselm Sauter $50.00 "crush it, Dixon!"
Alex Melton $50.00 "Good luck buddy. Keep training hard."
TeeShirt Sales $211.12 "A huge thank you to all that purchased tee shirts to support this cause! Y'all rock!"
Joyce and Ken Letzler $100.00 "Enjoy the run, swim, and biking"
Sandra Cover $50.00 "Gogo this is a great cause you've decided to support! Good luck and welcome back to the states!"
Thomas Duffy $100.00 "Courtney, I wish you the Best of Luck. God Bless!"
Ann Skibosh $50.00 "Go Angela!!! You rock!"
Jennifer Hudson $250.00 "We're rooting for you, Dan! Love, Brack, Jenn, Blair and Will"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck, Jenn! This is a great cause."
Jay Mason $50.00 "Good luck Jason Ball! "
Miguel Ulloa $50.00 ""It's not 26.2 miles...it's 10 water stops.""
mike jones $25.00 "keep going...I know the fight as my daughter has Crohns."
Elino Luis $30.00 "One Team One Fight !!!!!"
Butch Vinson Hidden "To support a great cause."
Louise Cunningham $30.00 "In honor of my daughter Catherine who suffers from Crohn's. Hoping a cure will come soon so she can begin to have a normal life. :) Thank you for your efforts Patrick! ~ Louise Cunningham"
Felicia Morris $100.00 "Go sheaux them how it's done Coach!"
Melissa Oliver Hidden "This donation becomes invalid if you wear a speedo!"
Eric Bofinger $50.00 "have fun"
Charles Barge $500.00 "Todd, as a person who suffers from Chrohn's myself, I am more than happy to help you achieve this terrific goal. Good Luck!"
Charles Miller $1,000.00 "Good luck....................."
Brian Carter $25.00 "Be sure and fall over in T1 for me."
Frank & Linda Jerd $250.00 "We will be cheering you on!!!!!"
Willmer Elgueta $10.00 "God Bless you and your cause. "
Margaret Knuth $69.62 "March Installment: Whoot, whoot! Now that is some progress! Hope you can start running soon too."
Randi Kassay $50.00 "Go Linsay. You are the best!! "
robert white $100.00 "Dan, you and Wendi have been such a blessing to our family. Thank you for supporting such a special foundation. It hits close to home with us. We love you guys! Look out Chattanooga!"
Amanda Price $50.00 "Go Nicole Go! I wish Lori all the best as she battles this disease. "
Ryan & Beth McDonough $500.00 " So proud of you for doing this! Yes! Yes! Yes!"
Marie Boozer $75.00 "Cliff we are very proud of you and happy to support you in this event."
jerry robles $30.00 "Good Luck CHAMITO!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Cash Contribution received this week"
Carri Gaudion Hidden "Best of luck! "
John & Meredith Strautnieks $250.00 "Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing challenge! We are cheering for you the whole way!"
Gordon Telford, Jr. $500.00 "Go David, great cause, GT"
Julianne Martinez $50.00 "Good Luck, Maryann!!"
Steve Henry $100.00 "Thank you for doing this."
Tim Scholbrock $50.02 "I can top Adam."
Michelle Lach $100.00 "Good Luck Steve! "
Shelly Shirkey $75.00 "Happy and proud to support you on an amazing journey to help change lives! "
Heather Tammelleo $200.00 "We have a very close friend with Crohn's disease... on his behalf, we thank you for your efforts! Good luck with your training!"
Kathy Ebiner $100.00 "Stacy, You are an inspiration!!! You go girl!!"
Mike Weber $100.00 "Go Marty!"
Anonymous Hidden "Kill it Lynn! "
Heathr and Jeff Jones $100.00 "Cliff, Jeff and I could not be more proud of you! We are blessed to call you and Kris friends. Please know we will commit to pray for you during this journey. Much love and many blessings! Heather and Jeff"
Stephanie Valainis $30.00 "Good Luck, Dan! What an amazing way to honor your son! Love, Stephanie and Wade Valainis"
Bobby and C.C. Edwards $250.00 "Go Brian go!"
Dawn & Gary Ortiz $100.00 "Good luck on the road to becoming a "Full" Ironman;) We know you can!"
Cristina Gonzalez $20.00 "Good luck! :)"
Thomas Poole $100.00 "Jeff, good luck with this impressive goal and challenge. I wish you the best in our efforts. This organization is important to me personally. We have Crohns in our family and know the challenges it brings to the patient. All the best!"
Amy Threlkeld $100.00 "Best wishes Sam!!!! I know you will do amazing!!"
Susie Leahy $75.00 "Go Lynnie!!"
Umily Hoang $25.00 "Love Harry's Big smile especially when he is cheering for us when we played volleyball at SYMC. Hope everyone is doing good!! Miss ya."
Kelly Lintz $75.00 "Mikey - You are such an inspiration and I am so incredibly proud... not only of you... but to call you my friend! I have no doubt you will kill this race, you got this!!! xoxo"
Ronak Shah $50.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Lisa Luth $100.00 "You can do it Sam!!! Proud of you!!"
Connie Zerull $200.00 "Thank you Dan for your continue support in helping fight Crohns/Collitis Disease. May God continue to bless you and your family as you train and prepare for Chattanooga."
Richard Reysack $50.00 "We at HR Green support you and Team Challenge. Well done."
Miguel Noriega $50.00 "A great ride for a great cause !!"
Scott & Paula Curit $100.00 "Kick butt!"
Clarence Johns $50.00 "Brian, your commitment and passion are inspiring! Good Luck in your training and in the race! -- Buddy"
Robin Hopkins $100.00 "Linz, a very worthwhile cause. Good luck in September."
Linda Winke $100.00 "Good luck Molly and Eric!"
Tod Lashway $100.00 "Good luck, Joe. This cause has been part of our world for a number of years. "
Chris Wynn $100.00 "Good Luck from Taylor Ridge Drilled Foundations!"
Marcia Swanson $25.00 "We are contributing in the name of our dear friend Connie Zerull who has courageously been dealing w/Crohn's for quite some time. You & Connie are an inspiration! Godspeed Dan!"
Scott Fournier $100.00 "Good luck Dan from everyone at BSSC!"
Shirley Deem $100.00 "Go Jay!!!! We are very proud to be a part of your goals in life."
Joe Tourtelot $100.00 "Go get em Joe! "
jaclyn whitt $22.00 "Way to go Jimmy!!! Prayers for you and your brother Bill!"
Joyce and Alan Schuman $50.00 "You go girl!"
Cary Williams-Miller $100.00 "In memory of my dear friend Meri Angove"
Daniel Mikus $100.00 "Best Of Luck"
Rachelle Parra $375.00 "This is the funds raised from my March Madness Final Four squares. Thank you to all who contributed, and especially those who donated their winnings back to CCFA"
James David Cochran $100.00 "Shawn, sorry for the delay in responding to your request for support in raising $5,000.00 for The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. I hope that our gift if helpful in reaching your goal. David & Mary Alice Cochran"
Cristina Bobrek $300.00 "Lets Do This!!!"
Tasha Riddle $10.00 "You're amazing Danno! Love you much! "
Stephen Rogers $50.00 "Go for it, Todd!--Steve & Sara"
Mavis Rush $100.00 "Lets fight this!"
Lee Cullom $10.00 "Go Torgs!"
Calvin Kilpatrick $20.00 "LightSpeed my Ironman Florida Friend! "
Marie Mora $50.00 "What an awesome cause! : ) "
Jeff Stickel $100.00 "I'll be cheering for ya!"
Bridget Stanis $75.00 "Sexy pic DeWitt!"
Amy Ellison $25.00 "Good Luck Thomas!"
Tony Gunter $20.00 "Best of luck on reaching your financial goals for a great cause. "
Michael Turner $50.00 "My Sister suffers from this awful disease, Good Luck Thomas!!!"
Satheesh Abhiram $50.00 "way to go Thomas!"
Bena Tinsley $50.00 "Good luck, Thomas!"
Bryan Norman $20.00 "Like a BOSS!"
Cheryl Thomas $50.00 "Good luck, Thomas! "
Sheila Herringdon $50.00 "Good Luck Thomas!"
Ann Campbell $50.00 "Thanks for supporting this much needed research! "
Sandra Crapet $50.00 "In honor of my wonderful niece, Ali Smith. Thank you for doing this Thomas!"
Dan Sparks $25.00 "You rock, Thomas! Good luck, my friend! "
Anonymous Hidden "Run, Alberto ....run!"
Darrell Walsh $100.00 "God Bless you for your efforts in this very deserving cause. Alexis, run your race and have fun!! "
Ally Singleton $50.00 "Love seeing all the updates on training...u are amazing! Best of luck "
Jean Snyder $100.00 "Wishing you the best of luck with this new adventure! Proud of you, Dan! May God continue to bless you! "
Lynn Mattucci $50.00 "Jen - Good luck and thanks for raising funds for such a worthy cause."
Curtis Perez $50.00 "I will be cheering you on with a donut in one hand and a overgrown soft drink in the other! Good Luck!"
Amy Alvord $50.00 "I'm so proud to call you my friend!! Best of luck to you!!"
Lyndsey Harris $25.00 "Good luck, I know you'll kill it!!!"
Paula Lucas $100.00 "Kick some booty-butt, John! You're AWESOME!! "
David Glazer $100.00 "Daniel is an awesome competitor.....and a caring human being. "
Jackie & Samy Cano $100.00 "You will always be our Iron Man!! God bless and stay young. From the familia Cano"
Susie Heizmann $250.00 "So proud of you. Way to go for your goals and support a good cause. You are my inspiration little brother. I love you."
Melissa Larson $100.00 "Good luck!"
Keith Martel $100.00 "Give it hell Patrick...Keith & Kelley"
Birthday Party $205.00 "Morrells, McLins, Marcia and David, Chris Miller, Begins, Allison Tournade, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Howard"
James Daniell $100.00 "Go Megan!"
Alex Slandzicki $100.00 "good luck. You are very motivating!"
Enrique Morales $15.00 "Go get them Coach!!!"
Alberto Hernandez $50.00 "Congratulation."
Dianne Bowen $100.00 "My Father has/had ulcerative colitis. He is doing great now, but did suffer the consequences from this disease."
Christopher Alvarez Hidden "Good Luck Alberto! "
Sam Stephenson $50.00 "Don't forget your Gold Bond Friction Defense for those sensitive chafing areas during the race. "
Ursalynne Richardson Hidden "Good luck and God Bless you Christopher! "
Catherine Johnson $100.00 "Good Luck Glynn! "
Alex Wragg $50.00 "Good luck and good to hear from you"
Jennifer Mallard $250.00 "This donation is on behalf of my friend, Amy Cunniffe! Thanks, Amy!"
Alberto Hernandez $20.00 "Thanks Felix Tatarsky for your contribution.."
Daniela Hartmann $50.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Denise Wyatt $50.00 "Hope this is your most inspiring, memorable race yet!!!"
Laura Brown $30.00 "Proud of you Alexis! You can do this. Laura & Wayne"
Dan Klein Jr $50.00 "You go man! Blessings!"
Christina Rojas $50.00 "Go Ironman!! "
Kent Joseph $52.25 "Go Tony Stark!"
Edson Briggs $25.00 "Go get 'em, Frank!"
Edson Briggs $25.00 "Go get 'em Nicole! Good luck with your training and in the race!"
Edson Briggs $25.00 "Good luck, Alberto! Go get 'em!"
Reggie Boan $250.00 "Thanks for your friendship and the inspiration you have been to me. You "inspired" me to attempt a 1/2 marathon in 2009 which I did finish (the same day I started). You will not inspire me to an Ironman Challenge! It is much easier to send a donation. I wish you the best!"
Lourdes Garcia $50.00 "I hope that my donation helps you to get closer to your goal. Have a great first Ironman!!"
Chad Brackett $100.00 "Good luck man! "
Frank Vargas $50.00 "For a good cause, thank you."
Sarah Pienkos $75.00 "Good Luck Dan! You have such a beautiful family and Jay is such an inspiration. We love you guys!"
Linda Murphy Stone Hidden "Go Karen! We think you are amazing to be so dedicated and we love getting updates from your proud (rightfully so!) mother."
David Murphy $100.00 "One of my Godsons in CA has had Chrone's most of his life and has been treated with medical marijuana for the past 10 years. It really helps him deal with the pain. Many thanks to the moronic GA legislature for voting down a proposed law to allow medical marijuana, under stringent guidelines, in GA. Meanwhile they passed a law allowing guns in bars and churches. Welcome to the Old West."
David and Pam Stoller $200.00 "Good luck in the race!!!!! You are supporting a good cause."
Maggie&Rich Snow $50.00 "Praying for a cure. You go, Daniel!"
Anonymous Hidden "May the Lords blessings take root in all our hearts, so we may manifest It's Peace into the world around us, and share with those we come in contact with the blessings bestowed upon us; and may it ever spread near and far through ever growing Love."
Rann Upton $100.00 "Good luck Shane!"
Tiffany Bonds $25.00 "Proud of you my friend!!! Keep up the good work!! Love ya!!"
Grover Bagby $250.00 "Stay fit, keep hydrated. Loveya"
Ted Wendling $75.00 "GOOD LUCK! From your friends at Rinehart, Walters & Danner Ins. Agency."
Prakash Patel $50.00 "Wish you the very best, Brian."
justin parlato $100.00 "Go get'em GOGO!!!"
Joyce Maher $25.00 "This contribution is in honor of a very special friend, Connie Zerull."
Shayla, Greg & Brennen Lester $50.00 "Way to go Joe! You are a rock star and an IRON MAN!! All our love, The Lesters!"
James Hutchison $300.00 "Best of luck, Shane"
Chad Baker $100.00 "Best of luck with this Cliff. We'll be pulling for you."
Howard Tatge $500.00 "My step dad suffered with these conditions for years and I seen the pain at times he went through. It finally took the best of him and now, God Bless, he rests in piece. Please accept this donation on behalf of MidAmerica Basement Systems."
Tammy Valley $100.00 "Amazing thing you're doing, Sandy. I hadn't heard of Crohn's and Colitis until recently. A former co-worker's young daughter was diagnosed a year ago. Another name for your list: Sophia Russell. Thanks so much for doing this."
Amy Mees $50.00 "So proud of you for putting yourself through this again for a great cause!"
Jennifer Walker $100.00 "You are amazing and I wish you all the best on your adventure! Love you! Jennifer, Brad, Ella and Patton"
Linda and Rick Aeder $100.00 "You are an awesome individual, athlete and son! You have put in a ton of hard work and we are so proud of you!"
George Maravilla $100.00 "Wishing you the best of luck!"
Nikole Davenport $100.00 "Thanks & Good Luck!!!"
Therese B. LeBlanc $250.00 "Way to go, Shane. You are awesome."
Karen Linden $25.00 "You are a superstar, Jason!! Have fun at the race!"
Robin Hayes $10.00 "Amazing that you're almost there, proud of you! What an inspiration you are!!! Will help out more next month for sure! Love ya!! "
Kelly Brooks $25.00 "Good luck from Mississippi!"
Joe Przybylowski $50.00 "Go Reno Go!"
Jon & Melanie Arnold $100.00 "Good luck Linz!! We are so proud of you!!"
Kelly Hagerty $25.00 "Good luck, Shawn! So proud of you for raising money and competing in Ironman Chatt! "
Kurt Jonson $100.00 "Good Luck Rado!"
Jessica Goodin $25.00 "You got this Mikey! "
Andrew Van Donselaar $20.00 "Aye Gibson, I got your back man! Kentucky"
Grant Ostrom $100.00 "Have fun and good luck buddy!"
Ashly & Will Nealon $100.00 "You ROCK Linz!! Put some baby booties on hold for us for a few years ;) "
Sara Phillips $25.00 "You are a Rockstar!! Good luck and kick some butt!!"
Cathleen McCarroll $50.00 "We are so proud of you Mikey! Keep up the great work! Love, Cat, Juan, Ace, Chaz and Baby Kimberly"
Jean Chou Hidden "Way to go Susan! Wish I could do what you do!"
Angela Veness $50.00 "God bless you and good luck!"
Marisol Lacayo $50.00 "Best of luck Alain!!! Train, train, train! Pura Vida."
Sean Miller $50.00 "From the Scotiabank Lawson Heights Branch"
Cielo Fortin-Camacho $30.00 "Happy Birthday Lilia, love you with all my heart."
Jeffrey & Ali Jones $100.00 "Rooting for you!! Thank you for doing this for all those who can't :)"
Robin Graves $50.00 "Go get 'em Sandy! Best of Luck! Robin"
Cathy Chilton $50.00 "Good luck Lynn. "
Melissa Wu $100.00 "Go Chris!"
Harvey Eric Hidden "Thank you Trevor for taking up this very worthy cause. God Bless!!!!!!! Eric Harvey"
Lisa Worthington $75.00 "Go Cooper Go! Finish Strong Ben!"
Sean Borner $100.00 "Good luck in your training and on your quest to run a marathon! Borner family is pulling for you!"
Colleen Lotz $50.00 "I didn't know you were a runner?! :) Proud of you KB!! "
Julie Collins $100.00 "Bart, Here's to a fantastic decision to channel your substantial thinking and energy to this cause. Your friends are supporting you from start to finish. Rock your race! Julie"
Jeff Todd $50.00 "Happy training, Bart!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Bart!"
Marcus Swalwell $50.00 "Hi Bart - great challenge - and a complete change from pumping, stretching, motivating and energising that other body of yours! Cheers Marcus"
Daniel Renart $100.00 "Dearest Dave - We will gladly increase our contribution amount if you compete in a dress & lipstick...best of luck! Dan & Beth Renart"
Leslie Hyman $50.00 "Go Bart!"
Natasha Coons $100.00 "Best of luck Bart from the TeraNova Team!"
David Veenstra $100.00 "Bart - best of luck! What an amazing accomplishment this will be for a great cause! All the best, David Veenstra"
Tom Radomski $50.00 "Go Jamie!!!"
Eddie Delacruz $25.00 "Go get 'em Brian!"
Gerry Chike $100.00 "I have amazing friends who have led inspirational lives! "
Tarun Palep $250.00 "Go Bart! Good Luck!!"
Doug & Linda Avery $75.00 "Wishing you a wonderful event!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Bart !!!!"
Craig Williams Hidden "GOOD LUCK Sandy !!! You are truly inspiring."
Stan Crane $25.00 "Good luck Brian. "
Sheila Smith $30.00 "Best of luck Brian! "
Mohammed Vikar $50.00 "Great Job. Keep it up. You are changing many lives for good."
steve osbaldeston $75.00 "Bart, Just Do It! "
Derek Wilson $50.00 "Good luck from your friends at J&J!"
Rob Fraiman $50.00 "Good luck Bart!"
Rafael Andino $50.00 "Good luck Bart ! "
Jeanne Ball $50.00 "Good Luck, Jason!"
Ed Paradise $100.00 "Go Sandy!!"
Dale Brooks $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Brett McPike $25.00 "Good Luck KB!!!"
Gillian Anderson $250.00 "Rock it out Rambo! "
Mary Lou Sullivan-Bryan $25.00 "Good luck Matt! Lots of prayers for your special family member! "
Sarah Planer $25.00 "Go Kay Go!"
Margaret Knuth $103.41 "April Installment: Good luck with the Aquabike!!"
Kay Hart $100.00 "This donation is from Joseph and Katie @ Pro Cycle and Tri, thanks so much for the support!"
Scott Moss $100.00 "Good Luck Bart!!!"
Jairo Angueira $75.00 "Alberto you solo fighting this war will fall. A War this big and of this magnitude needs much support but if we stand together and fight then the battle has already been won. Fight on Albert and win this War. "
Susan Birnie $50.00 "Thank you Brian for all you're doing for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation."
Carol Van Evera $100.00 "Andy, The Colitls and Chrohn's disease is a great cause! We will follow your progress. Love, Mom"
Margaret Knuth $48.00 "Race Bonus: $2/min you cut off your swim time today! GREAT WORK!"
Lindsay Milano Hidden "Go Roomie! Love ya!"
Charles Quinn $100.00 "Good luck, sir!"
Heather Dobbs $50.00 "Go Bart!"
Connie Zolg $100.00 "Go Ryan! We have a mutual friend with Crohn's, and now unfortunately bile duct cancer. Good luck with the Ironman !"
Matthew Holt $100.00 "Good luck fool!"
Linda Heaney Hidden "Way to go, Andy!"
James Hallberg $250.00 "Congrats on your goal to do the Ironman! Train hard and follow the program. :-)"
The Grove Primary Care Clinic, LLC $1,000.00 "Please accept this donation on behalf of The Grove Primary Care Clinic, LLC. I would like the pledge listed as such on the website if possible."
Ken Nettleton $100.00 "Good luck Kevin! Hope your training is progressing. Surgeon Tri team member Ken Nettleton "
Elizabeth Strate $25.00 "Good Luck Rachelle!!"
Christina Novak $50.00 "Good luck!"
Abel Reyes $50.00 "Good luck and don't pass out!! Lol."
Allison Nickel $50.00 "Katrina, thank you for supporting such a great cause. Best of luck to you as you train and compete!"
Phillip Cave $500.00 "Go Katrina!!! :-)"
patrick jacquot $50.00 "good luck zem"
Leonardo Rendon $20.00 "Good luck in the race."
Miriam Velez $30.00 "Mucho Exito!!! Que Dios te bendiga!!"
Joan and Dick Ryan $50.00 "Will be pulling for you, Chris!"
Anonymous $1,250.00 "Contribution Made By R3Events llc."
Greg Hampton $75.00 "In the words of old man Suwannee - "look before you leap" Good Luck!"
Melissa Hersh $50.00 "I know that you can do this! Rooting for you all the way!!"
Anonymous $135.00 "When You place your trust in God all things are possible!"
Don Sturgell $50.00 "Good Luck !!!"
ivan padua $250.00 "May the FORCE BE WITH YOU .:"
John Driscoll $30.00 "As Bo Jackson said, "Set your goals high and don't stop till you get there!" "
Scolaro James $50.00 "Best of luck to you Bart and the foundation your supporting!! "
Carlos Pineda $25.00 "Great cause!"
Robert Omphroy $40.00 "God Bless!"
Kenneth Barley $20.00 "Go Champ!"
Lina Maxwell $25.00 "Go JOSH, Go!! Praying for success!! You are a HERO!!"
Milburn Ducote $100.00 "Good luck Shane and thank you for contributing your body and mind for the cure. God is on is your side. I have a distant relative with Crohn's disease. "
Bryan Musolf $250.00 "Danielle and I will be praying for you and Kelly"
Jennifer Thornton $50.00 "I'm so excited for you. Wish I were doing that one too... But so glad not to be doing the training this year!"
CARLOS GUEVARA $20.00 "Wish you the best. You are running for a good cause."
Anonymous Hidden "God bless you brother, I know you will do your best."
Daniel Aloma $50.00 "From Dan and Kristen"
Tamara Bourne $100.00 "Good Luck Jeff!"
Tomas Victoria $25.00 "Way 2 go my friend! good luck"
Frank Martin $50.00 "Knock em dead Chris, Don't forget your water wings and training wheels:-)"
Collin Forst $100.00 "Dan, best of luck in Chattanooga! Great to see someone using their passion for the sport to help raise awareness. Go get em!!"
Jessye and Vicki Archer/Berry $250.00 "Hugs to you and Kelly on raceday from the Archer/Berry bunch. "
Kelly Wray $75.00 "I am so proud of you sis I love you a ton and I know you'll do awesome b/c you are a champion "
Kristy Breslaw $50.00 "Kick some ass!"
Paul Leonor VanCotthem Hidden "We never dreamed of having a champion in our family! We love you!!"
Cheryl Krumm $25.00 "This is awesome. Go Mikey!"
Wes Johnson $50.00 "proud of you buddy, thanks for everything you've done for us"
Jason Young $100.00 "Good luck, Bart! Another amazing goal that I am sure you will blow away. Jason"
Tina Wiggins $100.00 "Go Team Kingsfield! Thanks for your contribution to this cure! "
Steven Pound $100.00 "Good luck and work hard! We love you. -Steven & Carey"
leslie lynch $25.00 "You are going to rock it! I am so excited and proud of you for going all the way! Good luck :)"
Star Longo $50.00 "Best of luck on this massive challenge."
Megan Masellis $50.00 "Sorry I'm the dud donator, tar, but the aus govt pays me these days, whose stay at home ma wage doesn't allow for a titanium one!! I think you're a superstar and know very little about these diseases, so your efforts will strengthen my belief in the former, and increase my understanding of the latter. My hat is a loooooong way off!!! ????"
Tracy Stegall $51.90 "Tara - better you than me. Let me know if you need any tips on the swim. "
Sergio Sandoval $50.00 "Shoot, you can make this in 12 hours."
Ralph and Mary Lou Bresee $50.00 "Chris - we are wishing you the very best with this endeavor! "
Sian Smith $50.00 "Enjoy the journey!!! Congratulations. "
Eastern Shore Triathlon Club $35.00 "This donation made possible by collecting spare change at our monthly meeting. Thanks everyone! "
Deserae Reese $25.00 "Samantha and I are very proud of you! ;-) Thanks for being a part of our lives! We love you <3"
Debra Savarese $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Morgan Jones $60.00 "Best of luck from your Atlanta cheering section!!"
Marsha Loftin $50.00 "Good Luck, Girl!"
Tim Meredith $50.00 "My dad suffers from UC. Have a GREAT race!"
Tim Meredith $50.00 "My dad has UC and sister has IBD. Have a GREAT race!"
Trey Greene $100.00 "Proud of you "hoggie" you already winner in my book!!??"
mary young $100.00 "Go Bart Go!!!"
Amanda Douglas $20.00 "Hey Ho! Best of luck to you and your iron man challenge! I hope you, Stephanie, and your baby are doing well! -Amanda"
Lundy Fields $50.00 "Make it happen, Bart! "
Ryan Witkowski $50.00 "Good luck!"
vicki bednar $50.00 "You both are awesome in more ways then one!!! We wish you both the best!! Paul and Vicki Bednar"
Anonymous $60.00 "Dios te bendiga y sigue adelante"
Allison Susser $250.00 "Way to go!! An inspiration to us all!!!"
Misty Boudreaux $50.00 "Thank you Dr. Bolton. "
George & Carol Fleet $50.00 "Great goal. We know you can do it. Don't forget to get Team Jansan shirts for your support team"
Cecil Wright $50.00 "Sandy, best of luck!"
Christine Tvedt Hidden "So proud of you! You'll meet your goal for fundraising and rock another ironman! Go Dana Go!"
Kelly Spaulding $100.00 "Dude, you are amazing. We're lucky to have you in the family!"
Kaali Dass $50.00 "Adavance Congratulations to reach #1. Thanks for your time and effort for a good cause... Kaali"
Karen Pain $100.00 "Go Lilia! In honor of you and Lindsey... <3"
Shannon Woosley $100.00 "Best of luck to you, dear friend!! "
Steve Buero $100.00 "Best wishes and watch out for those "River SHARKS"..."
Kathy Thomas $25.00 "Best Wishes!"
Christina Malone Hidden "I expect records to be set :) Good luck!"
Kathryn Robinson $100.00 "Wow Sandy! Love the update and so in awe of your commitment to the cause and to the challenge!"
Colleen Poirier $40.00 "Go Canada Girl!!! "
Mark Dilday $50.00 "Keep on keepin' on!"
McCall Dempsey $75.00 "You are a hero in every sense of the word. Your giving spirit is contagious and inspiring. You know the Dempsey Zoo will be rooting for you every stroke, pedal and step of the way. Love you so very much - honored to call you my mentor and friend! "
Lindsey & Peter DiGiovanni $100.00 "Thanks for doing what you do for such a great cause! Cheers to making life a little less crappy for all the Crohn's/colitis peeps out there! :) "
Julie Martinez $75.00 "You are my inspiration! "
Beth and Jim Webster $100.00 "The best of luck, Todd. Wonderful all you are doing for such a great cause. "
Robert Velez $50.00 "Way to go Nuni!!! :)"
Nancy Placide $100.00 "Go Lynn! I'll be following your race here in Richmond! Thanks for supporting such a great cause."
Anonymous Hidden "Great job on all of your training!! Best RA ever!"
john voss $20.00 "Good luck frank. It is a horrible disease."
Margaret Knuth $70.19 "May installment: 4 months to go!!!"
Delilah Woody $50.00 "Good luck Sarah! "
Stephanie Triquart $50.00 "Congrats on taking on this journey! Can't wait to see you complete it!"
Jessi Hamilton $50.00 "Good luck, Curt! We think what you're doing is awesome!"
Timothy Reimink $100.00 "See you in Clermont. Looking forward to meeting!"
David Marsic $100.00 "Great job Sandy! we're pulling for you -Dave, Yates and Lauren "
Kay Durant $100.00 "John, thank you so much for working for this cause. My daughter and sister-in-law both have Crohn's disease. Katelyn's medical treatment is available because someone did research, so it is nice to have an opportunity to give back. "
kristen stafford $100.00 "Thank you for doing this - my father was recently dx with colitis"
LaSchelle morgan $50.00 "Just thought I'd return a good deed. His office helped me in 2011 after the tornado! Thanks Dr. Bolton! "
Marisol & Carlie Rooney $100.00 "Go get em Adam!!!"
Peggy Simon Hidden "Go, Jeremy! "
Kira Chamberlain $26.20 "My uncle suffers from this terrible illness. Thank you for helping him and others like him!"
Elyssa Lear $100.00 "Best of luck Curt!"
Tracey McCartney $20.00 "Get It Sandy!!!!"
Kim & Bernie Hawkins $100.00 "You make us 50 Yr. Olds look good! Good Luck on your race! :) Kim & Bernie Hawkins"
Maria Morales $25.00 "Good luck"
Jill & Jason Overholt $100.00 "Looking forward to racing with you in Chattanooga! "
Marcus Gordon $100.00 "Go Katrina!! Work hard, race smart, and thanks for making a difference!"
Shawn Roberts $50.00 "Soooooooooooooooooo excited to be doing this with you Kay! I am pumped that we are both raising money for this - especially since it something near and dear to my heart due to Leland. I know we are both going to have an incredible day and I am proud to be racing with you. I hope that you and I both knock our fundraising out of the water! "
JoAnn and Val Curcio $100.00 "Good luck adam we are all behind you cheering you on"
Anonymous $500.00 "(Swim, Bike) Run Forrest, (Swim, Bike) Run!"
Kathleen Carlisle $50.00 "Have always believed in you! Go-Go, Gogo!"
Allen Curtis $100.00 "Have fun and Enjoy The Ride. It's life changing"
Anonymous $10.00 "RUN BILBO"
David Cole $100.00 "We wish you health and success as you go after your Ironman goal! You are an inspiration to us."
Michael Clark $500.00 "Have a great Ironman day!"
Robin Montgomery $25.00 "Best Wishes from Philly."
Eileen Alves $25.00 "Keep strong Lori....Good Luck Nicole!"
Jhony Quinones $10.00 "My best for you Curt!"
Ian Netzel $50.00 "Good luck man!"
Amanda Kara $25.00 "I wish you the best of luck in your event! Amanda"
Sharon Garringer $200.00 "Good luck with your race, Mikey!"
Anonymous $225.00 "Thanks everyone for this money raised at the June 14 fundraiser! So great to see everyone!"
Christopher Mele $100.00 "The least I could do to support you Adam, good luck!!"
Joseph Maloney $100.00 "Bart, thanks for taking matters into your own hands and working to help others...The Maloney family"
rachela mele $50.00 "Hope to be there pulling for you! Very proud of your strength and determination!"
Jacquelyn Powers $50.00 "This takes tremendous mental and physical strength, go rock it, Linz!"
Ryan Blankenship $100.00 "Good luck, Javier!"
josephine lindgren $50.00 "IRONMAN - love it - The Lindgrens"
Susan King $50.00 "Go get 'em, Sandy! You are an inspiration and role model for us all -- Thank you!!!"
Richard Veloz $250.00 "Run, Alex, Run! Proud of you man. "
Kelly Howerter Hidden "Good Luck!!! You got this! "
Helen Motal $100.00 "Donated for Bishop Tesla Nguyen's birth."
Glenn Deans $75.00 "In honor of Bishop Tesla Nguyen's recent arrival...and to happiness and good health! Good luck with your challenge Ho!! ~ Cindy and Glenn Deans"
Peter Sams $100.00 "Good Luck Chris!! Keep us posted:)"
Sherry Gentry-Gasper $350.00 "Good Deeds is so excited for you Sandy! Thanks for inspiring us!"
Matthew Brady $250.00 "Wow and ironman. Good Luck. Send pictures. I will save all the Oxygen in CA and try to find a way to get it to you on race day. You are going to need it. Uncle Matt"
$28 on the 20th x 10 Slade $280.00 "28 years ago I lost my colon. Help find a better way!"
Chris & Natalie Holcroft $52.00 "2 X $28 from me & Wifey for Skippy! "
Cam Chaplin $50.00 "This donation is in support of all those who suffer daily with the disease. Its a special donation for Lori and my cousin who both have this disease. Hoping for a cure!!!"
Whitney Kenney $28.00 "You are an inspiration Uncle Skip! Hopefully I can come cheer you on in Chattanooga!!"
Amy Ridings $40.00 "“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” -Thomas Edison"
Jayne Slade Hidden "I remember that day and the days following so clearly. Today we still have you bothering us :~) and a bonus HLSV to enjoy and bother us. I love you."
Richelle Randazzo $30.00 "Amazing!! Get it done iron strong!! "
Brian and Tamara Nelsen $300.00 "Go Mark go! Don't suck! It's always great training with you!"
Sue and Joe Seal $25.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Maura Day $20.00 "Good luck, Kelly! I am inspired by you! "
bethany ullig $50.00 "Good luck!!! Keep working hard!!"
Chris Papastratis $50.00 "Have a safe and enjoyable event!"
michael decandio $100.00 "Errol, Bon chance! Michael"
Don & D J Kasenberg $100.00 "You better win ! JK good luck have fun doing what you love !"
Smitha Barki $50.00 "My friend's 6yo has Chrons. Thank you for helping fight this."
Beth Belkonen $500.00 "Looking forward to seeing you cross the finish line in Chattanooga. WoooHoooo !! Best of luck with the training, the fund raising and the IM itself. "
Stacie Urban $50.00 "Awesome dedication and commitment! Good luck!"
Sean Dugan $500.00 "Errol - you are a beast! Keep up the good work and stay safe!"
Adera Causey $50.00 "Happy Birthday Dreama!"
John Gaul $100.00 "Good luck, Reno!"
Judy Wood $100.00 "It's summer! More outside time to train...without rain, I hope. Go for it, James!"
Rachael Chambers $500.00 "Sandy-Thank you a million times over for doing this. It MATTERS. With love, Rachael"
Angela Harmison $50.00 "Yay for Kay!!! Have fun doing this "widdle wace!" "
Sherri Gibson $100.00 "No comment. She knows I love her but I'd love her even more if she does the race wearing a snowsuit and boots!!"
Frank Valles III $28.00 "Zumba event silent action winner"
Charlie & Carolyn Childs $100.00 "Grandma Carolyn & Charlie commend you for taking on this challenge, praise your endurance to train and look forward to being in Chattanooga to cheer you on in September."
barbara keefe $50.00 "Lilia and Drew....here is support for your amazing undertaking! ( Kathryn Ferris' mom )"
Christie Abbott $30.00 "I'm so proud of you!!!!"
David & Erin Malinowski $100.00 "Hi Uncle Nino, Best of luck in your race! This is a great cause and an Ironman is no joke. You are already a winner in our book! Hopefully we can be there to cheer you on!!! Love, David, Erin & Roman "
Donald Brodsky $1,000.00 "This is a donation from the crew at Shaw Industries. Thank you"
Lari Kircher $250.00 "Good luck GoGo. Wish we could watch but will be on vacation. Hope to get back to Croatia some day. Best Wishes from Lari & Steve!"
David Reiss $100.00 "Good luck in the race - very inspirational!"
Lorie Porter Hidden "Way to go after your dream, Gogo! "
Trevor Marienau $50.00 "Still can't figure out how you're gonna swim with that bike strapped to your back. Oh well...yeeeaaahhh toast!"
Laura Zerbock $140.00 "Sending you good vibes! Have fun ??"
John Pantowich $200.00 "Good Luck Dondi, and keep up the good work. John and Donna Pantowich"
Brittany Campbell $40.00 "Good Luck! You are AWESOME! "
Tim Ong $100.00 "All the best, Steve."
Rocky Niles $100.00 "Good luck Iron Man! Best of luck with the training!"
Stephanie Robin $100.00 "You're incredible...kill it!! Xoxo"
Ivan Wood $100.00 "Great cause and big achievement to finish. Good luck and have fun."
Lori Cranfill $25.00 "will be cheering for you Dreama."
Megan Bazan $200.00 "Thanks for fighting for this cause Sandy!!! You are an inspiration!!"
Matt Seipt $100.00 "Thanks for taking on the challenge for Heather and others - should be an awesome race!! Please everyone - please chip in and help get Craig to the finish line!"
Matthew Seipt $100.00 "Go Kristin Go! Thanks for taking on the challenge for CCFA and my wife who has been fighting Crohns since age 12. New medicines are making breakthroughs and helps hundreds more every year. We need all the help we can get to ultimately find a cure - which the researchers are finally talking about openly. ** Help reach the goal - match my donations ** -matt"
Jeffery Baxter Hidden "What a great cause from a outstanding person. Please accept this behalf of Wine and Canvas Knoxville Infoknox@wineandcanvas.com 865 356 9179"
Vanessa Kabash $50.00 "Skip, I'm so sorry I won't be able to meet you at training camp and race with you in September, but I will race with you in my heart. Prayers and love to your family from me and the rest of Team Challenge IMCHOO. "
Susan and Rod Hynson $250.00 "You're doing great on your training. Keep up the hard work. You'll find it all worth while. Love ya bunches- Mom and Dad"
Joseph Shepard Hidden "I am going to School here in Hohenwald TN (TCAT) and will try to make the race. The Chattanooga Airport is about 3 Hours from here. Let me know your plans as time gets closer. I have cars you can borrow if you can figure how to get near here."
Danielle Mitchell $50.00 "Happy to support such a wonderful athlete!!! Chattanooga Sports Institute and Center for Health"
Lisa Harris $20.00 "Such a great cause! What an awesome thing your doing!!"
Patricia CasELLA $40.00 "You go Linz go..."
Brandon Gill $50.00 "Good Luck! Tom"
Scott Cooper $120.00 "On Behalf of Nutra Blend"
Bill Anderson $250.00 "Donald, you're really a great person. Glad to be your friend."
Mark Schaum $36.00 "Feeling fully satisfied doing sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, I cannot fathome going through all the training to do an Iron Man. I'm impressed. Have a great race and enjoy it if that 's possible. Mark Schaum"
Alan Nadle $36.00 "Good Luck, Donald!!!"
Kathleen Harper $100.00 "Good Luck Lee!!"
Ally OConnell $75.00 "Thank you for fund raising for such a great cause! Good Luck at IM Chattanooga!"
Margaret Knuth $129.66 "June installment: Awesome! Bringin' it on strong! Keep it up. So proud!"
Anonymous $50.00 "It's great that you're doing this. I can relate, having had 5 diverticulitis attacks."
Justin Sanders Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Allan Sternberg $100.00 "Joe - swim, bike and run knowing you are changing the things for the better!!!"
Bill Stevens $250.00 "Good Luck, Joe!"
pete ganley $100.00 "easy workout for you Joe Go get em...."
C. Bayne Northern $250.00 "Joe, Thanks for helping me out in my time of need. I am happy to return the favor. Bayne"
Traci Monson $50.00 "I don't know if this will qualify for my organizations matching program."
PIZZA PLACE Adairsville $400.00 "Good Luck Brian! We're all rooting for you. Give em Hell!!"
Christine Curran $300.00 "Good luck iron girl! "
Marc Tendler $20.00 "Good luck Frank!"
Hemant Elhence $250.00 "Alan, I am moved by your well written appeal for this worthy cause and the metaphor of moving forward no matter what. Wish you and your family all the best."
Leah Cohen $250.00 "Good luck Alan! Love Leah and Eliana"
Steve Foss $250.00 "Joe is MY IronMan!!! "
Donna Rapp $25.00 "Great job Mark!!!!!"
Steve Gardner $50.00 "Break a leg...oops that something else. Have a great ride, swim and run!"
Amyray Matchke $50.00 "Luv ya Man! Continue to inspire!!! "
Krista Fehler Hidden "Hey Sweet Friend! I'm so very proud of you and I can't wait to be there to cheer you on! Love you! Krista"
Venkat Panchapakesan $250.00 "Good luck Alan!"
Leanne Acton $50.00 "Good luck, Joe! On bahalf of Paul Harrington, I am pleased you are sponsoring the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation."
Anonymous $250.00 "Donald, good luck on your upcoming event! Shaw Industries and myself are glad to be a part and support your efforts!"
cheryl creuzot $100.00 "Wish you the best Joe. Know you can do it!"
Jordan Masarek $350.00 "Love you! Proud of you!"
Carrie Giordano $25.00 "I only wish I could do more. My mother suffered colitis and is still wrestling with long term effects. Best of luck to you on your journey. "
Kristine Runge $100.00 "Go Jeremy!!"
Jeffrey Bartell $50.00 "Good Luck from the Bartell Family!"
Heath Beeferman $50.00 "Ride on, and kick cancer's ass!"
Keith Kidd $25.00 "Good luck...."
Breanne, Martin and Zephy Walter $150.00 "Go Jeremy! Are you wearing a skirt for the run?"
MARC TRACHTMAN Hidden "Go get 'em Steve, we know you can do it!"
lauren wise $50.00 "My Uncle is a beast!! So proud of all you do!! We love you! "
Charles Polster $40.00 "Good Luck!!"
patrick sullivan $250.00 "Great work Alan! Patrick"
Brian Shortridge Hidden "Good luck!"
Rick and Laurie Amerson $500.00 "Thank you so much for matching your gifts and talents with CCFA. My belly thanks you too!! We love you!"
David Carl $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Caroline Suitch $20.00 "Go get em girlfriend! DTF"
Bob Wells $100.00 "Good luck reaching your goal! Hope this helps. "
Amy Bosler $20.00 "For my cousins Jonathan and Carson. "
William. Joanna Beach $250.00 "Go for it. Enjoy the moment. You only get it once. The Beachs"
Felicia LeRay-Turk $25.00 "Go get 'em, tiger!"
Katie Turner Hidden "Best of luck!"
Adam Riley $250.00 "Good luck Tom"
Dirk de Haas $150.00 "Yeah Alexis!"
Janan Mitchell $25.00 "I have a dear friend that I went to high school with that has Crohn's disease, Vicki Wimberly Martin. I hope they found a cure for my friend and for all who suffer from this disease."
Susan Mann $100.00 "IN Memory of Dot Torgerson"
Anonymous Hidden "Keep up the GREAT work you are doing! God Bless"
Amanda Burdick $100.00 "Thank you Cyndi!! Through you my fight lives on and I pray saves a mother like me so she can watch her babies grow! I know you will make us proud, I know all my family and friends will be cheering for you!! I could never asked for a better gift than this Cyndi!"
Rodney Kelly $25.00 "Good Luck. I hope you wear your same shorts from high school; otherwise, I will be disappointed."
Liz Fettrow $50.00 "Truly inspiring, Linz! "
Bob Warmack $100.00 "Joe, good luck:)"
Bonnie Nichols $25.00 "Good luck on an awesome achievement!!"
AARON NEWTON $300.00 "Good Luck Chuck!"
carrie and andy madison $250.00 "Alan, we are so proud of you and happy to support such a wonderful cause, especially in honor of Patti!"
Bob Farmer $30.00 "Sammy- This is a wonderful thing you are doing for your brother. I wish you the best in your Iron Man competition. Best regards, Bob"
Sam and Andrea Levy $50.00 "Best of luck to you in your efforts and our best to Jon."
Cobi Cohen Hidden "Good luck with the tri for this great cause!"
Norman Radow $500.00 "-The RADCO Companies "
Lisa & Roger Stebbins $25.00 "Praying for you Amanda!"
Jeff Tishgart $50.00 "Good luck Sammy. We are happy to support you and Jon for this cause. I look forward to hearing about your leisurely swim, ride, and run."
FRED BRASCH $36.00 "Kol Hakavod - "
Randy Gold $100.00 "In honor of 2 great Iron Men! Caroline and Randy Gold are cheering for you both!"
Dara Grant Hidden "Dara, Andy, Matthew, Sari and Naomi are cheering you on!!"
Beverly Berman $100.00 "We love you both!!!!! Bev Berman & Steve Hornick"
John Salter $100.00 "Good luck, Sammy!"
Stacy Sargent $25.00 "Go Andy!"
Seth Yellin $250.00 "Thanks for you commitment. Good luck on race day!!"
Jessica Anchondo Hidden "This is all I can donate at the moment but I'll try and make another donation for you as soon as I can! Good luck cuz! Love you..."
Ray Heddings $100.00 "Have fun Steve!"
Lauren Kane $25.00 "So very proud of you Mikey! You are an inspiration! "
Jay Rosenheck $100.00 "Good luck !"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Sparky!"
Mac McEneaney $100.00 "All the other cheap-ass people should donate more."
Carl Schachter $250.00 "Very inspiring, Alan! Thanks!"
Seth Linnick $100.00 "Good luck, Sammy!"
Maria Hock $30.00 "good luck! what a great cause!"
jason frank Hidden "Good luck with your fundraising & the ironman!"
Roman Teyf $100.00 "Way to Grants!! - Roman & Jennifer Teyf"
Blair Rothstein $36.00 "Good luck, have fun and I'm sure you'll make us proud!"
Wendy Griffith $40.00 "Good luck Debbie! We know you can do it!!!"
Avraham Grant $54.00 "I think it is wonderful that you are volunteering to go through such a grueling physical challenge to raise money for such an important cause."
Max Henry $100.00 "Anything for the Grants. Go Jon and Sammy!"
Stacey & Brent Smith $40.00 "Good Luck Ryan! "
Erin Bennett $25.00 "Good luck to you, sir! #THDS"
Melissa Samuel $100.00 "You're the sh*t!! (see what I did there?) "
Stephen Maher $30.00 "Thanks for doing this!"
Jacob Larrea Hidden "Goodluck Cuz!"
joyce and bob shuman $50.00 "we are happy to support you and your admirable effort. Joyce and Bob Shuman"
Chad & Robin Butler $100.00 "We are proud of you! Keep up the good work!"
Leigh-Ann Crabb $50.00 "Yay Trudy! I am so proud of you!!! "
Pamela Rome $100.00 "Good luck and be safe Patrick. "
Muriel August $150.00 "Dear Patti, I hope this little bit helps. Love, Mimi"
Judy & Greg Hirsch $100.00 "I have every confidence that you will make this Ironman look easy! What an inspirational way to raise funds and awareness for a worthy cause. Best wishes to "my" Grant boys!"
Allison Rowe $36.00 "Sammy, what an amazing way to support your brother and a great cause. We will be rooting you on in spirit! ~Allison and Scott "
Louise Cunningham $10.00 "A little more to help towards your goal!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Rock it like a happy meal!"
Dan Russotto $36.00 "Great cause Sammy, good luck!"
Randy Reeves $100.00 "Best of luck Eric. "
Christi & Brian Parrish $50.00 "Good luck Anne. Brian & I will be cheering you on. "
Steven and Delilah Cohen $100.00 "Best of luck to you Sammy, and most importantly to Jon! What a great cause, and the perfect man for the job! We are pulling for you- Delilah and Steven Cohen "
Elmer & Rebecca Palitang $100.00 "Wishing you the very best and God be with you. You go, Christopher!!"
Jesse Cookson $100.00 "Looking forward to a great team race and seeing us all at the finish!!"
Mimi McGrath $25.00 "Sean, Good luck with the Ironman! I know you will do well. "
Jeffrey Leavitt $250.00 "Go Sammy!"
Evening Star Fundraiser $1,586.00 "Thanks to Evening Start and everyone who showed up! Great time and great music from the Derds!"
kevin and judy wolman $100.00 "Wishing the entire Grant family continued good health- Love, Judy and Kevin"
Roger Kirschenbaum $50.00 "Good luck. The Grant Family inspires the community in many ways."
Anonymous $25.00 "Run like Jordy."
Lori Clark $50.00 "Best of luck in the Ironman!"
Ryan Griessmeyer $250.00 "Everyone at Race Day Events, LLC wish you well and will be cheering for you."
Daniel Sloan $100.00 "Kay, This is from Stacy and I. Good luck, I know you will do good. Can't wait to watch you guys!!"
Kathryn Klepinger $100.00 ""Coop Strong" Ben & Cooper!"
Paul Koethe Hidden "Go Sean!!"
Adrian and Ilene Grant Hidden "Go Sammy!"
gary matthews $100.00 "Good luck. This is for the Cold water challenge benefit."
Rachel Matyasse $50.00 "Good luck to you, Mr. Chuck! You're gonna KILL IT!!! :) Proud to know you!"
Rachel Matyasse $25.00 "Good luck to you! You are doing awesome things in training and are inspiring so many! Keep it up!"
lynette howell $25.00 "Good Luck Kemper!"
Ronald L Reed $500.00 "Kudos to you, David, for the passion you exhibit for this cause! You're really helping to improve other's lives."
Lauren Layer Mayo $50.00 "Good Luck Lindsey! What a great cause to race for! -Lauren & Cody Mayo"
Sandra Anderson $75.00 "Beat Eric V :)! "
Frank Tosti $25.00 "From the couch to Iron Man - quite a journey way to go Reno - run for a great cause! Bud "
Joel Green $75.00 "Coop Strong !"
Cathy & Rick Swerdlin $100.00 "What a wonderful way to honor your brother. Good luck to you both."
Leone Breazeale $1,000.00 "A generous donation from the employees at Champion Home Builders Inc. Have a great race!!!!"
Katrina Majeski $50.00 "Best of luck to you Sean. You are a achiever!!!!!"
Rosie Milam $25.00 "Great skills and power to you Eric!"
Dave Ransick $25.00 "You owe me ice cream if you don't beat my IMAZ time (13:24)"
Steven & Georgette Westerman $100.00 "Shiver Summit supports you!"
Renee Bowles $25.00 "Good luck Jason!"
Kelly Ballard $50.00 "Good Luck Jason!"
Frank & Denise Rindsberg Hidden "Good Luck, we so proud of you "
Guadalupe Farfan $100.00 "Alex I am so proud of you, this is a big accomplishment I know you will do grate, keep working out and getting ready the date is closer and closer , can't wait to be there at the finish line waiting and sheering for you, love you."
James Newcomb $100.00 "Best of luck."
Shawn Meade $250.00 "You go Sammy, good luck my man...."
Marie Irby $100.00 "Good Luck"
Alan Bortnick $250.00 "You go nephew Uncle Alan"
Leslie Friedson $100.00 "Very impressive!!"
Stephanie Gobert $20.00 "One pie each please!!! No slowing down upon pie impact."
Austin Willis $25.00 "American Ninja!!"
marvin haygood $100.00 "Best of luck in your efforts.....thank you for doing this!! If my mother were still alive I'd be telling her and she'd be sending you money and prayers!!! Van"
joel miller $250.00 "For a good cause our pleasure . Joel and Irene Miller"
Keith Harmison $150.00 "Wuv you Kay!"
marci and darren joel $50.00 "Amazing!"
Rob Grammer $100.00 "I'll see you there!"
Bradley Chappell $25.00 "Good Luck to you Anne! I have enjoyed hearing about your training in my visits with your parents. Way to go!"
Ricky and Kate Ferris $100.00 "You 2 are amazing!! Xoxox"
Lisa Zelvy $100.00 "To support our favorite (and only one we know) ironman Sammy and in honor of our favorite warrior, Jon. Best of luck Sammy!"
Craig and Sheri Kornblum $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
Scott McCranie $25.00 "Good luck Jason!"
Steven Jett $50.00 "I'm not sure about this Triathalon thing, Steve. All that effort to just end up in the same place you started. Unless you're running/biking/swimming to something like a Waffle House, I don't think I see the point. And now you're tired and hungry."
Meredith Cordingley Hidden "Thanks and good luck! "
David & Julie Silverman $100.00 "The Silvermans are davening for both of you! This is an inspiring expression of brotherly love and the pursuit of chesed -doing for others, the hallmark of the Grant family. May Hashem be with you!! "
Cindy Berry $25.00 "Good Luck!"
T Wood Lovell Jr $100.00 "Sammy -- I'm proud of myself when I run 4 miles -- I can't even fathom what you're going to do again! You're a good big brother."
Anonymous Hidden "I love you"
Donna Luff Taylor $50.00 "What a great cause. Thank you!"
Paul and Marjorie Seipt Hidden "Craig, thank you for your efforts. Have a great race."
Paul and Margie Seipt Hidden "Kristin, thank you for taking on this challenge. Best Wishes for a great race. Paul and Margie"
Harold & Laura Einstein Hidden "We wish you a safe and healthy race. What a great gift you are giving to Jon and all those with Chrohns & Colitis. Many thanks Sammy. Good luck! "
Inga Shalmiyeva $25.00 "Don't forget about me! "
Jimmy Roberts $50.00 "Best of Luck Ryan!!"
Joe Carroll $150.00 "Go, Annie!!!!"
Ken Jordan $50.00 "Good luck Craig, Friends of Matt's folks. "
Cindy VandeVere $50.00 "Praying for your success on that big day! You go dude!!! "
John Stephenson $100.00 "Here is $100 for each mile I will run this year.....seriously - very inspirational and good luck!"
Natasha Nunley $50.00 "Good luck, Alain!!!!"
sharon westerman $54.00 "Best of luck, Sammy!"
Candy Frank Hidden "Good Luck Sammy! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Ironman; quite impressive. Good Luck! It is wonderful you are raising money for such a great foundation. "
Kennth Heckel Hidden "Good luck Brian. "
Debbi Smith $50.00 "Best of luck on your quest! God bless you for making a difference in the lives of those that suffer from this."
Allison Kittelberger $20.00 "Good luck Linz!! Go get em! "
Caroline Blaum $20.00 "Here's to your recovery run being my normal run! Kill it Linzzzzzz!"
Ray Lender $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jeff Bielec $50.00 "Nice Picture"
Lauren Baer $25.00 "Hope its a great race!"
Tara Davidson $25.00 "you are an inspiration!"
Pia Floresca $21.00 "Thank you for your endless guidance and support! "
Maria Adelaida Llano $100.00 "Patrick, aquí te mandó mi contribución. Estoy segura que te va a ir súper bien. Mucha suerte y hasta que nos veamos en Naples. Besos, Adelaida"
Katharine Murphy/Christ the Teacher $278.00 "Good luck on behalf of Christ the Teacher School and all of its students"
Brad Hershey $30.00 "Very impressive Stabby. I had no idea you were doing this. Awesome!"
Amber Mellars $50.00 "You are a strong and wonderful woman! Good luck!"
Kim Veeder $25.00 "Loved the interview!! Your an Inspiration to us all and a great person. Keep up the good work!!! "
Stephanie Fry $20.00 "Go Linz! What a fantastic thing you're doing! "
Neil and Bonny Marquardt $400.00 "Great job, David, Good luck in Chattanooga. Love Mom and Dad"
Karen Jones $250.00 "Can't wait to cheer you on!! and Happy Birthday!!"
carlos cruz $25.00 "GO for it frank your team is rooting for you "
Shana Eaton $50.00 "Good luck! I am tired just reading about it!!"
Brian Annino $50.00 "Good luck, Todd!"
Amanda Merideth Hidden "Go AJ GO!"
Eddie Ferrell $401.00 "Proud of you little Buddy !! "
Tim Watley $250.00 "Good Luck Jason!!!"
Danny Booher $50.00 "BE... get on wich-yo bad self. Nice work!"
Joe & Nancy Solicito $100.00 "You go Nicole! You are a special person for what you are doing for your sister Lori and the many others like her....Lori is in our prayers! Love, Joe, Nancy, Danielle & Nicole Solicito "
Kevin Mulligan $500.00 "Go get 'em Paul. Great job and great charity. We wish you all the best. Sincerely, The Mulligans"
Mike Phifer Hidden "We are proud of you Good luck"
Leah Cook $30.00 "Here you go Monkey, hope this helps! Good luck with your fundraising!!"
Kristen Cummins $50.00 "Go get 'em Trudy! You're going to do great at IMCHOO!!! "
Dale von eck $50.00 "Happy Belated Birthday Patty! Good Luck Alan in the race. Sincerely, Bob and Dale Von Eck"
Ian & Nichole Custer $100.00 "Have a great time!! Way to go!! "
Garrett Spy $75.00 "Crush it, Ryan!"
Gary Ehrig $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Brian, there are a lot of people close to me that live with this condition. You da' man..."
Vickie Wilson $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Robert Kapel $500.00 "Alan, awesome effort and energy on your part! Love to you both, Rob and Jamie"
Michelle Zammataro $100.00 "First of all you are an inspiration! Second my husband has lost his colon due to this disease! Good luck to you and God Bless!!"
Patricia Lyons $50.00 "Go get it Chris !!!!!"
Thomas deVries $20.00 "Run fast."
Bob Hawes $100.00 "Good luck!"
Cathy Leeke $100.00 "Congrats Glenn! You are a wonderful role model for our kids and a gifted teacher. Thank you for using your talents and passions in our community."
Anonymous Hidden "I personally have know two people who deal with this disease; watched theim struggle each day, not knowing what it will bring. Thank you for participating in Ironman to help find a cure."
Gregg Fergus $250.00 "It's the least I can do for the help and friendship. Now just teach me how to bike like that...."
Zeus Arreguin $50.00 "Glad to see you representing a great cause Chris. "
Vicki Updike $100.00 "Cant wait to say, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!! "
Vicki Updike $100.00 "You are going to ROCK this thing!!!!!!!"
Deidre Allen $25.00 "Such a great cause to be racing for! Good luck Juli! Proud of you!!!"
Michelle Inman $50.00 "Good Luck Chris!!!"
Paul Kornowa $200.00 "I'm so dang proud of you Ry. Strive for a new personal record!!!"
Mindy & Bryan Andrews Hidden "We will be cheering for you! Love Mindy, Bryan and Liliah"
Jeremy Berry $36.00 "Congrats on another IronMan and the worthy cause."
David Frank Hidden "To a GREAT cause and an even better FAMILY!!!"
Dave & Ashley Heitmann $50.00 "Way to go Chris! What a great organization to support! Have fun with the remaining of your training! "
Jessica Hill $50.00 "As Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going." It's a great mantra on the bike and run. "
Jamie Forsythe $575.00 "These are cash donations made during our BBQ fundraiser. Donors included Karen Magnuson, Tom Radowski, the Davitt family, Brett & Courney Norris, Ava Johnson, Alok Singh, Jenny Ostoy and others. Thank you so much for your support!!!"
Marge Rinna $100.00 "Daniel, keep it up! Good luck with your event! M."
Andrew Bergen $100.00 "This is in support of your great push to Chattanooga, in support of. Heather Seipt. Semper Fi - the Bergens "
Devon & Ziaya Smith $50.00 "Good Luck Uncle~Ziaya & Devon~XO"
Anonymous $50.00 "God Bless you and your family. Proverbs 3:5-6."
Crystal Dorothy $25.00 "Good luck Curt! "
Chris Popun $100.00 "June 28th 2015 !!!!"
Joanne and Chuck Cogle $100.00 "You'll be fine, but the faster you run, the faster you'll be done. "
Marie Yates $100.00 "Have a wonderful time and finish!!"
Cathy Moortgat $100.00 "Good luck!"
Patrick Sullivan $50.00 ""The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." said someone smart. "
Robin Stone $25.00 "Good luck Todd - you can do this! Robin & Lisa"
John Duzy $100.00 "Good luck Jeff We're all very proud of u"
Sarah Holloway $50.00 "What you are doing is AWESOME! Thanks Jeff! And go git 'em! Sarah Holloway"
Kristin Hunsbarger $25.00 "Thank you for your donation Donna Jaeger"
Rick Werp $100.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Tracy Barausky $100.00 "Happy to support such an inspirational dad??The Barauskys"
Mike & Nancy Long $100.00 "Best of luck Jeff in the event and thank you for your focus on this disease. "
Nicole Ramsbey $50.00 "Would like the pendant. Thx for all you are doing"
Tom Gioia $250.00 "Jeff - Good Luck! Thank you for dedicating your time to raise money for everyone suffering with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis."
TBA Executive Search $100.00 "TBA Executive Search enthusiastically supports your dedication to your personal challenge and your commitment to CCFA. We are all pulling for you! - Tom Tierney & Randy Billingsley."
Jason Ball $50.00 "this donation is on behalf of Susan and Edward Mendez(my sister and brother in-law)"
Susan Olson $75.00 "Best of luck to you Linz!!! "
Janelle Baliko $100.00 "From a veteran Crohnie, thank you and good luck!!"
Elianna Miranda $150.00 "Thank you for raising this awareness! "
Chris O'Brien $70.30 "Good luck Jason!!"
Doug Spotts $100.00 "Jeff - great cause and best of luck with the race. "
Michele Lash $10.00 "Good luck!!"
Brian Frye $50.00 "Best of luck in the race Matt!"
Daniel Hinckle $50.00 "Good luck Jeff! Thirsty Wolf and The Hinckles "
Thomas Bloom $500.00 "Thanks everyone for your support! Drew Ford and everyone who bought a t shirt!"
Thomas Bloom $100.00
Megan Mileski $75.00 "I love you, friend! Kill it!!!"
Lisa Longeway $140.60 "Chris - Thank you for all of your support during my first Ironman! I wouldn't be were I am in my training without your energy and support!!! Best of Luck at Chattanooga! "
Sara Nucera $269.00 "Good luck Rock The Bellz!"
Lauren Baumgarten $100.00 "Patti and Alan, What a team!!! Good luck, Alan. You've got this!! Patti, wishing you continued good health. Lots of love, The Baumgarten Family"
Robert Chambers $100.00 "Go get 'em, Eric! "
Mary McMahon $50.00 "Thank you Joe! Have fun. Best Regards, Mary S. McMahon"
Bill, Tracy & Ellie Paxton $50.00 "Thank you, Dan. "
Stacey Garbowit (Mullins) $50.00 "Great work Donald. "
Lee Morwood $50.00 "Eric Oliver helping Mike McCready!"
Dena Vidlock Hidden "Good Luck!!!"
Megan Doerr $20.00 "Thanks for supporting the Chrons and Colitis Foundation Mike! My brother suffers from very active Chrons and my Dad, Uncle and Grandfather all have Colitis. It's all too often a forgotten disease and I love to see you and IMF supporting the cause! Good luck at Chatanooga man!!! (fyi if the name is confusing, formerly Megan Suhonen, miss you all and cheering you on always!!!!)"
Becca & Jon Grant Hidden "Proud of you, but still think you're crazy for doing this."
Jason Belk Hidden "Great cause, thanks for leading in this!"
Sal Pearce $75.00 "Great cause! Keep those energy levels up!!"
Esta and Chuck Tishgart $50.00 "Our very best to you and your brother!"
Randy McCall $25.00 "Good Luck with your IM, Cindy! Great cause to be supporting as well!"
Renee McCormick $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Dale Hoffman $150.00 "Good luck, Anne. I threw in a few bucks to cover for your dad since I know he's on a fixed income."
Tony Burns $70.30 "Go get it Chris...Congrats on your decision, looking forward to hearing all the stories"
Lisa Ward $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
Kristina and Eric Clayton $100.00 "We're so proud of you, Cindy!! "
Dale Speckman $150.00 "This is awesome Kelly! Proud of you! One of my trainers did a half Ironman and said it was brutal. Go getem' girl!!!!! "
Missy Farmer $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Kathy and Dennis Brake $500.00 "We think you can. We think you can. WE KNOW YOU CAN!!! Loves, Mom and Dad"
Cindy Pace $100.00 "good luck!!!!!!!"
Lisa and Eric Stephenson $40.00 "Way to go Cindy!!!"
Brad Hesse $500.00 "As promised I owe 500.00 for people donating to Chris fund raiser Thanks to Arreguin, Craven, Pratt Jorgenson,Yates, Fergus, longeway, LaPhillph, Bower, Helsher Thoms,Vidlock johnson,lyons,Burns,Tarby,Inman White, Shallow,jozwiak and Heltmann Thanks Again "
Carrie Sullivan-persic $50.00 "You are crazy Kell bell! Good luck!"
Cheryl Schelm $70.30 "Honey, this is for my Half Ironman that I will be finishing in the future : )"
Matt Noone $70.30 "Best of luck to you, Jeff. Enjoy the day out there. It's the hardest, coolest, most grueling, best day ! Truly something to be proud of. Looking forward to hearing about it when you return fr Maryland. All the best- Matt "
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Kristin Stuedle $100.00 "You go girl! You're an inspiration!"
Beth Cassels-Anderson $100.00 "Way to go Sandy! Can't wait to hear about your experience. "
Gwendolyn Brantley $50.00 "Go, Sandy! You are such an inspiration!"
Marie Frey $100.00 "Great teammate, raising money for a great cause! Good luck!"
Justin Riray $20.00 "I've only heard stories about your iron-man adventures from your peers. It's a thrill to see it in action. You better have a GoPro on your head through the entire thing and have it go through Cisco TV broadcast. That would be a nice showcase for Cisco's IoE. Congrats on demolishing your goal! :)"
Kevin Kase $50.00 "Way to go, Hoang! All the best to you as you complete this bucket list item."
Anonymous Hidden "Sandy, your commitment inspires all of us because you stretch your own boundaries constantly!"
Ryan Fandetti $100.00 "Good Luck Reno!!!"
Fran Forte $50.00 "Forza, Reno!!!!"
Kevin & Susan Engle $100.00 "Good luck, Trudy! We'll be cheering for you!"
Rojan Turner $25.00 "Good Luck Joe and kick Butt!"
Linda Harrison $50.00 "Good Luck Joe!! I know you will be a huge success. Behind you all the way! You are helping a great cause that has an even larger meaning to a lot of us in the Agency."
Michael Rea $100.00 "Thank you, Sandy. And good luck!"
John Norman $50.00 "Go Joe!"
Claudia Allison $100.00 " Good luck from New Mexico! Ron & Claudia"
Rodney Sykes $50.00 "Kay, Good Luck and ENJOY!!! Rod."
Atul Sethi $50.00 "Way to go Sandy !!! Excellent job driving this cause. "
marlene staley $100.00 "Good luck--you are amazing to attempt thus--I worked w/ your dad at Anadarko! Marlene"
R Graham Self $100.00 "Joe, We are really proud of you and your commitment! What a great cause. Good luck! Graham"
Roy Naraine $50.00 "Good luck Joe"
Mike and Georgie Jeffers $50.00 "Best wishes, Mikey. What an achievement for you after the challenges you've overcome."
Mark Elder $25.00 "A worthy cause and participant! Hope it is a great day!"
PIZZA PLACE Adairsville $200.00 "We are rooting for you Brian. Good Luck!!"
Lisa McNeil $20.00 "You go woman! #ironwoman#"
Scott Tilley $140.60 "Do it Reno! And we'll celebrate after at the Barrio Cafe!"
Dean Schuster $100.00 "Go Cliff!"
Jacquelyn Vandam $100.00 "Good luck Cliff!"
Barbara Leech $100.00 "Good luck Daniel and wish you much success in your next event"
Anonymous $305.00 "Cash from ConQuest Brew Night"
Randy Darchuck $50.00 "Good Luck Chuck, Better You Than Me"
Doug Caspari Hidden "Good luck Thomas........I hope you have some fun along the way."
Steve Schreder $100.00 "Good luck!"
Derek Ehlers $75.00 "Good luck, Bill!!"
Jeanette Harper $50.00 "Good luck and I hope your body forgives you afterwards!"
Joseph Szefi $30.00 "Go get em boy..."
Kay Hart $20.00 "This donation from Nancy Mauney…Thanks Aunt Nancy!"
Kay Hart $25.00 "This donation is from Jim Hilderbrant….thanks Jim for the donation and for helping with the open water swimming, and of course the running shoes!"
jason ball $100.00 "this donation on behalf of joel mattocks thank you. "
jason ball $30.00 "this donation on behalf of Marc D' Antonio thank you"
Hart & Olson Family Dentistry $200.00 "We are proud to work with you and assist you in meeting this goal. Go Mike!"
April Gillies $50.00 "Kick some butt Jason!!!! Awesome job fundraising! "
Dennis Schwartz $50.00 "Go Chris! Happy to help for a good cause, keep praying for us poor folks in Morganton"
Joanna Morrissey $100.00 "Go Reno! We're with you in spirit :) Love, The Morrisseys"
Jayne Slade Hidden "Your courage and tenacity supersedes your charm and sunshine attitude in your endeavor! "
Wesley Tyus $150.00 "My wife has lived with Colitis for 13 years now. I am very thankful for your willingness to raise funds for this cause. I look forward to crossing the finish line with you in Chattanooga. Wesley Tyus "
Catherine Sweet $50.00 "Wishing you much good luck, Todd!"
Adera Causey $50.00 "Now you are in officially, let's do this! "
Anonymous $35.00 "Good luck Rob!"
Cathy Gracey $250.00 "A wonderful cause for a great athlete and friend! Go Dreama!! "
Dave Weir $70.30 "Yada, yada, yada, brag a lifetime!"
Maureen Wilson $75.00 ""Coop Strong!""
Jerry Lack $100.00 "Good Luck & have fun"
Douglas Hiller $100.00 "Thanks for your efforts!"
David Smith $250.00 "On behalf of North Georgia Bike Freaks, Katalyst Athletics, and my little buddy Colin, thanks for raising funds to support a great cause."
Leeanna and Bob Fatovic $100.00 "Have fun!"
Jay Hammond $100.00 "Sorry I missed Conquest night on Tuesday, wishing you well in Chattanooga."
1st Pinter Family Yard Sale $164.60 "Our 1st Pinter family yard sale fundraiser was a huge success! $164.60 raised for the CCFA! A BIG THANK YOU to all who stopped by and made purchases! And thank you to those who were willing share stories about family and friends who suffer from Crohn's & Colitis. Together we are truly working towards a cure! "
Amy Phillips $25.00 "Thanks so much for what you are doing, Jason! "
THE Pinter family Pinter $100.00 "Madeline,Kyle,and I are so proud of you!! We can't wait to cheer you on. Looking forward to this trip and being by you side to the end. Crohn's and colitis is a great foundation to support. We love you and good luck!! Your biggest fans"
Karen Leicht $40.00 "You are an inspiration."
Akshata Ullal $50.00 "All the Best :)"
Brendan Ellis Hidden "The Galloway Lakeland - Dream Chaser group wishes you well in your race!"
Stephen Guerette $25.00 "Just a fan of the podcast. Go get em."
Peter Cook $25.00 "Really enjoy the Podcast. I'll cheer you on from Bike Special Needs aid station."
Ryan Brehm $40.00 "Do work!"
John Bacot $250.00 "Thanks for letting me remain anonymous as your training partner and inspiration. Even though it was hard carrying you when we ran the power lines it was worth it. If we could just get Kris to make a few sacrifices on Buckhead and beach trips everything would be perfect "
jason ball $50.00 "Go get it Teresa!!!"
Scott Davis $50.00 "Go rock Chattanooga! See you at the finish line."
George Roland $100.00 "good luck, Dan---great cause---don't become a casualty (only kidding)"
Rachel Geoghagan $25.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Jennifer Conner $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Amy Holmes $100.00 "I have always looked up to you as my big brother and even today, I continue to be so proud of all your accomplishments!! God has blessed you with this platform to reach others, the integrity and character to stand for a cause and the courage to take the challenge!! "
Marla & Daryl Baker $75.00 "Good luck Eric and Johnnie! You will be awesome!!"
Anonymous Hidden "My family and I have been watching and following you and your dad all along this journey. Just want you to know that you two have inspired more people than you know and we want you to continue this journey without worries. Keep up the good work and Good Luck!"
Bob Ricks $100.00 "Go get em Joe, Great Cause! Proud of you for stepping up! Go Joe and Go Penn Mutual! Thank you for all of your help with my team! Bob A. Ricks Penn Mutual IFN RD Texas Region"
Nora Tompson $140.60 "Lynn, you are awesome beyond measure and a woman after my own heart! Love from...Miss Tompson."
Lisa Nardi Hidden "Good luck!"
Andrew Freeman $100.00 "Love & support from the Freeman family. "
Karen Linden $100.00 "Good Luck Cliff - I know you will do great!!"
Nancy Hans $70.30 "Awesome Cause! Go Karen and enjoy the journey in the Vol state!!! :)"
Tiffany Lynds $20.00 "Good luck, Lynn and Randy!"
Jenny Kellinger $75.00 "Best of Luck! You will do great!"
Angela Clay $25.00 "Go Sarah. Thank you for your commitment to such a great cause!"
Ed Bauersfeld $100.00 "I have a brother-in-law with Crohns. Best -for having you mind and body doing this ironman. Ed "
Penelope Cilluffo $100.00 "Reno: what an incredible accomplishment! We will be cheering you on!!! Penny & Vinnie Cilluffo"
Claire Gale $30.00 "Kelly, I deeply respect all the hard work you are doing for such a worthy cause. You totally got this!!! Oh and hey, next time you do another Ironman, I'm in!! :) "
Ryan Keawekane $250.00 "From William and Ryan: Go own this race!"
Byron Tubb $100.00 "Kick ass buddy!"
Neil Kodsi $140.60 "Sean: Since the closest I will ever come to completing an "Ironman" is to give you a complete "Ironman" donation, here it is. I wish you the best of luck and thank for your efforts for this very worthy cause."
Nick Bessho $250.00 ""Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all" - Dale Carnegie Very proud of your determination and commitment to fight this battle. Best of luck in the upcoming IM Chattanooga. The Bessho Family "
Jessica Bender $25.00 "Best of luck Sean!"
Keely Ireland $50.00 "Good luck in Chattanooga and KICK ASS!!!"
Jill Fields $36.00 "I am tired just thinking about what you are going to do! You are amazing and so is your brother! "
cindy reeves $25.00 "you go girl!"
Denise Caruso $2,000.00 "John John, my family and I are so grateful for you and all you are doing to bring attention to this awful disease! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!! You are AMAZING!!!"
Rodney Chisolm $50.00 "You have my support and I'm sure you will meet your accomplishment!"
Winona Whitney $100.00 "Good luck Ho!!!"
Jeff Chaffin $100.00 "Best of luck in Chattanooga!!!"
andrew weaver $140.60 "Jeff, inspirational stuff. Best of luck! andy"
Anonymous $100.00 "So proud of you!! Keep pushing! "
Jeanne Ball $20.00 "Good Luck Teresa!!"
Jeff Paul $100.00 "Can't wait to share the day with you on September 28th Dan!! You will be AWESOME!! Very proud of the commitment you've made and the great cause you are racing for!"
Barry and Lisa Reiss $500.00 "Good Luck to both of you! We love you both!"
Tim Pettigrew $50.00 "May your efforts be pain free!!"
JAMES WHEELER $100.00 "We at Rock/Creek are behind you. You are an amazing women. Dawson "
Kermit Blank $25.00 "Go Dreama!"
Jeffrey Bass $100.00 "On behalf of the Bass Family, thank you so much for your efforts. Let's show all of the great doctors, scientists, nurses, and patients our level of commitment to eliminate these diseases. "
Tom Whittelsey $50.00 "A donation via Dan, best of luck"
Mark Spinella $50.00 "Best of luck, success , and health. Well done "
Mel Meyers $50.00 "Good luck, Joe. I am pulling for you."
Scott Kaplan $50.00 "You rock, Dondi! "
Stephanie Coats $50.00 "Good Luck Uncle Bill!"
Chris Baggett $200.00 "You are an inspiration! Good luck!"
Billy and Rozanne Rosenthal $500.00 "Almost there. Happy to help"
Seth Cohen $250.00 "You're the man Don. Your laser focus and intensity relative to your training is awesome. Kick it's butt bro."
Stephen Bredfeldt $25.00 "Good luck Good luck Goodluck!"
Amy Restrepo Hidden "Good luck, Dondi and Happy Birthday!"
Jason Hartley $60.00 "Auf geht's jueng"
Mary Lou Sullivan $20.00 "Good luck Matt! "
Sean & Natalie Murphy $75.00 "Good Luck!"
Chris Potenza $50.00 "Good Luck Frank!"
Marlo Devoto $40.00 "Good Luck! You got this!"
Maranda Wilkinson Hidden "Hoping you meet both your donation and race goals, you cool kid you!"
Mary Pousa $25.00 "You are running to help a lot of people with a terrible disease."
Shawn Badgley $25.00 "Good Luck Frank."
Nicole Meeks $75.00 "Teresa, You are such an inspiration! As I have helped you, you have helped me recognize how important our health really is! I was very inspired on how active you are that I have changed my life style to be more active. Now I see that you are giving back to help individuals in need, and I realize I need to do more of this too! You are a very caring person and there needs to be more people like you! You Go GIRL! Nicole Meeks"
linda and dee steer $100.00 "way to go Annie"
Paul Jordan $200.00 "A donation to take you past your target, well done !! When you hit that wall, the fact that you have reached your target will make it all worth while :o)! Let's hope that the foundation finds a cure that will help everybody throughout the world, because as Christopher knows his Nan suffered from Colitis. Lots of Love, Paul & Karen"
Scott Higgs $100.00 "Please help us reach our goal. Keep up thr training brother, we will get there."
Jessica Bash $100.00 "You're going to have an amazing journey Matthew! I won't see you at this TC event but maybe at another in the future! You're making a big difference for many lives. -JBash713"
Daniel Hudgins Hidden "I'm proud of you for taking on this challenge and for supporting such a great cause. Go be great, my friend!"
Anonymous Hidden "Hi Matt--Good Luck with everything...I admire your courage and tenacity. See you at the benefit!!!! All The Best, Dmitri"
Bobby & Nancy Lunsford $100.00 "Good luck, April!"
Nicole Rendos $116.50 "Great job on the Bike Wash Fundraiser at Mack Cycle! I am proud of you! Keep up the hard work!"
Nicole Rendos $116.50 "Great job on the Bike Wash Fundraiser at Mack Cycle! I am proud of you! Keep up the hard work!"
James Lupino $100.00 "Good luck Coach"
Brandi Myers $30.00 "Good luck! You'll be great! "
Kim Santonastaso $100.00 "Supporting you and your cause all the way Nicole. xo Kim & kevin"
Sasha Mital $100.00 "Go Rambo, Go!"
Johanne Cave $50.00 "Looking forward to reading your Thought of the Day on race day! Good luck with the race and congratulations for doing this for a great cause."
Dianne Gogel $50.00 "Nicole, Best of luck to you on your marathon. Will say a special prayer for you that day. Love you lots. Phil & Dianne"
L Ballew $50.00 "GO JIM GO!!! WE3BEARS are cheering for you!"
Carmen Williams $20.00 "You can do it!!! Way to go Dr. Bolton!"
Brad and Suzanne Sobolewski $25.00 "We are so excited for you! Go Iron Sean!!!!"
Adam Myers $70.30 "Go getum Donald!"
Fast Break Athletics $100.00 "You're a good friend, Dreama. Go fast, have fun, and do us proud. Love, Fast Break Athletics"
Harrison Faile $50.00 "Hi Cliff it was great to talk with you today...thanks for the encouragement and prayers just before my interview. I hope I can also support you in a swim bike or run when in columbia. Best wishes for Iron Man!"
Bari Rozzo $18.00 "Wishing you a great race ! You are an inspiration :) "
Cindy Gibbs $50.00 "Go Hoang Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
James Hill $140.60 "Good Luck Thomas!"
Chris Holley $50.00 "Good Luck Skip, can't wait to follow you on Ironman Tracker."
Beth Semyck $50.00 "Good luck, Dan!"
Crystal Holstein $30.00 "Good Luck Sarah!!!"
Mike & Laura Ursin $50.00 "Get after it Chris!"
RICHARD WALSH $50.00 "Go Mike!"
Gwen Davis $25.00 "Proud if you AJ"
Lisa Green $50.00 "Good Luck! Thanks for bringing awareness & raising money for a great cause! "
Adam Vasquez $30.00 "You are a beast! I did the ice bucket challenge and I'm donating to 3 IBD charities and this is one of them! You are an inspiration to us all! Keep on being strong! Live to inspire!"
Sara Sobel $100.00 "Best of luck Alan, from the Sobels"
Anthony Kuper $50.00 "Good Luck to your and your family Matt! "
Dave Ludlum $155.00 "Good Luck on your race."
Rex & Cora Perrine $100.00 "We are proud of you Sarah for being committed to this worthy cause! Wishing you well as you complete this event!"
Beverly Huff $140.60 "In memory of Pa and Auntie Gail. Love, Grandy"
Ken Winkler $36.00 "Good luck Sammy. "
Chris Eaton $50.00 "See you at the show! 3 show tickets, 4 raffles. "
Kellee Rosenberg Hidden "Sammy, Best of luck with this personal challenge and I really respect you for fundraising for such an important cause."
Steve Levene Hidden "Best wishes for success!"
Justin Daniels $50.00 "Good luck in the event! Justin"
brad seidenfeld $75.00 "Danny! Congrats on the training. wishing you all the best brotha!"
Mike and Nannette Wien $140.60 "As a fellow Ironman, I know and understand your challenge. As a friend of Jon's, it is hard for me to even imagine the daily challenges he faces. Let's hope and pray your 140.6 miles get Jon closer to finding a cure and putting an end to this disease."
carol shahmoon $140.60 "Good luck! Carol Shahmoon"
nancy weissmann Hidden "Go Sammy!"
Alexandra Russell $25.00 "Best of luck, Vanessa! You've got this!"
Edward Harris $100.00 "Good luck, Thomas! Eddie"
Gavin and Thea Cohen $36.00 "Good luck!!"
MARGARET GROSS $50.00 " Go IRONMAN GO!!!!!! This is going to be an awesome day! We re so proud of you! Cowbells will be ringing in Ramona cheering you on along the way. You WOW us all Tom! Good luck!! "
Faye Yates $100.00 "Good Luck Shawn!"
Lindsay Maas $150.00 "I can't wait to race beside you!! So proud of you & thank u for being a great coach!"
Autumn Fitch $30.00 "Yay! Your done raising money now on to the really hard part! Good Luck!! "
Estevan Price $100.00 "Go get'em Hurricane!"
Anonymous $195.00 "This contribution is from the money raised to honor Skip Dickerson."
Anonymous $306.00 "This contribution is from the money raised to honor Skip Dickerson."
Bernie Olszeski $100.00 "You got to move to move! Hope to see you in Chattanooga!!"
amber Church $100.00 "Keep up the good work higgs!"
Anonymous $306.00 "This donation is from the money raised to honor Skip"
Josh Teeters $100.00 "Give it hell! "
Beau Wilson $50.00 "Chive on Curt!"
Sam Norris $50.00 "Good luck Curt!"
Sara Vallario Hidden "Go Ty!! :) Love, Your favorite Sister-in-Law "
Marc Bass Hidden "Good luck, my friend!!"
Lauren Baes $75.00 "Good luck! You will do great! Love you! Kevin, Lauren and Baby Jack Baes"
Vince Lowman $100.00 "Go hammer it out. You da man Phifer. Go X3"
Alison Ellis $25.00 "Good luck, Kay! You'll do great! Happy Birthday"
Charlie Lodge $20.00 "Keep up the good work Ty Guy and good luck with the training! It's wine cooler time.... "Get some drinks in!""
Melissa Nosbisch $100.00 "Thank you for raising awareness for this horrible disease."
Nicholas Tiscione $25.00 "May God's grace be upon you!"
Ashley Caron $40.00 "You can do it Andy!!! Make us all proud!!! "
Amanda Zerull $100.00 "Thank you for doing this! It means so much to my mom (& our family) that you're supporting this cause. Good luck!"
Richard Cusick $100.00 "Thank you for actually WORKING HARD to support a charity without any theatrical distraction such as ice baths."
Rodney Bice $262.00 "We cannot wait to watch you cross that finish line! So proud of you!! This donation is from the proceeds which come from the money collected from the training ride/run in Chattanooga last weekend. This is from your HEAT friends: Mike, Carrie, Monica, Joana, Bob, and myself! "
Teresa Phelps $100.00 "Look at those guns!!!! :-P Can't wait for you to rock this!!! "
Mark & Kristine Herring $500.00 "Excited to be the donation that get's you above your fundraising goal! "
Suzanne Senkiewicz $25.00 "Good luck Tara!"
Kasha Lang Hidden "Way to go, Ho!"
steve goldner $100.00 "Sammy, thanks for letting us know about the event. Best of luck in reaching your "goal". "
Blythe MacPhee $25.00 "Great work Tara...you're almost there!!"
richard dilullo $50.00 "Mike, your uncle was a marathon runner and your Dad is in the best shape of his life. As a McCarroll I know you will find the strength to finish the Ironman Marathon. Good Luck!"
Juan Alfaro $50.00 "Good luck Al, stay in the fight!"
Michael McCarroll $75.00 "Michael ....... Keep up the good work....."
Christine Stokes $250.00 "Here ya go!"
Chris and Lisa Pedicone $25.00 "Congrats, Adam! If you hadn't reached your goal, I would have donated more! Don't worry... CCFA will get our money, one way or another! You are bringing new meaning to your quote from Clearwater: "Charity work is HARD work!" Go get that IRONMAN! You are a ROCK STAR, and I have so much MAN LOVE for you!! -Chris"
Ashleigh Stinson $50.00 "Way to go Tara!"
Diana Carroll $140.60 "Thank you Brian, for supporting research into these diseases which have affected too many of those close to me. We appreciate your time and effort for this worthy cause! Diana Carroll"
robert ranaldo $100.00 "you're Awesome ! "
Mary White Hidden "So proud of you! Just had to help with the last big push to your goal!"
Rachel White $50.00 "Go Dreama! "
Nicole Arachikavitz $100.00 "You are going to rock this!"
Matt Stamey $25.00 "Go get em! "
Jeffrey Marcus $100.00 "Good luck and happy belated birthday. I respect your efforts and determination."
Brandi and Nate Binkley $20.00 "So proud of you. Keep up the good work. You are changing and inspiring many lives! "
anthony procopio $50.00 "best of luck!"
Bradley & Veronica Moore $50.00 "Go get 'em girl. You are awesome! YOU ROCK!!! Good Luck!!!"
Allison Henderson $100.00 "Super impressive motivation Reno! Enjoy your achievement!!"
Andrew & Kate de Gennaro $100.00 "As a child my big brother never ceased to amaze me, this continues till this day! Good Luck Ren!!!!"
Norberto Roman $50.00 "Never giving up...."
LaBronn Anderson $100.00 "Just a thank you Sir. Good luck."
Joey Neptune $50.00 "Good luck Woodcock! "
Kevin Cuba $140.60 "Matt, Looking forward to welcoming you to the Ironman family. Enjoy the downstream swim "
Kim Bergman $25.00 "So proud of you Lindsay, good luck!"
Sharon Iagmin $20.00 "You are so inspiring! I am so proud to call you friend. Rock this thing down my friend. Love Sharon"
Britny West $10.00 "Good Luck, Daniel!"
Jason Ratzlaff $200.00 "Good Luck Danny!"
Anita Asher $15.00 "Good luck Matt!"
Ali Johnstone $100.00 "Thanks for taking yourself to your limit Linz. "
Davud Jordan $250.00 "You must be mad, but it is all in a good cause, best of Luck, Love David & Anne."
Robert Pettifer $100.00 "Good Luck Sean! Great charity."
Melissa Oliver $13.00 "I know I already donated, but I just wanted to make the total uneven... :o)"
Isabelle Mueller $50.00 "Good Luck! "
Michelle Laam $50.00 "This is an awesome goal, Ho, best of luck and I am proud to call you friend! Michelle"
Dave Killean $100.00 "Phifer…great job on the fundraising for a great cause..! I look forward to joining you at Ironman Chattanooga."
Tony Ludlow $50.00 "Good luck, Marine! You've got this!"
2nd Pinter Family Yard Sale $173.50 "Our 2nd Pinter family yard sale fundraiser was again a HUGE SUCCESS! $173.50 raised for the CCFA! We raised $338.10 between two yard sales within the past two weeks! The Pinter family can't thank you enough for stopping by and making purchases! Together we can make a difference!"
Robert Vechiola $75.00 "Good Luck Chris! Your more than ready."
Regina Lovern $50.00 "Good luck Mikey and thank you for supporting this cause."
Loretta Stanford $100.00 "Good Luck!!! The Stanford's "
Ashley Arnold $50.00 "Go Brian!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "This is donated on behalf of Skip Dickerson. Good luck and thank you for raising money for this worthy cause. "
Anonymous $50.00 "This is donated on behalf of Skip Dickerson. Good luck and thank you for raising money for this worthy cause. "
Anonymous $75.00 "This is donated on behalf of Skip Dickerson. Good luck and thank you for raising money for this worthy cause. "
Tracie McRae $50.00 "Good luck April! God will be with you with every step and every mile during your race. You ROCK!"
Jeff Haber $50.00 "Hawaii is next "
Sally Chumbley $20.00 "Best wishes! You're in my prayers! Sally"
Theresa Dellinger $20.00 "You got this!!!"
Nik Meeks $26.22 "From Nik & Fallon"
Jeff Littlejohn $250.00 "Best of luck Sean... rooting for you!"
Kristen Justice $50.00 "Keep up the great work Todd!"
steve ross $25.00 "Best of luck in Chattanooga! "
Kim Marryott $100.00 "Go get 'em Davey!!!"
Mike Nachreiner $75.00 "Forward is a Pace, ROCK IT!!!!"
Josh Sprague $250.00 "Git r dun fellows!"
Susan Wittman $25.00 "HI - I am a friend of Christin Harding. My dogs' names are Sophie and Max! Sue"
Andrea & Chris Moran $100.00 "Good Luck, RENO!!!"
William Hounshell $100.00 "Pat - thanks for covering for me at Fete Rouge last week! Bill"
Anna Epley-Nicholson $50.00 "Sorry I procrastinated, glad to help reach your goal!"
Chris and Teri Lemke $25.00 "Good luck Mike and family. "
Paul Bologna $100.00 "Good luck Pat! PB"
Doris Stotler $50.00 "Good luck, April!!! You are awesome!!!"
Craig Burnworth $100.00 "Done! Congrats on your fundraising!"
Katie Larue Hidden "I'm one of your patients Dr. Bolton, and I'm donating because I believe in the CCF cause. This is amazing - and you are a hero! Katie"
Kevin Roarty $50.00 "Good luck!"
Reid and Lisa Wetherell $100.00 "Best of Luck!"
Gina Fejeran $25.00 "Good Luck!!!! :0)"
Chris Schelm $500.00 "This is from the bake sale at Endurance House Middleton/Madison WI. and donations from the employees at Napleton Auto Werks, Rockford, IL. Thank you all so much for supporting me and the CCFA!!"
Terri Terry $30.00 "Good Luck Brian!! Very proud of you! "
Team Sanchez $70.00 "So glad we can be a part of this journey with you! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for Juli..."
Susan Bubik $140.60 "Chris, I will be by your side every step of your Ironmman..140.6! Good luck my Coyote Strong brother :)"
lynne weil $400.00 "Go Alexis!!! When you are on the bike, just keep on pedalling. LOL. :)"
Jennifer Lyons $20.00 "Go get 'em Brian!"
Ed Benson $50.00 "Go Glynn Go !!"
rachelle parra $655.00 "Raffle ticket sales, misc other donations."
David Milam $20.00 "Good luck Curt!!"
Scott Mills Hidden "Go John! Scott and Julie"
Sandy McCready $100.00 "Good Luck Daniel and God Bless."
Colin Braithwaite $100.00 "Go get em Glynn!"
Sylvia Burnette $75.00 "You inspire me to push EVERY time you teach Spin class, you totally rock my Badass friend!!"
Jennifer Sikes $20.01 "Sorry it took so long for me to donate :) Thanks for reminding me on FB! After I read your e-mail, I meant to do it then! You are awesome! GO AJ GO!!! Jennifer"
William Holmes $100.00 "Go get 'em Reno! I'll be there along the way.....beer in hand for last few miles!!"
Mendy Werne $100.00 "Good luck, Charlie! "
Christopher Lopez $50.01 "Race hard"
jason riffle $125.00 "Race hard, dont suck!!!"
Chrissy Vasquez $50.00 "YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK! Watch for crazy volunteers at the bike dismount!"
Shane Lyle $250.00 "Good Luck!!"
Randall Scott $100.00 "Best of luck Jeff!"
WISH, PLLC $1,000.00 "We at WISH are proud to support you in your commitment to raise money for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. Best of luck as you compete in the Ironman challenge."
Cheryl Lewis $50.00 "We should all be inspired by your determination to see this through. Good luck on your Ironman challenge."
Darius Dixon $100.00 "Go team Jeff! "
RGP Heating & Cooling $250.00 "Jeff, Good luck on your Ironman challenge and thanks for the awareness info. RGP"
Jessica Jones $50.00 "As a Crohn's sufferer, I greatly appreciate you raising money for research. Thank you, Rachelle!"
David Ebling $300.00 "You've put in the miles and hours training. You are prepared! Now, go have fun doing the IM!"
Hope and Howard Stringer $100.00 "In honor of Todd Evans"
Maureen Powers $100.00 "Monica, I know you will hear those famous words in a month!"
Randy Northcote $50.00 "Go coach go!!! at the race that is… not the bathroom."
Debra LeBrun $50.00 "Thank you for doing this, Karen! As a fellow Roanoke Triathlon Club member I was so surprised to see your post! Team Challenge is how I got started doing triathlons last year. I am a Crohns patient, currently in remission. Thank you for supporting CCFA!!!!"
Judy Montana $50.00 "Supporting you all the way to that Ironman finish!! You got this!!"
The Shutter Specialist The Youngs $100.00 "Jeff, what a wonderful effort to those of us suffering from Crohn's Disease! "
Pestban Inc Pestban $250.00 "Good luck Jeff, we're with you!"
Dee Shackford $140.60 "You amaze me! "
Amy Zook $20.00 "Good Luck! :-)"
Eric Warner Hidden "Slow & Steady wins the race. Have fun & Enjoy the experiance"
Erin Reid $50.00 "We are cheering for ya Lynn. Go get 'em!"
Derrick McClarin $50.00 "Good Luck Curt!!! You've got this!"
Chris Rankin $500.00 "Best of luck Bill! "
Karen Valencia $50.00 "Good luck!"
David Schulz $100.00 "Proud of you Brother!! Tell Scott I'll double down if he finishes, without the use of motorized vehicles."
Kristina Bolduc $75.00 " I hope you do well and I am sure your family is very proud of you!! Best of Luck f!! - Demetrius and Kristina Bolduc"
Albert Collins $100.00 "Good Luck Michael."
Leslie Carter $50.00 "Good luck with the fund drive and race. Dominion should double my pledge. "
Sally Zaring $50.00 "So excited to hear about your success!"
Cheri Knoebel $100.00 "You are truly made of iron! I'm so impressed by your grit and determination!! WTG!!"
Anne Rifenburg $75.00 "Sorry it took so long for me to do this. Was hooping I could do better. Good luck! Really impressed with you. Love ya"
Brett Berkman $18.00 "Good luck Sammy!"
Kate Treacy $10.00 "From Medical Marijuana awareness and support for Crohn's and Colitis. Thank you!"
Matthew Browning $20.00 "Good luck Jimmy! "
Jason Gibson $50.00 "Come on bro, you got this!"
Spencer Johnston $100.00 "Keep on truckin coach Skip!!! Thanks for raising money and awareness for our disease!!!"
Russell Castagnaro $25.00 "Go gilt!"
Robby and Beverly Parks $140.60 "I think Steve should match my donation."
Melissa Brassel $22.60 "I love to run into you and your awesome smile! It reminded me to give to your cause! From one super mom to another, keep living a purposeful life! My donation is from me in the name of my organization, 22:6! "
Matthew DeBlois $250.00 "Courtesy: The DeBlois Family!!!"
Jack & Debby Logan $50.00 "For a friend who has Crohn's Disease"
Angie Sternberg $50.00 "In honor of my sister-in-law....Linda Allen"
Sharon Stovall $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Jaclyn L'Heureux $70.30 "Thanks Todd! Your the best!"
Melanie Fitzmorris $25.00 "Good luck Joey! Love you!"
Ivan Kepcija $100.00 "#icebucketchallenge - spreading the love and supporting other causes, as well as ALS. #findyourcharitytohelp"
Lauren Minnehan $25.00 "From Hank...for helping him catch that soccer ball"
Colleen Lukoff $36.00 "Good luck, and thanks for working so hard to raise money for this worthwhile cause!!!"
Cat Bahnson $100.00 "Go Coach Skip! I hope you have an awesome race! "
Valerie Fincher $20.00 "Best of luck! You're going to do great!"
Janet Lalonde $50.00 "Good luck with the competition Annie and Steven!"
Kathy Brake $200.00 "ALMOST THERE!!! Loves, M & D"
Jay and Emily Brinkley $25.00 "Can't wait to see you crush this race! You're looking stronger than ever, and fighting for an amazing cause. Go on, girl! Congrats on an amazing summer, and best of luck in your victory lap in four weeks. EB"
Vance Rowland $250.00 "Carpe Diem!"
Francine Barnes $25.00 "Sister you are an amazing inspiration to my life. I love you so much and I am so proud of you in many ways. Xoxo"
Mike Summerour $50.00 "Cyndi, I'm impressed, good luck."
Rebecca Adelman $100.00 "Cyndi, Go the distance! What a gift to serve as a sponsor for such a personal and worthy cause. Go Ironman!"
Judy Skaggs $50.00 "Good luck, Curt! "
Mildred Jackson $50.00 "Danny, You will do great at IMCHOO! Millie "
Benjamin Lemmerman $50.00 "Go David Go! "
David Critcher $50.00 "Go Keith!"
Andrea & Dean Krech $100.00 "Good Luck Tyler! "
Brian Lickfelt Hidden "Good luck!"
Jennifer Palleschi $140.60 "You are an inspiration! Good Luck and prayers for Amanda!!"
Strega Nona's Oven Pizza Fundraiser $401.33 "I can't thank owner Kenny Kingswell enough for suggesting that we do a pizza fundraiser! Strega Nona's Oven knocked it out of the park! A big thank you to all who helped prepare pizza and dogs and to those who made purchases! Together we will make a difference!"
Rich and Lilly Matheny $100.00 "GO Cyyndi and GOD BLESS!"
Kara Gahagen $25.00 "I think what you're doing is amazing!! You go girl!"
Anonymous $36.00 "Good Luck!"
Jimmy Golden $50.00 "Best of luck - it is a huge challenge!"
Kelly Lawler $100.00 "Way to go David Lee! swim like a fish, bike like a champion and run like the wind....or something like that...and keep raising money for great causes!"
LORETHA BARNES-ROLF $100.00 "Cyndi, I am so proud of you and your dedication to raise money to help these people that suffer with this debilitating disease. My brother in law is one of them. YOU GO GIRL. We are pulling for you, and your endurance to succeed."
Neil Brunetz $200.00 "Neil, Kyle and Hugh from Miller and Martin wish you luck."
Stephanie Borboa $60.00 "I'm so proud of you David. You are an inspiration to us all. You'll kick but in the Iron Man. "
Debbie Earle $100.00 "Best of luck Jeff!"
Lara Costantino Grimmer $20.00 "Go Tommy! You are an inspiration. Have a wonderful race!"
Diane Beesley $50.00 "In memory of my Dad, Al Totaro. "
Janice Shaheen $20.00 "Good luck Lynne! Janice"
Margaret Knuth $158.90 "July and August Installments: The finish line is near! Well, nearer... :)"
Kay Hart $455.00 "We are so proud of you, GO MOM! Love, Trevor, Caleb and Brent"
Carrie Hawkins $35.00 "Best of luck in your final fundraising efforts and of course on race day! Get after it! :)"
PLAMEN NEDELTCHEV $50.00 "Good luck Sandy..!!"
Bill & Susan Burch Hidden "Go Jimmy Go!!"
Carlos and English Torres $500.00 "Jim, please accept our small token of support for CCFA. You are an inspiration and wish more of us took the initiative to make a difference. English and I will be cheering you on the day of the race! Bravo"
Mom Pinter $100.00 "Run Forrest Run! Have Fun! Love Mom :)"
Jenny Smith $25.00 "Proud of you, Dr. B! I have friends and family who suffer from these ailments and am happy to do a little bit to help raise funds and awareness! Way to go!!"
Al Cohn $100.00 "Go get 'em, Sammy. Best of luck to a great guy and a great cause."
Nick Stephenson $100.00 "Good luck buddy!"
Marion Bradley $50.00 "Good Luck Cyndi from your friends at HD Supply. Your persistence will pay off as you have the drive to win and I know you are not a quitter. This same drive to raise awareness for Digestive Diseases will make a difference for many who need our support."
Anthony Henderson $25.00 "Very proud of you Cyndi! "
Linda Hill Hidden "Best of Luck.....Linda"
Felecia Kobeck $100.00 "Good luck IronWoman! Fe"
Chris Schelm $150.00 "Thanks to my wife in baking, these are the proceeds made from Endurance House Middleton/Madison and Napleton Auto Werks Rockford IL. Thank you!!"
Patricia Crowe $50.00 "Go Skip!"
Brynna & Jerry Nunnery $50.00 "Cyndi, I so admire your strength, love and committment to your dear friend Amanda Burdick. I continue to keep her in my prayers! Brynna"
Rena Love $50.00 "Eat, Poop, Swim, Pee, Bike, Poop, Run, Poop!!"
Melissa Sprott Hidden "Have a blast!"
Mitch Hires $250.00 "Contributed on behalf of Atlanta Kitchen"
PJ Haberstock $100.00 "From myself and Boral Bricks, Good luck on your race and commitment to this cause. I have several friends participating. I am confident you will do well."
Sonny Hires $250.00 "on behalf of Construction Resources"
Carol Tuite $50.00 "Good Luck Lynn."
Jeffrey Jaeger $100.00 "Well Done"
CHULWON PARK $50.00 "Shawn, good luck on your Ironman! You're going to crush it! And way to go for raising the funds for a great cause! God bless you brother! -Chulwon & Sheridan Park"
Kitty Cole $100.00 "Have a great race Mike and Don't Suck!"
marina panos $20.00 "thanks so much for supporting my sister! I tried to join the CCFA team for the marathon but their bibs were all booked up. good luck!"
Stephanie and Scott Kenney $100.00 "Would you get here already!"
Sarah Rood $20.00 "Way to go! Thanks for supporting such a great cause!"
dudley richter $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jason Hudson $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Aaron Castens $50.00 "You're going to crush it David! "
kevin fotovich $25.00 "Good luck Shawn and give it hell!!!! Look forward to seeing you in the soon future. :)"
Elizabeth Porter $25.00 "Patrick, I dont know you well but this cause is near and dear to my heart. My aunt who I was very close to passed away from Crohn's Disease a few months back. Good luck and I am so glad you are supporting the fight against these diseases. "
Joseph Morstad $26.00 "Have a great race Skip! I know you'll do great. Thanks for all the help and guidance! Joey"
John Kessler $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Jodi Konesco $25.00 "Way to go Kelly! So awesome you are doing this!"
bike link crew $50.00 "Have a great race Roberts."
Susi Chaplin $100.00 "Good luck to you both, such an honor to know such a great family. "
Stan Edwards $25.00 "Gotta have you there with us all!.. Let's go ROCK this thing!!! :))"
Barry Kerber $50.00 "Kelly, You are doing a great thing for a great cause. Hope this will result in a personal best for you.. Aunt Margie and Uncle Pete"
Sue & Bill Heisner $100.00 "Good luck Maryann!"
Lisa Matter $50.00 "GO KEITH GO!!!"
Steve Schmaedeke $458.00 "Thanks to the kids at St Paul Lutheran for having a non-uniform buy-out day and collecting this money for The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America."
J. Matt Swanson $50.00 "Get it done Burrito Boy. Your mama is proud of you and so am I. Glad I can train with you a bit!"
Chinera Latham $75.00 "We are very proud of your efforts Glenn. See you at the finish line! Part of this donation is from MJ and Stephen. Mom and Dad Latham"
Mark Mckernan $25.00 "Kill it! Good luck! "
Thomas Moyer $50.00 "Crush it Linds! "
Anonymous $1,000.00 "Your great heart and spirit are an inspiration to us all - What you believe, you can achieve!! ...And We all believe in you Sensei!!"
Teresa Tartaglione Hidden "Donating to you in lieu of the ice bucket challenge!"
Susan/Terry Roeser/Markwart Hidden "Linz you have been training for this and we are so proud of you. Great cause and great effort. Go for it kiddo! You Rock!"
Jim McHargue $100.00 "Keith, My Sis and Niece both suffer from Crohn's for many years. Swim a few strokes for them. Cheers, JIM "
Lynne Kifer $50.00 "Good Luck Mike!"
Beth Whiteford $100.00 "Good luck! From a Team Challenge Alumni."
Millett Family $50.00 "This is a walk in the park for you "
Jose Bobrek $100.00 "Patrick, best wishes in your endeavor and noble cause"
shaniqua mathis $30.00 "Way to go AJ!!! I am cheering you to the finish line..."
Will & Ruby McClung Hidden "Go, Sarah!!"
Mark Lindon $250.00 "You truly are a masochist, but this is for a great cause. I cringed just looking at the event descriptions on the site. (I am sure you will enjoy the 3,400 foot climb on the bike ride.) "
Tyler Markwart $20.00 "Thank you so much Linz for raising awareness and money for this awesome cause!! Love you!! Kick ass!!"
Mike Rucker $50.00 "Mr. Fellows, much love my man!"
Tia & Tio Phillips $75.00 "I get tired just thinking of this but wish you the best.. You are truly wonderful kids. God Bless"
Doug Michel $100.00 "Good Luck Sean!"
Paige Ann S Miller $100.00 "We are so grateful for your giving spirit, Sarah! We give in memory of Julia Ann Rankin and in honor of Dale Robbins."
charlotte johnston $50.00 "Pat- You are such an inspiration and example of a good man! Thank you for your efforts in this race to support others~ Best, Charlotte & the Boys"
Ilze Henry $100.00 "Best of luck! "
Mark and Angee McDonald $50.00 "Go Linz!!!! Love You!"
Danielle Gaynor $25.00 "You rock!"
john bellman $100.00 "Unstoppable! Go for it!"
Amy Johnson $50.00 "You rock!"
Bev Hess $100.00 "Looks forward to the Coffee Class! Go Skip Go!"
Robert Crockett $100.00 "Best of success, Lynn!"
Ronald Bush $500.00 "Thnkas for al you do and goood luck."
Richie & Delores Meadows $100.00 "Good Luck Sarah - Delores Hang in there gorgeous - Richmond"
Anonymous $48.00 "You're done!"
Christine McMurtry $50.00 "Good Luck, Lynn!"
Nitsa Jensen $50.00 "Great job Unlce Skip!!!"
Anita and John Pilkington $100.00 "Somehow we were all given the blessing of your smile and inspiration :) :) Go Chattanooga!! "
William Edwards $1,000.00 "i love you guys"
Michelle Therien $50.00 "I agree with the wife. You have completely lost your mind. But I know you will do well. "
Lisa Frey $100.00 "You Rock, Keith!!! Best of Luck!!"
Bella & Claude MILES $150.00 "Allez Dana! All the best from your French Fan Club!"
Sue Zumstein $50.00 "I admire you and Tammy - I wish you a great day!!!"
Phyllis Loggins $100.00 "I believe in you, Daniel. God speed."
Mimi Ward $50.00 "You are getting there!"
Kevin & Kim Lloyd $50.00 "Good luck Shawn! We know you will do great! Prayers too! "
Debbie Becker $25.00 "Good luck, Joe!"
Kurt LaCroix $100.00 "HALL OF FAME FIGHTER"
Rachel Bright $50.00 "Go get 'em David Lee!!"
Emilio Fernandez $100.00 "We are rooting for you from South Florida!!!! Emilio Zena Mig and Karina"
uwe lochner $25.00 "Good luck and best wishes for a safe and fun day !"
Beth Shearer $25.00 "Good Luck Linz, so impressed with your determination! Beth Shearer"
Heather P Johnson $25.00 "Crush it Pat! - Paige J"
Kelly McBride $70.30 "Have a great day! Swim, Bike, Run Fast on behalf of our good friend Beth Whiteford!! We can help with the post recovery phase. Training going well there! Drinks on us! Love Kelly & Shaunna"
Kevin Smith $50.00 "LC '14 represent!"
Fiona Cosham $25.00 "Sorry you we're let down. Best of luck "
Kristina & Laine Mears $50.00 "Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?"
Richard Tangard $100.00 "Go Lynn!"
Mara Lague $70.30 "Go Gogo Go!"
Jennifer Chen Driscoll $25.00 "Congratulations and GOOD LUCK Gogo!! I know you will have a great race and great time in TN with Tab!! Cheers! -Jennifer "
Allie Jeffs $50.00 "3 weeks! You can do it!"
Laura Brown $50.00 "AJ, we are so proud of you! Go Aj Go. Wayne and Laura Brown Bridge-n-the-Gap & 4-P Solutions"
Nancy & Doug Krac $100.00 "Good luck to you, David on your quest to raise funds for a great cause and all the best to you on your race!"
Rachel Wright Hidden "You go this, woman! Proud of you. "
Melissa Somsen $50.00 "Godspeed!!"
Joyce Wilson $250.00 "Donation from your friends in The Villages."
Glroia Wilson Hidden "Have a great safe swim, ride run!"
Bobby Alley II $25.00 "Best of luck Brian..Keep up the good work!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "God's will be DONE"
Anonymous Hidden "See you at the finish"
Charles Martin $100.00 "Thanks for your efforts Sandy, and for bringing this to my attention."
Jalila Cunningham Hidden "You are strong, you are beautiful, you are blessed, and you have already won, this race is the cherry on top! So proud of you, God Bless:)"
MeadWestvaco Foundation $700.00 "For Josh Taube, Jason Lowman, Al Durham, Alex Kessinger, Stephanie Kessinger"
Todd Poole $49.99 "Great work on changing your life with fitness, and changing others' lives with your charity! Good luck on your Ironman. "
Robert Stevens $140.60 "Good luck Christopher!"
Sada' Torrey $50.00 "AJ!!! This is just the beginning of something else!!!! ;) #inspirationtomany"
Susan Fortener $25.00 "Good Luck Mike - our favorite spin coach!!"
April Nesin $150.00 "Good Luck!"
Jennifer Looney $50.00 "Hope you have a great race! Jen"
David Banks Hidden "Lady AJ, proud of you! I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!"
Bridget Kotarak $140.60 "We'll be cheering for you!"
tish kelly $100.00 "good luck Patrick and so nice of you to do this. You are a good man ;-)"
Bernard & Patience Plaskett $25.00 "Good Luck, "
Kim Unruh $50.00 "Good luck Matt!"
Lydia Ontiveros $25.00 "Go Kemper!!! (IMS page)"
Moraima A. Bailey Hidden "Swim swift, ride hard, run free!"
Heidi Gold-Dworkin $250.00 "Alan, Thank you for supporting Patti and raising funds to help cure Crohn's and Colitis. Wishing you a sucessful finish in your ironman; hoping you pace yourself and keep your body healthy. Looking forward to celebrating with you. Love, Heidi, Jay, Aviva, Olivia, & Robert."
Sean Bennett $50.00 "See you in Chattanooga!!"
janet nesin $250.00 "you are the greatest 1st son in law I have. Good luck. Thanks for the reminders."
DEREK ARNOLD $140.60 "I'm no Ironman but the dude entering this is going to have to be!"
Perry Melneciuc $140.60 "Kellee and I both have people in our lives that we admire and respect that are suffering from crohns. We are really happy to be a part of your cause ! GOOD LUCK :-)"
Terry McAllister Hidden "Good Luck!!"
Jim Martin $200.00 "Hurry!"
Lyndsie Olenoski $20.01 "Go AJ Go. Best of luck."
Lauren DeCabia $5.00 "WAY TO GO"
Trevor Chatfield $50.00 "Crush it "
Elizabeth Pritchard $50.00 "Very impressive! "
Alexis Williams Hidden "You're a true inspiration, my friend!! Sending lots of love & encouragement your way as you cross that finish line!! xo, the other Alexis W ;)"
jenny gibson $50.00 "Good luck, AJ! I'm rooting for you! -Rosie"
Maria Perossa Hidden "All the best, Eric! :)"
Beverly Jerman Hidden "Go AJ....you are awesome. Go Awesome or go home."
Erin Patterson $25.00 "Way to go Kelly!!! We are so proud of all your hard work! Erin, Nate, & Clara "
Kay Durst $100.00 "Thanks you Sensei Glenn for all that you do. Thanks for helping raise our boys and teaching them not only about Karate but about life. Good luck and have fun. "
LaChiara Landrum $10.00 "You are an inspiration to many, especially me! Go Alexis! You can do this!"
Daniel Norton $75.00 "Go AJ Go!!! I knew you could do it an am honored to donate on your behalf! "
Elizabeth Crenshaw Hammitt $20.00 "Go Awesome! "
Geoff & Ashley Blomeley $50.00 "Go be the Man! Great Job!"
Tenikqua Hughes $25.00 "Congratulations!!!! "
Kevin Green Hidden "Go AJ GO!!! See you at the finish line! "
Michelle Hartmann $50.00 "Hermanito lindo estoy demasiado orgullosa de ti!! :*"
Stacy Pickell Hidden "Good Luck Matt! Proud of what you are doing! May God be with you and give you all the strength you need to endure the race! Blessings to you! "
Steve Mize $100.00 "Good on you Kristin, keep smiling.!"
Bruce Elder $25.00 "Good luck John. "
kristen coscia $50.00 "Go Glen....The Coscia's"
Mari DeWees $50.00 "Such a great cause, good luck Patrick!"
Debbie Momberg $25.00 "Good Luck Todd!!"
Ellen Buralli $25.00 "Sun Trading LLC Gift Match for Lydia Ontiveros' contribution"
Mary Adamy $50.00 "Godspeed!"
Patrick Brake $50.00 "Good luck Kelly with your Ironwoman competition. A good thing for you and those with Crohn's and Colitis who will benefit. See you soon. Uncle Pat & Aunt Pam"
Steve Anderson $100.00 "Barry, go like hell!!!!"
Carrie Frey $50.00 "Best of Luck! Love ya! "
Becky Proffitt $170.00 "This is from Becky, Loretta and Jim Richardson!! Good Luck!"
Dremeia McDaniel Hidden "Go AJ! "
Laine Posel Hidden "Amazing Sammy. Best of luck. "
Mike Paranihi $75.00 "Go Sandy Thompson from your colleagues from NZ!"
Kelley Wine Hidden "Good luck!"
Jay Joiner $250.00 "Thank you Sandy! "
Jaime Torres $100.00 "Good look Jeff and congratulations with your health "
Franklin & Tresa McCallie $100.00 "AJ: Tresa and I will be following your progress every swimming stroke, runner's step, and wheel revolution of the way! Be safe; do your best; we're just proud you're in this tough challenge. Being out there is the victory! Lots of love, Franklin & Tresa"
Joe Blandini $50.00 "Best of luck Keith. I'm always amazed by your determination. Joe"
David Aronberg $100.00 "Go Don You will ROCK IT!!!"
Brittany & John Maggard $50.00 "Good luck!! "
Shannon Fleming Hidden "Congrats in advance on crossing the finish line! Go AJ GO!!!"
Kat Gunsur $25.00 "Skip I am beyond proud of your amazing fundraising efforts! Team Challenge would not be the safe without you! This is in honor of my roomie Lauren Erbach"
Jim & Lisa Slattery $25.00 "Good Luck Dan!"
Patrick Hovey Hidden "I admire you so much. May the force be with you!"
Titilola Iyun $100.00 "Keith, You are both an inspiration and a blessing! As you embark on this race, may the Lord equip you with all the necessary tools to persevere, run tirelessly and finish victoriously to the glory of God! Wishing all the best! Titilola"
Gayle Musker $25.00 "Good luck to my favorite spin coach!"
Michael Campbell $50.00 "Kill it, Eric! "
Erin Newcomb Hidden "I'm so incredibly proud to know you and call you my friend! You have been quite an inspiration to me personally, not only this year, but many. I love you and wish you the best. You've earned it sister! "
Christin Harding $25.00 "Go IronMike!"
Joshua Mazick $75.00 "From the Mazick family: kick some butt out there!"
Junichi Hirosaki $100.00 "Just two more weeks to go. Go Sandy Go!"
Chris Schruckmayr Hidden "Way to go Sarah!"
Silverman Crazy Train Jersey Sales $70.30 "From all the TC Triathletes heading to Silverman - GO COACH SKIP!!!"
Sean Reedy Hidden "you can do it! "
Ronnie Grower $80.00 "Thanks for all you do for CCFA! Hope I'm not too late to push you over the top. Good luck with the race. You're awesome!"
Jamie Johnson $100.00 "Good luck to you! I'm sorry I can't be there cheering you on, but you know I will be following you every step of the way! I love the giving back feature of the race!"
Meghan Jones $50.00 "Good Luck Uncle Keith!"
Barbara Oswell $50.00 ""Go Ty Go". Love Gramma Barb"
Rayna Dyck $50.00 "I see you've already met your goal, but hey, goals are meant to be surpassed! So very proud of you! What an inspiration!!! God bless you as you continue to train and on race day."
Martin Battle $70.30 "You are the wind beneath my wings...."
Belinda Johnson $100.00 "Dr. Bolton, I am proud of you, proud to have you as a client. I think what you are doing is extraordinary!!! Best Wishes for a successful Iron Man !!!"
Sarah Otts $20.00 "Good luck, Joe!!! "
Marie Hughes $25.00 "Please honor my tri club teammate Jerry Wright who is recovering from Crohn's related surgery right now."
Melvin Stone $50.00 "Good Luck Jim! I am a triathlete myself but I have yet to an Iron Man distance so you are a big inspiration! -Mel Stone, Belinda Johnson's son from Quest Diagnostics"
Linda Cavalier $50.00 "GO Skip! Your and Linda's commitment to continual fundraising and support is amazing! Look forward to racing WITH you again next year. Until then our daughter, Caroline, and our whole family and all those affected by Crohn's very much appreciate all you are doing...ROCK IT! With Love, The Cavaliers xo"
Emily and Tony Saba $25.00 "Dan, good luck at the ironman! And praying they find a cure. Tony, Emily, Ben and Ryan"
Verizon Wireless $500.00 "Good Luck, Dr. Prentice! Verizon supports you and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America!!"
Jenn Beagan $25.00 "Way to go Linzo! Making KFU very proud :)"
Debra and Heidi Stern-Ellis Hidden "You go Skip! You are such an inspiration!!! Love, The Stern-Ellis Family"
Berber Rischen $25.00 "Linzer!!! RESPECT!! Amazing that you are going to do this!! Goalies DO run! Love Ber"
Nathan Bortnick Hidden "Best of luck! Love, Nathan & Rebecca"
Kirk Jiannacopoulos $50.00 "Good Luck Mr. Frank - sub 13:00 !"
Avery Kastin $50.00 "Proud to support you and Jon!"
Peter Wutschel Hidden "Go Sarah!"
Natalie Newton $50.00 "Sarah you are one awesome lady. You are my inspiration! "
Emily Reeves-Douglas $100.00 "The Reeves family, Ivan A., Ruby G. & Ivan Quincy, wish you the best of luck in this auspicious endeavor...even though you're a Cardinals fan..."
Denise Brenner $25.00 "It was so great to run into you last Saturday! I know you will kill it in this race :) Let's get together after football season!!"
Tracy Graham $50.00 "I admire you so much for doing this; both competing in the Triathlon and accepting the challenge to raise this much money for charity! Best of luck!"
mark dragomer $75.00 "Kick a** caveman, you make it look easy!"
Steve Oppenheimer $50.00 " Now that's what I call brotherly love! Yasher Koach! "
Anonymous $100.00 "go Lindsay go! your a super woman! Believe me, im only on day 3, with less than 200km, and im hurting!"
Kristopher See $50.00 "Pain is the weakness leaving our body...go get them Sandy!!"
Colin Seward Hidden "Good Luck Sandy!! A fantastic achievement. "
Charlie Hale $100.00 "Way to go, Joey!"
Jeffrey Kingdon $100.00 "Already a man of steel. Time to get elemental. "
Saori Hanaki-Martin $50.00 "Good luck Molly!! You will do great!!"
Chris Pedicone $14.06 "Skip, what you are doing to honor others is amazing. I don't want to weigh you down any more, but please take a BLANK bracelet with you, representing the millions suffering from these (sometimes) INVISIBLE ILLNESSES, as well those who have lost loved ones to these diseases...they will forever have an empty place in their hearts. I look forward to meeting you one day, and I'm proud to be on your team...not your Ironman team, but the team that is going to CRUSH IBD!"
Lisa Wasser $25.00 "GOOD LUCK LINZ!!! "
Jeffrey Collins $500.00 "Good luck, Jeff."
Shelah Shreve $20.00 "From what I can see, this donation should get you to your goal... good luck, Team Winke!!"
Herald Square Properties Nocera $500.00 "Paul, as always, we are behind you and your efforts for this wonderful cause. HSP"
Jo Goodman $200.00 "Good luck Eric!!! I am so proud and happy for you. You will BE awesome:-)"
Ken Brodsky $100.00 "Hey Cuz! Proud of your efforts - we're pulling for you! Ken, Rose, Jessica and Jake Brodsky"
Jason and Kelsy Phinney $50.00 "Good Luck! Jason and Kelsy"
Erik VanName $100.00 "Good luck Sammy"
Ian Leavy $100.00 "Good luck Sammy! Have a great race."
Ariana Brendle $150.00 "You are one of those people who make the world a better place! Good luck on Sunday!"
Glenn Mason $140.60 "Go Sammy Go! Wishing you all the best. Glenn & Andrea Mason"
Shaun Sweeney $50.00 "Next stop - Kona!"
Thomas Lanahan Hidden