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Erica, trying to stay strong in the hospital this week.

On Sept 4th, we rushed Erica to the emergency room after she collapsed a few times in a matter of moments. Initially it was Anemia (low blood counts, low blood oxygen), but we've since discovered it's a complication with her Crohn's medications over-suppressing her immune system, damaging her bone marrow and causing limited production of red, white and platelet cells. She collapsed due to low blood oxygen (red blood cells) and now she has a lung infection they cannot identify (due to low white blood cells). She's receiving transfusions to boost her red blood cell count and receiving countless antibiotics, antifungals and any other sort of medicine they can pump into her to help fight the infection they can't identify. This is Erica's 4th trip to the ER since she was diagnosed in early 2011. Crohn's is an auto-immune disease that primarily attacks the gastrointestinal system, and is extremely difficult to diagnose given the many different severe symptoms. Crohn's is not terminal, but there is an increased risk of cancer, intestinal blockage requiring surgery and possibly removal and countless side effects of the disease and the medicinal treatment. We encourage you to read up on this life altering disease and we ask you to donate to our goal of $6800. Our goal is to raise that money through mid-November and continue raising money for the CCFA into early January. So please give! Help us raise money to find new treatments that don't attack the body. Help us raise money to find a cure. Give for birthday gifts, give for Christmas gifts, or just give because you care! Thank you all, Ryan and Erica

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Derek Easterling Hidden "God Speed!"
robert ramey $100.00 "I know what it's like to live with crohn's. Have had it for over 30 years. Got it when I was in my 20's and I am getting ready to turn 59 next month. It's a daily battle but with the right support it can be managed. I have learned a lot about it the last 30 some years. The one thing i have found that helps the most is to talk to someone who has it and knows what your going through. "
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Carol & Joe Cieslak Hidden "Keeping you both in our prayers for a healthier year!"
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