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It's Just Benign
The Not so Harmless Benign Brain Tumor
Hello and thanks for coming to my page. This will be my fifth year participating in this walk. The Have a Chance walks have changed my life and here's why... Growing up I felt like most people didn't care about my brain tumor experience. No one asked me questions about how I was doing; not my classmates, friends, and even some family. Yes, people were there for me during my two operations and radiation, but no one followed up during the aftermath. I think that many people thought that I was the same person. How could I be after two craniotomies and radiation treatment? It was a very isolating experience and I shed many tears over my bad balance, hearing loss, motor skills challenges, and trigeminal neuralgia pain. The Have A Chance Walk changed everything. I started walking around my neighborhood, and favorite shops soliciting donations. Yes, I cried as I shared my story, but it was very liberating. I started thinking about all that I lived through and really respected myself so much more. And I finally felt that brain tumors and those diagnosed with them were getting the attention that they deserved. No matter benign or malignant, this disease is devastating. And Have A Chance plays a big part in seeing that brain tumor treatment will improve and that quality of life improves as well. They have had a huge impact on me and I hope that you can support them.
4th Annual Have A Chance Walk to Fight Brain Tumors - Hope Steps Forward
Winter 2009 in the train station. Winner of The Star-Ledger's Real People, Real Stories contest.

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Judith W. Rosenthal $100.00 "Hi Beth, Let's hope the weather is perfect on Oct.18, that there is a big turnout, and more importantly, that all your dreams come true! Love, Mom"
RONGSUN PU $35.00 "Hi Beth, Your website is fabulous! What a smart and courageous woman you are! Rongsun"
Gerald Rosenthal $100.00 "We look forward to walking with you. Your grandmother will come too !!"
Roger Feffer $30.00 "Great fundraising job!"
Janet Jarzyna $25.00 "Beth I am sorry that I did not contact you sooner..let me know how the Walk went this past weekend..say hi to your mom for me. JAnet Gabriel JArzyna"
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