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Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue
Walk With Us Through Fields of Gold
Racing to change the lives of Golden Retrievers, and the people who love them!

The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue was incorporated as a tax exempt 501c(3), charitable foundation in 2001, but we’ve been in informal operation for many years, making us the oldest Golden Retriever rescue organization in continuous operation in southern California. Long before the rescue was incorporated, members of the parent breed club, the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles, were doing informal rescue work, rehoming displaced dogs and using its network of breeders, enthusiasts and families to help Goldens in need. Since its incorporation, GRGCLA Rescue has grown into a fully-sustainable, non-profit organization.

GRCGLAR has taken in over 3,000 Golden Retrievers since 2003 and our all-volunteer force numbers over 120 strong in six southern California counties. Although we stand ready to help any golden retriever in need, our commitment to the neediest cases, the old, the sick and the injured, remains unparalleled in the rescue community. With our ever-growing family of volunteers, adopters, foster homes and supporters, we’ve established a strong network of helping hands to ensure we’ll be there when we’re needed, and have made a lifetime commitment to all our dogs.

Our Board of Directors and volunteer team include folks with many years of experience with this breed in all different capacities, from breeding and showing, to training and dog sports such as obedience, agility, Rally and hunting. Folks who are forced to relinquish their dogs due to death, divorce or financial downturn know that GRCGLAR has the experience, knowledge and expertise to make the best possible placement for their dog, and the organization’s stability and longevity provide their dog with the best possible safety net and assurances for a lifetime of help and protection.

In a 2006 annual survey conducted by the National Rescue Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America, GRCGLA Rescue ranked amongst the three largest Golden Retriever rescues in the U.S. What began as the dream of a few, blossomed into a rescue effort that makes a real difference in the lives of Golden Retrievers and the families who adopt them.

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $6,414

Goal: $15,000

$0 43% $15,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Evelyn Stewart $10.00 "good luck Mel!E"
Jennifer Randall $50.00 "All dogs are good including CHIHUAHUA's."
Kathy Alberthill $25.00 "Win for the cause"
Marianne Gallagher $50.00 "Thank you for saving the Goldens with issues"
Bonnie Lisle $100.00 "In honor of our sweet Golden boy, Darien."
Lucie Hand $100.00 "I love my beautiful, sweet, gentle Brinkley. He is my companion...I am alone a lot and he's always there for me."
Carol Mackin Hidden "My Goldens are my heart. I'm happy to do whatever I can to help more Goldens find their forever home."
Denise Buczek $100.00 "In honor of our sweet golden, Moseby...for all the joy you brought to our lives ~ Denise & Paul"
Linnette Temple $100.00 "We love our little Belle, rescued in January. She is one of the joys of our lives. Good luck on your run to bring more beautiful Goldens to more happy homes. Linnette Temple"
Cynthia Power $100.00 "Our Golden from Taiwan, formally know as Tony - now know as Torri, has brought us unbelievable joy and love into our home. He is the sweetest, nicest dog ever! Everyone he meets is his new best friend. Everyone who sees him, wants him! Thank you so much for enriching our lives!"
Karen Harris $25.00 "My husband and I rescued a golden from GRCGLA and love him dearly. Hope you do well on this great cause. Craig and Karen Harris"
Larry Larson $10.00 "Jessica - a very worthy cause. We also contribute to the Humane Society as well as the SPCA."
Pam Elliott $10.00 "You rock! :)"
BART TUCKER $75.00 "Thanks for getting Angel out of the Irvine Shelter! She deserves the best. ..."
Kathy Patterson $100.00 "Good Luck Anna!! We wish you the very best! We are "barking" for you girl. Best Wishes, your friends at Barking Dogs Self-Wash & Grooming!! :0)"
James Kearney $120.00 "From my mom and me...Mostly my mom"
Roslynn Witte $100.00 "Good Luck and thanks for loving Goldens!"
Susan Stein Hidden "Yeah, Jessica!! Much love, Aunt Sue"
Julia Arujo $1,000.00 "Good Luck Bethany!!!"
Nancy Wheeler $25.00 "Golden retrievers are wonderful creatures. "
Shannon Millard $25.00 "Run like the wind Rosie !! "
Cecily Seabourn $100.00 "Remembering Summer, Shane and Misty, and honoring Shauna. Without GRCGLA Rescue we would never have known your unending love."
Evie Stern $10.00 "Good luck - wish I could afford to pledge more but $ is tight right now."
Carole Cappellino Hidden "Beth, thanks so much for your support. You've fostered many dogs for our Rescue and every one of them went on to great homes, thanks to you. "
Jeanne Pallos $100.00 "Thanks, Dr. Walter, for running in the marathon to help other golden retrievers like me. I love you and thank you for helping me to find such a good home. I'm really happy! Autumn Pallos"
Alan Gerson $100.00 "Thank you for all your hard work and your generous spirit"
Naomi Scott $25.00 "Go Mel!!"
Sarah Harris $25.00 "Good luck on your first Marathon!! Do you get a furry companion for the walk?!"
Jennifer Gutierrez $25.00 "Good Luck! I think it's a great cause! I love goldens!! Have fun & be safe!"
Angie Krafft $10.00 "Twist my arm, I'm walking with you!!! As long as we beat my running time of 5:23:30 I will be happy. I better get my bloody mary Camel Back ready and add some super shots! Those golden retrievers better be thankful, cause I'm gonna have some blisters!! LOLOL!!! =)"
Bonnie Denzel $25.00 "I'm glad to support these two things you are so passionate about....dogs and running! I love the dogs too, but running....not so much! Good luck on the race. See you at the Turkey Trot in November. From your little (and much slower) sis."
Melinda Lachance $75.00 "This donation is on behalf of Ramsay, who misplaced his credit card."
Lynn Young Hidden
Shelise Savage $10.00 "Good luck tomorrow! Hope your dogs aren't barkin' too loudly at the end of the marathon. We're howling for you! The Savages"
JJ Walter $200.00 "I'm very proud to donate this money to Golden Retriever Rescue. I, myself, am a rescued Golden Retriever (mostly) that was saved by Beth when she lived in San Antonio. I have only run with Beth a few times and was disappointed that she ran so fast that I couldn't often stop and smell a bush. I quickly forgot about that though because she fed me really good food when we got back to the house. If you see Beth, please ask her to feed me more and bathe me less."
Billy (Boo) Walter $100.00 "I don't like running with Beth because she never stops to let me smell the bushes. But I'm glad she is running in Long Beach for Golden Retriever Rescue because I really like golden retrievers. I'm not a golden retriever, but I was once mistaken for a golden retriever puppy, which saved my life. Things are pretty good now because Beth thinks I'm very cute. If you see her at the race, please tell her that it is ok for me to sleep on the furniture. Beth is confused on this point. "
Bruce, Stefanie and Kids Gerhardson $50.00 "Keep up the good work Dr. Gerhardson"
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