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Small World Animal Rescue Fall Fundraiser Kitten Stroll Through Prospect Park
Kitten Stroll Through Prospect Park
An older woman on a fixed income finds a kitten on her patio, a young man walking to work finds a sick kitten on the sidewalk, a woman's child has developed severe allergies to their cats and the cats need to be re-homed---Everyday we get calls from people asking us to help cats in need, and our mission is to assist them.

Each story touches our hearts and we want to reach out a helping hand. We aim to educate and guide people so they can better care for their cats. We aim to care for cats by having them vetted, vaccinated, neutered or spayed. Some need their teeth cleaned or more serious dental work. Some need extensive care and surgery.

Every cat deserves a chance.

We are blessed to partner with Alison Animal Hospital--an amazing veterinary practice who believe in the importance of saving a small life.

At the end of the day the vet bills, food and litter costs and medications add up--this is where you come in. Your monetary donations allow us to continue saving lives, and saving lives is what we do best.

On Sunday, November 13th we will be walking through Prospect Park in honor of all the cats that need our help. There are 4 teams, Team Wolverina, Team Dumpling, Team Uni and Team Oliver.

100% of your donation is used to helps cats in need, and your donation is tax deductible and deeply appreciated.


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Total Donations: $1,534

Goal: $10,000

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