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Friends of the Centennial Trail
The Centennial Trail is our course and their cause is our cause. The Friends of the Centennial Trail are pushing several major projects including underpasses at Argonne Road and Mission Street, two busy streets that Trail users must cross.

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Contributor Amount Comment
Marcus Logan $5.00 "Not much cash, but every little bit helps. Run well Chaya! "
Tim and Mickey Branham $25.00 "Run Chaya Run!!! Got plenty of trails on this side of the state if you want to come run and work on them. :) We love you."
Bob and Pam Meinke $20.00 "We hope you have a great run! Love, Bob and Pam"
Bob & Jeanne Wiechert-Branham $25.00 "That should be quite a run. I'm sure you'll do just great and have a fun time. Hope to see you in May."
Chelsea Brauner $10.00 "Good luck, Chaya!!!"
Patty Salvino $25.00 "Have fun Chaya!!"
Caleb Dorfman $25.00 "Yeah Chaya, good to see you're still running!"
Wendi Adamson $20.00 "Go Get 'Em, Chaya!"
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