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Dr. Fairytale
Bringing joy to children and families in need.
When seriously ill children and their families need more than medicine, the Dr. Fairytale Program delivers a dose of laughter, joy and hope. We travel all of the New York City and it's boroughs performing in schools, hospitals and institutions reaching children who are not able to visit us. Founded more than 15 years ago by physician Dr. Tatjana Maya, the Dr. Fairytale Program brings the educational and healing value of fairy tales and storytelling to seriously ill children and their families, in hospitals, in crisis areas and at home. Dr. Fairytale is there with award-winning programs, available at no cost to those in need. Our programs include: Interactive Fairytale Performances: Our actors perform for children, encouraging them all the way through to express their feelings and meet the fairytale characters live on stage. ACT – Be the Star that You Are Workshop! Acting fairytales can be a very healing experience. Children can release suppressed emotions, express their feelings and have a lot of fun! We have also seen children unveil some amazing talent! We urge you to join us in keeping this wonderful program going. We work with such institutions as Bellevue Hospital, Ronald McDonald House and Domestic Abuse Family Shelters as well as donating free tickets to families with financial need. Help us extend our outreach! If we reach our goal, your donations keeps us going through February 2014. Thank you very much for your generosity!

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Total Donations: $3,495

Goal: $5,000

$0 70% $5,000

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