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Used Equipment for International Regions
Help us Ship our Used Equipment
Little League International has long encouraged Little Leagues in North America to send their used equipment to Leagues in the over 100 countries where Little League is played outside of North America. In many cases, the Leagues are in very poor areas who simply cannot afford to buy much equipment. In others, it is simply not possible to buy baseball equipment. Leagues in District Three, Particularly North Langley Little League, have been very generous in the past in donating used, but very serviceable equipment. Now, I have to get it overseas where it will do the most good. That's where I need your help. I am trying to raise funds to pay for the shipping of this latest batch of equipment. The equipment is earmarked for the Little League Program in Ireland, and to the European Little League Headquarters in Kutno, Poland. There, our Regional Director, Beate Kuszuba, will make sure the Leagues that most need the equipment will get it. So, please take the time to send us a Financial contribution to this worthwhile cause, or if you happen to own a shipping company, I would gladly take the shipping free of charge!! All donations will be recognized, and receipts can be issued if so desired. Thanks for your help. Roy Bergerman, District Administrator District 3 British Columbia Canada

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