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Protecting and Serving those families in need.
Your donation provides assistance and resources to cancer patients and families experiencing the overwhelming and unexpected expenses associated with cancer treatments that are not covered by insurances. Your donation not only provide assistance but help restore hope and normalcy to the lives of cancer patients and their families. Community needs: Ninety per cent of the clients are single fixed income and low income families, with limited or no medical insurance. Many families are with depleted or limited medical leave and receive minimal or are unqualified for disability coverage. The families are required to travel long distances, a minimum of 110 miles each way in most cases for needed medical treatments. Some of these treatments require 28-30 treatments over a 5-6 week period. Without gas cards and lodging assistance many of these patients would be unable to receive treatment. Your donation will also provide financial assistance for the purchase of commercial supplements and medical supplies not covered by medical insurance such as ostomy supplies and feeding tube nutrition and equipment which are all necessities for their day to day recovery. Our organization also assists with monthly utility payments, home repairs, mortgage payments, and rent. More too often, our clients are forced to present a co-payment before they receive their treatments. In most cases, we see our clients faced with the difficult decisions of placing food on their family's table verses receiving medical treatment. In many cases, clients are faced with debt collectors repeatedly calling and harassing them for payments, unsympathetic to the client’s medical situation. Since March of 2012, 225 families in 45 of Iowa’s 99 counties have received assistance from our organization. Research is necessary, but the reality is our clients do not have six years for a cure or a super pill. Our clients need HELP tomorrow. This is where your donation comes into play. On behalf of Cops Against Cancer and our clients thank you for your assistance.

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Goal: $15,000

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