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Firefighters for a Cure
Raising awareness to save lives.
As a career Firefighter and Paramedic I understand the risks we take upon ourselves in order to help complete strangers. Now it’s our turn to raise awareness and fight for a cure to help those every day heroes in a time of need. Every day public safety professionals, paid or volunteer, are exposed to environments and situations that can raise the chances of getting various types of cancers in their lifetime. With your help we can raise awareness and help fight for a cure to end these horrible diseases. Did you know in a three-year study completed in 2005 by the University of Cincinnati, researchers concluded that firefighters face a: •102% greater chance of contracting testicular cancer than any other type of worker; •53% greater chance of multiple myeloma; •51% greater chance of non-Hodgkin lymphoma; •39% greater chance of skin cancer; •32% greater chance of brain cancer; •28% greater chance of prostate cancer; •22% greater chance of stomach cancer; and •a 21% greater chance of colon cancer. My name is Jake Sinkiewicz, and I am asking for your help, physically and financially, in fighting to protect the lives of those that protect the world. Your monetary donation will go to helping those who are battling cancer and their families, and joining me in running charitable events all across the nation will be worth a million words. Thank you.

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Goal: $5,000

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