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For Firefighters Who Are Battling Occupational Cancer

I was the lucky bride who married Lorenzo Abundiz, Firefighter and Medal of Valor Recipient, in the middle of Times Square, New York on ABC's "Good Morning America" on June 22, 2001. Now, I find myself making an odd switch, from wedding dress to firefighter gear, running in various races to represent Lorenzo (survivor of three different forms of occupational cancer) and CODE 3 FOR A CURE.

Code 3 for a Cure is a national nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity which raises awareness about occupational cancer in the fire service and provides critical support (in the form of financial help) to firefighters in need throughout the United States who are battling the disease.

It is because of my own personal experience witnessing Lorenzo endure three different forms occupational cancer, and all the cancer battles we've heard about firefighters having to endure across the country, that I feel driven to race in firefighter protective equipment, including turnout coat and pants, Dräger 45-minute SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), fire helmet and boots, to call attention to, and raise funds for, Code 3 for a Cure. The task I have undertaken is a daunting one, not so much in terms of the added weight I carry, but really because of the incredible sacrifices that I know have been made wearing that gear. It is a great and undeserved honor, and an overwhelming one, to wear it.

Firefighters experience high rates of cancer due to the toxins to which they are exposed in the line of duty; yet sadly, many do not receive the critical health care and support they need when battling the disease. 70% of firefighters in the U.S. are volunteer, and even those who are paid a salary or have insurance often face seemingly insurmountable struggles as they fight to survive a disease caused by the very heroics they performed in protecting the lives of others.

You can read more about what your tax-deductible contribution will accomplish here.

Your donation, no matter what the amount, will make a difference. Please, let's show our firefighters that their service and sacrifice are appreciated.

NOTE: All funds raised on this page go directly to CODE 3 FOR A CURE.

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