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Help Us Bless 250 Orphans for Christmas
All they ever wanted was a family... Can you be one for 4 weeks?

New Horizons for Children, Inc, is an IRS approved non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation and non-denominational Christian ministry.

Our mission is to identify school age orphans in Eastern European countries who have an ability to integrate with and temporarily live in a functional family environment through a 4-5 week hosting program with American Christian families who show the love of Christ and with the hope of the children being adopted.

Twice a year, our mission team travels overseas to meet and interview children in orphanages in Latvia and Ukraine. These children are the ones available for the upcoming host program, in addition to a few children who did not find forever families on the previous program. New Horizons for Children meets and interviews every child selected to come on our program. Through this process, ultimately God leads us to about 400 children to try and match with US host families for a 4-5 week hosting program.

Costs for hosting are very similar to the costs associated with taking a mission trip. The only difference is that the mission is coming to you. It costs $2550 to host a child. These costs cover the fees associated with bringing the child to America such as train, plane, medical insurance, passport, visa, document preparation,etc. Our host families offer their hand, their voice, their effort and their care by exemplifying Christ in action. It is through their hands the Father's love comes. It is through their voices, His voice is heard. It is through their efforts and those of their church, that His care is revealed to the ones the rest of the world has forgotten. They put flesh to His words and make Him alive to those who are desperate to know He is real. Many of these children are later adopted, which of course, changes all future generations of each orphan as well.

Please consider donating to assist a host family who has pledged to host an orphaned child this Christmas or place a scholarship on a child who is yet to be selected to help him or her find their Christmas host family.

To learn more about NHFC, please visit www.NewHorizonsForChildren.org

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