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Charities Challenge - RxExercise Challenge
Because...There is NO CURE for all the ills associated with lack of exercise except RxExercise!
RxExercise, an "Exercise Prescription", is perhaps the most potent general prescription for everyone. Exercise as medicine has been has been found to be essential to reducing major health risks like cancers, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Furthermore, RxExercise is helping so many of us to live well beyond our challenges with advancing age, addictions, arthritis, brain injuries, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. But, we know how hard it is to keep exercising after a significant injury or serious disease diagnosis, or to ever make a happy comeback from such health challenges. That's what Charities Challenge is all about: Actively supporting and promoting RxExercise, especially in the lives of health-challenged, as well as apparently healthy, individuals. CC conducts year 'round Group Training Times, Engaging Events, RxExercise Ambassadorships to inspiring Great Ambassador Destination Events, and Active Community Partnerships. Everything CC does with charitable donations is focused on fulfilling our RxExercise Mission/Programs/Events resulting in better health, fitness, athletic performance, all in the ultimate service of lives lived well. CC also shares much, often the majority, of our tax-deductible fundraising with our Active Community Partners, other non-profit health related organizations who are also leading their constituents toward more happily, healthful active lives. Take the Charities Challenge - RxExercise Challenge yourself and enjoy all the benefits to your own as well as to others' health and fitness.

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Total Donations: $445

Goal: $10,000

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