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Children’s Cancer Association
CCA MISSION: When seriously ill children and their families need more than medicine, CCA's innovative programs create joy one moment at a time.
Get Involved. Be Inspired. Bring Joy to Young Hearts Battling Serious Illnesses.

The Children’s Cancer Association has been passionately committed to bringing resources, friendship, and the healing power of music to families when they need it most.

Please join us for the Portland Marathon on 10/10/2010. Set your fund raising and running/walking goals now! As you reach towards your goals you are helping create joy for local families in Oregon and Southwest Washington in their greatest time of need.

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Total Donations: $25,221

Goal: $25,000

$0 101% $25,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Ines Hetder Hidden "Do well in the race;-)."
Julie Guenette $25.00 "Go Sameer! Thank you for doing this."
Leslie Comnes Hidden "Alan's still crazy after all these years--he's just expressing it differently this time. Thanks for helping children in need!"
Rachel Ganzon Hidden "Alan--thank you for your efforts toward this cause! Good luck in the race!!"
Maryjane Patrick $25.00 "Good Luck, Alyssa!"
Cole and Andrea Danehower Hidden "Crush the course!"
peter moritzburke $50.00 "Run!"
Stan Curtis $100.00 "Caring Bridge...to WELLNESS (model) ...thanks for leadership"
Michael Pearson $150.00 "Making this donation in the dark of the night when the THERMAL plants are running and the SOLAR plants are deep asleep."
Kathy Brown $26.20 "a buck for every mile!! and I don't think you are crazy, I am proud of you"
steve hoffmann $100.00 "RAlan, ride like the wind, cause the sun doesn't shine in Oregon :)"
Kevin Coleman $25.00 "I'm happy to help you Make A Difference, Kecia! Thanks for thinking of me. - Kevin"
Paul Switlyk $100.00 "Good work & effort!"
Walt Porterfield $25.00 "You are my hero! Good luck Kecia. Go get 'em!"
Adam Bramble $15.00 "I heart Phil!"
Obey Doug & Maureen $50.00 "Good Luck Phil. We love you. Uncle Doug and Aunt Reenie"
Peter Brennan $25.00 "Try to keep your toenails on. "
Kevin Welch $26.20 "I know you can, I know you can, I know you can... Go Phil!"
James Ceurvels $25.00 "It looks like it's going to be a nice, light birthday run ...."
Kathy Hile $15.00 "Good luck!"
Kim Fisher $25.00 "I'm always so impressed with all you do! Good job!"
Nicolas Figone $25.00 "Good luck Renee!"
Sheryl Hall $50.00 "Good luck Peter! Sheryl & Michael"
Cheryl Karpowicz $100.00 "Great to see you doing this! Best of luck Renee!"
James Chesky $25.00 "You go Girl!"
Plageman Lund & Cannon, LLP $150.00 "Great job! We are happy to support your efforts for this good cause and you! Dana Fox and Plageman, Lund & Cannon, LLP"
Bonnie Hitt $25.00 "We will be hoping for a great day for you to walk!!"
Fred Robin $100.00 "Way to go Renee, keep up the good work!"
CHERI BOSSERMAN $50.00 "Good luck Melissa, you can use the hot tub in the days following.....ouch."
Judith Croteau $25.00 "Good luck, Lorae! I'm very proud of you for all the service and good works you are doing! You'll be a very compassionate doc! SD very soon!!!!! Love, Aunt Judy"
Paul Pryor $50.00 "You continue to make us proud of you young lady... Uncle Paul & Aunty Loralee"
Mark Norling $101.00 "Not that I'm competetive but I gotta beat Paul."
Mark Wagner $100.00 "Don't hurt your hips!!!"
Mark Kallgren $102.00 "U Rock!"
Eumi Wymbs $25.00 "Keep up the good work, Janssen!"
Margo Klose $20.00 "Good luck, Janssen!"
kirby egolf $25.00 "Alex Good luck and a great choice to raise money for! Kirby"
Kathy Devasto-Piemonte $10.00 "Good Luck Philip. Very proud of you. Great thing you are doing & I am sure this will be the first of many runs for you. Love You Auntie Kathy"
Marilee Seligson $25.00 "Good luck on your run Alex. You're one inspiring young lady. Much love, Marilee and Hal"
Paula Kelly $100.00 "Renee - We are so proud of your commitment to finish the race. We know you will do great and will be thinking of you on October 10. Love you, Paula, Gene, and Jacob"
jan turner $50.00 "One of my favorited causes, happy to contribute, thanks Alex"
Scott Grewe $103.00 "Keep running those marathons at NWASC"
Monette Mallari Hidden "Dear Christine, I'm proud of you in helping to raise funds for the CCA. May your efforts bring healing and happiness to those who are affected especially the young children. Keep up the good work! Love, Tita Monette"
Scott, Aaron and Miles McCreary $200.00 "Way to go! The CCA is lucky to have your commitment and strength of character on your side. We're proud of you! Scott, Aaron, and Miles "
Kathy Maloney Bowen $25.00 "Way to go, Nathan! I am so proud of you!"
Beverly Wallin $25.00 "Way to go Jane! Have fun! Walk-walk-walk! Thanks for volunteering!!"
Anonymous $5.00 "Thanks!"
Sandy Conley Hidden "Jane, this is a wonderful event you are participating in. Good luck!"
Richard Arnold Hidden "Good job, Mary/"
Jacquelyn Appleton Hidden "Hoping it will be a sunny day for you - thanks for helping others."
Danny Pettit $50.00 "The Pettit Family is proud to support our friend Suzanne Montalbano"
Steve Fendrich Hidden "Pacificorp"
Todd Holce $100.00 "Todd You Rock! "
Melissa Bosserman $100.00 "Thanks Tammi Shepherd for donating $50.00 of this! "
Pete and Sally Bosserman $20.00 "We will be praying for strength and endurance for you during the marathon. You are awesome! Grandma Sally and Grandpa Pete "
Manami Imaoka $10.00 "Good luck, Elaine. I am with you in spirit :) Hugs, Manami"
Lysa Burke $50.00 "Way to go Suzanne! Hope you have an amazing run. Will be thinking of you."
Barbara Johnson $100.00 "Conor Thank you for walking for us all. Love , Your California Cousins"
Eric Sweeney $25.00 "You and the students are rock stars! Thank you for doing this."
Mary Hogan $75.00 "Good work, Conor."
Hillary Frie $50.00 "This donation is made in honor of student dancer Shannon Stickland and her family, who are braving this fight with cancer. Euphemia we are proud of you honoring this Forest Grove Dance Arts student in your efforts to raise funds for such a VERY worthy cause."
Christa Wolfe $100.00 "In Memory of Dan Pattulo."
Amy (see comments below) Frie $7.00 "My donation is in honor of Shannon Stickland. Shannon goes to my dance school. I do not know her personally, for she is not in my class. Everyone @ FGDA has been signing gigantic get-well cards for her. I hope others can donate to CCA too. Be strong Shannon. Amy - age 11 "
Daniel Lyman $10.00 "For Lauren! :)"
Derek Lamprecht $104.00 "Good Luck! "
Linda Suter $20.00 "This donation is to help Shannon get well. Linda Suter KLA-Tencor "
Dennis&Carolyn Schroeder $50.00 "Suzanne, You are amazingly motivated to being a concerned parent,friend helper of those in need always. You and Mark always have a warm inviting home and some day you will receive the thanks you deserve although you have never been one that would be expecting or requiring it . Love and respect from the Schroeders congradulations on this accomplishment."
Gina Lefranc $100.00 "Run for all the kids that are unable!"
Christine Fox $50.00 "Good luck on your second year walking for CCA"
Rich and Ursula Ceurvels $50.00 ""Best of Luck Phil""
Jennfer Arnold $25.00 "Have fun Mary."
Sara Gray Hidden "Go Elaine! "
Rachel Wojciechowski $25.00 "Go Elaine! For Lauren!"
Elizabeth Sullivan $50.00 "Best of Luck, Suzanne! You ROCK! The Sullivan Family"
Karen Holce $25.00 "I've got your back dude! "
David Fleischman $200.00 "Suzanne your commitment for the CCA is inspiring! We lost my brother to cancer and are glad to have the opportunity to support the CCA through your efforts. From David & Gwen Fleischman and the APEX Racing Team; GO SUZANNE!!!! "
Karen Magnuson $50.00 "Thank you for sharing your story. My husband passed away 4 years ago from cancer."
Jeff Hazard $50.00 "Suzanne, It only took me 3 emails, but I'm finally contributing. BTW, ADP will match this donation. I'm sending the form to CCA to get the match! BTW, I'm predicting you will finish the run in 4 hrs and 15 minutes! Haz"
Susan Aust $50.00 "Elaine Thank you so much for keeping our girl's memory alive!! You are truly amazing and we love you so much!! Scott and Susan"
Tim Trautmann $25.00 "Best wishes for your first Marathon. It is going to be awesome!"
Debbie Needelman $25.00 "Way to go Sascha!!! What a great cause! xo- the needelman family :)"
Deborah Letourneau $25.00 "Elaine, big love from the Letourneau familia--viva Lauren!"
Gren Elliot $25.00 "Good luck!"
Jan Baker $50.00 "Suzanne, this act is another example of the many ways you touch and impact other people's lives to make a positive difference! "
Sally Bany Hidden "Have a wonderful walk!! "
Sally Bany $25.00 "Thanks for walking for the CCA!"
Margaret O'Malley $25.00 "Good luck on the walk and continue the good work."
Ann Sheridan $25.00 "Good job, Kelly. Love, Grandma Ann"
Elizabeth Ebensteiner $10.00 "I know you'll whip those 26.2 miles on Sunday."
Erin Franey Hidden "Elaine! I am so glad you're walking again this year - I'll be there in spirit!"
David Markey $50.00 "Sue, I am really proud of my beautiful niece who has the ability to complete a marathon and is doing so with such a worthy cause in mind. I am sure that Brian really appreciates you thoughts and efforts. It is a wonderful tribute to your brother and the perseverance that he has shown since being stricken with cancer at such an early stage of his life...I'm also sure that the recipient of these gifts will receive them with a thankful smile for your kind thoughts and actions. Finish it in 4:13!!! Dave "
Lori Hunt $25.00 "You're doing awesome Emma! Every dollar you raise counts. I'm very proud of you!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Conor, This is a great way to help children. I see patients & families at Legacy Emanuel and hope that they have support. I am glad you got involved. Char"
Kim Noah $20.00 "Nice way to contribute and help the community. We are proud of you. Aunt Kim and Uncle Ken "
Marissa Seeman $25.00 "You are such an aspiring young woman! Hope the race went well. We love you! Marissa and Danny "
Veronica Palazzo $25.00 "You were ran an awesome race! Way to go!!!"
Laura Kelly $25.00 "Very well done Sascha!!! "
Rhoni Seguin $50.00 "Way to go, Alex!"
Dave and Patti Steenland $50.00 "Dear Suzanne, Congratulations on your participation in the cancer run. A worthy cause. Our best to you, Mark and your dear kids."
Anonymous $257.39 "Great Run. And a pleasure to donate!"
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