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Scholar Athletes strive for excellence
Our mission is to develop high-achieving athletes who understand the value of education and who practice the principles of sportsmanship, responsibility, self-esteem, courage and discipline. The Boston Bengals Pop Warner, Inc. program builds character through academic commitment, community involvement and personal excellence. The program’s goal is to create an interlocking system of positive experiences for youth during their formative years to enable them to mature into productive adults, despite the negative influences of the environments from which they may come. To achieve this goal, The Boston Bengals Pop Warner, Inc. teaches young people how to channel their youthful energy in constructive ways through football and cheerleading. The Boston Bengals Pop Warner, Inc. athletic program assists young people in building a sense of self-discipline, self-respect, self-worth, community citizenship, and personal excellence. We do this by focusing on the love of the sport and not the final game score. We emphasize the values by encouraging all members to put forth their best effort, show good sportsmanship, and respect their opponents, teammates, and coaches. All of these values encourage self-esteem and promote the proper ethical and moral qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders, who envision and achieve productive futures. Get to know us. Judge us, if you like too. Understand our passion. Make yourself open to our thoughts. Give your positive ideas and effort. Join us, as an equal. Help many of us help many others. Begin to imagine the power of our work, together. Do you see what we see? Do you know why we do what we do? Do you have that unconditional love? If not, please move out of the way and let us do what GOD has designated us to do. BENGAL NATION is what it is called. 100% of your donation goes to the embetterment of the children.

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