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Michael Lisicky's Race for the Obesity Cure
Please help me raise more money than BSO oboist Katherine Needleman
Welcome to my personal fundraising webpage! Please sponsor me as I participate in the Baltimore Running Festival on October 15, 2011! I promise that I will not win the Baltimore Half Marathon. But I will finish it by either running, walking or crawling over the finish line. The one thing going for me is that I will not be carrying 80 unnecessary pounds with me. Since I've started running I have stopped all high blood pressure medication, have gone through three pairs of shoes, and have lost three toenails. That's determination. I have two goals for running this marathon. One is for the BSO to raise as much money as possible. I need my continued income from the BSO so that I can purchase new concert clothes. (My tails size has dropped around 12 inches and I'm tired of people telling me to buy new clothes.) The second reason is that I need to raise more money than BSO oboist Katherine Needleman. Katherine is on a mad dash to raise a lot of money and run fast. She does not need the satisfaction of doing well. She weighs around 70 pounds and has never been out of shape. I, on the other hand, am making a last ditch effort to look, and feel, physically acceptable. This has so far been an 11 month process where I run about 7-9 miles a day. I HAVE NEVER MISSED ONE DAY OF RUNNING SINCE I STARTED. Your donations are best spent on me. If you donate to my cause, you will help the BSO (they need it) and it will better your concert experience by attending a concert and seeing a better looking and feeling person in the oboe section.

To see progress of the whole Bolt for the BSO Team, please visit www.active.com/donate/Bolt2011. Bolt for the BSO

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