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Bob Perks Fund
Each year, thousands of central Pennsylvanians are faced with the extraordinary emotional and financial difficulties associated with a cancer diagnosis. The Bob Perks Fund was established to provide financial support for basic necessities to individuals and families dealing with cancer.

BPF’s goal is to provide basic necessities that patients cannot afford temporarily due to their illness. BPF serves residents of Centre, Blair, Clearfield or Huntingdon counties. Eligible situations may include when household income has decreased due to a cancer diagnosis in the family, or household expenses have increased due to a cancer diagnosis in the family.

Applications for assistance are submitted by a healthcare professional. Covered expenses and types of assistance may include payments for household bills (such as utilities, rent, car payments or repairs), gift cards for groceries or gas, or out of town lodging required for medical care. Payments are not issued directly to the individual applicant, but are made directly to creditors, landlords, utility companies, financial institutions, etc. For more information about BPF, including a profile of Bob Perks, BPF success stories, and application information, visit http://www.bobperkscancerassistancefund.org. The mOUnTaiNBACK selected the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund because times have never been easy for individuals and families faced by cancer illness, and this is a particularly critical issue during the current economic times. We ask everyone taking part in this year’s event to consider making a personal donation to BPF. All gifts, however small, make a real, immediate difference in people’s lives.

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