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Davone, Cesar and Matt Are Dedicated To A New Start!
Help Them Cross the Finish Line!

Davone, Cesar, and Matt are three of Back on My Feet NYC’s most dedicated Members. Because of their dedication, we would like to give them the opportunity to run in one of this city's most sought after races, the NYC Half! We are making sure that the Members are trained and ready to run 13.1 miles on March 17th, but we need your support to help them meet their $5,000 fundraising minimum! Meet the runners, and donate at the bottom of this page to ensure that they cross the finish line!

Donate at least $20 and enter into the chance to win awesome, high quality Back on My Feet gear by Champion System!

Anyone who donates at least $20 before we reach $3,600 of the $5,000 fundraising goal will be entered into a drawing to receive FREE Back on My Feet gear by Champion System, including a short sleeve performance top, socks, running singlet and shorts! Donate now and don’t miss your chance!

Meet Our Racers!

Davone: As one of the few human beings alive who can flash a megawatt smile and make jokes as he rolls out of bed at 5am, Davone was a shoe-in for the role of Bowery Team Captain. Along with pumping everyone up for the morning run, his responsibilities include sharing announcements with his teammates, accounting for his team members at each morning run, and stepping up to the plate when asked – which he does easily and often. Davone has volunteered at several NYCRuns races – even giving out water in the frigid temps – as a way of giving back to the running community. His hard work has paid off - he recently got a job with Fresh Direct and will now be running all over Manhattan!

Cesar: Cesar has been a running enthusiast since Day 1 of Back on My Feet. He’s rarely missed an opportunity to get a long run in, even running all the way down to Coney Island on New Year’s Day for his very first dip in New York waters – “a bit colder than Puerto Rico” he reports. His motivation to gain job skills was so great that the Bowery Mission allowed him to start job-seeking even before he had technically moved into the job-seeking phase of the Mission’s program, and he was soon working in the kitchen of Dallas BBQ. He has dreams of running his own restaurant one day, and also hopes to start working to become a personal trainer. If his dedication to his career goals are anything like his dedication to his running goals – he has already completed several races, including his first half-marathon in January – we expect to see him back whipping us into shape one day!

Matt: For Matt, a Member of Team Uptown since September, every morning run is preparation for a half-marathon – he logs three extra miles each M/W/F running from his shelter down to meet his teammates at Fortune Society. A social butterfly of the team, he is sure to be found at all team events and races – cheering on his teammates while challenging them to push themselves to work even harder and be even better. Matt was recently approved for independent housing and even though he may be soon moving across the city, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him show up at the morning circles, just a few more miles under his belt.

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Goal: $5,000

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