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Hideki Kinoshita's BoMF NYC Fundraising Page
In Support of the NYC Launch of Back on My Feet!
As part of winning Examiner.com's America Inspired contest, I plan to embark on a multi-year journey, starting in 2012, to challenging myself to run sub-4 marathons in all 50 States & DC (completed in 5/2013), and sub-3:30 marathons in all 50 States & DC. During this arduous endeavor, my mission is to raise over $5,000 to combat homeless! Please help me in my quest.
As of 3/17/2014, I have run sub-3:30 marathons in 20 states & DC, and have reached 92% of my fundraising goal.

I first learned about BoMF when I raised money for them to run their 2010 20in24 Ultramarathon in Philadelphia, PA where I ran 80.224 miles in 24 hours and raised $500.

I would like to do my part in helping fundraise to get the NYC Chapter off the ground, which launched on 4/10/2012.

I will run the following races:
  1) 2012 Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon (2012/02/25), 3:38:47
  2) 2012 LA Marathon (2012/03/18), 3:37:00
  3) 2012 Martian Marathon (2012/04/14), 3:23:07, 3rd Place Age Group
  4) 2012 Delaware Marathon (2012/05/13), 3:35:04
  5) 2012 Edinburgh Marathon (2012/05/27), 3:34:53
  6) 2012 Maritime Marathon (2012/06/24), 3:24:53, 20th Place Overall
  7) 2012 "20 in 24" Lone Ranger 24 Hour Ultra Marathon (2012/07/14-2012/07/15), 76.104 miles
  8) 2012 San Francisco Marathon (2012/07/29), 3:46:36
  9) 2012 Chicago Marathon (2012/10/07), 3:28:09
10) 2013 Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club Winter Marathon (2013/02/17), 3:50:54
11) 2013 Ocean Drive Marathon (2013/03/24), 3:52:13
12) 2013 Colfax Marathon (2013/05/19), 3:47:46
13) 2013 Rosaryville 50K Trail Runs (2013/07/21), 7:08:20
14) 2013 Flying Monkey Marathon (2013/11/24), 3:31:42
15) 2014 Shamrock Marathon (2014/03/16), 3:47:10
16) 2015 "20 in 24" Lone Ranger 24 Hour Ultra Marathon
... in support of this great organization. All of the race entry and travel fees were paid out of my pocket and aside from team jerseys (to raise awareness), I am not benefiting financially from this fundraiser.

Donating through this site is simple, fast, and secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to my fundraising efforts.

Back on My Feet was founded in 2007, and is a national nonprofit organization that has a unique mission dedicated to promote self-sufficiency among people experiencing homelessness. This organization has a guiding principle that it can empower its participants by engaging them through the act of running as a means to build confidence, strength, and self-esteem.

Back on My Feet envisions a community where all members have the support and motivation required to move towards self-sufficiency. Every major city has a homeless problem and while providing food and shelter are very important basic needs, something is missing. We work to rebuild, revive and re-energize individuals. It is only when we have self-respect, self-confidence that we are truly able to move forward.

Back on My Feet does not provide food nor does it provide shelter, but instead provides a community that embraces equality, respect, discipline, teamwork and leadership. There are no labels, no stigmas and no stereotypes. At Back on My Feet, all members – regardless of race, education or socioeconomic status – join together to move their own lives forward as well as the lives of their teammates.

This "Back On My Feet" running approach will focus on every participant's (or "Residential Member") innate desire, regardless of where they come from, to be recognized, appreciated, and to truly appreciate the joy of achievement. Through dedication and hard work (Residential Members are required to achieve a 90% participation level), these individuals move onto what is called "Next Steps". As they progress through Next Steps, Back on My Feet focuses on helping its members find a road of happiness, hope, and opportunity, which include educational opportunities, job training, stable employment, financial aid, and a place to live.

Residential Members in Back on My Feet's chapters have a 50% success rate of completing the program! This is truly a remarkable organization with an outstanding mission and I wholeheartedly support it, and wish that you do as well. I appreciate you visiting my fundraiser page and hope that you consider making a donation to support its cause.

If you have donated and your company participates in Corporate Donation Matching, Back on My Feet's Tax ID is: 26-2109809 .

Many thanks for your support and please don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too.

Sincerest Regards,
Hideki Kinoshita (aka Kino)
Volunteering for Back on My Feet in July 2011 at the 20in24 ultramarathon / relay race.

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Total Donations: $5,000.00
Goal: $5,000

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